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You can try digitally-editing a scan or photo of an id, but the resolution is unlikely to match the original. You can use regular laminate pouches if you want, but butterfly laminates come with a crease that reduces the odds of air bubbles forming on your id. Since air bubbles are one of the biggest tip-offs that an id is fake, you really need to use a butterfly pouch. If the temperature is too high, the glue in between the 2 layers of cardstock will melt. This will result in cleaner lines, but they may fray along the edges depending on the style of cardstock you use. Print the front and back of your id on heavy cardstock and cut them out. Get some matte, heavy cardstock that weighs between 100–130 lb (45–59 kg).

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Find an id template online that matches the state that you’re trying to fake. To get an accurate id template, you’ll need to download one from a torrent-hosting site. You may be able to buy or download one from the deep web as well.

All fake id cards come with both-sided holograms and scancodes. You should only purchase our novelty id cards for fun as they are only for novelty use. We reserve the right to cancel any orders where we suspect the products could be used for illegal purposes. The website automatically works out the discount for the offers above, just add your novelty cards to the shopping cart. If your prospective employer is asking you for id, they're probably going to run a background check on you, which involves logging into a government database. Enter your signature using a thin paint tool in your editing program. Use a thin drawing tool in your photo editing software to include the signature.

Try to match the thickness of your line to the thickness of a real signature. Select black for the color of your line and use your mouse to carefully draw your signature. It may take multiple attempts before you get a signature that works. Even if the picture looks good, the resolution is probably wrong for an id card. Use a high-quality camera on a low shutter speed to take the photo.

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