What Is The Difference Between An Insect Screen And Security Screens Doors?#

When you choose a sliding screen door for your house, is it okay to choose an insect screen instead? No, it is not appropriate. Insect screens are not as secure as a security screen. If you are interested to know the difference between security doors Adelaide and screen doors, then read this blog.

The Difference in Their Material#

The basic difference between the two is their material. Since the primary job of an insect screen is to keep the insects away, it is made from mesh and aluminum. The mesh is made from plastic-coated polyester, fiberglass, or midge mesh. If you check security screen doors Adelaide, then they are made from high-quality aluminum or stainless-steel sheets, interwoven into a mesh format. Thus, the screens can keep intruders away. They are created as per security rules and regulations established by the Australian government.

The Difference in The Security Level#

You need to understand the fundamental difference. Security screen doors Adelaide is designed to keep unwanted people out. In addition to it, they keep the insects also away. However, insect screens are designed to keep insects away. They are not manufactured as per security standards. Therefore, though they look identical, an insect screen door can be removed or damaged effortlessly by an armed criminal. Security screens, on the other hand, offer an exceptionally higher degree of safety. They are made from superior-quality material. Also, they adhere to security standards. Due to their triple-locking system, these doors keep the house safe from intrusion.

The Difference in Their Durability#

Again, there is no comparison between their durability levels. Security screens are made with the vision of providing long-lasting service. They can withstand tough situations like bad weather. Also, they bring a warranty against manufacturing defect or installation faults.Daily wear and tear cannot lead to holes in it. Insect screens cannot withstand harsh weather. They get easily damaged due to daily wear. Also, they get damaged due to sun exposure. Due to wear and tear, these screens develop holes over a period.

Difference in Price#

As far as price is concerned, insect screens are less costly than security screens. Since there are no industry regulations about insect screens, they are manufactured using low-cost material. Security screens are costly because they are made from high-cost material. It is due to regulations.
Thus, these two screens are different. Since they are manufactured with different objectives, their qualities are also different.

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