That was one of the advantages to living in the country; she could sit naked on her porch and play with her hot, wet hungry kitty. Sitting down she hiked her right leg over the arm of the swing and swung her feet making the swing sway gently and humming to herself she closed her eyes and licked the long dildo in her hand. Smiling as she rubbed it between her breasts and turning the switch put the vibrator motor on low. As she drew it across her breasts she wiggled in the swing making it sway even more. The buzz of the vibrator felt good on her nipples and brought them to full erection. Licking the dildo again, she slid it in and out of her mouth sucking it just like a real cock. She slid her hand down her flat tummy to her soft curls and parted the wet pink lips of her cunt. She shivered when the cool breeze coming up from the woods below the house teased her cunt. It sure felt good to cool down some. Sighing she placed the moist tip of the dildo on her clit and turned up the motor. Ummmm sure feels good almost as good a being licked and nibbled. As she slid the tip into her throbbing cunt she sighed deeply and turned the motor up higher and hit the switch that made the dildo spin inside her cunt, as it spun faster and faster she began pushing it in letting her strong inner muscles suck it deep into her waiting cunt. Rocking back and forth in the swing she sucked the dildo deeper and deeper inside her cunt with her inner muscles. Clamping down on it she rode it hard and hunched it as the spinning sensation increased her rhythm and made her rock and moan with pleasure. As she pushed it in and pulled it out against the suction of her cunt muscles she groaned with pleasure and the butterfly on the top side of the dildo came into intimate contact with her hard sensitive clit almost bringing her off the swing with the intensity of her pleasure. With one hand holding the dildo she used the other to pinch and pull on her aching nipples. Working furiously now, she squirmed making the swing sway with an uneven movement and she almost fell out on her butt! It sure feels good, spinning and vibrating and the butterfly rubbing her sensitive clit. Awesome! As she moved it faster and harder she began to moan louder and exploded with a powerful orgasm. Not finished yet she pulled the dildo out and began to work it with her mouth, licking and sucking it into her hot wet mouth. As she slowly came down from her pleasure plateau she opened her eyes and noticed she was no longer alone! The young man from the house down the road was standing off the side of the porch. He couldn’t be more than eighteen she thought and oblivious to her finishing he was standing there with his eyes squeezed shut and his pants around his ankles groaning as he stroked his huge hard cock. The slapping sound of his masturbation enflamed her even more and aching with desire she slid from the swing and approached him buck naked. She laid the sheet down on the ground, knelt and reaching up she touched his cock to get his attention. His eyes popped open with surprise and he dropped to his knees and his lovely engorged cock was even with her waiting mouth. Ummmm as she sucked his cock deep into her waiting hungry mouth she smiled up at him and moved so he could lay down on the sheet, never letting his huge cock slip from her hungry mouth, she turned around so her wet, dripping hungry cunt was over his eager mouth. He obliged her by licking her clit and plunging his tongue deep into her hot honey pot. He had never eaten pussy but it sure tasted and felt good. She squirmed and moaned around the cock in her mouth. He inserted three fingers deep into her wet cunt and began stroking her while he licked and nibbled her cunt and clit, she hunched his mouth and continued her oral assault on his magnificent cock, sucking it down her throat running her tongue around and up and down the magnificent cock as she nibbled gently on the huge mushroom head. She humming so the vibration brought him to a raging orgasm and a huge load of thick sweet cum went down her throat and overflowed out of her mouth. As he came so did she, pouring thick sweet honey down into his eager mouth. Without saying a word, she slid off him removing the honey pot from his reach and he groaned with dismay. She patted his chest and bent her hot wet cum covered mouth back over his aching cock and began to lick and suck him clean. She allowed him to move now, so his mouth was at her aching breasts and he sucked her hard nipple deep in his mouth sucking hard and biting down gently as she squirmed, he slid his hand down to her eager cunt and forcing three fingers inside it he began to move his hand in and out as she groaned and bucked against his mouth and hand and came squirting honey all over his hand and she laid there holding his head to her breast with one hand and his hand tight against and still inside of her cunt. She continued to buck against him and now his huge cock again stood at full attention. Not to be denied his ultimate goal he spread her legs drove his huge hard cock into her wet eager cunt. The movement was so unexpected it brought her body off the ground and she let out a loud moan and her cunt muscles clamped down and began to suck his cock into it’s depths deep and as he postponed in and out of her tight wet cunt, her muscles caressed and squeezed his cock so hard it was almost painful, almost but the pleasure won out and he rocked her hard and rode her like a wild horse, as she moaned and came, he flipped her onto her stomach and parting the cheeks of her lush ass, he placed the tip of his cock against her tight entrance, just like he had seen in the porno his dad had under his bed. She pulled slightly forward and showing him the dildo in her hand she inserted it into her cunt and turned it on to vibrate and spin on high. With the dildo firmly held by her cunt muscles he bent down and licked her ass hole then drove his huge cock into her waiting moist ass and buried it to the hilt his balls slapping against the butterfly on the dildo. He had never experienced anything like this before! This sure wasn’t like fucking a high school girl behind the bleachers during a football game! It was amazing, she was amazing and so hot she scorched his skin where he touched her. Reaching up under her body he caught her swaying tits in his hands and began to kneed and squeeze them pinching the nipples and pulling on them until she groaned deep in her throat. The feeling of the vibrating and spinning dildo thru the thin wall of muscle between her cunt and her ass was incredible; his cock was in heaven! He was almost out of control with passion and pleasure. As his pleasure grew she moaned louder and louder he pounded her hot tight ass harder and deeper until they both exploded with pleasure and collapsed together in a tangle of arms and legs on the sheet in the damp grass. Without saying a word, she again took his cock into her hands and began to lick and suck him clean again. It didn’t seem to bother her that it had just been deep in her tight ass. Still without speaking she slowly stood up offering him her hand and as he rose to his feet she picked up her sheet and slowly walked into her house, her naked hips swaying invitingly. She looked over her shoulder to see him still standing there with is cock in his hand again rubbing like he had been when she first saw him. She blew him a kiss and went into the house closing the door behind her and disappeared from his sight. Wow he thought to himself, and to think James said she is a crazy old lady and will run you off with a shotgun if she catches you on her property, Boy did he have something to tell James tomorrow. Maybe he and James could come back tomorrow and fuck her together, or better yet, maybe he would just keep this his little secret and see how often he could fuck her.

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