Here are the new blocks:

  • Fire Sounders - Will detect a fire and emit a digiline signal. Will also make an annoying noise.
  • Fire Boxes - Basically a button to say "argh fire!". Right-clicking reveals a log of who pressed it (in my school, they'd use CCTV to detect offenders, but CCTV isn't really a thing in Minetest
  • Extinguisher - Will, given a fire message, send fire repellent everywhere. There are various extinguisher classes which only work on specific materials; wrong combinations might kill (there is detection filtering but manual holding could cause danger):
    • Class A - For any ordinary solid, like paper or wood; Water or foam used
    • Class B - For hot liquids and cooking fires; Needs CO2, foam, or dry power
    • Class C - For flammable gases like methane; needs dry powder
    • Class D - Dangerous metal fires; Needs dry powder
    • Class E - Technic-based fires; Needs CO2 or foam
  • Admin panel - Allows for testing or fire alarms in the network. Zoning is possible using channels for each zone
  • Heat detector - Will detect anything hot or with an open flame and send the fire message
  • Sign-lights -

Let me make an interaction table:

Extinguisher Comes from A fires (spicy solids) B fires (spicy liquids) C fires (spicy gases) D fires (spicy metal) E fires (spicy electronics)
Water mist Water buckets Works EXPLOSION SPREADS FIRE ARGH 1/10 of the fire goes away and then extinguisher explodes No effect on fire No effect on fire and coming within 10 metres will kill you
CO2 (within 5 metres panicked suffocation occurs) Elements mod or baking soda, vinegar, and bag No effect Works No effect on fires No effect on fire Works
Foam Water and fire-safe (blast-resistant in the case of technic) concrete, from clay Works Works Removes fire from the floor No effect on fire Works
Dry powder Ground-up concrete No effect on fire Works Works Works 1/10 of fire goes away then extinguisher explodes
Pub: 15 Aug 2023 13:09 UTC
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