Elaine stepped in through the front door, and waited for Alan to close it behind them, the excitement was running through her veins, and she was looking forward to this.

'Stop,' said Alan, 'you need this,' He picked up a blindfold from the table by the door, and quickly and expertly tied it around her head covering her eyes completely.

Elaine could not see a thing, it was complete blackness, even if she looked down towards her nose she could only make out a little light it was still completely covered, and very dark. He took her arm, very gently and guided her.

'Steps,' he said, 'going up.'

Her toes touched a step and she carefully climbed, it was a full staircase, and she was upstairs, he continued to guide her through a doorway and into a room, and then she was sitting on a bed. There was a little noise that she could not work out, then she felt his hands he was undoing her blouse, her bra, and shoes followed. She was naked except her skirt, and he very gently stood her up and removed it, she stood naked in a room she could not see and did not know, she felt very vulnerable.

'Are you OK?' Alan asked, he must have sensed her unease.

'I am fine Master, a little nervous,' she replied.

'There is nothing to be nervous about, I will take care of you,' he said very kindly, 'you are about to do some things you don't want to do, but at the end you will be pleased you did. Trust me.'

He laid her back down onto the bed, except her back was on a chair, and her head hung off the back, she lifted her hand and felt the back of the chair above her neck he had slipped her head under the rungs of the chair back. He took the hand she had lifted and gently took it down to a cuff that seemed to be attached to the front leg of the chair low down, and then did the same the other side. Her arms were now stretched out behind her, she felt trapped now, at his mercy.

'What's the safe word,' she enquired.

'You don't get one,' Alan said very calmly, 'you would use it far too early, you don't know yet what you want to experience from your master. You have to trust, that I will not cause you any harm.'

She felt slight reassured, but not comfortable, then the really interesting part started, he rolled her leg up so they pointed into the air above her head, rope went around them and she was secured to the seat back. She felt exposed, she could feel the butt plug very open to view, and facing the ceiling.

'Comfortable?' Alan enquired.

'Not really,' she replied, 'but I will trust you.'

He grabbed the butt plug and removed it, she tingled, and wanted to rub her clit but was unable to.

'Right,' he said, 'On Saturday night you cam twice without permission, that is 10 strokes.'

'Yes, master,' she said.

'Then there is that, the 'yes master,' not once when I have pleasured you with your toy have you correctly responded with a 'thank you master', that is another 15 strokes,' he sounded unhappy about that one.

'Yes, master, sorry master,' she replied.

She heard a swish, she thought was the strap, and her fanny fluttered, Elaine had come too really like that strap. Whack, something bounced off her cheeks in their very exposed position, the sting was huge, she cried out, and before she had even finished that sound it bounced off her again. It was a cane she realised, and the pain was intense.

'Thank you master, but that is too painful,' she said.

She was completely ignored, and three more rained down on her cheeks, she sobbed at the end.

'That is 5,' he said, as she heard the swish change, it because louder, and slower.

A ruler slapped into her bottom, which was better, she liked that, slap, slap, slap, they came quick and fast, she was not sure of the count, and her fanny was fluttering, the pain brought on all the right feelings down there. She focused, she could not come again without permission.

'Fifteen,' said Alan, 'you are over half way.'

She really wanted to rub now, this was heaven, and then a hand slapped her, five quick hard slaps on her cheeks, she had not felt his hand since that first time in his car, it was warm, and despite that fact that she could feel welts appearing from the cane, loved those slaps, her bottom on fire. She knew it would be red and glowing. She was so close to cumming, but she suppressed it as best she could.

Alan could obviously see how close she was to cumming, 'Don't you dare orgasm,' he said, 'you hold that back until I allow you.'

She force down the feeling, it was hard, she wanted to cum.

'You are on twenty, five more to take young lady,' he said firmly.

Then she felt him pick up the chair and move it with her in it, she was sure when he was done that he was standing in front of her. The strap landed not hard, but right across her pussy, Elaine yelped.

'Don't you dare cum,' Alan said, as the second one landed, just a little higher than the first, grazing her clit.

Elaine flinched, her clit was on fire and that was the last thing it needed, she was breathing through it, suppressing the orgasm, when the third landed, in the same place grazing her clit. She squeaked and it was clear to anybody close to her that she was not going to last another slap there.

The forth came down, higher still, right across her clit, and much as she tried not to, she flinched and jerked as the orgasm came in a great big tidal wave, she had held it back so long that it exploded out, she thought for a moment that she had pissed, but she realised quickly that the pulsing was coming from deep in her pussy, not her bladder. Elaine had not ever done that before, and high as a kite on her climax as she was, could not work out what it was, it was only later when Alan told her that she realised she had squirted.

As she calmed, and regained a measure of awareness, as much as she could under the blindfold, she said, 'I am very sorry master, I did not mean to,' she went to say something else, but Alan cut in.

'You have orgasmed when instructed not to, and on top of that you have squirted on my carpet, you are a bad girl, who needs many more lessons,' his voice was stern, and the final stroke of the 25 came down on her pussy.

Elaine flinched and squirmed, the orgasm that stroke four had caused not fully over, she felt Alan's hand steady her, the chair was moving a lot, and she was lost to the world at that point. She let the waves ride through her, ecstasy was definitely the word for this, nothing in her life had ever had her feel like this, it was amazing.

She was sure that it had been ten minutes or more since that final stroke, but I couldn't have been, he would not have stood holding the chair for that long. But her breathing was slowing and returning to normal, and the muscles in her body were relaxing, calm was returning.

'Your failings tonight will be punished next time,' he said firmly, 'now we move on to something else.

Elaine lay there waiting to be untied, something else sounded exciting, she was building up in her mind to his cock being in her again, she could hear him undressing, and when he approached again she expected him to release her legs first, but no.

She felt the cold of something drip onto her arsehole, and his finger follow, panic rose in her, no, no this was not good, she didn't want anything like that, and that was not what she had hoped for. His finger massaged lube into her skin, rotating, and swirling, it felt so sensual nice, she loved the feeling, but the thought of what that was leading to was not something she could ignore.

'No please master,' she said, 'it's not ready, I can't take anything there, I don't want to take anything there.'

'What you want young lady is not relevant,' Alan said very firmly, 'you are here to serve your master, and he will take what he wants, and you will thank him for it.'

Elaine was concerned, his finger had just slipped inside, it was fine the butt plug had more than prepared her for that, but there was a massive difference between his finger that was erotically working lube into her, and that big fat cock that she had loved so much earlier. She thought she may have started to shake with fear, but she was too well restrained for that, this was where she needed a safe word.

His finger withdraw, and before she knew it the head of his cock was pressed against her arsehole, her arsehole that was so perfectly positioned by the way she was tied, it had been there staring at him this whole time, how had she not guessed.

There was pressure now, and she could feel him moving so slowly and gently towards her, the head of his cock made a popping sound as it went in. She squeaked, moaned, yelped, she was not sure what to call it, that discomfort that verged on pain that she had got the first time that butt plug had gone in, caused the whatever it was. She tried to calm her breathing, it was not easy. But Alan had paused any movement and was clearly letting her adjust.

When it felt better but long before she was ready, he pushed and she felt it slide in more, she breathed out heavily between gritted teeth, after a moment he withdrew to just the head in again, then pushed forward, quite a bit went in this time, and she yelped not for the first time tonight.

He repeated the movement withdrawing to the head then pushing in, each time she took it without complaint, even if there was a yelp or a squeak, after five of these repetitions she felt fuller than she ever had, this was really uncomfortable, but his legs were touching the welts on her bottom from the cane. She relaxed, it was not getting any worse than this, and she could take this.

Then Alan grabbed her ankles and the chair they were attached to, and in a big motion, completely withdrew from her arse, then rammed back in with real force, she was shocked the chair did not break, and she screamed, nothing had ever felt like that.

Holding on to her he pounded so hard for ten or so strokes, she was unable to think straight, it hurt, it was not something she wanted, it was, it was, her thoughts faded away, there was just here body and the thrusting.

After those initial thrusts, he released one of her legs with his hand, not that it made any difference it was still tied, then she felt his hand between her legs, and a cold vibrator touched her clit, fire shot through her. Her clit exploded in feelings that she loved, it felt so weird, her clit was tingling under the vibrations, but her arse just wanted this to stop. Alan pushed the vibrator into her clit and let it sit for a good ten seconds as he pounded. After some time she realised it was moving about, stimulating her, the feelings were good and she tried to focus on them not the pounding.

Before long she was heading back to an orgasm, she could feel it. In a slightly strained voice she asked, 'Please master, may I cum.'

'You may,' came the reply

Elaine, did not hold back and it erupted very quickly, the thing she did not expect was the pulsing, tensing of her arse muscles, she could feel herself squeezing his cock. She knew he was close to, she could feel it, and tried to keep that tensing going, as he exploded deep in her arse. He held it in for a moment his pulsing cock in her arse, then withdrew, breathing very hard.

'That was very good, you have pleased your master,' he said.

'Thank you master, I am very happy that I pleased you,' she said, then she said something that was not how see expect to react, but it was true, 'I miss you in my master.'

Alan slipped the butt plug back in, 'something to ease the loss,' he said.

He released her legs and arms and carefully removed her from the chair. 'Thank you,' she said.

'If you wish to go home, I understand,' he said, but if you want to sleep with me there,' he pointed to the bad as he released the blindfold, 'I would love to have you with me.'

As answer Elaine walked around the side of the bed and got under the duvet.

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