(This is a fictional work aimed to provide erotic delights and the debauchery in the story may be offensive to some readers. So they are advised to avoid reading the story.)

I was then 50 years and looking after the pension of retired employees of my organisation. On that day I was travelling by train to my place of posting when the mobile rang. I was suffering from mild hearing impairment and added to it was the sound of train. So I could not make out who was calling except that it was a female voice and told the caller that I would her next day on reaching my destination.

Later it turned out that she was an old classmate of mine at college and she was enquiring about her father's pension. We were class mates nearly 30 years back. Her name was Dipa. Her surname had changed obviously after marriage which made it difficult for me to identify her. However, once I recognised her we became friendly and renewed our old acquaintance with warmth. We were staying in two places having the distance of nearly 3000 kms.

We were both married and like her I too had two daughters. I arranged her late father's pension which got pending for years due to no receipt of Existence Certificate of her mother after the death of her father.

Since then we had regular conversation over phone at certain intervals. About six or seven years passed in this way. In the meantime, her husband retired, her daughters got married. My daughters were also employed and the elder one was married. My wife was in service. I was about to retire in three years.

That year I had an official tour to her place. From the hotel, I called her and she invited me to her house for lunch the next day. I went to her house the following day. To my surprise, she was alone in her house. However, at the age of 57 it was not much embarrassing.

I learnt that her husband had gone to Pune two days back where their youngest daughter was staying as her father-in-law had expired. Bothe and Dipa regretted that I couldn't meet her husband.

At the gap of 30 years, I hardly remembered how she looked at my classmate. At 57 years however, she looked like an aged lady with lines of grey hairs, a few wrinkles on her forehead. But overall, her body was well maintained. She looked slim and though she was hardly 5'3" in height, there was no extra fat.

The lunch was sumptuous even though considering my age and health issues, I simply tasted a spoonful of so many Bengali dishes she had prepared. We talked a lot about our college days, our teachers and other classmates.

In the evening, it was time for me to leave and I thanked her for the lunch. She insisted for a cup of tea which I humbly refused. Suddenly, Dipa asked me, "Do you drink? We have a lot of stuff stored at home."

I really don't drink regularly but I am not a teetotaller either. What surprised me was a lonely lady at home offering drink to an old classmate she had met after so many years. Moreover, as far as I recalled, she was one from a very conservative family. I looked at her with awe and wonder.

Dipa smiled at me and invited me to the cellar through the master bedroom. I was really surprised to see the collection. Dipa took a bottle of Scotch whisky, poured one peg each in two glasses and placed them on the table and pulled two chairs for two of us.

We sat on them, cheered each other and was about to drink when Dipa said, "Are you not surprised at the change of your puritan classmate?"

"Yeah, a bit," I replied, " But change alone is changeless, isn't it?"

Dipa laughed loudly at my reply and said, "Actually after marriage, I had to adjust a lot because my middle class upbringing often stood against the high profile life style of my husband. Ranjit (Rita's husband) in fact taught me to overcome my middle class inhibitions."

I looked deeply this time at her. How far Ranjit had taught her to get rid of inhibition? She looked beautiful in the dimly lighted cellar light. She was always very bright complexioned with an oval face. Even at that age her lips were juicy and a sexual radiance glowed on her face.

In the meantime, Dipa had brought some fried cashew nuts and poured another peg of whiskey in our glasses. We kept on gossiping and sipped our drinks slowly. After the end of second peg we both felt tipsy and light headed. I insisted that it was time for me to go. Dipa suggested that we enjoy another round of shot and then I should go.

Though not a habitual drinker, I enjoyed with her the reminiscence of our college days. As we grew light headed we became more free and gradually the conversation turned to our married life, about our daughters, spouses etc. Soon we were discussing the physical intimacy of our married life. I admitted that my sex life with my wife had become stale as she had to remain busy with her jobs.

On her part Dipa admitted that though her husband Ranjit is nearly 63 years old, he was extremely horny and he engages in mating with her at least twice a week. She smilingly admitted with shame that for his extraordinary passion, her husband insisted on maintaining her figure and if she did not get horny enough, he would make her watch hot porno films.

I casually replied, "You've maintained your figure quite well even at this age. Sometimes we also watch porno movies to warm up."

Somewhere I was feeling that our conversation was not going in the right direction and it was time for me to leave. Outside was already dark and I said, "I think I should leave now. Otherwise my hotel authority would think I lost my way and report to police."

"Why don't you ring them to inform that you won't return tonight?" said Dipa very plainly.

I looked into her eyes and could notice the hidden spark of forbidden passion. I felt tempted. Since our college days Dipa had the softness and bright complexion that often made the boys to call her a wax doll. Even at the age of 57 she has retained that. Her invitation to stay back created a tightness in my crotch. But at the same time, the face of my wife appeared in my mind. In our 26 years of married life, should I betray her at this age?

It seemed Dipa understood my dilemma. She laughingly said, "Bothered about betraying your wife? See, we've reached an age when there could be no question of love and destabilizing our family life for someone else. But we can enjoy between two of us as old classmates. I won't force you. But the fact is that Ranjit has not only freed me from inhibition but also made me quite horny."

There was a silence between two of us as none spoke. Dipa said after an awkward pause, "Did you and your wife ever made a porno film of your mating for private watching by you at a later time?"

"No," I said, "It's very kinky idea, we never thought of that."

"Ok, let me show you how kinky we get sometimes," replied Dipa, "But this was actually meant to be watched by me and Ranjit alone. However, as an old mate I am sharing with you."

I knew I was getting slowly involved in some forbidden affairs but the temptation was too much. From the cellar we came to the master bedroom. Dipa switched on the big screen and asked me to sit on the couch opposite to the TV screen. She took out a pendrive and adjusted it to the screen and putting it on play mode sat beside me on the other end of the couch.

My eyes turned wide as I watched what was being played on the screen. Ranjit and Dipa appeared on the screen and Ranjit was taking away one after another dress from Dipa's body till she was only in her bra and panty. Then Dipa took away all the clothes of Ranjit and once his erect manhood was free from the undergarment, Dipa took it in her palm caressing it lovingly. She then knelt down in front of Ranjit and started giving oral caress to his monster dick. Ranjit bent down a little and unhooked Dipa's bra exposing her well shaped boobs. He then started fondling her boobs and nipples while Dipa moaned to his caress.

Then there was another scene Ranjit lying on his back and Dipa on him giving each other pleasures in 69. It was followed by another with Dipa sitting with her pussy on the mouth of Ranjit and he was performing on her pussy with his tongue. Yet there was another, Dipa's hands tied at her back and her head was held by Ranjit tightly and his manhood ploughing inside her mouth.

The video shots made me horny. What a surprise. Dipa's boobs had nit sagged even at that age. She acted like a hot porno queen. My stares moved from the screen to her real body of flesh and blood sitting at the other corner if the same couch. I extended my two hands towards her and unhesitatingly she joined to me in a passionate hug.

Our lips started exploring each other and soon I and Dipa were lip locked. I lifted her on my arms and carried to the bed at the centre of the room. Soon I began to explore Dipa's private parts and removed the pallu of her saree and instead of unhooking the blouse inserted my hands inside her blouse and bra to feel the tenderness of her soft but big flesh mounds. Her nipples were already erect. Soon I brought out her boobs from the bondage of clothes and began sucking them passionately. Dipa moaned in ecstasy as her hands went inside my trousers and caught my flesh rod. It was already hard, Dipa's tender touch made it throb in excitement. The way Dipa played with my dick made me forget all moral qualms. I just wanted to feel her soft nude body, let my eager rod invade her hot pussy and be one with her physically.

Hardly within ten to fifteen minutes Dipa and me were nude before each other. Her big round ass made me kiss her buttocks and lick her rectal hole. Dipa was sensuously moving her tongue and lips on my dick and soon she took the entre length in her mouth and started sucking it. I was fingering her pussy that had trimmed hair. The more I fingered more did Dipa moan. We forgot about our spouses, children and were just two primitive man and woman devouring each other for carnal delight.

Soon we were in 69 position and with me performing on her pussy, Dipa grew passionate and was shouting shamelessly to fuck her. At one time she pushed away my face from her pussy and pleaded to fuck her pussy. I positioned myself and slided my dick deep inside her pussy and started thrusting with all my passion. Dipa screamed to fuck her harder and faster. Perhaps I ploughed for about half an hour and then we hugged each other tight as violent orgasm ripped both of us. We laid nude in each other's embrace for another one hour after which I rang my hotel to inform that I was not returning that night.

Throughout the evening and night we engaged in various sexual pleasuring of each other and after dinner went to bed like husband and wife. We mated twice that night and returned to my hotel next day to leave for my hometown. It was a wonderful experience of my life to have fucked another man' s wife who was once my classmate and that too when we were both 57 years old.

This is a secret escapade between Dipa and me, which we have concealed from our spouses, and although we still have telephonic contacts regularly, we've not met each other after that event.

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