The Road to Love




I don't mean to brag. Bragging is against my personal philosophy, which is and always has been: "Keep a low profile." Ok, I exaggerated with "and always has been." I adopted it in junior high or thereabouts. Here's what you need to know about me. I'm an average guy. I have an average IQ. I'm about in the middle of the one-to-ten looks scale, maybe a six at best. Average height, average weight, average everything. That includes all of my appendages; fingers, and toes, and other things that everybody nose (humor?). Knowing all of that, I was still able to have sex with the most beautiful woman that I've ever met and with the most popular girl in our high school. Even better, I met my soulmate, twice!

Like I said in the beginning, I don't mean to brag. So far, I've just listed the highlights that I've experienced on the road that eventually led me to my wife. That doesn't mean that I'm ignoring all the potholes that I encountered on that road. There were lots of obstacles to overcome. Like everyone else, I had to take the bad with the good. I'm sure that you have your story, just like I have mine. I'm going to share mine with you; right here, right now.

As to my "low profile" philosophy, I can list a few examples. I never raised my hand in class. If I recited at all, it was because the teacher made me. I never went out for any sports, but I never joined the debate club either. You get the picture. I did nothing to attract attention to myself. I spent my time watching the other kids. Mostly girls, of course.

I learned more by observing other people than I ever learned from a book or a teacher. I learned that those popular jocks put themselves under enormous pressure, both mental and physical, for what? Probably one in a thousand of those guys went on to earn a living as an athlete. Basically, they were wasting their time in the scheme of important things.

How about those girls that spent a good part of their time competing against each other to become a cheerleader? How many of them went on to cheerlead for the Dallas Cowboys?

Ok, so you're saying, "but what about the scholars? What about those guys and gals that kept their noses in books and hung out in libraries? What about the ones that aced all the tests?"

Well, what did it get them? It got them a chance to go to a college where they continued to do the same thing for another four or more years. Then they graduated with an obscene amount of debt and got to work in an office. Probably in a cramped cubicle. That's not for me!

"But wait a minute," you say. "You overlooked the fact that those jocks and cheerleaders were the 'popular' crowd. They had it made!"

I didn't overlook it, I purposely ignored it. Their actions put them under a bright spotlight. Everyone witnessed every move that they made. They had no chance to maneuver in secret. Their lives were open books. Except for children's fiction, books seldom end with, "and they lived happily ever after."

Now, take me. I'm under no pressure. I'm relaxed. I'm free to smell the flowers and pick the cherries, if you get my drift. While they endure the pressure to win at all costs, I ponder the cost of all wins. They read stories; I live them. While they work to become important, I search for important work.

I was searching for something that a guy without a college degree could do and make a good living. I wanted something that I would enjoy. Office jobs didn't appeal to me. I'm looking for a job that's important, in demand, and appreciated. A real plus would be if I could use my skills to eventually open a business of my own. That's where the real money is.

I found my choice by accident when I was a freshman in high school. I was at David's house. He was my best friend. I was sitting on the porch waiting for him to get ready for baseball practice. The window was open and I could hear his mom talking to a neighbor lady. They obviously didn't know I could hear them.

Usually, such a conversation would be of zero interest to me, but this one was different. My ears perked up when I heard the neighbor lady say, "I would have given him anything he wanted just to get the AC working. We'd been waiting for two days. Everyone was needing service. The demand was atrocious. It was the worst time possible for it to fail. We were on our 19th day of highs above 100 degrees. I was desperate."

His mom asked, "Do you mean you would have given him some money on the side, like a tip?"

"I mean I would have given him anything. I mean I would have given him a blowjob on the spot. If that wasn't enough, I would have given him anything else short of anal, which I don't do. Anything else he wanted he could have. I was desperate. I needed to cool off in the worst way. I was one very hot wife. I was hot for almost anything that would make me cool!"

Dave's mom replied, "I've been there, done that. I hope my husband never asks me why David looks like the AC repairman."

"Really?" I asked myself. "Does Dave look like the AC repairman?" They were laughing, but I was thinking. Right at that very moment, I knew what I wanted to be. Talk about being in demand. If women will do that to keep cool, what would they do to keep their pipes from freezing during the winter? It's going to be heating, ventilation, and cooling for me. What is commonly called "HVAC." It's not an office job and after I get some experience, I might be able to start my own business. It met all my requirements!

I developed a plan. The Fairfax Vo-Tech program is available in my high school. They offer some classes that should get me started in the right direction. After high school, I can attend a trade-school to become certified.

My dad supported my plan. Mom thought I should take some college-prep courses and then attend junior college on my way to a four-year degree. Little did she know that an overheard conversation between my best friend's mom and a neighbor lady had already decided that question for me!

So, I had my future work-life figured out, but how about my love-life?


You already know that I wasn't much on cheerleaders. That point of view got majorly reinforced one summer.

We had one of those cheerleader gals living four houses from us in the neighborhood. She might not have been considered beautiful but she was extremely pretty. Also, she was the most popular girl in our high school. Needless to say, she never paid any attention to me.

Her mom, Violet, was a beauty, for sure. I made some extra money by mowing lawns and Violet was one of my best customers. When I finished mowing, she always brought me a cold glass of iced tea. We sat on the front porch and talked while I enjoyed the tea and the scenery, if you get my drift.

She made several derogatory remarks about the boys that Charlotte was dating. She said they were too old for her, full of themselves, and not trustworthy.

She asked me why I had never dated Charlotte. I explained that her daughter didn't even know that I existed. She was way out of my league.

It was several days later that Charlotte saw me sitting on the porch and, very uncharacteristically, strolled up to talk to me.

She asked me why I had never asked her out. I said, "For the same reason our high school football team never plays the Dallas Cowboys."

"What does that even mean?" she asked. (I told you she was pretty, not that she was smart.)

"Well, our school team is in the high school league and the Cowboys are in the professional league. I'm not even in the high school league. Hell, I'm not even in the game. But you; you're in the professional league."

She just looked at me with a big question mark over her head.

I finally said, "Charlotte, you're way out of my league, that's why."

"Roy, since you won't ask me, I'll ask you. Would you like to take me to Fountain Mountain for a snack and then to a movie? You would be doing me a huge favor if you would. Will you?"

Wow, how romantic was that? I guess her mom had pressured her. That's probably what she meant about the huge favor. It would let her make some points with her mom. She realized that her mom didn't approve of the guys she was hanging with. Most of them were college boys!

I just nodded my head. It was against my philosophy, but what the hell; I didn't want to lose a good mowing customer. She said, "Thanks, Roy. Pick me up at six tomorrow? Just knock on the door."

The next day at six, I was knocking. Violet opened the door and hugged me. She handed me a ten-dollar bill. "I forgot to tip you for that extra mowing last week," she winked.

Charlotte and I walked hand in hand down to Fountain Mountain. I asked if she wanted a burger. She said that she wasn't hungry. She only wanted a coke. There were lots of kids there watching us.

I felt out of place in more ways than one. I sure wasn't keeping a low profile. She kept holding my hand. For a fleeting moment, I thought that she might kiss me, but she resisted that temptation.

We left hand in hand and started walking toward the theatre. Before we got there, Jim and Frank drove up and yelled at us. They were two of the boys that Violet said were too old for Charlotte.

"Where are you love birds headed?" they yelled.

"We're going to the movies," answered Charlotte.

"Well, we are heading to the new drive-in theatre that just opened," Jim responded. "They are hoping to bring back the old drive-in experience. With that big hill just west of them, it gets dark early. We need to support them. The same movie is playing there. Why don't you two love birds go with us? You can have the backseat all to yourselves."

Charlotte turned to me. "Let's do it, Roy. We can have some fun, if you get what I mean."

I got her drift, but it was something besides my brain that made my mouth say, "Sure, why not?"

As we whizzed down the highway, she laid her head on my shoulder. I told Jim that his car was "drastically cool."

He said that he would let me have a turn behind the wheel later.

When we got to the drive-in, we decided to get some food from the concession stand. Jim said he would pay for the food if I would go pick it up. Meanwhile, Charlotte said she was going to the restroom. So, I walked to the concession stand, placed our order, and waited for it.

It was twenty minutes later when I finally got back to the car. Jim and Frank were in the backseat with Charlotte. Jim told me that it was my turn behind the steering wheel. Guess I should have known!

They were too busy back there to notice me readjusting the rearview mirror. I could see enough of what was happening to know that it was a lot!

For all my bravado, I'm not very experienced sexually. I saw them do things that I had only seen on porn sites. I saw two alpha males and one major slut at their best, or maybe I should say, at their worst?

When the movie ended, Jim and Frank came back to the front and sent me back to Charlotte. She was a mess. She was trying to clean herself up and regain some semblance of decorum. It was a losing battle.

She finally noticed that I was leaning against the door as far away from her as possible. She whispered, "I'm sorry, Roy. I treated you shabbily. We all did. I'll make it up to you."

I turned and looked at her. She said, "Not tonight, but soon. I promise, I'll make it up to you. How are you doing?" she asked.

"Not too well," I answered. "For a while there, I had hopes that I might lose my virginity tonight. I didn't come close, but I sure learned a lot, thanks to you and your college studs."

"Roy, are you saying that you're still a virgin?"

I nodded.

"Oh, crap," she blurted, "I've never been with a boy on his first time. I wish I'd have experienced that instead of this debauchery. I promise I'll make it up to you. It will be a first for both of us."

I stayed by the door as I answered, "I wish I hadn't fallen for your deceit, Charlotte. I don't want you near me, not ever again."

She was shocked. She looked like she'd been slapped. She kept apologizing and saying she would make it up to me. I didn't say another word to her.

When we got back to the neighborhood, she told her studs to drop us off at the corner. She wanted her mom to think that she'd only been with me. She reached for my hand as we walked down the street, but I put my hands in my pockets. When we came to my house, I turned to go in. She grabbed me and begged me to walk her home. I just ignored her and walked into my house without a single word to her.

I saw Violet a few days later. She was getting out of her car and she beckoned me over. "How did your date with Charlotte go?" she asked.

"Not very well. I wouldn't even call it a date. It was more of a charade."

"That's what I heard, Roy. Mary Larkin, a young teacher that works with me saw you at the new drive-in theatre. She told me all about how the three of them spent their time in the backseat while you sat in the front by yourself. I think you're right. It was a well-orchestrated deception at your expense. It sure as hell wasn't much of a date for you, Roy."

"Well, they did pay my way into the movie and bought me a hot dog, coke, and popcorn. Guess I could have done worse."

"Are you serious, Roy?"

"Not really. It couldn't have been much worse. Probably was the worst night of my life."

"Now I'm hearing the truth, Roy. I heard some slices of truth from Charlotte too. When I confronted her with the evidence from Mary, she admitted leaving you alone in the front seat. If it means anything, she's very sorry about that. She said she would make it up to you."

"She told me that too, several times. I don't believe a word she says. After the way she used me, I can't trust her. I wouldn't risk my health by letting her make it up to me."

That got Violet's undivided attention. She invited me to sit with her on the porch. She told me that her friend, Mary, couldn't give her any details about what happened since it was so dark in the car backseat. She asked me to tell her what happened. She said, "It's apparent that you know what happened. I figured that there might have been some heavy petting and groping, but now I'm worried that there might have been more. I need to know if she has become sexually active. It's for her own good. I need to know what happened to my daughter in that car. Will you at least do that for me? Will you tell me what she did that makes you not want to 'put your health at risk' with her? Please tell me what happened, Roy. I'll consider it to be a huge favor."

"I can't do that, Violet. I'm too embarrassed to talk about it."

"Can you at least answer some 'yes or no' questions?"

"Maybe I could do that."

"Good. Might as well get right to the biggie. Did she have sexual intercourse with those boys?"


"With both of them?"


"Hopefully, she made them use condoms?"


"Oh, crap. She should have known better than that. I've failed her in more ways than I realized."

I wanted to say something reassuring to Violet, so I mentioned that Charlotte said she was on the pill.

"That's news to me, Roy. If she has any pills, they're someplace other than in this house. Even if she does have pills hidden somewhere, pills won't protect her from venereal diseases. I see what you mean about risking your health."

"I'm just telling you what she said," I stammered.

"I understand, Roy. I'm sorry that she's ignored everything I tried to teach her. I know it's not uncommon anymore, but it's still dangerous. I'm also sorry that she betrayed you on your 'date.' I don't want to embarrass you, but she told me something else. She said that you revealed that you're a virgin. Was she lying about that too?"

I hung my head. "No, that part's true. She even said she would like to be my 'first.' She said it would be a first for her too since she had never been any boy's first partner. As I said, that's not going to happen. It's too risky. I would rather bungle through my first time with someone as inexperienced as I am. I think that would be better. It would sure be safer."

"I understand what you're saying, Roy, but I want to tell you something that you might not believe. You are better served to have your first sexual experience with someone that knows the ropes. Someone that can show you how to please your partner. Knowing you as well as I do, I predict that when you meet your 'special someone,' she will be inexperienced. Perhaps even a virgin. Your task at that time will be to make her first experience with you a memorable one. You want her to be comparing every other lover she has to you."

She had my undivided attention as she said, "Let me tell you that I feel like I owe you something for what my daughter put you through. I'm the one that told her she should be dating you. Roy, for over twenty years, I've had sex with only one man. I can assure you that I'm disease-free. I'm the opposite of a loose woman. You can take that to the bank. To make amends, I will show you what you need to know. I will become your teacher, if you're interested."

"You would do that for me? What would your husband think? What would he do?"

"He can't ever know. He will be gone next week on business. I will be your teacher, but our classroom can't be in my house. We can work out the 'where' and the 'when' for our 'classroom activities,' if you accept my offer."

"Violet, you've given me the proverbial offer that I can't refuse. You are the most beautiful woman that I've ever met. How could I not say 'yes' to you?"

So, Violet became my teacher one rainy, but unforgettable afternoon. I would like to think it was because she cared for me, but I'm sure it was just to pay Charlotte's debt. Anyway, I will always cherish my three hours with Violet in that out-of-the-way motel. She showed me things that had only existed in my dreams and fantasies until that day.

She taught me the "how" but she told me the "why" too. She stressed that sex could be animalistic, degrading, licentious, and depraved; or it could be filled with affection, appreciation, tenderness, respect, and love. She said, "It's usually in the hands of the man. He will be deciding if they are going to engage in meaningless lust or memorable romance."

She remained in "teacher mode" as she said, "Just look at the way things are designed. The woman is the pierced, while the man is the piercer. He's the sword; she's the scabbard. In all likelihood, Roy, as time goes by you will be the 'aggressor' with more than a few girls. That doesn't mean you have to be aggressive. Always remember that you will get more encores with honey than with vinegar. Don't be selfish. You should please yourself, but don't forget her. Be just as focused on her pleasure as you are on yours."

I knew that Violet was doing what she considered to be her duty. She knew that it was her suggestion that led to the worst night of my life. She wanted to make amends. I knew that she was not in love with me, but she acted like she was. I've never had a more loving experience in my life. I don't pretend to know how she pulled that off, but she did. She should have received the Academy Award! She certainly deserved it.

When we were driving home, she said she still wished that I would try again with her daughter. She said that I should take advantage of Charlotte's desire to make up for that night she regrets. She told me I should just let Charlotte believe that she was taking my virginity. "I'm too old to count, anyway," she asserted. I just told her I would think about it.

The fact that I had sex with Violet turned out to be an aberration for me. She's the only truly beautiful woman, the only number ten, that I ever had sex with. Truth be known, she was in a class of her own. I'd call her a twenty. Later, there would be some that rated nine-plus, but beauty-wise, Violet was in a league of her own.

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