Gilda watched her grandson's big cock through the keyhole of the bathroom door. As he drew a shaver across his face, his huge prick moved, the thick shaft swung heavily and Gilda licked her lips. She let her hands move to her mature pussy and she stroked her pink pussy lips as she watched.

Gilda had always thought that her grandson, Justin was an attractive man; handsome, with short brown hair and piercing blue eyes, 25 years old. The two of them were always close, despite being almost 70 years old herself now. But her thoughts had never really gone beyond just the usual familial feelings, until last week.

One morning she had noticed her grandson shaving, while naked, by accident. Since then, she waited every morning for the opportunity to glimpse her grandson's beautiful cock. And each day she felt stronger urgings to touch and kiss the shaft and the big round cockhead. She licked her lips again, peeking through the keyhole.

A wild thought occurred to her, her heart beat faster. She looked up and down the hall, nobody was present. She made her decision and opened the bathroom door, her pussy tingling.

She neared the door slowly, staring at her grandson's wonderful cock. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her life. Her grandson's big balls hung low, and Gilda's breath caught in her lungs when she thought of licking and kissing the big spheres.

She took a deep breath and stepped into the bathroom, looking innocent.

Her grandson turned, gasped, and cursed when he cut himself with his razor.

Gilda walked past him, hiding her blushing face, and bent into the shower. She turned on the water and then casually dropped her silk pink nightgown from her shoulders. She kicked it away and peeled down her panties, still facing away from her grandson.

She stepped into the warm water, while trying to sound casual. She couldn't look at him. Her heart was pounding. She drew the curtain. "We'll have to share."

Gilda watched her grandson's blurred shadow move toward the shower curtain. Her knees trembled. She wondered if he could hear the pounding of her heart over the sound of the water. His hand appeared around the edge of the curtain and he pulled it open silently.

He stepped into the shower and watched his grandmother watch his cock. It began to twitch upward. He shut the curtain behind him and turned on the water harder. Gilda watched his fat prick thicken more. Her mouth watered to taste it.

Gilda smiled and shakily reached for the soap. Her grandson's eyes trailed up and down her body. She was about 3 inches shorter than him, with long blonde hair and blue eyes that matched his own. Almost as if he were in a trance, Justin stared at his grandmother's wide hips, her firm 36C breasts, and down between her legs at her pussy, which was lightly covered with a patch of light colored hair. The tight pink lips of her pussy warmed as he stared.

Her hands started down to hide her mature pussy, but her grandson reached out and held her hands away. He put the soap in her hand and she started to rub his body with it. She couldn't take her eyes off his cock. It was much bigger than before — and it was still growing.

Her hands went to the flesh of his hardening prick. He leaned back against the wall, arching his hips. His cock swelled and she gripped it tighter. She glanced up to his face. He was smiling. She blushed and looked back down.

She was amazed to see that her grandson's wonderful cock was still growing.

Gilda's heart raced. It was like a dream come true. Other thoughts she had been having came to her in a rush. Her cougar pussy tingled and her mouth watered. She would do it all, she decided; right here, right now.

Her hands began to move up and down. Her hands seemed to have a will of their own. They squeezed and milked. They stroked and rubbed. She explored every inch of her grandson's cock and balls. His thick shaft throbbed. His flaring cockhead swelled and darkened. His balls tightened.

Her hands pumped faster. She giggled when she realized how much her grandson liked it. His cock stood out like steel, resisting her hard grip. His eyes were closed, and his face was a picture of bliss.

Gilda got down on her knees. Her eyes widened at the closeness of her grandson's cock. The big mushroom-shaped prickhead pulsed and the thick shaft jerked in her grip. She leaned forward and touched her lips to the purple head of his cock. Her grandson groaned deep in his chest.

Gilda held his prick in both hands and pumped hard. Her grandson put his hands on her head and guided her until her lips slipped down one side of his shaft and up again. She loved the taste of his cock even more than she had ever dreamed.

One look at his face proved to her that he liked it. He watched her, following her mouth up and down. She put on a show of it for him, licking her way up one side of his cock and down the other. He gave her a gentle pull and she went down to lick and suck his balls.

Gilda groaned with delight and the sound vibrated his balls. She groaned louder and sucked hard. One big round semen-filled ball popped into her mouth. Her hands continued to stroke up and down on his prick while she hummed and sucked on his delicious balls.

She pulled her head away and his ball popped out of her mouth. She smiled up at him and pulled his cock toward her opening mouth. She bent down and forced her lips to stretch over the huge knob of her grandson's cockhead. The flared rim snapped inside her lips and she held it tightly, still using both hands to rub up and down on the pulsating shaft.

Her grandson's moans blended with the drumming of the water. He watched his eager grandma suck. She opened her throat and took it deeper. Each stroke jammed his cockhead so deeply into her mouth that she couldn't breathe.

Her pussy was screaming at her. The tight cunt drew her attention with itchings and urgings that distracted her until her head and hands slowed and stopped.

She slowly stood and stared at her grandson. He lay on his back in the tub. She slowly squatted down. Hot water ran off her back. Her pussy felt even hotter. It was boiling. And she knew she had to feel her grandson's big prick stretching and pushing into it.

Starr spread her lean thighs wide and hovered over his big cockhead.

"Let me, hunny," she said softly.

He nodded, and then grabbed the soap. He stared up at her pussy, held his cock and soaped it quickly, until the hard flesh was covered with lather.

"It might hurt," he said.

"I don't care!" Gilda whispered quickly.

Then she lowered her body. He aimed his cock up at Gilda's pouting pussy lips She stared into his eyes as their flesh touched. Her eyes drifted shut. She let her body down a bit more. She moaned as the flare of her grandson's beautiful cockhead forced her cunt open. He pushed his prick bluntly against her tight cunt mouth — and then it was in!

Her pussy stretched open and the hot head of her grandson's cock wedged in tight. Her breath caught and she shivered. He held her by the waist and steadied her. She looked down and saw his cockhead disappear. She flexed, and her pussy tightened. He gasped, holding her steady.

Then Gilda lowered more. She let her breath out slowly, grinning.

She continued to watch the thick stalk of her grandson's iron-hard cock and the tightly stretched mouth of her pussy. She tried to relax the muscles of her burning cunt. She was determined to see all the beautiful cock meat fucked into her willing body.

She gritted her teeth and let most of her weight force her cunt into an impossibly tight glove of tight flesh that moved its way slowly down another inch of her grandson's hot cock. His grip tightened on her waist and his breath hissed.

"I want it all, hunny" she gasped.

He answered with a smile and a repositioning of his hands. He slipped his large palms over onto the firm, thick cheeks of her ass. His fingers turned down and pried the smooth skin of her inner thighs gently apart. He pulled Gilda down.

A little at first. Then more. She groaned, watching her hungry pussy devour more and more of her grandson's pulsing prick.

She flexed her legs and slid up, watching the thinly stretched lips of her cunt grip and slide. Her grandson reined his hands and then pulled, making her take more prick.

She started a pleasured scream, then checked it, gasping her breath out silently. Her legs straightened and she slipped easily up off his hot prick, watching his hard cock meat reappear. It was more beautiful now that it shone with her slippery pussy juices. She felt his hands puffing her again. She helped this time.

"Make me go fast!" she gasped, pushing up until she could feel the flared rim of his cockhead pulling at the tight mouth of her cunt.

Suddenly, her grandson's strong fingers gouged into her thick, firm ass cheeks. She watched the first few inches of his thick shaft squeezed into her tight cougar pussy. Then she threw her head back and bent down, forcing as much of the wonderful hard cock up her cunt as she dared. The huge prickhead fucked far up into her body, and she held it there for a long, dream-like moment.

Then she was pulled up, fast. And down over and over. She caught the hard rhythm and used her legs to help. It was getting easier to take her grandson's cock with each stroke, and the feelings washed over her hotter than the water hammering her back. She fucked faster, leading his hands to a more urgent pace.

Gilda reached out and grabbed the towel rack, leaning forward over her grandson's chest. She looked down at him, keeping the quick rhythm up and down on his cock. He was watching his grandmother's eager cunt ride up and down most of the length of his tireless prick.

She started to twist and turn as she fucked. Her cunt pulled and sucked. She watched his face change with each new variation. She gripped the towel rack tighter. Her ass launched into a rapid grinding. She gauged her breathing and poured all her strength into sliding her grandson's big, wonderful cock in and out of her flaming cunt as fast as she could.

She watched her body bounce and wiggle. Her breasts were jiggling. The pink nipples were hard and round, and they tingled in a surprising way. Her thick thighs were splayed and flexing, exposing the strong muscles in her thighs. She added more fuel to the fire, humping and fucking until it seemed like she had always been there, always riding up and down on her grandson's cock.

Her pussy was hot, wet, and gripping tightly at her grandson's prick. It felt like a tight glove of flesh shaped exactly to every bulging vein and steely curve of his cock. Her cunt flowed and moved with the fast pistoning she relentlessly kept up. And it seemed to glow. The glow sent sparks that traveled up her spine.

The sparks set fire to her brain. She panted her breath between her clenched teeth and slammed her pussy down until her vision blurred. She felt the whole monstrous length of her grandson's cock fuck up into her with every hammering stroke. Then more sparks. More fire. And she fucked even faster.

To believe that anything could be as hard and hot as her grandson's huge thick cock was tough enough. But to believe that her pussy could manage to wrap around all that cock meat and swallow it all, over and over, was almost impossible.

Then his hands were slowing down. She looked at him. He was straining, his face red. He was jerking spasmodically, his hips twisting his throbbing cock in her bouncing body.

"What's wrong?" she asked, glancing at the door. She hadn't heard a knock.

He slowed and stopped her. Her pussy gripped tight, halfway down his shaft. His balls were drawn up tight. His cock was throbbing with the fast beat of his heart.

He lifted her. She looked down and saw they whole huge shaft of her grandson's cock, but the prickhead was still firmly stuck in her tight round cunt mouth. She pulled up. With a groan, she forced her tight pussy lips to stretch over the unyielding knob of his cockhead. She saw the big prickhead pull out of her. Her pussy snapped back like elastic, just as tight and firm as before. It was red and puffed, and it throbbed like crazy, but it was okay.

She looked at his big prick and then back at her pussy and shook her head.

"Nothing is wrong," her grandson said. "Do you want some special candy?"

He stood up. He glanced at the door. He turned the water down.

Gilda figured what that meant. He wanted her to use her mouth again. She was down on her knees in a flash, stretching her mouth open. She wrapped both hands around his cock. He jerked.

"Easy!" he whispered. "I'll tell you when the candy comes!"

She looked up at him quizzically, then smiled. All the candy she would ever want was right here, throbbing and stiff in her hands. She bent down and sucked the huge cockhead into her mouth. She scraped her teeth over the wide rim, and then it was in. Tight and warm, her mouth sucked and her head moved up and down.

Her pussy still hummed. It seemed jealous of her eagerly sucking mouth and her squeezing, pumping hands. But Justin wants this, she decided. She sucked harder. Her hands found his swollen balls and squeezed them.

She made her mouth imitate what her tight pussy had just done. She moved in long strokes that snapped his cockhead in and out of her stretched lips. She swallowed more, letting it slide in and out, sucking her cheeks around the fat cockhead.

Her hands pulled. His balls and his straining shaft were yanked and rubbed. She fed her mouth more cock. Faster. And her hands squeezed.

Gilda noticed a taste that wasn't there before. She realized that it must be the taste of her pussy, it was nice. She looked up at her grandson while her mouth moved up and down on his cock. It seemed even bigger than before. It was pulsing harder too, she noticed. And his breathing was deep and ragged.

Her grandson was gripping the showerhead behind him and arching his hips toward his grandmother's sucking mouth. She watched him watching her. Her mouth was stretched as tight as her pussy had been. She slid faster up his cock to show him how much she loved it. She crawled her lips to the limits she could reach and filled her throat with his big prickhead.

The cockhead started to swell. Her hands felt his cock thicken and his balls jerk. She sucked faster, grinding his cockhead deeper and deeper into her eager throat. And then her grandson moaned and shuddered.

"Now!" he cried suddenly, gripping his cock in one fist near the hairy base.

Gilda pulled away, confused.

She stared at the yawning hole in the end of her grandson's straining prick. A sudden spurt of thick, creamy sperm erupted from the ballooning cockhead and hit her in the face. She opened her mouth in surprise — and another thick stream gushed past her lips and splashed her cheeks.

One taste and she knew.

She damped her mouth onto his gushing cock and drank. The next powerful jet of semen was sucked down her throat. She grabbed his cock and tried to pull more of the wonderful stuff out of it.

She looked up and saw the dreamy expression on her grandson's face while another heavy load shot down her gulping throat. She sucked hard, trying to get more. Her tongue licked back and forth along the under side of his cockhead. She moaned aloud in a pleading tone as more and more of the tasty spunk filled her mouth.

She gobbled and swallowed, taking every last drop. Her hand squeezed and pulled, trying to drain more jizz from the steel-hard cock. She sank her fingers into his balls, sucking again and again.

The strong spurts shot at regular intervals, and Gilda timed her gulping to avoid losing one drop. Her mouth filled once, and a trickle of semen ran down her chin, but with one huge gulp she swallowed it all.

She drank the dwindling stream, pumping harder on his cock. She wanted more. A few weak spurts warmed her mouth. She continued to suck and pump his cock until he stopped her.

She took a last longing look at her grandson's wonderful prick. It was slowly shrinking. The big balls hung easy. She wanted to start all over again, but she put the thought out of her mind.

She scooped up her nightie and panties and opened the door. The hall was dark. She went out, not looking back. She knew that if she didn't tear herself away now, she would soon be throwing herself on her grandson's big cock all over again.

She got to her room and shut the door quietly.

She could hear her heart beating. Her mouth was almost numb. She sighed, licking a trickle of semen from one corner of her mouth. The taste thrilled her.

Her cougar pussy throbbed. She wondered how long she would have to wait until she could have more cock. Not too long, she hoped.

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