I was hiding in the reeds when I saw them. I needed to see for myself. I didn't want to believe the stories I was hearing. But I became suspicious. He was leaving the underworld too often. I don't have to tell you that is something he never does. So, one day when he made an excuse to leave, I found the spot by the river. They told me: whatever you do, don't go to the river Persephone. So that was the first place I looked.

I saw her by the shore. That girl. Her dark olive skin. I could see even from where I was that her eyes were brown. Her hair, dark and straight. I noticed that one of her arms stopped midway before her elbow. The area shaped like a soft oval. Little tramp. Why was he so attracted to her? Did he want something different than what I offered? Just look at me. I am tall and blond. My skin the color of milk. What is it about men that makes them tire of their lovers? I didn't understand. Maybe I am no longer beautiful? Then again, maybe the problem is with him. He need someone else to pay attention to him. As if me being locked away with him in all these years in the underworld wasn't enough. When I saw her, I wanted to pull out every one of her long dark hairs. But instead, I waited. I wanted to catch him in the act.

He came up like a puff of smoke from the earth and appeared before her. His usual trick. Perhaps, that's why she did it. She was blinded by fame. Little home wrecker. He appeared before her. His hair the black of ink. His skin the white of someone who never saw the sun. I watched them embrace. Watching as their lips touched each other. Like two butterflies dancing in a meadow.

But soon the two were undressing each other. He took off her simple white dress and laid it on the ground. And she took off his black tunic. They pressed against each other, totally naked. Each like a bellows over a flame. It made me mad. But also, curious. What did he see in her?

With one hand, she held the back of my man's neck. With her other arm, she caressed his chest. Kissing him with abandon. Her naked breast smaller than mine. Like tiny acorns if you ask me. Up against his bare chest. I touched my full breast as I watched them. Wondering how he could not want something better.

That little tramp Minthe! I watched as he knelt before her. His face disappearing between her thighs. I had a good idea what he was doing with his tongue. I wanted to punish him for tasting her. I watched until her moaning turned to a shrill cry, which seemed like an eternity. Then she knelt before him, so that she could hold his long, hard member between the stump of her arm and her other hand. His mouth open and panting. Then she placed her hand and her limb on a pomegranate tree. She faced her ass toward him. How foolish of me to think he could resist temptation. I guess even the God of the Underworld can make mistakes. I saw him. Stepping behind her. His white hands on her brown hips. His breath more like a bellows than before. Her lips open and wet. Inviting him.

I quietly stepped closer, just to be sure. And there he was. His member, wet inside her. While her small butt was slick, like a pomegranate covered in a morning dew. So, I walked up. Watched the sweat drip down his bare back. Heard her call out his name. Oh, how I hated her! I stood there. Waiting for them to finish, before calling out his name.

I never saw him jump like that before. Didn't think it was possible to scare death. But I did. I was so angry I wanted to scream. Wanted to hit him. But I decided, I didn't want to give him the satisfaction. I wanted to leave him too. But when you're married to Hades, that's not an option either. So, I turned that little nymph Minthe into an herb. Mint to be exact. I wanted him to watch for all eternity other people enjoying her. To feel her sweetness on their tongue. To experience its coolness, the refreshing after taste that he would never experience again. I made her stems square, so that he would always recognize her. Her skin green. And oh, so fragrant. So that he would smell her but never again be able to possess her.

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