Susie feels the real man's cock enlarge in her mouth. Her clitty hasn't been able to do that for weeks. Locked away in its pink plastic prison, it can only squeeze the sides of her cage in frustration. And the only key is in an envelope somewhere that won't be anywhere near her until tomorrow morning.

These thoughts trouble her little sissy mind as she sucks yet another cock, sniffs and licks the real man's sweaty balls, thanks him sweetly for resting his genitals on her face and taking a photo, then sucks and licks until he explodes all over her face. Even after all the dick she's gotten lately she's still surprised by how much cum he's coated her in, and of course she's forbidden from removing any of it. She smiles, curtsies, and thanks the real man then begs him to let her give him another. The man laughs and says she can, but Susie will have to keep his cock in her mouth until it gets hard. So Susie kneels there, a cum coated wet diapered sissy fairy, waiting for a second soaking. This next load she is told to keep in her mouth and that it is to stay there until she's finished her chores, cleaning a whole house that no longer belongs to her. She whimpers, curtises and nods, takes Tinkerbell's hand, and minces her to the cleaning supplies.

Maid work is such a fun fantasy for a sissy until they actually have to do it. Then their impractical frilly outfits, so warm and itchy, get ever more excruciating. The drudgery and endlessness of the mountain of cleaning, scrubbing, dusting, washing, sorting, laundering and so much more to come, all with not even a thank you in return, truly sinks in. And because Susie and Tinkerbell are handcuffed together, every task is at least twice as tedious and takes so much longer than it needs to.

It's 5am by the time the two exhausted fairies have scrubbed the house from top to bottom. A few hours of sleep on a cold hard floor next to a soft warm bed is to be their only reward. Susie is about to lie down when she groans.

"The keys," she whimpers. Tinkerbell whimpers too.

Those keys could arrive anytime later that morning in the mail. If their mistress gets there first, they'll be trapped handcuffed together, in their frilly outfits, and their hated chastity cages, forever. They can't risk it. So the two angels mince down to the front passageway and stand there. They can't risk sleeping, so they have to stand there, holding hands, in complete silence, watching the front door.

Minutes pass agonisingly slowly. Hours barely seem to pass at all. The true tedium of standing in heels on tired little legs would be overwhelming if it weren't so mind-numbingly dull. Only occasionally filling her diaper with more wet wets breaks the monotony, the strong smell making her whimper as she spends four long hours stood in sissy silence, her only company a fellow trapped sissy and the dry cum on her blushing face. The ache in her high-heeled feet competing with the ache of her caged clit is her only entertainment for 240 minutes of sissy agony and being reminded that she's just a pink swishy fairy who has no one but herself to blame for the mess she's trapped herself in.

Suddenly the two darlings jump as a letter falls through the mail slot!

"Sissies! Fetch the mail!" their mistress calls out, not leaving her bedroom. So Susie and Tinkerbell could have slept after all. Oh well, too late now!

The sissies gasp and Susie swiftly tears open the envelope. Five keys tumble onto the floor. Susie is almost shaking too much to uncuff Tinkerbell from her wrist, then unlock her dress. Susie sighs softly as she feels Tinkerbell unlocking hers. Just their cages to go...

"Sissies! Where are you? Bring me the post!"

The pansies whimper, their keys both already in the locks of their cages. Slowly they reach for each others caged clits and remove each other's keys, the clitties still securely locked away. Susie makes an angry little whimper as Tinkerbell seals the keys back in the envelope. They hold hands and mince up to the master bedroom, formerly Susie's room, and curtsey to their smirking mistress.

"What's this? Two sissy slaves who are no longer handcuffed together? There best be a good explanation for this pantywaists."

"We're so sorry mistress," says Tinkerbell with another curtsey. Susie feels herself curtseying too. She's now so in sync with her sissy sister she can't stop herself, to the clear delight of their mistress.

"We sent our keys away and they arrived this morning, mistress," says Susie. Her hand shaking, she feels herself reach forward and give away the envelope with her precious chastity key to her mistress.

"And what are these final two for, hmm?"

Whimpering, the two blow job sluts, fairy exhibitionists, talk of the town, frilly dressed sissies explain that they're the only keys for their clitty cages.

"I'm impressed, sissies. Looks like you two know how to show respect. That deserves a reward."

Susie gasps before she can stop herself.

"Lower your wet smelly diapers sissies - don't worry, you can put them back on soon - and mince to either side of my bed."

The sissies do as they're told, then prance to either side of Susie's former bed. She'll be lucky to ever sleep in a bed again. Their mistress smiles and holds out the two keys.

"Unlock each other's cages, creampuffs"

Susie and Tinkerbell unlock each other's cages. It feels incredible. Susie is instantly rock hard. The mistress stifles a laugh at her minuscule penis.

"Take a long sniff of each other's cage now sissy's"

Susie does as she's told, raising Tinkerbell's cage to her face and slotting her nose in it like a clitty. She didn't know it was possible to look even more ridiculous. The strong smell of sweat, pre-cum and pure sissy frustration is intoxicating. Only the flash of mistresses camera snaps her out of it.

"What a lovely treat! Now put your new cage over your clits."

Susie whimpers but slots her pathetic clitty into Tinkerbell's green cage, and watches Tinkerbell force her clit into Susie's pink one.

"Now lock them away and return the key to me."

Susie is about to protest. She can't take anymore. She's never hated chastity devices more than in that dreadful moment. She opens her silly lipsticked mouth to say something when she hears a click! Tinkerbell has already locked her own clitty away in her new pink cage.

Susie's lower lip trembles. She can't let her sissy sister down. Sobbing, she turns the key and hears the soft click of her little penis being sealed away for good. The two sissies hand back the keys and curtsey.

"I've decided I like having such obedient girls in my care," says mistress surprisingly sweetly. "I've had my fun. You girls can move back in with me. You two can remove the bed later and the empty spare room can be all yours."

Susie thanks her lovely mistress profusely for letting her move into her own house.

"And now you're not locked in those outfits, I think we should get you in something more dignified. Doesn't that sound nice, sissies?"

"Twirl faster!"


Susie cringes as the horrible cane strikes her barely protected backside. She blushes anew at the chorus of giggles from the neighbours. She twirls her little heart out, her tutu sticking straight out.

Tinkerbell and Susie are in matching ballerina leotards, covered in Lacy bows, poofy tutus and fairy wings. Their mistress sits comfortably in a deck chair, yelling instructions at them. This ballet lesson has been going on for two hours now and shows no sign of ending. Nor does the neighbours enthusiasm for watching the two sissies practise ballet on the front lawn, in clear view of everyone.

The mistresses horrible jock friends laugh as Susie turns around, leans forward and wiggles her little sissy butt for ten minutes, as instructed. Each of the real men now has a chastity key on hand, which they'll be leaving with for safekeeping. They insisted on giving the sissies something in return for the keys, which is why Susie and Tinkerbell now have penisies drawn on with red lipstick on their darling foreheads.

Susie tries to ignore the pinch of her now permanent cage and focus on wiggling her pink leotarded butt with enough enthusiasm to stop yet another smack of the cane. She feels her pretty pink makeup under a fresh face full of cum, drying in the sweltering hot sunlight. She has a long night of chores ahead of her, as mistress has offered her and Tinkerbell's maid service to the whole neighborhood. Susie shudders when she remembers the two maid uniforms her mistress had showed off. Ridiculously frilly dresses that would barely reach her waist, each with a diaper saying "PLEASE GIVE ME MORE TASKS" on the rear.


"Fingertips on head, knees slightly bent, looking at each other sissies!"

Susie turns, reaches up and delicately puts her fingertips on her head like a fairy, bends her little knees, making her frilly butt stick out, and looks at Tinkerbell, holding the same pansy pose. She can't help but smile. And Tinkerbell smiles back. The two sissies are irreversibly trapped. A pair of ballerina maids, banned from beds or the big girl potty, subs to the whole neighbourhood. Their sissy weekend has become their sissy life.

They both giggle and lean in for a kiss, the smack of the cane on their rears a price worth paying now all their sissy dreams have come true.

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