I had known Yvonne for a while from when she was still in high school. We'd cross paths and sometimes walk part way home together but I never knew much about her. She had such a great body and I would stare at her a lot -- especially when she wore shorts! I assumed that she was pretty sexually active because of her age but it was just a conclusion without any real evidence. Her social circles were different than mine mostly because I was 18 and she was 3 years older but she always smiled and seemed like she welcomed my company and I always got a vibe that she liked me.

I saw her in passing one Friday night the first weekend in July at the mall and she split off from her friends to chat with me. She was holding a bit of a joint that she was enjoying and she seemed almost flirty in her red halter top and faded denim cut offs. After a few minutes of chatting, her friends were calling her impatiently and she turned away from me to tell them to go on without her. I was staring at her legs in those cut off denim shorts - man were they short! I could see just the beginning of the curve where her ass cheeks began and I couldn't stop looking any time I had a chance.

Yvonne said "if you aren't going anywhere right away..."

"No, I am just killing time" I replied.

"Oh good well, why don't you come with me for a bit. I will catch up with my friends later" she stated rather casually.

I was up for hanging out with this hot body so I only answered "sure" to pretty much everything she said.

As I followed her through the parking lot we just kept a little small talk going and I kept staring at her ass and legs. Yvonne was not the most beautiful girl around but she wasn't ugly either - like a 6 face but the 9 body always kept guys looking.

She stopped at a big Jeep and as she unlocked the door I heard "ok let's go" and I jumped in the passenger side. "Cool rig" I observed as she started it up and pulled away. She drove over the curb and across a bit of grass before turning onto the dirt road which went in behind the mall and through a lightly wooded area. She stopped after we got a short distance into the trees and shut the engine off just leaving the radio on low. I realized when the Jeep's lights went out that it was later in the evening and darker than I had thought.

"Ok, I have been wanting to do this for a while now" she said as she climbed over the console and got right on top of me "let me know if you don't like any of this".

I stammered a bit "uh s-sure" as she lowered herself onto my lap.

Holding my face in her hands, she started kissing me. A few seconds later she straightened up and pressed herself against me hugging me, then she would move slightly back and lean in kissing me again. Every time that she would hug me her tits were pushing against my neck and chin. By the second hug my cock was already hard and my pants were very uncomfortable. My heart was beating like crazy and I had no experience with girls, so I was apprehensive and just there letting her lead the way.

My arms were around her as we alternatively kissed and hugged and in between kissing Yvonne was gasping and moaning softly "ooooh" which was overloading my head -- there was already a million things going on inside it. I could feel her rocking her hips as we kissed and she started pushing her crotch hard against me. I felt like I would explode and I couldn't speak so I just gasped and panted as we hungrily moved our lips together.

She took one of my hands and put it inside her halter top. Her breasts were small but I really thought that they were beautiful and admired them often. She seemed to wear things which were thinner so the shape of them could always be seen. They didn't need support so she never wore bras and her nipples always seemed to be just starting to poke out. Anyway, I loved that I had a hand on one of them now and feeling the warmth of her skin and the firmness of the lovely little handfull was on a fantasy level for me. I had my other hand on her ass which she was slowly rocking and when she said "come back here" and pulled herself into the back seat I was dizzy and moving slowly trying to keep my head straight. My cock was hard and throbbing so moving around inside the vehicle wasn't easy for me, in fact, moving at all was uncomfortable with my jeans restricting everything.

As I got into the back seat and slowly turned to get in a seated position again, I kept sort of straight because of my erection. I didn't know any smooth way of addressing it but no sooner had I tried to position my body comfortably on the big bench seat and I felt Yvonne's hand rub right along the length of my shaft and over the head. A low little "oooooh" escaped her mouth just before our lips locked together and about 3 seconds later she had my jeans unbuttoned and zipped down. Just the release from the clothing and the air was major relief to my throbbing member.

As we are kissing and our moans are mingling, I push my jeans down to free myself. Yvonne is straddling me again and as soon as my legs are free from my jeans I reach up to hold her hips and I immediately realize that my hands are holding her bare flesh! Her hips felt so nice and her moaning was driving me crazy as I moved my hands from her hips around to her ass. My dick was so hard that it was pushing against my bellybutton and throbbing painfully and I felt something warm and soft rub ever so lightly along the length of my straining shaft, leaving it wet. I could hardly believe this was happening. I had never made out with a girl before who was partially undressed and every nerve in my body was firing. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears even with Yvonne's moans and gasps.

As I rubbed and squeezed her ass cheeks she reached down and took my throbbing cock. It was amazing just to have the contact but as she pulled it and pointed it up, it was so hard that she had to pull pretty firmly to get it away from my body. She ran her thumb over the head and I could feel the pre cum spreading as her thumb went back and forth a few times. "Oh that's nice" she cooed as she pumped her hand up and down a couple of times on the shaft and immediately I felt a warm softness take the head as her hand let go of the shaft and grabbed my chest and collar bone. My hands were still firmly gripping her ass as she began to lower herself onto me whispering "yessss...yessss" as she continued to slowly engulf more of my throbbing cock into her hot, wet pussy.

I was still trying to capture her mouth any time her lips were close enough to mine and when our mouths weren't together I was just emitting audible gasps. She had lowered herself completely onto me and just held that position for probably 20 seconds or so. I don't know, it felt like forever but it was amazing just feeling the heat of her and how soft yet resistant it was. How there were little contractions that I could feel and it was like I could feel her breathing all from my incredibly swollen hard on which was a willing prisoner inside her cunt. Yvonne started to raise herself up and then she lowered back down on me. "Oh my god" she gasped and she waited a few seconds before raising herself up again and then back down. It felt amazing and I was in heaven pretty much just tensed up but enjoying what she was doing while also being in a state of mental overload. My entire body was actually shaking a little.

She was just holding me tight with her head on my shoulder facing away from me and my gasping mixed with her groaning "OHHH" each time she lowered herself onto my cock. I could feel how wet we were now as she raised her pussy up off of me again. And how great it felt being so slippery and hot. She breathed a little double inhale when she would lift herself up almost off of it. I could feel how the tip would feel like it was just starting to move down as if it was going to spring loose and slap against my belly but every time she would move her hips a little almost in a very controlled tight wiggle, make that little double inhale like she was catching her breath and she would lower her pussy down again..."OHH". With the moonlight and the light from the radio it was just enough that I could look down and see my thickness disappearing into her mound and at the bottom of her stroke I could see the light reflecting off of her ass which I held onto like a treasure.

It was amazing and I could feel that I was going to come after she had lowered her pussy onto me for about the tenth time. I said, panicked "Wait!" as I struggled to prop myself up "I'm gonna..."

"Shhh-shh" she interrupted "I'm on the pill - it's ok" and she just started a straight up and down motion with her hips, smoothlymoving her hot wetness up and down my rod pretty fast. By the 4th fast stroke my cock was jerking uncontrollably and the sperm was shooting into her. I was trying to keep my cock buried in her hot cunt but she had the position and even though my hands were holding her ass I couldn't keep her from pumping on me. I felt like I was blacking out. As my cock stopped contracting she whispered "Yeah...yeah...that was nice" as she slowed back down again and I tried to regain my awareness of what was going on.

She stopped raising and lowering herself and just kept still for quite a spell but every once in a while moving a little. She would push a little one way or lift up a little and come back down or just push against me. Her breathing was driving me crazy because it kept getting deeper and she would shift a certain way and make that 'catch her breath' sort of gasp. She did this for the length of time it took one song to play on the radio then she lifted herself almost off of me again and did that move on the tip before lowering herself all of the way down on me. "OHH" she grunted then whispered "you did't even get soft". I just blurted clumsily "yeah I know" and she went back to her repeated impaling of her hot cunt onto my hard cock. If I was masturbating, yeah I would have gone soft after coming but being with this incredibly sexy creature I was still rock hard. I still felt like my heart was beating pretty hard and my breathing was pretty fast too but I was at least in the moment now unlike a few minutes before when I came.

Yvonne was sliding down on me hard now and the speed of her pumping had increased quite a bit. She was no longer pausing and doing the extra move at the top, she was just drawing back smoothly and coming back down fast stopping her momentum before crashing into me so there was just a soft smack with all of the wetness was covering me. "Oh...my...god...oh...my...god..." she repeated rhythmically every time she thrust down onto me. I pulled her halter top up and cupped her sweet little tits gently squeezing them and rubbing her nipples. Suddenly she froze fully impaled on my cock and was gasping and moaning "OHHH OHHH OHHH" over and over. I could feel her pussy squeezing the head of my cock in a series of firm pulses on it. It felt incredible. She just stayed still for a while letting her breathing return to normal and I kept gently pushing a little every few seconds as I was still completely buried in her hot tunnel.

"Oh I really loved that" she finally moaned and I said that it was amazing and that I loved it too.

"You didn't come again though did you?" she asked. "Uh ...no I didn't but..." I was about to say that it wouldn't take much after all of that but she was already saying "sit up here and spread your legs wide" and she pulled herself off of my hard rod. It shone in the light from our juices and when I sat up she straddled me again but this time she was on her feet doing a deep knee bend.

"I want you to have another great orgasm" she said between kisses in a very matter of fact tone and I felt her hand on my hard and very slippery penis, holding it firmly as I felt a lot of pressure on the tip. The pressure was pretty intense and she was quiet as could be with just the radio on low and my breathing until she gasped "OH" and the pressure on the end of my dick was gone yet the head was in a tight squeeze all around. "Yeah. There you go." Yvonne hissed as she started to move up and down a little. I reached down and rubbed her pussy and that's when I really figured out that she had put me in her ass.

I fingered her warm pussy with one hand as I tried to help lift her during her up stroke with my other arm. My entire cock was in her ass and she was slowly moving up and down on it. I had just had my first fuck and now I was fucking Yvonne's ass. My mind was spinning and I wanted to just keep going forever but it was just a few full strokes of that ass on my erection and I gasped "AAAH AAAH!" and I was jerking inside her again as my cock shot a few big streams deep into her ass. "Oh yes. Come on" she urged encouragingly as I thrust clumsily up into her. We were breathing like we had just run a marathon and we held each other tightly and I could hear my heart beating in my ears.

With my orgasm over and breathing returning to normal again, Yvonne moved as if she was going to pull herself off of me. She was fairly balled up in the limited space but I was not soft yet and the last thing that I wanted to do was take my cock out of her so I put both arms around her and swung to one side "wait! What are you doing?" she blurted out. As I pulled her and manipulated her limbs to position her to get on top of her I said "I just need one more" and I could feel my erection throb inside her even though I had just come a few minutes ago.

"Wait" she grunted and I started pulling out a little and pushing back in. "No. Just a minute." she panted as I lifted both of her legs with my hands behind her knees. I pushed them so that her knees were on either side of her head. "Hey!" she complained. Her ass felt so good. I started stroking slowly and she settled down though her grunts sounded like protests now. I moved one hand down and rubbed her pussy as I kept stroking in and out of her ass. After only a minute of this she moaned "oh-oh-oh" in time with every stroke in. The cum that I had just shot in her ass lubricated it pretty well and soon I was pulling right out so only the head was still inside her and then burying it back into her. Now she was groaning "AAAAH...AAAAH....AAAAH" with every time I thrust into her tight ass and she had taken over furiously rubbing her pussy so I returned my hand to the back of her knee keeping her folded up with her knees on her shoulders. Watching my cock going in and out of that ass while she rubbed her pussy so hard was unreal and as I saw Yvonne jerk her head back, I buried my cock into her and held still for a moment. I could feel the contractions around my cock as she gasped and moaned so I put my full weight on her with my shoulders right in the back of her knees and took her mouth in my mine as I started thrusting hard. I came again as my cock invaded her hot body accompanied by our gasps, panting and convulsions.

After recovering for a few minutes we got our clothes back on and Yvonne drove me home. She was smiling when I first saw her tonight and she was smiling when she dropped me off. That seemed like a good sign to me! It was the best night of my life up to that point and I wondered if Yvonne and I would do it again. With summer just really getting started, I certainly hoped so.

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