This piece is set in a fantasy world where COVID and STDs are not a thing. Part 1 & 2 exist, so if you want continuity, go check them out first. This is my first time writing erotica so if you have feedback, would love it. Enjoy!

"Ooh! I like this one!" I hear my friend Payal say from her bedroom. I had basically brought all my things over, in an effort to get ready for her friend's party.

I look at myself in the bathroom mirror. I'd picked the blouse to cover up the fading hickey my ex had given me during my layover in Paris. A slightly inconvenient yet delicious gift. All I had to do was run my fingers over the marks to feel myself get wet again. I pull myself back from the memories, zip up my jeans and step out.

"Wear this instead!" Payal throws a bundled-up outfit at me that I barely manage to catch. I unfurl the short body-hugging black dress, long sleeves and high neck with a tie to hold it in place. And a plunging back.

"Payal, I love this dress but I'm not looking to be 'slutty America-returned NRI' tonight."

"Why did you bring it then?"

She has a good point.

"Listen, I know you hold the 1990s version of us in your heart, but you can actually wear this now. At least to where we're going. Look at what I'm wearing!"

I look her over, and love how her red dress highlights her perfectly balanced figure and ample cleavage. Some might call her chubby as though she can't be fat and stunning. If she wasn't straight, I'd probably be all over her. Fucking Indian/desi patriarchy, unable to see beauty even when it's wearing a bright red dress. How much more help does it want?

Payal's smile is bright against her clear brown skin. "Come on, you'll look great in this."

"Are you sure this will be alright? I'm really not looking to be even more obviously NRI than I am."

"The dress isn't going matter -- you already shriek foreigner," She teases. "Besides, you can always wear a jacket to hide the back if you want. Check out the party vibe and you can decide."

My phone beeped, a message from an unknown number popped up.

-Want to miss another flight with me this evening?-

I grab my phone and the dress. "Alright, I'll go change."

I decide to quickly check my phone - It's been 5 days since I've been back and I imagine this message is from Ahaan, texting me for the first time. He knows how to keep a girl waiting.

-I have plans tonight with friends. Free later this week?-

I see the "..." flashing on the screen, indicating Ahaan's presence.

-What about Saturday night?-

-Okay. See you then. Figure out details later?-

I pull the dress over my head, tug it over my hips, and knot up the ties behind my neck. I smile and grab my discarded clothes and phone before stepping out of the bathroom.

"Damn! You look classy hot! Look at that back! Everyone can see your foreigner tattoo." Payal nods approvingly while also teasing me -- she knows I got that tattoo here.

"Haha" I say and roll my eyes. Payal is more tattoo-ed than I am, though her dress reveals none of those inked stories tonight. "Remember when we'd sneak out to go dancing?"

"Thank god that's over." She says, as she grabs her purse.


I ring the doorbell to Payal's friend's house on the outskirts of town, and a stunning man opens the door. He's close to 6 feet, with deep brown eyes and strong cheekbones that I want to lick. His lips are dark and full, the way only a South Indian man's lips could be.

"Payal! it's good to see you!" He hugs Payal, and then turns to me.

"Kunal, this is Aisha, my friend from the US. Aisha, this is Kunal, Janvi's husband."

Kunal leans in for a hug, and I hug him back. I can smell his cologne as his arms circle me. Ahaan's text might be making me hornier than I either expected or wanted to be - I wasn't expecting to be sniffing up the host and I needed to stop. No bra meant aroused nipples would be on full display.

"Thanks so much for allowing me to join," I say, as I step into an impeccably decorated home.

Payal was right about the vibe, folk embodying a sensual fusion of Indo-western clothing and languages. A slim dark-skinned woman with a gold nosering, in a tailored mid-riff baring choli and dhoti set catches my attention. As Payal, Kunal, and I begin to chat about his home and my visit back, I find myself often needing to redirect back from the slim woman and Kunal's scent.

"Shit, I've been such a bad host." Kunal exclaims, "What can I get you both?"

"White wine would be great. Where can I put our shawls and purses, Kunal?" Payal asks, and Kunal points to a closed door nearby.

"Gimme your jacket, Aish." Payal orders, and I shrug it off, handing her both my purse and coat. She walks away and as I turn back to Kunal, I notice a fleeting glimmer of appreciation in his eye. It disappears quickly as he goes back to being a gracious host.

"What about you, Aisha? Wine?" He asks.

"She used to like scotch, Kunal." I hear a deep voice behind me, one that wouldn't be familiar except now it makes me think of France, fucking, and orgasms.

I turn my head and Ahaan is standing right by me, with a beer in his hand. He looks gorgeous in casual pants and a simple button up white kurta with white embroidery. So boring in theory and absolutely delicious in practice.

"Hi Aisha, long time." Ahaan smiles at me. I love that he doesn't hint at our connection or our recent texts.

We shake hands, and I feel that same electricity I felt at that restaurant at Charles de Gaulle. I want to linger in his warmth, to brush my fingers against his palm.

"Hey, it's good to see you." I say, and turn to Payal, who has returned. "Ahaan, you remember Payal? Payal and I went to high school together."

Through our conversation, it's clear Kunal and Ahaan know each other well, the way they're joking with each other. Kunal leaves to get our drinks and the beautiful dark-skinned woman in the choli joins us and Payal hugs her.

"Aisha, this is Janvi."

Kunal returns, handing drinks out to Payal and I. His arm rests comfortably around Janvi's bare waist, and I drink in their beauty as a couple. Honestly, this entire circle is lusciousness of different shapes, heights, and skin tones. My not-quite-PG13-related feelings are interrupted by Janvi's voice.

"Ahaan, didn't you just return from your trip in the UK? I wonder if you and Aisha were on the same flight back from France."


Ahaan pauses for half a second before saying, "Oh, that would have been fun. I flew through Germany though."

I notice Payal take a sip of her wine, and she brings the conversation back to Kunal and Janvi's home. We chat more about our town, my desire to go shopping (Janvi graciously offers to take me), and how much we appreciate their home.

"Kunal, would you want to take Aisha on a tour?" Janvi says.

Kunal grins and shrugs. "I'd love to. Ahaan hangs around so much here though and honestly does a better job. Ahaan?"

Ahaan and I keep what I think is an appropriate distance as we walk through the subtly elegant dining room. We climb the stairs and as the chatter from other folk on the floor below recedes away, Ahaan places his hand on the small of my back. The skin-on-skin contact is delicious, and I feel that same heady rush again. I wish he'd slip his hand lower, but he's being a gentleman.

"So, this was what you cancelled on me for?" He says softly, almost as though he didn't want to disturb the quiet.

I laugh and shrug, "It is a beautiful house."

Once we reach an empty hallway away from the stairs, I push him back up against the wall with my body, pressing my breasts into his chest, my hips into his. He responds with hunger, lips partings mine, hands running down my bare back before they grab my ass and begin pulling my dress up.

"Let's find a place more private." I whisper. I push open a door near the end of the hallway and it's a bathroom, all in soft ivory and beige, with pops of yellow. Ahaan follows me in and locks the door.

He pushes me up against the vanity top so I'm facing the mirror, before pulling my skirt up. I yank my panties off, and whisper, "do you have a condom?"

"No, do you?" I see his face drop as he begins to comprehend my question.

"Um, I wasn't exactly planning on this. Also, Payal took my purse."

"What about oral or anal? They might have lotion around."

"I'm not having anal for the first time in a bathroom, even if it is all marble with fancy accessories." I laugh out loud.

He places a finger over my lips to shush me and then smiles. He turns my head towards him and pulls me in for a deep kiss, "Makes sense. Kunal and Janvi might have condoms here. Stand here -- I love how you look."

He rummages and finds a pack and pulls one out and asks, "How wet are you? Do you want me to eat you out?"

I shake my head no, and begin to unknot the ties holding the neck of my dress in place. Between the beautiful guests and seeing Ahaan, I was ready to go.

Ahaan drops his pants and stands behind me - I can feel the warmth of his hard cock between my ass cheeks. He puts on the condom, and I roll my hips over his, letting him know that I'm waiting for him to fuck me.

"Look at this back, I missed it. Other people seemed intrigued by it too." The softness of his voice matches the gentle pressure of his fingers as they run over my tattoo and then along my spine.

I grab his hand and pull it forward, running his fingertips along the dropped down neck of my dress. I use his fingers to pull down a shoulder, exposing my right breast. My nipples get harder from the cold and arousal, and I watch him take over and push the other shoulder down, now exposing both of my tits.

"Paris." He says, as he runs his finger over the fading hickey. I feel more wetness - his or my fingers, same effect.

"Or Germany, depending on who you ask." I respond.

He slams into me in response and I gasp. We begin at that plane of power fucking, and I start to moan from the pleasure and impact. He covers my mouth with his hand to both muffle my sounds of pleasure and keep my head upright, so I can see our reflections in the mirror.

The cold of the marble against my hips, the in and out warmth of his cock in my wet pussy, the unexpected fuck in a stranger's bathroom, the heat of his hand over my mouth -- it's all too much and I have my first orgasm.

His hand still keeps my head up, and in the middle of my sex daze, I find amusement in that he's managed to find a way to have us see each other while we fuck. He's smiling with satisfaction at me through the mirror and I look like a ragdoll, with a black dress bunched around my waist and a fading hickey on my neck.

"Play with your tits for me," he whispers as he very subtly slows the pace down.

I obey, trusting him to keep me upright. Both my hands cup my breasts and I begin to slowly tweak my nipples between my fingers. With each tweak, I get more aroused and start increasing the pace of our fucking. I'm riding his cock and the slam of my ass on his hips is almost getting too much for me.

Ahaan's pacing increases rapidly and I know he's about to cum. I move one hand behind me and grab the back of his head, pulling our bodies even closer. I feel him cumming inside of me, followed by that familiar tightening in my lower belly. I gasp as another orgasm spreads through me.

I move his hand off my mouth and drop down tired onto the counter. My nipples which were rock hard to begin with, achingly harden further from the cold of the marble. My ass also feels cold, as I sense Ahaan step away, I imagine to take off the condom. I hear him return and feel Ahaan's hands run all over me, my neck, my back, and my ass.

I feel that tingling course through me again. Once I start to orgasm, I can keep going. I push my hand uncomfortably between my body and the vanity top to play with my clit. I'm so wet and my fingers trigger another tremor through my body. I consider suggesting Round 2, but realize we've been away for a while.

"You are so hot." Ahaan says, pulling me away from my mental math of guessing how much time has passed.

I look up and take us in again via the mirror. I'm naked except for the band of black fabric ringing my waist. Ahaan's pants are back in place and his kurta is still on, though I'd managed to open most of his buttons in the hallway. Our faces betray the heat of the moment, with hair sticking up and lipstick smeared, though his beard hides most of that particular evidence.

His smile makes me melt. "You're pretty fine yourself." I say back, smiling at him.

"We should probably get back." He asks.

I nod, and pull myself off the marble. Cold-ass marble might now become one of my uncomfortable turn-ons. Hopefully yellow bathroom accessories do not. As I face Ahaan, I pull him in for a deep kiss, feeling the curve of his ass under my hands. The guy was still pretty fit. His hands loop around my waist before he slowly moves them upwards to my nipples, gently thumbing them back into arousal.

"We should go," I say, untangling our limbs. He nods, and gives me a peck on my lips. We start the rearrangement process -- we both pat our hair down, fixing the flyaways. I scrub away my lipstick and so does he. He buttons his kurta while I slink my arms through my sleeves and cover my breasts again.

His hand reaches behind me and he says, "Can I keep this?"

I look at his hand and see my scrunched-up panties in his fist. He must have got it off the vanity top.

"I'll give it back to you on Saturday. Clean."

I say nothing but smile and pull the hem of my dress over my thighs. I figure he'll get the message.

"I'd like to step out first. How do I look?" I twirl in front of him, giving him a 360.

"Pretty fuckable," He responds.

I kiss him once more and move to step out of the bathroom, and pause.

"This is till just fun, right?" I ask, looking him in the eye, wanting us to be clear.

"Non-serious fun," he says and winks at me. "Now go. People will notice."

I carefully close the door behind me, noticing the soft cool air on my bare pussy. I tell myself to calm the fuck down before walking back towards the stairs, letting the soft chatter and music guide me.

The night went on longer than expected. Payal and I are chatting in our taxi ride back to her place and it's 3 am.

The party was fun, though I just had to be careful about how I sat and to avoid all thoughts relating to arousal -- my nipples always betray me and this braless situation was properly working against me. Which meant I chose to avoid Ahaan until the end of the party and not look Janvi in the eye, who I was clearly developing a crush on. Her sharp almond eyes were captivating and I wondered what her mouth would feel like against my fingertips. We'd exchanged numbers so that we could go shopping and I'm intrigued to get to know her better.

Payal has surprisingly said nothing to me about my mid-party absence, instead asking me about the food, and giving me gossip about the different people we chatted with. It's possible she didn't notice though in addition to being gorgeous, she is also extremely smart.

"So what will you be doing tomorrow? Gimme me one second, yaar, I need to text someone." Payal reaches for her phone and I adjust my dress, keeping my legs firmly crossed.

It's late 3am and I'm ready to crash.

My phone beeps and I look at it.

So much for not being a slutty NRI! Bathroom sex and France sex? You have to tell me everything when we get home.

I burst out laughing and so does she.

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