I had serious reservations about Don's plan to get over the pain I caused him, but I have to say; almost immediately a change came over him. In fact, the sexual bucket list he created for me might have worked too good. He was hornier than I'd ever seen him. He moved back into our apartment right away and we seemed to be fucking 24/7. He simply couldn't get enough.

He encouraged me to meet Jeremy as often as possible. Don always fucked me right after, claiming how much he loved sloppy seconds. On the occasions when Jeremy would come to our place, Don would hide in the bedroom closet and watch. I accepted that this turned him on immensely, but I never understood why. I had no interest in watching him fuck another woman.

We fell even more in love with each other. He wanted every detail of the fucking I did with other men. He loved hearing about my personal experience during the blindfolded gangbang he'd arranged for me. I was clear in my decision to never tell him I manipulated the blindfold so I could see who was fucking me. I was going to take that little deception to the grave.

The first couple of days back at work proved difficult. My acting skills were definitely put to the test while constantly having to face the men I'd fucked that night, all the while appearing as though I had no idea I'd fucked any of them. But scenes from that night constantly ran through my mind. The sight of Marcus, in particular would soak my pussy.

Eventually, things calmed down in my mind and I was able to return to my old habits of flirting with those men. I secretly hoped Don would suggest an encore of that night. But when he didn't, I took matters into my own hands. I bought a small video camera with the idea of hiding it in the men's locker room so I could see the gym members as they went in and out of the showers.

Normally, I would have never done anything so deceitful but everyday at work my arousal increased more than the day before. Because I was frequently the opening manager, I knew the layout of the men's locker room well. There was one locker opposite the showers with a damaged door. That door created a space where you could see right into the locker. One morning before any members had arrived, I placed the camera in that locker, started recording and padlocked the door closed.

I had so much adrenalin running through my body as I went back to the front desk. For the next couple of hours, every time a man walked in I'd get excited about seeing him naked. When Marcus walked in I thought I'd pass out with anticipation. Joey also excited me when he walked through the door. Joey, a local contractor loved to flirt with me. His blond hair and deep blue eyes made him fun to flirt with.

At the end of every shift, I would do a walk through the club, including both locker rooms. This made it easy for me to retrieve the camera. I popped it into my purse, gathered my things and headed home. Don and I had recently bought our first home. I desperately hoped I wouldn't see Don's car in the garage so I could watch my locker room footage in peace.

Seeing he wasn't home and probably wouldn't be for hours, I hooked up the camera to the TV and hit; PLAY.

It was wild seeing the inside of the locker room with men in there. The first hour of the video nearly put me to sleep. Just guys walking in and out preparing for their workouts. But as the guys returned from their workouts, the action started. One by one, members I'd known for months would disrobe on my TV and get into the showers. This was merely interesting, as naked men when they aren't aroused are exceedingly unremarkable. Most of the time, that is.

Then Joey returned from his workout. "Oh, Please, oh, please, oh, please!" I whispered. With his back to the camera he got naked and entered the showers. * Great butt* I thought. Then Joey turned and my jaw dropped open. Joey was hung like a mule. I watched him soak up his entire body, but never took my eyes off of that lovely, heavy-swinging cock.

I slipped my hand inside of my sweatpants and found my slippery opening. Joey exited the showers and to my delight, chose to towel off right in front of my hidden camera. His huge dick filled my television screen. I sloshed my fingers in and out of my pussy imagining getting fucked by this beautiful man. Terrance and Marcus were probably bigger, but not by much.

There were other memorable men in my video, but Joey was the star. I became obsessed with him. One day while flirting with him I told him Don and I were planning on putting a sauna in our house and I asked if that was something he could do. He said it was and a few days later he presented Don and I with a very reasonable quote.

The thought of having this attractive, well-hung man in my house for several weeks turned me on like I couldn't believe. It seems my naughty fingers were constantly in my pussy as I alway seemed to be masturbating in anticipation of the project. Before the start date, I agreed to help out another gym manager with her schedule and adjusted most of my work schedule to afternoons and evenings. Don was out the door by 6:00am everyday.

The morning of Joey's first day of work on our sauna, I got up early and took a shower. The sidewalk leading from our driveway to our front door went right past our bedroom window. I waited for his truck to arrive, then stood naked, facing the window drying my hair with the towel over my face. With every light in my bedroom on, there was really no way he wouldn't see me like this.

My arousal was at a fever pitch as I stood there totally exposed to this man. I pretended to spend an inordinate amount of time drying my hair so Joey could get a nice long look at my body. After several long and intense minutes, the doorbell rang and the show was over. I threw on my robe and went to the door to greet my voyeur. The obvious bulge in his pants made it clear he'd enjoyed what he saw.

I showed him to the bathroom he was going to expand to include a sauna and he began his work. I immediately returned to my bedroom, where I brought myself to an amazing orgasm. All day long I wracked my brain thinking of ways I could subtly seduce Joey. I literally could think of little else.

The next morning I repeated the previous morning's activities. But I was so incredibly turned on, I decided to give him a new treat. There was a second bedroom window along that sidewalk, but it was blocked by a big pine tree. I'd always hated it, but on this day it might serve a purpose.

Once again I waited for his truck to pull up, then I faced the window naked, and pretended to dry my hair. When I was sure he was watching, I moved to the bed. On my back, I spread my legs and started to masturbate for him. I imagined him watching me from the other window, and with the safe cover of that pine tree, stroking his massive cock. I was moaning loudly thinking about him getting off to me. It didn't take long for a huge orgasm to overtake me. I screamed as it hit, my back arching violently and my pussy contracting like a clenched fist.

As I came back to earth, I made no attempt at covering myself. I wanted him to watch as much as he wanted. I remained naked on my back with my legs open for several minutes, until I heard the doorbell ring. Again, I threw on my robe and went to the door to greet Joey. I'm sure we were both flushed, but we both pretended that thing that had just happened- that thing that neither of us would ever forget, didn't really happen.

Once Joey was settled into the project, I left him to his work and quietly made my way outside. I looked through my bedroom window from where Joey would have walked and could plainly see everything inside. I moved to the window blocked by the pine tree for any evidence of his being there. Sure enough, his fresh footprints were clearly visible. Then I saw the tell-tale sign of my happy voyeur.

Dripping down the side of our house, just below the window was what appeared to be cum. Adrenalin shot through me. I wiped some with my finger and brought it to my tongue. Yes, indeed. This was Joey's cum. I cupped my left hand and held it below the load of cum, then with my right finger I wiped all of it into my cupped hand. This was an impressive load.

I just stood there staring at my handful of Joey's cum. Under normal circumstances this would have been gross to me, but I was in rare form. I brought the cum to my mouth and slurped it all into my mouth. I tipped my head back and licked my hand clean. I swirled the cum around in my mouth and fully savored it. Once I was confident every part of my mouth was coated in Joey's cum, I swallowed it down like a starving animal.

Once I'd returned to my senses I thought I'd probably taken things as far as possible if I still wanted to maintain plausible deniability. I settled into a routine of wearing sexy outfits and flirting with Joey while he worked. No more window shows. Don and I were really pleased with how the project was turning out. Joey did excellent work.

The morning the project came to an end, Joey called me to the sauna room.

"Would you like to take the maiden voyage, Kim? I think she's ready!"

"Great!" I said. "But only if you agree to join me."

"I'd love to," He said. "But Carhartts and work boots aren't very good attire for a sauna."

"Don't be a pussy," I said. I'll grab you a towel. What do you think I'll be wearing?"

I grabbed two clean towels, went to my bedroom to disrobe, and returned to the sauna wearing only a towel. I tossed him his towel and went into the sauna. My heart was beating hard. It was surprisingly big in there, with enough benches to comfortably accommodate at least six people.

Before Joey came in I lay back on the bench and let one leg relax off the bench and rest on the floor. This opened the towel a little but not enough to expose my pussy. I made a couple of adjustments that placed the last bit of towel covering my pussy in a precarious position. The slightest movement of my leg would cause the towel to drop off the side of the bench, fully exposing my pussy. I remained motionless, waiting for Joey's arrival. I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the second.

Finally, the sauna door opened and Joey walked in wearing only a towel. He sat down on the bench directly across from me.

"This is amazing!" I said

He looked around shaking his head in agreement, "Yeah, it turned out pretty good. I'm glad you're happy with it." He leaned forward, resting his forearms on his knees. From that position he was only about two feet from my covered pussy. Could I really do this?

I took a deep breath. "I could totally fall asleep in here." I said, intentionally moving my leg ever so slightly. With my eyes closed and head resting back against my sauna pillow, I felt the towel fall away from my pussy, but acted like I was oblivious.

Without looking up, I said, "How many saunas have you installed?"

I let my head fall to the side and opened my eyes. Joey was staring right at my pussy. When he saw me looking at him, he quickly averted his gaze. I lifted my head to see what he was looking at and saw my fully exposed pussy. I screamed and quickly covered myself.

"Oh my God! Were you going to tell me you could see my pussy or just let me be exposed the whole time?"

"Oh man! I'm sorry, Kim." He said, clearly embarrassed. "I didn't know what to do."

I sat up and said, "Stand up!"

"What?" He asked.

"Stand up." I repeated.

He was very confused, but did as I asked. Once he was standing before me, I quickly snatched his towel and ripped it from his body, leaving him completely nude.

"We're even now!" I said, triumphantly. Directly in front of me was the biggest, fattest, veiniest, most magnificent white cock I'd ever seen. I stared at it, mesmerized.

"Joey!" I exclaimed. "Dude, you're packing some serious heat."

"Yeah," he said. "It's pretty big."

"Can I touch it?" I asked.

"Be my guest." He answered.

I reached out for it and let my little hand attempt to wrap around it. I lifted it and felt the impossible weight of it. I leaned forward and kissed the tip. I opened my mouth and let the head enter my mouth, softly sucking and licking it. With the head of his cock in my mouth, I slowly began stroking his shaft, first with one hand, then as blood started to fill it, with two hands.

I LOVE the feel of a flaccid cock getting hard in my hand or mouth. The head of his cock, once big in my mouth, was now nearly impossible to manage. My hands continued to stroke, but could not wrap completely around his veiny girth. Once Joey was fully erect, his cock was shocking and a bit terrifying to behold. I needed it.

I took his cock from my mouth and released it. I stood up and let my towel drop to the floor. I turned my back to Joey and leaned forward, letting my hands hold my balance against the bench. Joey stood behind me and put his hands on my hips. He leaned forward and let the giant head of his cock come to rest at my dripping wet opening. Hie slid his cock back and forth against me, lubricating himself for my impending impalement.

He pushed the tip through my slit. The pain was wonderful. I braced my hands hard against the bench and pushed my ass back toward him. His strong hands tightened their grip on my hips and he pulled me to him, shoving his mighty cock a few inches deeper. Again, the pain was delicious. He split, stretched, and filled me. He pulled himself back and then forward again. With each thrust, he brought himself further into me. With each thrust, an intoxicating mixture of pleasure and pain ripped through me. Deeper and deeper into my belly he pushed himself until the inevitable moment when he bottomed out. But still I needed more. I needed it to hurt.

"PLEASE! Please, Joey! Fuck me harder! Give me ALL of it!" I pleaded. He was gentle with me. Firm, to be sure, but gentle. I could tell he didn't want to hurt me. I wasn't going to beg him to pull my hair and fuck me until I screamed in pain and eventually passed out. But that is EXACTLY what I was hoping for. My God! The thought of ending up in the hospital from being fucked too hard by a huge cock... Heaven!

He steadily picked up the pace and thrust by thrust, he managed to go deeper and deeper until he was finally balls deep. From deep in my belly I felt a tingling radiating outward.

"Fuck me Joey! Oh my God! Fuck me HARD!" I begged. Harder and harder he slammed that immense cock into my pussy. A tidal wave was building inside of me. Closer and closer, with every thrust. Then. It. Hit.

"Oh my GOD! Oh my GOD! Oh my GOD!" As it hit, my whole body cramped and my pussy contracted so hard, it clamped down like a vice on Joey's cock and wouldn't release. I couldn't speak. I could feel Joey trying to pull out, but my pussy was contracting SO hard, he was unable to.

I was squeezing the life out of him and I simply couldn't stop. I was stuck in the grips of an unstoppable orgasm. I could feel him pushing against me to release himself, but to no avail. No fist could have clenched his cock any tighter than my pussy was gripping him in that moment.

I was no stranger to pussy contractions, but not like this. Typically, the contractions were pulsating when they occurred. This was odd and very concerning. Plus, my lower abs were exhausted and starting to hurt.

"How are you doing there, Kim?" Joey asked. "Are you going to let go of my dick?"

"Sorry, Joey. I would if I could. I don't know what's happening." I said, embarrassed.

"I think if my dick got soft I could pull out. But I haven't cum yet, so I doubt that's an option. If I came, it might grease the skids enough for me to squeeze out, but I don't want to hurt you."

"Joey, you have a huge, amazing cock. But, yeah, please be careful right now."

Suddenly, my pussy relaxed. Joey started to slowly pull out. When the massive head exited, it made an audible, pop!

We both sat down, facing each other, breathing heavy with relief. As I struggled to wrap my brain around what had just happened, I fixed my gaze on Joey's still rock hard giant cock. My pussy so loved his beautiful dick, it refused to let it go.

"Joey?" I said. "You still need to cum. Stand up."

He did as he was told and I reached forward and pulled his cock to my mouth. I loved tasting myself on him. I sucked his cock-head into my mouth and started stroking his shaft with both hands. I was insatiable in that moment. He had brought me to a mind-blowing orgasm with this veiny, girthy, hard-as-a-rock cock, now I wanted to guzzle his cum.

It didn't take long for me to feel his hands tense up behind my head and explode his massive load into my mouth. I gulped every drop down my throat. I continued to suck and milk his cock until I was sure I'd swallowed every drop, carefully licking my lips to make sure I hadn't missed any.

I took him by the hand, saying, "Come on." I led him by his hand out of the sauna, down the hall to the kitchen. I got us each a glass of water and we stood there completely naked, drinking and staring at each other, both knowing we'd be seeing a lot more of each other after this day.

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