This story contains explicit content with strong language, explicit sexual details, and some violence. This story is a complete work of fiction, everyone in this story consents to any sexual activity in this story, it is not forced on any character in any way. Every character is over the age of 18 years old, their names in this story if are real person is completely coincidental. (This is a continuation of The Sister Swap there are two parts, and The Boyfriend Swap part 1 is the continuation, read them in order before this part.)

Well, it has been an interesting night that is for sure, here I am laying in Patrick's bed after the amazing night of sex we just had. I cannot believe how much of a liar Kimber is, god does Patrick ever know how to fuck. He can be rough when you want him to be, and he can be slow and gentle and tender. I lost count of how many times I cummed last night, not counting what he made me cum at the restaurant.

We made a new friend last night, her name is Carrie and that was probably the most turned on I have ever been in my life. After we made Patrick cum, we kinda had fun in the bathroom washing up. Carrie wanted to taste my pussy after how many times I orgasmed, so I let her. She licked me for a few minutes and she made me cum again. I did not tell Patrick this but I think he knew.

So here I am now laying in his bed, as he is in the shower, I should go and join him. After all, he did make me orgasm quite a lot last night.

Hayley gets up and goes into the bathroom, she just stands there and watches him this time in the shower. He is soaping his muscular body. She walks up to the shower and opens the shower door. She sneaks in it, as she takes a couple of loofa gloves and puts them on her hands.

She giggles and says to herself, " I am going to wash you up so hard your cum is going to mix into the soap."

Hayley takes some soap in her hands as she makes Patrick very aware that she is now standing before him. She presses him against the wall of the shower as she smirks at him and takes the showerhead as she places it down on his testicles right underneath them and lets the water run on his testicles.

Patrick lets out a moan for her, Hayley smiles as she hears him moan as twinkle is now in her eye as she smiles, her mouth a bit open in delight to the look of pleasure on his face.

"I am going to have so much fun being your girlfriend," she whispers into his ear and smiles as she takes hold of his 10-inch dick and begins slowly rubbing his round plump cock head with one hand while the showerhead works his balls.

In a matter of seconds, Patrick is moaning loudly in the shower, as she places a hand over his mouth as Hayley smiles and says, "I want your moans for me only."

Pumping his dick with the loofa gloves exchanging both hands one at a time with the showerhead and alternating her hands to rub his cock tip. She smirks at him and says, "I think your dick is clean enough, as she begins rinsing off the dick and balls of all the soap residue that was left. Hayley looks up at him as she slowly gets on her knees in front of him looking up at him, her eyes twinkle as she asks, "Do you want me to clean it with my tongue."

Hayley is now down on her knees as she is looking at his tip, looking at his long thick shaft which is about 4 inches wide itself, it is a very fat thick dick. Hayley giggles to herself, "His dick is so big, it is probably the fattest dick I have ever seen, and I've seen lots of dicks of all kinds. However, Patrick's dick is so cute and chubby and juicy and mmmmm plump."

Her tongue now flicking over the plump underhead as she says this, she lets some spit trickle down his underhead on both lobes as she kisses and licks and sucks his underhead. Looking up as Hayley smirks as she sees Patrick's head against the shower wall and his mouth open and is hollering a loud moan for her.

"That is a very good boy, mmm-hmm," Hayley says as she puts his tip into her mouth and keeps flicking his underhead inside her mouth rapidly. She begins sucking his dick tip faster and faster both hands on his shaft pumping his dick into her mouth her tongue slurping over his tip as her lips suck his now swollen pink helmet.

Looking up at him as he is moaning and can no longer stand as she stops and gets off of her knees and lowers his mouth to hers as she begins kissing him. She turns the shower off as she leads him back to the bedroom, she shoves Patrick onto the bed, as she gets between his legs as she looks up at him in between his legs and says to him, "You think I'm done with you, not by a long shot."

Hayley now continues as she was doing in the shower, back to his pink swollen cock tip as she begins massaging his tip slowly going over his head over and over again, as she asks him, "Have you ever been edged before?"

Looking down at her as he sees her tongue spill more spit over his tip as she asks this and Patrick answers, "Ahhh, uh no actually."

Hayley smirks as she hears this, as she tells Patrick, "Well that is good then, I can give you a first you have never had."

She gets up off the bed as she realizes that she does have something more she can add to this to make this more fun. Patrick's bed has four bedposts, which makes this a very fun playful toy to use during sexual fun. Remembering she had her nylons in her purse, she decides to take them out as she gets back on the bed as she licks her tongue slowly up Patrick's stomach.

She plays around in his abdomen a bit licking and sliding her tongue around his sick pack as she comes back up to his chest and slowly licks both nipples of his chest, she is now kissing his neck as she nibbles on his ear, as he moans for her as she whispers into his ear and says, "Trying to be a shy guy today are you?"

He smiles at her, "Do you mind?"

Licking his neck as she whispers into his ear and tells him, "Do you know how long I have waited for this shy guy to be on a bed naked for me?"

Hayley takes her nylons as she takes one of Patrick's hands as she takes her nylons and ties his wrists to the first bedpost, she makes sure he is tied well to it. Patrick tugs a bit as she giggles and says to him, "You trying to get away from me?"

Shoving him back down on his back as she kisses his cheek and says, "Did you honestly think you were the only one who likes to be kinky?"

Taking his other arm and doing the same as Patrick is now tied to the headboard of his bed, as Hayley crawls back between his legs as she smirks and says, "Now where was I, oh yes I believe I was making this big guy much much bigger wasn't I?"

She comes back up to his face kisses his cheek as he is about to say something, placing her fingertip over his lips as she says, "Shhhh, no questions, just enjoy it!"

Hayley trails her tongue back down Patrick's body licking his nipples on his chest, hearing him moan just from that, as she lets some spit trickle down his chest on both nipples sliding her slimy spit down his body and spreading her spit mixture of saliva all over his abdomen kissing and licking each section of it. Kissing down to his balls as she puts them into her mouth and begins kissing and licking and sucking his testicles in her mouth.

Unh is all she hears Patrick respond, unh ahhhhh, unh as Hayley places a hand between her thighs and begins massaging her clit, as she continues sucking his balls in her mouth. Patrick looks down and can see nothing but Hayley's chestnut brown hair moving between his legs, and little sounds of slurps and licks and little whimpering moans as she licks his ball sacks.

Hayley gives Patrick's ball a little rest from her mouth and tongue for a bit. She places one of her thighs over his lap as she is resting her head on his stomach, she is curled up and has a perfect view of his stiff hard dick that she is now slowly stroking in and out of her hand. Pumping it, Patrick begins to drip pre-cum. It trickles out every couple of pumps and pours down his plump cockhead, she takes it with her fingertip and spreads it around his tip round and round his pre-cum goes, his tip is now glistening in his pre-cum.

Hayley unties him from the bedposts, as she takes his hand and makes him sit on the edge of the bed, she kneels in front of him. Looking up at him as she asks, "Now are you going to be a good boy for me and cum for me?"

Not even waiting for his response as she begins flicking her tongue all over his plump juicy tip, looking up at him with the most seductive eyes he's ever seen. Her tongue tip lapping over his head over and over again. She keeps teasing, as she puts his tip into her mouth, her tongue slurping it on the underside as he can see her tongue slipping out over and over again. She gobs spit over his swollen head, patoo patoo, spitting all over it.

Looking up at him as she is now just gently stroking his dick in her hand slowly, and rubbing the tip as Patrick is squirming on the edge of the bed and moaning for Hayley.

Mmmhmmm, "Good boy, mmmmm gimme some pre-cum."

Hayley licks his pre-cum into her mouth, "Ohhhhmmm, oh my gosh his pre-cum tastes so good. It tastes like pineapple and mmmm coconut or mmmmm, maybe mmmm yes some strawberry in there too, mmmmmm ohhmmmm I could lick this stuff out of his dick for hours.

Hayley spends the next 10 or 12 minutes gently flicking her tongue over the underside of Patrick's plump tip as Patrick's head is tilted up his eyes rolling into the back of his skull as Hayley is giving him the most sensual tongue lashing he's ever had. What Patrick does not know is that secretly Hayley has been masturbating and has the silver marbles from last night in her panties vibrating, while she is giving herself pleasure while giving him some. Looking down as she is trembling over his dick, he hears the sounds of his toys.

"You love those marbles baby, "Patrick says looking down at her.

"Ahhh fuck yes, I love your toys, she says as she licks his biggest toy and smirks, "Especially this BIG ONE!"

Hayley takes Patrick's tip and puts it into her mouth, as she begins sucking it fast, she is now tongue jacking his tip on her tongue ferociously. Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm, slurrrrp, slurrp, shick shick shick, mmmmmmphhh, mppppphhhhh, slurrrpp, shick shick, mmmmmppphh, mmmmmhmmmm.

Ahhhh, unhhhh, ahhhhh, unhhhh, ahhhhhhhh, unhhhh, "Fuck Hayley let me CUM please ahhhh!"

Looking up at him as she grins, "Mmmmm beg me some more and I'll think about it."

She stops again and goes back to the gentle flicks on his tip, as she spreads his pre-cum around his tip again, as Hayley is just mesmerized and transfixed on Patrick's dick.

I cannot help myself this dick tastes so damn good. I am going to do this with him, every day when my mom and sister are gone. I am going to torture this dick with my tongue and make him spurt load and loads of his thick yummy creamy cum loads all over my greedy mouth. Patrick is mine now, I am marking him.

Hayley is looking at Patrick's pee hole, as she flicks it in as she sees him flinch and squirm more than when she was rubbing her tongue over his underhead. Hayley begins poking her tongue tip in and out his pee hole, and is pressing his head like it's a button with it.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh I'm gonna cum, Patrick says, I'm gonna cum, Hayley stops, and takes hold of his balls and squeezes them, as it stops his ejaculation, but not the orgasm effect as she smiles and giggles, "Oh my Patrick, I never knew you moaned so loudly."

"Can I fuck you now p-please," Patrick looks into her eyes, as she is now sitting on his lap, as she places his plump tip onto the entrance to her pussy hole. Kissing him as she says while kissing him, "Mmmmm no, but I'm going to fuck your brains out now."

Hayley is now sitting on Patrick's lap on the edge of his bed, as she is now slowly lowering her pussy over his thick throbbing dick. Hayley kisses Patrick again, as she begins to grind her hips on him, his moan in her mouth as their tongue's lash as Patrick looks into her eyes, she looks into his as her mouth opens and she moans for him. The delightful smile on her face as he smiles back makes her moan again, "Oh Patrick you make me feel so good when we fuck.

Patrick is now in the middle of his bed, Hayley sitting on top of him her body and his covered in sweat, she has been swiveling her hips and riding Patrick's dick for the last 10 minutes, and she is moving faster and faster, grinding and bucking her hips at a rapid pace, Patrick's toes are curling as he is holding his bedsheets, as she moans and looks into his eyes and says, "I still want your load in my mouth."

Grinding and riding his dick as she leans down and kisses him, as she continues to buck and grind her hips, "Your dick is amazing Patrick."

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Patrick moans again as she smirks, and says, "Did you just creampie me again?"

He nods, "You bad boy, she smirks as she stops, sweat dripping down her tits, as she leans closer to his face, they kiss as she rolls off of him and they both just lay there breathing heavily.

Patrick just laying there, as Hayley goes down to her pussy and scoops out a couple of drops of Patrick's cum from inside of her and she licks it off her fingers. She giggles, and leans closer to him as he puts his arm around her as Hayley rests her head on his chest. Together they lay there as Patrick says, "T-that was so intense."

Hayley says back, "I know, but I love the way your dick feels, I have never cummed so much from a dick before."

Placing Hayley's hand on it as he says, "It is yours to keep if you want it."

Leaning up as she looks into his eyes, "I don't just want you for your dick you know, she kisses his cheek, you're a nice guy and I think, I think I am falling for you."

Patrick tilts her chin up, "So is that why you blackmailed Kimber?"

Hayley surprised to hear him ask this, as she nods and cannot deny it as she has a look of shame on her face. Tilting her chin up as he says, "Thank you and kisses her."

Confused to his response she says, "W-why are you thanking me, what I did was not right."

"I have known about it for a while because Donnie came to me and told me what happened between you and him. How you had to pay him and do other things to get the info you needed on Kimber," Patrick said.

"That fucker promised me he wouldn't tell anyone," Hayley responded.

"Hayley, he is a scumbag, just promise me you won't do any more dealings with him. He could have easily duped you like he did Kimber," Patrick said.

"No, I won't I promise, I will never deal with him again for anything," Hayley said.

Patrick turns over as they both are looking at each other on their sides, Hayley drapes her leg over his hip, as she kisses him, and he says, "I like you too, and I think you and I could be good together."

The feeling inside me when I heard Patrick tell me this, the warmth and tingles that came over me it cannot be described in words. I am falling for him, and the more he looks at me and the more we touch each other. I get the feeling that this may be going a bit fast but, I do think I love him, but I am afraid to drop the L-Bomb too fast.

The next thing I know Patrick is on top of me and my legs are opened wide and I can see his sexy bum going in and out of my pussy. I look up and above his bed is a mirror, and I can see everything as I look up and see his ass going in and out of my pussy.

Ohhhhhh, ahhhhh, fuck Patrick, I look into his eyes, and he is going deep in and out of me, I feel everything as I am watching it in the mirror, it is like I am watching my very own porno movie, but feeling everything at the same time.

Ahhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh yes, ahhhhh yesssss, yesssss, ahhhhhhh, yessss, ohhhhhh god Patrick, I am cumming again. ahhh god.

Patrick looks into her eyes as he is going deeper and harder, as he takes hold of both Hayley's wrists as he begins pulling her onto his dick, as he is now making her ride his dick on her back. He pulls her thighs up around his wast as she continues to buck and hump him as he thrusts in and out at the same time. Hayley is no longer watching the mirror she is to transfixed on riding his dick and fulling his thrusts pump back into her.

"GOoooooooddddd, ohhhhhhh fuck mmmmmmeeeee, ahhhhhhh fuccckkkk yeeeeesssss, fuck yes fuck meeee ohhhh god, Patrick pulls her up on top of his lap as she is now grinding and holding him in her arms, her legs out wide at his side, she is bouncing on him like an amusement park ride, humping and grinding as both their sweaty bodies continue to thrust and hump into each other.

"Ohhhh fuck, me yes, baby you are the best lover I've ever had, mmmmmm she kisses him, mmmmmmm fuck I love your dick, don't stop fucking me."

(To be continued in part 3)

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