Field Research: An Onobot's Visit to a Kindred Cult

Just a small story about the Kindred pregnancy cult and one of their rituals. I wanted to write about what life looks like for a new Kindred preparing to be bred for the first time... you can see the exact moment where Horny took a slight priority over lore, but let's be real... when it comes to the pregnancy cult, horny is the lore. God, I love pregnancy... I wanted this to be more of a focus on what the Kindred do rather than what the Onobot learns, as I'm not representing the Onobots. I want him to feel free to describe the takeaways and conclusions himself, if that makes sense.

-------------------------- When an Onobot traveler suddenly appeared at the gates of the small-yet-surprisingly-influential cult’s gates, to say that the guards were surprised by his request would be an understatement. Willing visitors are a bit of a rarity here— most of the outsiders that come through the cult’s gates are done so with the intent of either forcefully (but lovingly) indoctrinating them or killing them because they witnessed something they should have. That isn’t to say that the cult is unwilling to engage with outsiders or the larger world around them, it’s simply just that they’re protective of what’s theirs and that any and all potential threats should be taken equally seriously.

So when a person declaring themselves as a traveling Onobot from afar requested to speak to “anyone in charge” about potentially learning more about the… activities that take place within the cult, nobody was quite sure what to expect. Well, if their Lord welcomed all visitors with open arms, then so shall they. Following Vox’s legacy and carrying out his will is of the utmost importance to this small cult… right alongside breeding, that is.

The guards, keeping a close eye on him, took this Onobot to some of the older Kindred women— women who have been here practically since the cult’s formation and have more than enough experience and knowledge to hear out his request. His request was simple enough— to sit in on any kind of ritual, worship service, meeting, or clan celebration to gather more information about the human processes of breeding, impregnation, and pregnancy in order to better encourage such activities on his home turf.

After taking a few minutes to discuss privately amongst themselves and consider the Onobot’s request, the older Kindred women returned from their meeting room to greet the Onobot once more.

“We have our… reservations about allowing an outsider to bear witness to something so sacred,” one of them had said then. “But… we’re always happy to spread the truth of our gospel and encourage others to better understand Milord’s grace and kindness, so we will permit your request. There’s nothing that would make us happier than sharing our love for Milord with those interested in learning more.”

Huh. That was surprisingly easy— the Onobot would have imagined that gaining access to such events would be a little more difficult.

“However,” she continues. Ah. There it is— the catch.

“You are to leave immediately once the rite has concluded; there will not be time for any interviews. Should you have questions, you may ask the guards accompanying you to the ceremony, but please do so quietly as to not disturb the event. Attempting to interfere, interrupt, or override anything you see will be strictly punished… if you understand what I’m saying.”

“I understand,” the Onobot replies. “Thank you very much for the opportunity.”

With that, the group of elders (the Onobot had guessed that they are considered elders only in status; they appeared no older than their thirties) had bid him adieu, whispering to the guards on their way out about expected procedures and how to deal with any… mishaps.

He hoped it wouldn’t come to any of that.


“I hope you realize what an honor this is.”

The Onobot looks up at the Kindred guards seated across from him, arms crossed over their chest and their gazes stern. He nods simply, but says nothing, instead allowing the one speaking to continue.

“We don’t often allow… outsiders to sit in on rituals as sacred as these,” she explains. “It’s a very, very, very big deal to everyone, especially the one undergoing the ritual. Do you understand?”

He nods again. “I understand. I’ll put the information to good use, promise.”

“We made an exception for you because it’s in our nature to help others. It’s what our Lord would want— helping out others without expecting anything in return. Anything and everything you write down during the rite will be inspected and analyzed before you set out for home again; you understand, right?”

“Yes. That seems reasonable.”

The two of them nod in agreement and stand. “Now then. Let us make our way over to the tent where the ceremony will take place.”

The tent is nothing short of astounding— red, white, and flowers so dark purple they almost look black decorate the entire scene, curling up the tent’s support beams and cascading down the sides like curtains. It certainly looks the part for a ceremony… before he can dwell on it and observe his surroundings for too long, the two Kindred guards usher him inside the tent. After giving the area a quick scan, they fasten the entrance curtains shut securely, thereby transporting the Onobot to an entirely unfamiliar world.

The inside is decorated just as lavishly and meticulously as the exterior. The same flowers as before surround the interior walls of the tent, and small candles rest lit against the ground to give the area a gentle yellow glow. The guards gesture to the ground below, inviting him to take a seat as the curtains on the other side of the tent part open.

Just then, another small group of Kindreds enter through the “backdoor” of the tent— each of them dressed in long, loose-flowing black robes save for one dressed in white instead. The Onobot looks on as the last Kindred to enter closes the curtains behind her before taking a seat on the rug with the others. They whisper things to each other too quietly for him to hear, but it’s not like he’s going to ask them to speak up. He’s here to observe and that’s it— this is a spectator sport, not an opportunity to participate.

They all giggle and whisper happily as if they’re just making small talk before two girls on either side of the one in the center move to remove her robes. She appears embarrassed, shyly covering her face with both her hands before another girl gently takes her wrists in her hands and presses soft kisses all over the girl’s face. The action seems to relax her— her shoulders slump back to a normal resting position and she slowly lifts her arms outwards, allowing the group to push her robes down her arms and off her body, leaving her completely and totally bare.

This is normal to all of them but the new one— neither of the guards look surprised, worried, or outraged, and neither do any of the girls dressed in black. Actually, the girl in white doesn’t look all that shocked either— she must have known this was coming; how couldn’t she? This is what the cultists here want. This is what they know they’re meant for.

“She’s new,” the Kindred guard to the Onobot’s right explains, eyes full of admiration for the scene unfolding before her. It almost seems to elicit a sense of nostalgia in her— perhaps it reminds her of her own breeding rite she had undergone a few months prior.

Turning away, the Onobot follows her gaze back to the main event taking place just before him and the two guards by his side. The girls dressed in black have begun to shed their robes as well, leaving them to lie pooled around their ankles as they turn their attention back to the new inductee. It’s almost impossible to believe this situation is real— a young woman, appearing no older than mid-20s, sits in the middle of a small semi-circle of fellow Kindreds, all of their tummies save for the girl in the center’s swollen endearingly with the promise of new life. Ah, he gets it now— older, more experienced Kindred who have already been through their own mating rituals and gotten successfully impregnated help “break in” the new, virginal girls, so to speak. It’s a fascinating display of mentorship and sisterhood— the Kindred who’ve been here for longer help the new ones get comfortable… and perhaps help cement their role as future wives and mothers for their Lord whenever he returns. Nothing less, but possibly more, depending on what he may require of them.

Their devotion has to be the most fascinating thing the Onobot has witnessed since his arrival. The sheer magnitude of their devotion to Vox is, in a way, startling— though anyone can say that “they’d do anything for someone,” the cultist Kindred here are probably one of the few groups alive who actually would do anything. They really would do anything for their Lord, if the fact that they allow other Kindred to tattoo them, brand them, and breed them is any indication of that fact.

The girl who’s set to be indoctrinated squirms softly when the other girls begin to gently run their hands down her naked body, yet she knows better to resist their touch or fight it. She doesn’t even seem unsure or uncomfortable, actually— just flustered the way anybody would be during their first time… especially when their first time is carried out before an audience.

One of the girls reaches forward and gently presses the palm of her hand flat against the new girl’s lower belly, smoothing her hand over the skin in circles. The other women continue to softly kiss, praise, and pet the new Kindred, cooing gentle words of affirmation and encouragement to help her relax further. The center girl lets out a quiet gasp as the other Kindred pulls her hand away from her tummy, revealing a dully glowing tattoo right over her womb.

"What's that?" the Onobot whispers as quietly as he can to the guards. How fascinating— is it a magical ability?

"How do I explain it?" the guard to his left hums thoughtfully. "It's like... a means of enhancing fertility and libido. Ensures that breeding is more successful." Ah. Fascinating. He'll have to research this ability more to see how easily non-Kindred can replicate it... it should do wonders for encouraging breeding in the human population.

"Does it... hurt?" he asks.

"Of course not," she replies. "It feels really good, actually. Speaking from experience. Look."

The three of them turn back to the group where the new girl, fresh tattoo glowing proudly on her lower stomach, sits gasping and panting softly, her eyes glazed over with a light fog and her cheeks dusted a pretty pink. The other girls clap enthusiastically, cooing and humming delighted praises for being so obedient and fulfilling her role so well. They continue to kiss and touch her all over, a few hands toying with her breasts as others sneak between her thighs.

"You won't be here to witness phase two of the ceremony, so make sure you're paying attention," one of the guards whispers. "Nobody is allowed to sit in on phase two, except the girl in the center 'cuz she's the one getting... you know. It's a very special time that's reserved for her and her mate alone... in the future, it'll be between the girl and Milord alone. This sort of thing is practice for when that day comes— when we're given the honor of carrying Milord's children."

Interesting— this is all practice for a future they believe in; one where Vox comes to use them as means of growing the Kindred clan even larger than it is now. Well, this cult seems to be doing a pretty good job of that already— the Onobot's sure that the Kindred consider it an honor to be able to grow the clan while they wait for Vox, but of course there's no honor higher than actually carrying Vox's children.

And what a day that will be for the Kindred.

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