Continued from Katie and Paul Part 2...

I was very bored. I'd booked a week off work, the weather had been so hot lately I was hoping Paul and me would be able to get away for a few days, but Paul's law firm had a really big case on at the minute, and a lot of them had had to go up north to work on the case, so were stopping in a hotel.

I'd been out of bed for about an hour and was still naked. I was used to sleeping naked anyway, but being on my own and not planning on going out anywhere, I couldn't be bothered to get dressed.

I'd woken up horny, I had no recollection of what I had been dreaming about, but judging by my damp pussy it must have been a steamy dream. I'd put my hands down to touch myself and then rolled over to see if Paul was awake and up for some morning fun. Of course, he wasn't there. Damn.

I looked at the clock on the wall in our kitchen. It was almost midday. I wondered if Paul had any free time at the moment, maybe I could persuade him into a bit of phone fun.

I picked up my phone and made a facetime call to Paul. He answered quickly, in the background I could see lots of people scurrying around.

"Hi babe," I said, "Do you have fifteen minutes spare?"

"Katie, I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to end the call soon. We've been called into a meeting, we've had some potential new evidence that we need to do a lot of research on. It could prove decisive."

I knew he wouldn't be able to elaborate any further on what he meant, and although disappointed I couldn't really argue.

"No problem, I was just really bored," I explained.

"Sorry again," he said, "I need to go now. Love you," he answered.

I didn't get a chance to reply before he ended the call. I looked around almost begging for an idea of how to fill my time. I decided I'd go and take a shower, and then entertain the idea of getting dressed and maybe going shopping.

I wandered upstairs and moved around the bedroom finding clothes out to put on. I still hadn't decided if I was going to bother going out or not, but still got things ready just in case. Paul would be playfully moaning at me again now, not only were our bedroom curtains not closed, but I'd also opened the full-length glass doors to our balcony to let some fresh air in. I wondered if Geoff had spotted me yet.

Paul had told me a while ago that Geoff sits in his living room and watches (and masturbates) over seeing me naked around the bedroom.

Our balcony isn't that big, it's as wide as the bedroom itself, and about ten feet only to the edge, but is surrounded by a four-foot-high glass balustrade, to allow a view out over the neighbourhood. It also allows Geoff an unobstructed view into our bedroom. Our only use for it normally is for a sunlounger.

The way our houses are situated, we're at the end of a curved road, so neither of our neighbours can see onto the balcony from their houses. The street where Geoff lives is down a hill and further down the estate, so we have a great view over those houses looking down towards the city.

My shower didn't go to plan, as I kept the shower head pointed at my pussy for far longer than I needed, which had made me horny again. I dried myself off and left the ensuite to enter the main bedroom. When we bought the house there were several cameras dotted about various rooms which were intended to be part of a security lookout if needed. Paul had however changed the use of the one in the corner of our bedroom, by pointing it towards the bed and giving access to his laptop. The idea he had was to record our lovemaking, however, that didn't go to plan as usually we'd end up in different parts of the house so the tapes were mostly just a view of the bed.

An idea quickly came into my head. As Paul couldn't be here, I could make a recording for him. I switched on the laptop and clicked on the app for the camera. It came into view on the screen but was pointing towards the very bottom of the bed. It must have been knocked sometime. Turning the laptop a little, I sat on the end of the bed until I could see myself on the screen. Unless I stayed right on the edge, Paul wouldn't see a lot. I clicked on the arrow keys which had been programmed to zoom in and out, and after zooming in too far, and got a close up of the balcony. I went to alter it back when I noticed movement on the screen.

I sat puzzled for a second, tried to follow where the camera was pointing, then realised it would be aiming towards Geoff's house. I had another idea.

I picked up my silk dressing gown and slipped it on, making sure not to fasten it. I looked around the bedroom and found my sunglasses and put them on. I walked out through the doors onto the balcony and pretended to look up to see where the sun was in the sky. My dressing gown was billowing about in the light breeze, I may as well have been naked. I moved the lounger to one end of the balcony and made out I was positioning it to face the sun. Because I had sunglasses on I could check to see what Geoff was doing. I needn't have bothered, as expected he looked like he had settled into his favourite chair, the one facing towards our house.

I made sure I bent right over a couple of times while moving the lounger, the dressing gown riding right up over my arse so I knew he'd get a great view of it.

I went back into the bedroom and slipped off the dressing gown. I got the laptop and clicked the wrong zoom button, and zoomed in even further. Geoff was in full view on my screen now. I'd never actually seen him, Paul had just described him as living alone and being in his 60s. He had on a white shabby vest with a few holes in it, and he was quite a large man, at a guess I'd say he was about sixteen stone. His stomach was huge, and he was sweating profusely. This was the man who had been masturbating over me. Part of me wished I'd never seen him now that I had. However, another part of me was very glad I had seen him.

Geoff was sitting on the edge of his chair seat, his trousers had been removed and dumped on the floor. One thing was very noticeable though, his cock looked huge! He was stroking slowly, obviously waiting for me to come back into sight. Paul is a very decent eight inches long, Geoff's cock looked as big if not longer still, but it was very fat. His podgy fingers barely met as they gripped his shaft.

I found myself getting slightly repulsed that I was getting turned on by this man, but if I could somehow block out the rest of him and just focus on that cock, I'd be alright. I adjusted the zoom on the camera again, making sure that Geoff was still visible, but wouldn't be able to use the bed at all as I wouldn't have been in the shot apart from possibly my feet if they were in the air.

I pressed record on the laptop and moved toward the bedroom windows. I pulled one back shut, but stood by it while I put my hand down towards my pussy. I shuddered when I touched my clit, but stroked gently. I could feel my juices start to trickle down my leg. I pushed two fingers up myself, thrust them in a couple of times, then held them still. I gazed towards the laptop screen, making sure I still had a good shot of Geoff in the background.

I thought to myself, if I'm going to put on a show, I'm going to make it a very good one. I moved away from the window and opened the drawer on my bedside table. My underwear was in the top drawer, this drawer contained my toys. I picked out one I enjoyed using, it was a lifelike butt plug but it had a jewelled end. I especially liked it as it was six inches long and had realistic veins on it, so every movement with it in was accentuated. I also knew the jewelled end would glisten in the sunlight. I also found out my favourite toy, and it was perfect for times like this.

Paul had been away somewhere for a few days before, and when he returned he had bought back a custom made suction dildo. It was custom made because it had been moulded from Paul's cock itself. Now when he wasn't home I could use it and it felt like Paul there.

I moved back to the position I'd been in before and used my pussy juices to lube up my fingers. Making sure my arse was facing towards Geoff, I moved two fingers in and out of my arse until I thought it was ready. I put the butt plug in place and pushed slowly until it was all in. I glanced at the screen and could see the sunlight shining off the jewelled end. There was no disguising what I had just done. I turned slightly to the side so that Geoff could see me start to suck on the suction dildo, coating it as much as possible with my saliva. I crouched slightly and faced the window, and stuck the suction cup to the window. I stood up, adjusted the height of the dildo a little, and turned my arse towards Geoff's direction again.

Using one hand to guide it, I eased the dildo into my pussy, making sure to wiggle my arse as much as possible. I started to ease back and forth on the dildo, taking it all in and letting it nearly slip out before sinking fully on it again. From this angle I could watch the screen properly, I couldn't see the dildo itself, but could see Geoff wanking his big cock behind me. Just looking at that cock made me shudder with excitement again, and I started thrusting a bit quicker while fingering my clit. My thoughts turned to me recording this, it was supposed to be for Paul, and I doubted he wanted to watch a video of Geoff wanking over me.

I needed to change position for Paul's benefit, so I eased myself off the dildo and took it off the window. It was soaked in my juices, and there was some running down the window itself. I took the dildo out onto the balcony itself and placed the suction part on the tiled floor. I glanced towards the screen and bent my legs down to sit on the dildo. I still had my back to Geoff, I eased myself down but this time took the dildo into my pussy very easily. I kept my back as straight as possible and alternated between pulling at my nipples and rubbing at my clit. Paul would have had a great view of me riding the dildo reverse cowboy style.

After about ten minutes of this, I decided to turn around. I eased myself off the dildo, turned to face Geoff's house, and sat back on the dildo. I quickly settled back into the same rhythm as before and could feel the start of my orgasm churning up my insides. I took my hand off my clit to prolong my not cumming, and placed them on the balustrade, leaning forward slightly. I continued to ride the dildo taking it long and slow, still having my sunglasses on I could watch Geoff intently. I assumed he had been enjoying it, there were several crumpled up tissues on the floor around him as evidence. He either didn't have a problem still maintaining an erection, or he had taken many viagra!

I stared at that great looking cock of his as he stroked it. Oh god, was I really watching this overweight old man wanking over me?

"No!" my mind shouted at me, "It's not him at all, it's just that cock would feel so nice."

I was getting to the point now where I couldn't hold out for much longer. I got off the dildo and now stuck it onto the balustrade at arse height. Making sure I had turned so both Geoff and Paul could see, I carefully removed the butt plug, and started to lick my juices from it. From the corner of my eye, I think I almost saw Geoff fall from his chair at the view. I put the butt plug down on the floor, got onto all fours, and backed up to the suction dildo. I reached back and guided it into my arse instead. I took a couple of inches at a time but because I'd had the butt plug in for a while now it was more comfortable so I took the whole eight inches up me with ease.

With my arse now full I picked up the butt plug again, looked straight at the camera, and proceeded to deepthroat it. I held it still so that as I eased off the suction dildo in my ass, I took all of the butt plug into my mouth. I hated myself later for thinking it, but I imagined the cock in my arse was Geoffs. I thrust back and forth on it, picking up a furious pace. I held the butt plug still with one hand while I continued to suck on it, and used to other to now furiously rub at my clit.

It didn't take that long like that for me to come, I felt my juices spray out of me and heard them splashing against the glass balustrade. I collapsed in a heap with the suction dildo still in my arse. I didn't know if Geoff was still watching or not, but I couldn't move. As my orgasms went, that was one of my strongest. I felt like my whole body had turned to jelly. Eventually, I slowly eased off the dildo and turned and removed it off the balustrade. Geoff wasn't in his chair.

I picked up both the dildo and butt plug, went back into the bedroom, and looking at the camera mouthed the words "love you" before stopping the recording and going back in the shower.

I only hoped that Paul enjoyed the video when he got back as much as I'd enjoyed making it...

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