The game is running under Windows 7 x64, with an Nvidia card, and it's patched to the 2.05 version. There are no expansions installed yet (Urban Ops, Covert Ops, etc.), although I do plan to install them once I fix RS

"RogueSpear.exe" & "RSConfig.exe" have been set to run in "Windows 98" compatibility mode, along with "Run as administrator"

GPU and Speaker settings within the "RSConfig.exe" file have been set manually, not letting the game decide. The "Show Movies" option has been disabled

CPU Affinity is set to use only 1 core (this was done by Windows by default). Making the game use more cores doesn't make a difference for the problems I'm facing, and whenever I exit the application and start it again, the game reverts back to using only a single core.

In-game video settings are set to 640x480 resolution, "Force software" set to Off, "Detail level" set to High, and everything else is at default settings

Gameplay mostly tested on "TRAINING > Fire and Movement / Shooting Range 1" level, and the first mission "Operation Pandora Trigger"

FPS monitoring done with MSI Afterburner / Rivatuner


  • Running the game without compatibility mode ---- Game runs normally, except the mouse sensitivity for some reason goes up. Running the game under the "Windows 98" compatibility setting fixes this problem
  • Running the game with/without administrator privileges ---- The only difference that I noticed is that if I run the game without admin privileges, and I have "Show Movies" unchecked in the"RSConfig.exe", the game still shows intro movies for some reason, when I do run the game as admin, the movies are not shown
  • Running the game windowed / fullscreen disabled ---- Game crashes at startup
  • Running the game normally as an admin and under Win98 compatibility, and without any third-party tools ---- I get some weird graphical bugs like the main menu having some shadow overlay / ghosting issue. The screen in the game starts "shaking" / flickering. But on the bright side, the game does run smoothly with high FPS.

Oddly enough, if I enable fast mode within the game with the F8 key, the flickering and "shaking" of the game stops, and it looks like the problem is fixed. However, this makes the game unplayable because the game runs too fast. When I do revert it back to its normal speed with F7, the same flickering problems come back.


  • dgVoodoo2
    • Running the game with dgVoodoo2 (only ddraw.dll) ---- Game crashes at startup
    • Running the game with dgVoodoo2 (ddraw.dll + D3DImm.dll) ---- Game starts up normally, dgVoodo watermark visible at the lower-right corner of the screen, visual bugs that were mentioned above are fixed, but unfortunately, FPS drops to low amounts (30 or lower)
    • Running the game with dgVoodoo2 (all .dll files except 'ddraw.dll') ---- Same as running it without any DXWrapper, plus no dgVoodo watermark is visible
    • Running the game with dgVoodoo2 (all .dll files) ---- Same as running the game with just ddraw.dll and D3DImm.dll, no change
    • Enabling "Fast video memory access" within dgVoodoo2 Control Panel makes the game's FPS drop insanely low and the game stutters like crazy (4-5 FPS)
  • DxWnd
    • Running the game with DxWnd ---- Same result as with dgVoodoo2 (ddraw.dll + D3DImm.dll). The game starts up normally and runs fine, no visual bugs, but the same FPS drops experienced
  • WineD3D
    • Running the game with WineD3D latest version (ddraw.dll + wined3d.dll) ---- Game crashes at startup. If I rename the ddraw.dll to ddfuk.dll & hex-edit the "RogueSpear.exe", the game still crashes at startup
    • Running the game with WineD3D version 1.9.19 (ddraw.dll + libwine.dll + wined3d.dll) ---- Game crashes at startup regardless whether I rename the ddraw.dll and hex-edit the .exe file
    • Running the game with WineD3D version 1.7.52 (ddraw.dll + libwine.dll + wined3d.dll) ---- Same thing as with the other versions
  • DDrawCompat
    • Running the game with DDrawCompat v0.3.0 & 0.3.1 ---- The whole game, including the menus, lag immensely, making the game unplayable (1-3 FPS, almost like a slideshow)
    • Running the game with DDrawCompat v0.2.1 (and anything earlier) ---- Game crashes at startup
    • Strangely enough, the only DDrawCompat 'ddraw.dll' file that works is from a user Volcano who posted it on GOG forums here, but even with a working file, the visual bugs are still present:
Pub: 16 Jan 2022 00:09 UTC
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