How to get Free New York Library Card to access Books and Audiobooks on Libby.

Note this only works for 14 days. You can just make new accounts with new temp email so it's not that bad. Anyways

Go to
and click on Get Started
When you are in there, it will ask you to enter your name,surname,email adress and dare of birth.

In Name and Surname just type fake name, you can find it either on internet or make it up.
Same with Birthday information.

Then in email you can just use Temp Email, one of best sites for it is

After you do all of that click on next

Then it will tell u to give your New York Adress you can get fake one at

After you do all of that click next

Then it will ask you for alternative adress just leave blank click next

After that click next and then on next page click next again.

After that just type username you want and password you want and then click next.

After that you have your library card which lasts for 14 days after that just make account on and enter your library card number there.

And you are done.


Pub: 01 Mar 2023 18:05 UTC
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