Chapter 9 - The Plumbing Disaster

The next morning Coach Strickland asked Eveline if she wanted to go to school by bus, or if she wanted to ride in her car. The coach was expecting Eveline to answer that she'd want to go by car, but the student surprised her by telling her that she wanted to get some exercise and would jog to school. The coach smiled:

"Streaking, huh? OK, have fun out there. Just make sure you get cleaned up before showing up at class."

She left the house just as the sun was coming up, and began the three-mile trek to her school. She ran as fast as she could non-stop. She was winded and her side hurt from the exertion, but was very motivated to keep going. As Strickland always said: "good motivation leads to a good workout."

Eveline's plan was to talk to the school custodian before any of her teachers or classmates showed up. Certainly she could get him to open up her locker, maybe by drilling the lock, plucking out the key fragment with special pliers, or taking the hinges off the door. The janitor seemed nice enough, and surly would be sympathetic to her plight. Then she could get dressed, have a normal day in class, and her bizarre nude adventure would finally be over.

When Eveline got to the school, there was a overwhelming smell of raw sewage as she approached the gym area. She saw that all the doors were open and several large fans were blowing in the hallway. There was a row of cones at the door and a "No Entrance" sign. She ignored it and ran towards the door to the girls' locker room, but there were more cones surrounding the entrance, and the smell was much more intense.

The janitor was standing outside with some buckets and was in a foul mood. As soon as he saw the naked student he snapped:

"Young lady, you get out of this area, now! And get some clothes on!"

"Please Mr. Newhart! That's my problem! My clothes are in there! I've got to get 'em out! Please help me!"

The janitor calmed down, but his exasperated expression gave way to one of irritated resignation.

"Missy, I'm real sorry about that, but you ain't gettin' no clothes outta there. Toilets backed up over the weekend. Sprayed shit all over, and I mean everywhere, on everything."

"But... "

"I kept tellin' ya'll, but you didn't wanna listen, did ya? Don't put them damn lady products in the toilets! That's what happened, young lady! You and your friends flushin' them damn lady products! I kept tellin' ya! They don't go nowhere when ya flush 'em!"

Eveline felt sick, but not from the sewage smell. All she could say was:

"Oh... shit... "

"Yep, that's what it is, alright. And lots of it, too. All over. Even got into the lights. Now you run-along, Missy. Health Department's got a haz-mat team comin' over and you ain't 'sposed to be here."

Eveline was filled with horror and dismay as she left the gym. Throughout the entire weekend she had desperately looked forward to Monday, when she would finally be able to retrieve her clothing from her locker and resume a normal life. Well, it turned out that her only remaining clothing was soaked with raw sewage and she would never see it again. It turned out that the only clothing Eveline still owned and had access to was a single pair of shoes and one pair of socks.

She didn't want to go back outside and risk having other students and teachers seeing her. Instead she ran to the classroom where Coach Strickland taught a couple of math classes before she did her daily P.E. courses. Eveline would have to wait for her coach and hope that her mentor would finally have a solution to her clothing catastrophe. Surly this couldn't go on. Surly no one expected her to spend the day naked in school.

As she sat on her coach's desk, waiting for her to show up, Eveline thought about a common nightmare people have, being stuck in school with no clothes. Well, this was no nightmare. She really was stuck in school with no clothes. She was stranded in her teacher's classroom, sitting on the teacher's desk helplessly waiting, totally naked.

Coach Strickland showed up a few minutes after Eveline locked herself in the classroom. She banged on the door to be let in. It was obvious she was not in a good mood.

"Young lady, you just violated a school rule! You know these doors have to stay unlocked if there is a student in the room. You know that! So why did you lock the door?"

"I... well... you know... my clothes situation... I didn't think... that... "

"What's that have to do with anything? You're damn lucky it was I who got here, and not anyone else! A locked classroom door is a three-day suspension! You know that!"

"Ma'am... please... I... "

"And another thing! You ran out of the house without your books! I'm the one who had to bring them! What were you thinking? That you were gonna have recess all day?"

"Well... I kinda thought that with the running... I shouldn't... "

"And that's another thing. Why did you want to run to school today? Why today, of all days?"

Eveline swallowed. She knew better than to lie. It looked like she was in enough trouble as it was.

"I was kinda hoping... you know... Mr. Newhart... he could open my locker... and I'd get... you know... my clothes... "

"That's very inconsiderate of you, now isn't it? That poor man has a lot on his plate, and here you are, barging into a restricted area and bugging him, when he's got a whole locker room full of exploding shit to contend with! And you think your damn clothes are more important! Just who the hell do you think you are?"

"I guess... I guess I shouldn't have done it... Coach Strickland... "

"There. The first smart thing you've said all day! You shouldn't have done it! Now, let me tell you something, young lady! Right now you're skating on very thin ice! One more fuck-up from you today, just one more fuck-up, and tonight we're gonna spend some quality time with my dad's big leather belt! Is that what you want, young lady?"

"I... I don't want you to be mad at me, ma'am... "

"Or how about I tell Lance about your behavior?"

"No, ma'am... please... "

"Then you'd better turn this day around, and fast! Right now you are really trying my patience!"

Eveline was terrified. She knew she'd better not mention anything more about clothing. Apparently Coach Strickland expected her to spend the entire day at school in the nude. It turned out that her last chance at getting dressed in her own clothing vanished when those toilets exploded.

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