"See you soon, daddy. They just called our flight "

My 19 year old daughter Tammi was on her way home for spring break and was traveling with her classmate Sharon. Sharon's dad had deserted the family years ago and her mom was working two jobs to keep her in school. They lived in the next town and I was going to pick them up at the airport and take Sharon home before I took Tammi home and gave her a good fucking. She and I had been lovers since her Christmas visit a couple of months before, when she came into my room and awakened me by sucking my cock like a pro, then riding my cock until I filled her with my hot cream. Shocked at first, then overcome with lust, I spent the next two days in bed with her, only coming up for air to eat and catch a little sleep before going at it again...and again...and, you get the picture.

Since then, we had been having lots of phone sex and she had sent a lot of pictures and short movies showing what she wanted me to do to her. Needless to say, I was a little irritated about our side trip. I got even more irritated when Tammi texted me from the plane telling me that there was a change of plans, that Sharon had to spend the night with us, because her mom was having COVID-19 symptoms and would get her test results the next day. She promised we would get in a quickie tonight and that she would make it up to me once Sharon went home.

I gave her a good hug at the airport, and we stopped for dinner on the way home, Sharon was a little on the chubby side, but a pretty girl just the same. I managed to get a quick feel of Tammi's wet pussy under the table while we waited for our dinner.

While Sharon showered, Tammi and I played around a bit, and she promised to slip out of her room at midnight. We all had some wine, and figured Sharon would sleep soundly enough for Tammi and I to have a little fun.

Around midnight the door opened and Tammi came in, with Sharon following right behind, to my great surprise.

"Tammi is pretty smart, daddy. She figured out that we had something 'special' going, so I asked her to join us. Is that ok?"

She knew that was kind of a silly question, and I moved to the center of our king-sized bed. Sharon said she had been dreaming of having a daddy who loved her like I loved Tammi.

"My daddy is the best lover ever." Tammi said as they slipped out of their pajamas and lay on either side of me. I noticed that Sharon was shaved like Tammi, and she said "Tammi helped me shave it. She said you liked it that way." She spread her legs to show me and I reached between them, feeling the warmth from inside.

"I've never...been with a man like this. The boys at school made fun of me because I was pretty fat in high school, and I was pretty nerdy."

"You look pretty good now, sweetie. Have you been losing weight?"

"Yes, but I need to lose more."

I squeezed one of her tits. It was nice and firm and her nipple responded. "Are you ready to have a man inside you?"


"You can call him daddy if you want, Sharon. I know he loves it when I call him that while he's fucking me."

"Yes...daddy. I want you to be my first."

"You want me to get her nice and wet for you, daddy?"

"Sure, baby."

I watched as Tammi spread Sharon's legs and started licking her clit. I guided Sharon's hand to my cock and showed her how to stroke it. I sucked her nipples, deep. I didn't know if I was causing her moans or Tammi was, but she was obviously enjoying the attention from two skilled and attentive lovers. I fingered her clit as Tammi slid her tongue up and down her wet slit. Her legs open wider to give us as much access as possible.

"Do you want me to make her cum, daddy?"

"Sure baby, make it a good one."

I brought my hand up to Sharon's tits and sucked one as I fondled the other. Sharon let go my cock and clenched the sheets as Tammi explored her virgin pussy with her fingers and tongue. Sharon's breath came faster as the pressure inside her built up.

"NNNNNNNGGGGGG!!! OH GOD, DONT STOP!!!" Her legs spasmed as she had the most intense orgasm of her young life.

"Thank you. That was amazing." She whispered hoarsely.

"She's plenty wet now, daddy. Time to let her feel that big cock of yours inside her."

"Are you ready, Sharon?" I ask.

"Yes...daddy. Will it hurt?"

Tammi spoke up. "Probably at first, but daddy will be gentle."

I knelt between her legs and looked down at her smooth body, just a little on the plump side, but ripe and ready. Tammi held her hand as the tip of my cock found her slit. "Say 'fuck me daddy'." Sharon told her.

"Fuck me daddy. I want to feel you inside me." I pushed in slow and forced it through her hymen. She winced a bit but managed to take it all in, her vaginal walls tight around it. Tammi squeezed her hand and asked how it felt.

"It hurts a little, but not as much as I thought it might." I began to ease in and out as she was able to relax a bit. She was tight, but that was to be expected. I told her to lift her knees a little, and as she did I was able to go in a little deeper.

"It's so deep." She whispered. "It's starting to feel really good. Tammi reached between us and toyed with one of her rock-hard nipples. She looked into my eyes. "Will you kiss me?" I leaned into her and kissed her deep, tongues teasing. She responded by starting to move with me.

"You're doing great, Sharon." Tammi said. I glanced over and saw Tammi's hand between her legs and saw that she was starting to feel good as well.

I had been without Tammi for so long that I needed that sweet release, so I held my cock deep in Sharon and felt it begin to pump. Her pussy squeezed me, milking it, feeling it deep out onto her. "That was wonderful." She half-whispered/half-moaned.

I kissed her deep once more and rolled between my two daughters. Tammi groaned as her fingers did their magic, and we lay together, bodies sweaty but satisfied. They both turned toward me and we dozed off with their arms across my chest and their legs draped over mine.

The next morning I put on a robe and cooked breakfast while they showered together. They didn't bother to put anything on as we ate, so I realized they both needed more attention from daddy.

I showered and came out to find them in a 69 position with Tammi on top. I got hard pretty fast watching and listening to them, and Tammi's pussy was just too inviting. I knelt behind her and slid my cock in as she kept eating Sharon's pussy. Sharon caressed my balls as they hung a few inches from her face. Tammi began to moan, her moans stifled by Sharon pulling her face into her smooth pussy.

I kept up a good rhythm and she ground her ass into my cock. I slid my finger into her ass, eliciting a loud moan. I knew she loved that, and we had talked about stretching it so she could take my cock there, but for now my finger was enough. The sensation of my cock and finger inside her was enough to cause her to cum loud and hard. I kept pumping and finally gave her her reward, a pussy full of daddy's cream. Some of it seeped out onto Sharon's face and she rubbed it in.

Sharon was pretty sore by now, so her next fucking would have to wait, but I brought her off again with my tongue.

Sharon's mom called a little later and said she had tested positive, though she felt fine.

"I guess that means you're stuck with us for the week." Tammi said. "I wonder what we can do with that time. Maybe Uncle Bill could come over tonight. I bet he'd love spending some time with Sharon, don't you agree, daddy?"

"He just might."

To be continued...

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