This is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18.

Chapter 1: Sissy Kitty Cat

It's finally Halloween. My absolute favorite holiday. Typically for two reasons. One, I have a real sweet tooth. I love candy so much, and it shows. I'm a bit on the chubby side. I have a pudgy, jiggly belly. I have plump, perky tits with sensitive, bright pink nipples. I have wide hips, and an extra thick, redbone ass that drives all the boys wild. I should probably also mention that I'm a boy. I know, it's crazy how feminine I look. I don't have a problem with it though. I know what I am, and I know what I like. Which leads me to reason number two Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love dressing up in a super slutty costume and seducing older men. My name is Rei, and I'm a huge sissy slut.

Ever since I turned eighteen, I love using my curvaceous form to garner lustful stares from all the sexy older gentlemen that live in my neighborhood. Sometimes they have to do a double take because they were so sure I was actually a girl! It always makes me laugh. Especially when I approach one, and they figure out the truth. They start to panic, and trip over their words like scared schoolboys. Then when I run my delicate hand over their throbbing bulges, their primal urges take over, and they don't care what gender I am as long as I have a tight hole to stuff. Which I most certainly do.

Anyway, back to my favorite holiday. This year, I wanted to go for a sexy kitty cat look. The costume I bought was a prime example of what fathers never wanted to see their daughters wearing. Only now, I was hoping a certain daddy would see me in it, and swell up in excitement. You see, recently someone new moved into the neighborhood. I caught a glimpse of him out jogging one morning, and felt my meaty boy pussy twitch in delight. I don't think I've ever wanted a man more in my life. It was then that I decided I would devour him.

Chapter 2: Candyland

The night finally arrived, and my goal was clear. I was going to seduce this hunky, delicious daddy with my chubby boy body wrapped up in this slutty kitty costume. I looked myself over in the mirror one last time. It was a black silk top that was tight enough to show off my fat boy titties. My bulging belly hung lewdly out of the bottom. I also had much too small black yoga pants that said MEOW, which squeezed the fuck out of my enormous booty. I had a tail attached to a butt plug that I fed to my hungry hole, and kept a tight grip on. I cut a small hole in the pants and fed the tail through it. Along with cute kitty feet slippers, I had my impressive make up skills to give me whiskers. I also had a tight black choker as well as kitty ears to top it all off. I was ready.

I snuck out the back door, after my parents fell asleep. They had no idea their sissy boy son was on the hunt for a big dick this Halloween. I made my usual rounds to a few houses where I had very good friends. These friends being older, married men I had already rocked the socks off of. They took one look at me, and biting their bottom lips asked me if I wanted to come inside. I giggled like an innocent girl, and apologized. I told each one I had plans, but maybe some other time they could take me to pound town. As I walked away with a surplus of candy from each house, I made sure to jiggle my fat ass as I went, giving them a feast for the eyes and wanting much more.

When I finally had enough candy in my pillow case, I decided it was time to go get my real treat. I had learned earlier that my target was home all alone. Wife and kids were away, so it was Rei's time to play. I felt my small dick twitch and throb as it stood up in my yoga pants. It as well as my balls made a lewd bulge in the fabric. I squeezed my plug tightly, and licked my plump, juicy lips; another oddly feminine aspect of my character. As I walked, every part of me jiggled and wiggled obscenely. Before I knew it, I was in front of the door. I readied myself and put on my sweetest, most adorable, and simultaneously sluttiest face I had, and rang the bell.

Chapter 3: Give Me Something Good To Eat

The door opened and the current object of my lust appeared, in nothing but a towel. It looked like he just finished taking a shower. I couldn't contain my voice, and squealed in adorable excitement.

"AHN! OH MY... T-trick or treat..." I giggled innocently and looked down to see an impressive outline of a thick sausage that made me drool. I quickly composed myself. "I'm so sorry if this is a bad time, daddy!" I stood there, rubbing my thick thighs together anxiously. The big, strong, sexy man merely laughed.

"Haha! Oh that's alright, cutie pie. It is Halloween after all. I bet you want something sweet to eat, huh?" I blushed, and nodded excitedly. I didn't expect him to be so sweet and flirtatious. It made my cock, balls, asshole and chest throb all at once. He looked me up and down, with a sly grin. "My goodness. You just might be the cutest little kitty cat I've ever seen. I hope you don't mind me saying. What's your name?" I didn't mind at all. In fact, I was getting more and more excited. This may be even easier than I expected.

"Mmm I don't mind, daddy. That's a very sweet thing to say. It makes me feel all tingly. My name's Rei!" He laughed as well, and continued undressing me with his eyes. I saw his gorgeous meat slowly grow under his towel. I stared in amazement at how big it seemed to be. He also made no immediate moves to hide it.

"Well now that I look, it seems like you have a pretty big haul already, Rei. You gonna eat all that candy yourself, sweetie? I bet you could. You're looking quite plump, especially for a boy. I mean, look at this pudgy belly!" He playfully poked and squeezed my bulging belly. I squealed at his sudden groping.

"AHN! Hey! That's a mean thing to say, daddy! I'm not that chubby, am I?" I asked this knowing full well just how thick and juicy I was for a boy. I also loved that he said that, and loved how he started feeling me up without asking. It made me think he liked his meat like a man should. However, I feigned hurt feelings, and pouted. My lower lip sticking out in the cutest way and quivering.

"Oh gosh, I'm sorry baby. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings! I meant it as a compliment, you know. I think you look absolutely delectable. But to make it up to you, how about you come inside? A delicate thing like you shouldn't be carrying such a heavy sack of treats anyway. My wife and kids are away, so I won't take no far an answer." I nearly jumped for joy. He's inviting me in on his own! He must really want to eat me up. I giggled sweetly, thanked him, and let myself in.

Chapter 4: Clumsy Boy

"Thank you so much for inviting me in, daddy. I hope I'm not intruding." As I walked past him, I made sure to "accidentally" drop a lollipop onto the floor. "Oops! Silly me." I slowly bent over to pick it up, assuring him an eyeful of my luscious fat booty. I could feel his eyes burning into my meaty rump. I peeked back, as I took my time standing straight back up to see that his jaw had dropped. I straightened up, and spun around, giggling like a schoolgirl. "And just what are you staring at, daddy?" I put my hands on my wide hips.

"Oh, just that obscene fat ass of yours. I know I said you shouldn't be carrying a heavy load, but it looks like you have to all the time! That thing is crazy phat! I can't believe you're a boy." He walked up to me, spun me around, and bent me over gently. Before I could protest, he gave my gigantic bum a firm smack, making it jiggle out of control. This made me yelp.

"AHN! OH DADDY! I love getting spanked. Can you please do it more?" I asked him as sweetly as I could, and playfully jiggled my wide load back and forth. He obliged, and smacked it again, even harder, groping a handful afterwards. He stood me back up, and guided me over to his couch.

"I'll give that ass all the attention it deserves, but only if you can show me how good at twerking you are. With a booty like this, I know you can." I giggled and nodded. I got into position on my knees and splayed my thick thighs apart. On this older man's couch, I started wiggling and jiggling my perfect, peach shaped booty for him to watch. I did in fact know how to twerk. I practiced at home all the time. It was time to put that practice to good use.

Chapter 5: Twerk Time

My thick, rippling ass looked like it wanted to burst out of it's silky prison. My boy parts were outlined clearly, and I arched my back so that everything was in full view. I bounced my booty up and down, imagining riding a big, juicy dick. HIS big, juicy dick. My hole squeezed the butt plug so hard, and it felt amazing inside me.

"My lord! I never thought a boy could be so yummy to look at. You seem like a pro at this. Oh, what have we here? A tail? Hmmm..." He took hold of my tail, and suddenly pulled it, my plug popping out of my tight hole. I gasped loudly, and looked back. The plug was pulled out through the hole in my yoga pants. He held it, looking quite shocked. "Oh wow. You had this in you this whole time? What a naughty little kitty."

"MMM! DADDY THAT WAS SO MEAN! Suddenly pulling out my tail like that! I nearly came... And now my hole doesn't have anything filling it up! HAAHN..." I grinded my crotch into the couch, bouncing my ass continually. He stood me up, and turned me around. I had the look of an animal in heat, and he suddenly planted his lips on mine. I squeaked, but let him assault my open mouth with his tongue. While we sloppily made out, his towel finally fell to the floor. I looked down, and gasped loudly. I was finally able to see his schlong. It was positively massive. One of, if not the biggest slabs of meat I've ever seen.

"I'm sorry I pulled out your tail like that, baby. Hmm? Honey? What are you looking at?" He looked down and saw that he was fully revealed to me. He laughed sheepishly. "Oops! I didn't even notice that! You like?" He stroked my cheek, and I looked up at him, nodding furiously.

"MHMM! I LOVE IT DADDY! I knew you'd be huge! Would it be alright if I played with it? Pretty please?"

"Sure you can, princess. But let's go up to daddy's bedroom. There's lots of room to play in there." With that, he scooped me up in his strong arms, and swaddled me. I blushed hard, feeling like a bride.

"Ahhn! Daddy's strong... I'm not too heavy, am I?" I looked up at him and he smiled down at me.

"Not at all, sweetie. You like being carried?" I giggled and bit my bottom lip.

"Uh huh! It makes me feel like a princess!" I could feel my boy pussy throbbing.

"Well then, let's get to that bed. But first, may daddy have a kiss, princess?" I giggled, and smooched him right on the cheek. Then he turned his head, and I planted a wet kiss right on his lips. "Aww thank you, honey. I hope you're ready for some naughty fun." I could barely contain my excitement. I giggled and squealed, kicking my feet as he carried me up the stairs, and into his love den.

Chapter 6: Sucker

We entered his bedroom and he casually tossed me on the bed. I squealed out loud, and playfully bounced on the bed for a while. Then I peeled off my top, revealing my fat boy titties. I had adorable puffy pink nipples, and daddy took notice. He made me lie down, and started suckling and licking my juicy boobies. I gasped and gripped the bedsheets as he played with my chest. He made his way down to my obscene belly, and smooched it all over. He tickled his tongue in my bellybutton, and my toes curled at the sensation.

"Mmm you taste so good, princess! Sweeter than candy. You like getting eaten up?" I looked down, blushing bright red, and panting.

"Yes, daddy! It feels so good when you lick me and suck me! Please don't stop!" It was then that he started rubbing my plump inner thighs, and I really started moaning. "HAAAHN! That feels amazing, daddy. Can you help me take these off?" He nodded, and gripped both sides of my yoga pants, and started peeling them off. My body was already sweating, so they didn't come off easily. But he managed to release my ultra thick lower body from its prison.

He stood up, and I remembered through the hazy fog of horniness that he had a massive cock that needed attention.

"Oh my gawd! That is such a fat fuck pole, daddy. I really wanna play with it. Can I?" I licked my full lips hungrily. He stood there, with his enormous meat standing up tall. He only beckoned me over with his finger. I crawled forward, and met his juicy mushroom tip inches from my face. I looked up at him, and took the thick base in my hand. I squeezed it, and made veins bulge out. It only made it look more manly and delicious.

My jaw dropped at the beautiful sight, and I sucked the tip into my mouth. I eagerly began sucking it and wrapping my tongue all over it. I didn't let up my squeezing, and continually made the long thick shaft, and fat juicy head throb harder as I sucked. Daddy threw his head back in pleasure at my sudden assault. I looked up at him and blew him a kiss. At this time, I let go of the shaft, and the foot long pole swung freely like a baseball bat.

I admired the impressive size some more, before putting my hands behind my back, and gobbling up the tip again only with my mouth. I looked up at my daddy again, and while staring into his eyes, started slurping back and forth expertly and gag free on his entire length. Eating up his massive cock no handed must have shocked him, because his whole body shuddered. I don't think anyone has ever given him such professional treatment. Not even his prissy wife.

Getting hornier at the thought of being such a little homewrecker, I continued to devour the delicious salami. Back and forth, I took every inch in my mouth and down my throat. Daddy's face was contorted in ecstasy as he looked down at the obscene show I was giving. After a few slurps, I slowly pulled back, and let the soaking wet fuck pole swing free again. It was twitching and pulsing uncontrollably. I took it in my small hand, and slowly stroked it up and down. It was so hot, it almost burned me.

"Mmm what a yummy fat dick you have, daddy. Did I do a good job sucking you off? Hmm?" I stood up, and as he stood a whole head above me, looked down at me, took my chin in his hand, and planted a very desperate kiss on my lips. I was startled, but wrestled his tongue the best I could. When he pulled away, I was gasping and panting after such an intense make out session.

"You did beyond excellent, my slutty little kitty cat. Daddy is very proud. In fact, I wanna reward you. Could you get back on the bed and stick that lovely slutty booty in the air for me?" I did exactly as I was told. I had a feeling I knew what was coming.

Chapter 7: Hot Beef Injection

My big, jiggling booty was on full display for daddy. I heard him moan at the sight of it. He moved in, kneeling down and smacked both of his strong hands into my supple flesh. I squealed at the sting, but nearly melted when I felt him kissing and licking each sore mark.

"Fuck, just look at this fat ass. You should be proud of this baby. It's such a beauty." He spread each fat cheek apart to reveal my meaty, pink hole, and dove his face inside my ass cleavage. He motorboated my huge cheeks like a huge pair of breasts. I felt his tongue slither into my hole, and I gasped out loud. He started slurping up my naughty, puffy meat hole. He ate hungrily, and I could only kick my feet and cry out in pleasure.

"AHHHN! Daddy no! That feels way too good! Don't eat my hole so ferociously! I'll cum! HYAAAAHN!" He didn't listen, and only turned up the heat. He dug out my strong smelling entrance with gusto. When he finally pulled away, I almost collapsed, but knew exactly what was next. My favorite part.

My tall, rugged daddy stood up, and pointed his magnum dong straight at my love hole. He poked it with his hard tip, and I yelped in excitement.

"AHN! Daddy, what are you gonna do?" I enticingly jiggled my cock magnet of an ass and daddy started rubbing his in between my massive cheeks. His veiny cock ran along my hungry asshole and I shook violently. "HNNNNG!"

"I'm gonna give you what you want, kitty. What you need. There's no way you came to my house looking that scrumptious, and didn't expect to get a hot beef injection tonight. You've flipped the switch inside me that makes me want to breed a pussy, but you don't even have one. That's impressive! I hope you're ready, princess."

I gripped the bedsheets, and braced myself. I loved how he knew instantly what I came here for. That's a proper hung daddy for you. He poked my hole again, and this time slid his meaty cock slowly inside my tight boy pussy. I felt it go in, every inch. I was already making my O face, as he slowly filled me up. My toes curled as he slid inside, snugly to the hilt. I did my best to squeeze my already virgin tight hole around his stallion dick.

"OOOH FUCK! That is one tight boy cunt. I expected nothing less, honey. You're gonna milk me dry with this. But don't think I'm just gonna let you have your way with me. I'm gonna work this hole until you beg me to stop." With that, he started pumping back and forth. His mega meat slid easily in and out of me, as both it and my hole were soaking wet. I screamed into the bed, and let him pound me.

"HYAAAAHN! Daddy it's so good! I love that dick! Please don't stop! OOOOUUUUU!" He help my hips, and pumped away. I was squealing loudly, not caring if any nosy neighbors were to hear. Daddy didn't care either, as he was going to town on my tight boy hole. In and out he fucked me like a porn star. His piston movements were that of a professional.

"I'm glad you like it, kitty. Daddy feels how tight you're squeezing him. Are you trying to make me cum? What a bad boy you are. However, I'm not so easily defeated!" With that, he put his hands behind his back, and started really pounding me fast and hard. I gasped at the sudden increase in speed and intensity. It was true; I was trying to make him cum. But I only did it to please him. Before I could explain, though, he started ramming himself in and out of me harder and faster than before.

"OOOOOOHHHHHH MY GOOOOD!" My eyes rolled back, and I screamed bloody murder as he gave me the fucking of a lifetime. I was now only making animalistic noises as the pleasure was too much for my mind to handle. I let daddy pound me into submission over and over.

"OOOH SHIT, I'm gonna cum, kitty. Your tight fuck hole is gonna make daddy cum!" He grabbed my hips again, and fucked with the intensity of a god. He messed up my hole so good, and didn't stop until he exploded deep inside me. At the same time, my small sissy dick ejaculated all over the bed. I felt him fill me up, slowly stroking the last of his load out with my hole.

When he pulled out, cum leaked out of my freshly pounded hole in the lewdest of ways. I couldn't move much, but when daddy sat open legged on the bed in front of me, I couldn't resist gobbling up his gorgeous, soaking wet dick to clean it. I slurped it up, loving the strong taste of me on it. He winced, and stroked my head as I cleaned him up.

"Well done, baby. That was fantastic. I hope I didn't hurt you or anything. It was just so good, I couldn't hold back!" I looked up at him, and popped off his cock, now swollen to life again. It twitched and bounced.

"Mmm it's okay daddy. I loved it. Getting overpowered like that is such a thrill. Can I ask you a question, daddy?" I inched up close to him, smooching his cheek in appreciation for the amazing fuck he just gave me.

"What is it, kitty?"

"How long is your family gonna be gone?"

He looked at me, and smiled a scary, but incredibly sexy smile.

"The whole weekend, kitty cat."

I giggled like a girl, and gripped his long, thick, manly cock.

"Mmm, then we better have as much fun as we can, huh?" I kissed him as I stroked his massive dick. Daddy was about to show me what a weekend fuck marathon was like. I couldn't wait.

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