"You're blushing again."

"Mind was wandering again."

"Can't imagine why. I won't lie, that was probably the hottest night of my life," said Kira.

"So your mind was wandering as well."


"Oh, none. I was just wondering if you have any exams tomorrow."

"I do not. Last one Friday morning, so plenty of time." Her eyes drifted over Alexandra's shoulder to the bedroom door.

"Yes, that's what I was thinking. Maybe I'd like that drink after all. Our usual happy hour, just a little later?"

"Call it a digestif."

Oh, right. You speak French, you and that fancy accent.

"Whatever. I'll go change into the proverbial something more comfortable. Surprise me with the drink, mmkay?"

"Less is more, honey," Kira teased.

Fine, thought Alexandra. You ask for that, you get it.

In the bedroom, she stripped, then searched the closet floor until she found her target: a pair of six-inch heels, cherry red. For special occasions only. And if you wear them outside the apartment, I'll die.

Alexandra cinched the thin ankle strap. Yeah, she thought. You thought you'd die laughing, but maybe not. Now, for the rest.

She flicked through the lingerie sets hanging on her side of the closet. "Black lace, black lace, fishnet, black satin, satin and lace...more fishnet," she mumbled to herself. "You fucking slut." She stopped when her fingers danced across a lacy chemise, backless with mesh cutouts.

"Less is more," she said, sliding back into the chair. Two small, egg-shaped glasses sat on the table.

"Port," explained Kira. She slid past Alexandra, heading for the bedroom. "Wait a moment."

Alexandra sniffed the opaque red liquid. It smelled sweet but heavy on alcohol. She held the glass to her nose and closed her eyes, savoring the subtle aromas.

Something slid around her head. Mmmm. Blindfold. Hands deftly tied the silk, tightening and releasing as the knot settled into place.

"It's just a drink after all, isn't it?" The voice in Alexandra's ear was close, breath hot on her neck.

"I take it you didn't change that quickly?"

"Wouldn't you like to know, my gorgeous little lover? Perhaps I slipped on a bodystocking or something simple in that time. Perhaps I didn't change at all. Perhaps I'm completely naked except for shoes. In which case, missy, you're overdressed."

"Less is more," Alexandra repeated. I really can't see anything. She could be completely naked and I wouldn't know. I'd be missing all that tan skin, the shoulder muscles, that wonderful space right between her breasts. And I have no way of knowing.

"Is it comfortable?" Kira's voice came from across the table now.

"Yes." With the blindfold on, every sound was heightened. Her own breath; the sound of Kira's heels scraping on the floor; the clink of another small glass on hers.

"To you, Alexandra. And don't respond with 'whatever.' I mean it. I'm sorry about how it happened, but I'm so proud of you for coming out and how you've handled it."

"Thank you." Alexandra sipped the wine. Flavors exploded in her mouth: sweet fruit, but then the singe of alcoholic aftertaste. "This is really good."

"I got it in Portugal last summer. Been saving it for a while."

"Mmmm." Like a nice red wine but half as much liquid. Compact flavors. "Tell me more."

"About Portugal, or the wine?"


"Well, I was only in Portugal for four days, so I'll pass on that. I liked it."

"Wanna go back?" Shit. Too impulsive. She'll think I'm angling for something.

"Only if you come. I hope you have a serious case of the travel bug, honey. Really."

"With you? Hold my hand and I'll hold my passport."

"I like you, Henderson. Just a little bit."

"You too. Manning."

"So, the wine," Kira said. "You've never had port before?"

Alexandra shook her head.

"First thing to know is it's strong. It's 20% alcohol. Therefore the small glasses. By law all wine sold as port is from Portugal, and yes, it's mostly from around Porto. Port, port, porrrrrt. This is a ruby port, which means it should be sweet but with a nice bite at the end."

"It certainly has that."

"So," said Kira. "Last time I blindfolded you I told you that next time we'd do something new. Are you ready for that tonight?"

"Always." The wine rushed to her head. A tingle spread across her exposed skin. "Something new" has invariably meant something kinky. And something I've loved.

"But not for a few minutes. For now, we have wine, and we talk about our upcoming date."


"Yes," said Kira. "On Friday, to celebrate surviving the semester. Details forthcoming, okay?"

"More surprises," said Alexandra. The soft blindfold grazed her eyelashes. "What's tonight's?"

"Drink your wine, honey." Kira's voice had changed subtly. The way she sounds when she's about to close some handcuffs around my wrists and spank me until I beg to cum. "And maybe tonight it's surprises, plural."


"First one. I think it might be hot if a day that started with a photograph ended with some photographs." Her voice had dropped lower. The glass clinked softly onto the tabletop. "What do you think?"

I think that if you'd asked me that question three months ago, I'd have told you that never in a thousand years would I allow a partner to photograph me in lingerie. Or naked. And now my body is practically twitching at the idea.

"I think that sounds like a plan."

"We'll do it with your phone, so the pictures are yours to use as you please. Wait."

As if I'm going somewhere, thought Alexandra. Sitting here blindfolded in six-inch heels with a glass of wine to keep me company.

"Smile," said Kira a moment later.

Alexandra automatically smiled, then lifted the glass to her lips. The sweet liquid filled her mouth, final drops sliding onto her tongue.

"For security, Miss Henderson, it might be better not to use your birthdate as your passcode."

"Then you shouldn't do the same, Miss Manning."

Fingers arrived under her chin, lifting it slightly.

"You sneaky little bitch," said Kira. "When did you steal my phone?"

"You were in the shower. I was going to leave you a slutty little selfie on it, but then I chickened out. Thought it was an invasion of privacy or something."

The finger lifted her chin higher. Soft, full lips met Alexandra's, tasting of the same sweet wine.

"Well, great minds think alike," the husky voice said. "These pictures are gonna be so sexy. You look like a perfect little slut, honey. Now, are you ready to act like one?"


"Good girl."

Alexandra felt a shiver grip her body as Kira's hand gripped hers. She struggled to her feet, teetering slightly on her heels.

"You'll manage," said Kira, leading the way to the bedroom. "Onto the bed."

The fingers dropped, forcing Alexandra to navigate by memory and touch. She slid perfectly onto the soft sheets, rolling onto her back. And I know better than to take the shoes off.

"Well done, slut. Almost like you've been there a few times." She paused. "Yes, I'm taking more pictures."

Her body slid atop Alexandra's, hands roaming the smaller woman's sides. Alexandra wrapped her arms around her lover, drawing her in for a lengthy kiss.

Her hair is up, she catalogued. Shoulders bare too. Their tongues played aggressively, mouths locked tightly. Hm, something with a halter top, she thought as her hands met fabric on Kira's neck. Teeth bit her lower lip.

"Mmmmm," said Alexandra, her lip pulled slightly away.

The lips explored her jaw, then her neck. Whatever she's wearing covers her entire front, she thought. Lacy, thin. Maybe even sheer. I can feel her nipples stiffening through the fabric. Mine too. Smooth legs intertwined with her own. Kira's body pinned her into place, hands working lower, to the very bottom of the chemise.

"I think this needs to come off," Kira's voice whispered.

"Yes, please." God, I'm so turned on I can smell it.

"Hands up."

Alexandra obeyed, and the lacy fabric floated free. Cold air teased her skin, followed by delicate fingers. Lips brushed her own, the lacy fabric on Kira's torso returning against Alexandra's breasts.

They kissed, Kira's hands holding Alexandra's arms straight above her.

"I love you," Kira whispered.

"You too." The kisses moved down her body, Kira's long arms still holding hers high.

"Here comes something new," said Kira. Her tongue slid down Alexandra's body, tracing her midsection. Alexandra moaned as it deviated to her hipbones, then abruptly stopped. "Ready for a new set of cuffs, babe?"

Yes, hell yes. Alexandra nodded.

"Good. Turn over."

The soft sheets brushed her as she turned over. Kira's heels clacked across the hardwood floor. Stilettos, Alexandra thought. Her chin settled onto the mattress.

Something cool tightened around her wrist.

"It's leather," said Kira. "It'll warm up. One more."

The sound of a chain scraping through the slatted headboard was followed by the same cool feeling on her other wrist. She's right. It's already getting warmer.


Alexandra nodded again.

"Good. It's been too long since I cuffed you, you little slut."

"Mmmhm, it has been." Meaning it's been more than three days. Same since she's spanked me.

"Ass up, please."

Alexandra rose to her knees, sliding forward. The tension on her wrists eased.

"First, the before..." She felt Kira shift to grab something from the bedside table. Oh. More pictures. "Arch your back, slut."

She followed the instruction, aware of her ass protruding lewdly in the air.

"Oooh. You'll like those. Your ass looks so fucking juicy. Too bad I need to slap it, right?"

The first slap landed on the right side. A rush of pain and exhilaration slammed through Alexandra, her adrenaline kicking into overdrive. The smack was followed by more, palm cracking against bare flesh.

"Ah! Yes, fuck! Pleeeeeeease, more..." Alexandra paused for breath.

"More, you asked for?"

"Yessss." Delicate fingertips traced the curve of her hip.

"And why should I do that?"

"Because I..."

"Smile, honey." Kira had moved again, her voice coming from above Alexandra's head. "Yes, perfect. Your booty looks amazing now, so beautiful and red." And stinging. "But anyway, because you what?"

"Because I've been such a good girlfriend."

"Good girlfriend or good slut, honey?"

"Both. You know it's both."

Alexandra bit her bottom lip, expecting a hard smack. She wasn't disappointed. The jolt and accompanying sting forced a guttural moan from her throat.

"It is." Kira's fingers moved up her body, coming to rest on the buzzed hair on her nape. "But don't think you don't need to be both."

"Of courssssse," Alexandra hissed, just as she was rewarded with two more smacks. If I weren't handcuffed, my hands would be between my legs right now. And this fucking flood of wetness could be put to better use. Her body ached with desire, muscles tensing in anticipation and pulse racing.

"That's enough for now, slut. Your booty's redder than a Target ad. Deep breath."

Wow. I was super lightheaded, Alexandra thought. The cool air filled her lungs, slowing her thundering heartbeat. Hands massaged her ass, kneading it and easing some of the sting.

"How are you feeling, my beautiful little whore?"

Alexandra's answer came out as a growl. Fuck you, Kira. You know exactly how I'm feeling.

"Words, slut." Nothing but a command. Fingertips delicately traced her skin. Bolts of pleasure shot through her body.

"God, Kira. Fucking horny. I feel fucking horny."

"Mmmm. Good girl. Well, perhaps we can do something about that, yes?"

"Please." Alexandra wiggled her ass, feeling Kira's hands rake across both sides. She bit her lip. The pressure momentarily eased the desperate ache between her legs.

"Hold this," said Kira. The plastic casing of her phone pressed into Alexandra's palm. "Screen is facing you and it's set to take pictures that direction." Kira adjusted her index finger, moving it just an inch. "There. Just tap your finger right there if you want to take a selfie."

A blindfolded selfie. Well, that's a first. She bit harder on her lip and tapped her finger. I hope it looks hot, she thought.

Alexandra's train of thought derailed when the distinctive buzzing of the Hitachi wand began. Oh god, not more teasing.

"You're ready to cum, yes?"

"God, yes, please."

"Too bad. Not quite yet." Kira touched the vibrator between Alexandra's legs, drawing forth a new rush of wetness. Then the fingers invaded her: two of them, gently probing inside her. Alexandra gasped as Kira withdrew them, knowing what would come next.

"One for me," said Kira, making loud slurping sounds. "And one for you."

Alexandra eagerly parted her lips. Her familiar taste and scent drove yet more hormones to the surface. She growled, raking her teeth gently down the slim finger. Every. Fucking. Time. Every fucking time she makes me taste myself is like the first. The huge rush of excitement, the emptiness when she pulls her finger back out.

Then the Hitachi hit its mark. Her body contorted, back arching powerfully. This time Kira left it in place, massaging her smooth lips and soaking slit.

"Unnnnnhh..." Alexandra groaned. The lubed-up head spread moisture all around her crotch, vibrating the now-sticky skin. Electricity shot through Alexandra's body. I'm in fucking hyperdrive, she thought. Blindfolded, cuffed, camera in hand. She pressed her index finger again, hoping blindly it was still on the shutter button.

The buzzing moved to her clit. Alexandra's body stiffened.

"Ahhhheeeeee! Unh!" Her voice rose in pitch. A hand slapped her ass, turning the shriek into a grunt.

Alexandra's arms collapsed, sending her face-first into the pillow. She remained there, shrieking into the cool fabric. Her body began to shake as the orgasm approached.

"Good girl," said Kira. "You going to cum for me, slut?"

"MmmmmmHMMMM!" I'm biting my lip so fucking hard right now and still almost screaming.

Soft wetness on her hole merged with the powerful buzzing on her clit. Oh god, that's her tongue. And her lips. I can picture her there, mouth between my legs. I'd want to see it, but...ugh. Her hands clenched around the sheets.

"Cloooo...CUMMING!" Alexandra shrieked. Her core muscles crunched painfully together, body shaking wildly as Kira's mouth drove her over the precipice. "FUCK! FUCK! KIRAAAAAAAA! YESSS!"

Kira flicked the Hitachi across her clit, drawing out the orgasm. The cuffs felt tight on Alexandra's wrists as she pulled hard on the chain connecting them.

"MMMMM! UNH!" Kira's hands pulled her hips backward, the Hitachi dropping away. She ground her pussy onto her lover's face, trying to smear her juices all over while she gasped for breath.

Finally the wave of pleasure relaxed its grip on her and Alexandra collapsed onto the bed. She felt Kira pry the phone from her fingers. I'm a sweaty mess, she thought, and she's taking pictures. Well, I can delete them. It's my phone.

Seconds later the cuffs released, followed by the blindfold. Alexandra rolled onto her back, body regaining its equilibrium.

Her vision returned. The room was dark. Kira lay on her left side, kissing Alexandra slowly.

"Heck of a day," she whispered.

"You can say that again," Alexandra replied.

"Heck of --" The backhand slap to Kira's midsection cut her off midsentence. "Ouch! You violent harpy!"

"Oh, don't act like you can't handle a slap given the way you hand them out."

Kira groaned. "Did you intend that pun, or..."

"Of course I intended it, you...violent harpy." Alexandra imagined what her face must look like: sweaty, probably still red, but crossed by a tremendous grin.

"I was afraid of that." Kira kissed her lightly on the lips. "What am I ever going to do with you, Alexandra?"

"Besides let me read my whodunit book and get some sleep without any further interference from some blonde chick whose lips taste mysteriously like my cunt?"

"Yes, total mystery," said Kira, rolling over.

"Actually," said Alexandra, opening to her bookmark. "I have a pretty good idea already. But we'll have to see how it ends."


Alexandra stared at the ceiling. Some twenty-five feet above, it was covered in intricate frescoes and golden linework. Columns lined each side of the long room.

I could sit here all night like this, she thought. Massive golden candelabras softly lit the marble columns. She only occasionally checked the end of the large room for Kira's arrival. No surprise, given that I was twenty minutes early.

Alexandra took a drink from the cider she'd ordered and glanced upward again. Even accounting for the fact that it was the main bar of a historic hotel, the setting was impressive. Glad I dressed up a bit, she thought, playing with a dangly earring.

She was unable to make out all the painted figures. Alexandra sighed. Too much screen time. She dug into a jacket pocket and removed her rarely-used glasses. Lucky I had them with me.

The lenses brought the frescoes into focus. Gods, goddesses, cherubs. And a lot of nudity. I wonder what the more prudish guests see. She eyed a backlit figure, blonde hair swirling away from naked breasts. Perhaps the prudes are also nearsighted. And don't put on their glasses. Nice tits, painted lady.

The cider went down smoothly despite its dryness. Alexandra checked her phone. 8:02. She's late.

It had been a stressful week. Too much classwork, too little relaxation, too little exercise. And then a movie night that another attendee sardonically dubbed "a drinking night with a movie problem." Oh, and coming out.

When she removed her gaze from the ceiling, there was another backlit blonde striding towards her. Nice tits, Kira. Talk to the woman on the ceiling. Have a contest, Alexandra thought.

She belatedly stood to wrap her girlfriend in a tight hug.

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