I sat in the closet's corner, tucked away behind a rack of hanging jackets. It had taken some rearranging to get comfortable in the cramped area. But the space was ideal for a game of sardines, providing plenty of room for others to hide.

The pitter patter of feet, followed by excited shouts, echoed just outside the closet. I tensed as light spilled in. The surrounding clothes shifted for a few long moments before the room grew dark again.

I was at a family reunion playing sardines with my sisters, cousins and aunts. We had been roped into playing by the younger kids because there hadn't been enough players. The game was an altered version of hide and seek. One person hides. You find them and hide with them. The last person left hides next.

The doors opened again as someone explored the closet. I held my breath, waiting for them to give up and leave. With far more determination than the previous seeker, they shifted through the racks of clothes.

A hand grabbed my foot.

"Got you!".

It was my little sister Ashley's voice. I say little, but she was a freshman in college and not quite little anymore. She shoved through the jackets and despite the poor light there was an obvious grin on her face, her hazel eyes sparkling with joy.

"Nice hiding spot, bro!" she said before throwing herself between my legs.

She kicked and pushed back into me. The ample flesh of her lewd ass pressed against my crotch as if it yearned to swallow me. It was something I could never admit to, that I found my sister's unbelievably alluring. I blamed my mother, they both had her kind hazel eyes and flowing red hair.

The worst part of it was my sisters either just enjoyed teasing me or didn't understand I was a man. They would find any excuse to rub, press, shift and hold themselves against me. Whenever they did, I had to struggle to hide my shame. My cock seemingly untroubled by who it was that brought it to attention, as long as it was a beautiful woman.

I grunted and said, "You know there's lots of space in here? You don't need to be that close."

"Yea, but this is better, harder to find with us wedged back in here. Most people won't look as hard as I did." She sounded very proud of herself as she spoke.

As if to prove her point the door opened again causing us both to tense. My sister held a jacket in front of her as a shield while a foreign arm fished about the area. They gave up, closed the door and walked away.

"See, we really need to wedge in here. I'm not losing to Lily!"

Lily was our older sister. She and Ashley got along well, but had a habit of getting... competitive. Ash pressed herself back even harder, her entire body melting into mine. The back of her skirt rode up her ass and our bent legs made our clothing bunch up, leaving her soft warm thighs exposed and pressed against mine.

This was going to be impossible for me. I needed people to find us soon, before my sister could torture me further. Maybe I could sneeze the next time someone opened the door? Claim I need to pee? If I said I felt a rat, my sister would probably squeal and run from the room. That could work.

Ash wiggled in my lap, pulling me from my thoughts. My cock, the traitor, was getting hard. Too thin athletic shorts doing little to hide that from my sister. I tried to think about something else but struggled as my sister's body moved against mine. Her chest rose and fell peacefully. The heat of her body seeped through her clothing and into me.

Another seeker came, and my sister forced back into me. Her hips shoving mine against the back wall of the closet. My cock hardened, only concerned with the pleasure of being caressed by a woman's ass. Uncaring that it was my little sister. My addled mind forgot its plans, choosing to instead focus on the sensations of my sister pressing against me. We escaped detection once more and my sister relaxed a bit in my lap, even more of her supple form melting into mine.

"Is that your penis?"

My face flushed in embarrassment, "I... I'm... sorry... it's just—"

"It's fine. I suppose it's only natural, being trapped in a confined space with a beautiful girl," She said smugly, stressing the statement with a flip of her beautiful red hair. The fruity scent of her shampoo wafted over me. It seemed her relentless teasing would never end.

"You do think I'm beautiful, don't you?" She asked, her tone was serious and searching.

A jesting insult almost flew from my mouth, driven by brotherly instinct, but I paused. She was my sister, but she was still a woman. If I acknowledged that, would she acknowledge that I was a man? Would she finally stop teasing me?

"Of course I do. You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, but you shouldn't be teasing me like this."

Her ass wiggled teasingly against my lap while she giggled, "Why not? Look how hard you are," She mused and continued grinding her all-encompassing backside against me. The malleable flesh engulfed my cock through the thin fabric of my shorts, "And from just a little rubbing too."

My sister wagged a finger before continuing, "You know, it could be a problem if one of our cousins came in here and found you like that."

"I'm trying to get it to go down, but you keep touching me."

Did she really not understand what she was doing?

"Oh, so it's my fault now?"

"That's not what—"

"Well, I guess I am partly to blame, so I could take care of it." She said with a casual shrug.

Before I could even finish processing what she had said, my sister's hand reached back and slipped inside my shorts. My body tensed at her touch, I couldn't believe what was happening. Her hands were soft and warm, fingers danced lightly along my shaft, exploring its length.

"Not bad, BIG bro," She said, making herself giggle.

My little sister had her hand on my cock. My HARD cock.

"Ash, we shouldn't." I said trying to squirm free from her, but there was too little room in the closet.

My deviant little sister seemed to disagree with my assessment that we shouldn't. Her hand worked up and down my shaft, like it was her plaything. She spread her legs wider, forcing her supple thighs hard against mine. I could feel her warm breath on my face as she turned her head to me.

She leaned in and whispered into my ear, "Touch me."

"I don't think that is—"

Opening my mouth had left me vulnerable. My sister shoved her luscious lips against mine. Her tongue darted into my mouth like an invader. Her flavor was pleasant and comforting, a reminder of something familiar, something loving. That feeling overpowered my senses as my pinned tongue attempted to fight back. My nostrils struggled to suck in enough air to continue my resistance. Her tongue bobbed and weaved, resisting each of my efforts to tame it with my own. Then she pulled back, ending the kiss as quickly as it had begun. A thin line of drool connected her smirking lips to mine. Hazel eyes burned with a desire.

"Touch me!"

The words were demanding and heated this time.

My sister commanding me to touch her shattered some restraint in my mind. She knew what she was doing, and what she wanted. What she wanted was me. That thought sent tingles along my body as a suppressed desire filled me. I wanted my sister too. Fuck.

Tentatively, I slipped my hands down the sides of her chest, along the curves of her body. My hands found the hem of her shirt and slipped under. The flesh of my sister's lithe stomach quivered beneath my fingers. Ash let out a deep breath as I massaged my way up her body.

Without warning, the closet door opened, making Ash tense. Undeterred, my fingers wormed their way to her large breasts. I cupped them, playing with their weight in my hands. Thumbs softly pressed into even softer flesh. A barely audible moan escaped her lips before she could cover her mouth. Soon the closet door closed again, leaving us to our sin.

Excited, my mouth fell upon my sister's slender neck where it kissed and sucked. The tissue of her pliable breasts melded around my fingers like dough in the hands of a baker. Her hand continued its unfocused stroking of my shaft while her other moved to my head. She grabbed my hair and pulled, encouraging me along her neck. My nose sucked in her arousing scent as I huffed through flaring nostrils.

Her body writhed against mine as my fingers met her erect nipples, a thumb sweeping across them gently. She turned her head to me and yanked me to her lips. A slower and more passionate kiss formed. Our tongues danced together as a pair, sweeping, curling, and swirling about one another in a slowly changing embrace. The door to the closet opened again. My sister tore her soft lips from mine, leaving me wanting. My right hand left the comfort of her breast and slipped down her sultry body even as the surrounding jackets shifted.

"Found you!" a small voice exclaimed, before a small hand poked through the jackets. My sister tried to pull away from me, but I resisted. The intruder was having trouble pushing through the hanging jackets.

"Good job, why don't you... mmmmph, tuck into the corner on the other side," My sister tried and failed to contain moans as she replied.

"Are you ok?" the young girl asked my sister, sounding concerned.

Without hesitation, my hand slipped beneath my sister's panties. There it found a warmth and a wetness. I gently pressed and stretched the skin just above her sensitive clit, teasing her. My sister sucked in a deep breath as she was subjected to my touch.

"Yes... mmmph mmph... I'm fine, just hide before someone cums."

The girl made a ruckus moving into her hiding place opposite us.

Using my fingers, I continued to explore my sister's lightly dribbling cunt. A finger ran down either side of her slit, spreading her wetness over her lips. My sister moaned as I played. Her rolling hips pressed against mine as her hand slipped from my cock to grasp my thigh. I slipped a finger inside her wet hole and curled it back towards us. Her thighs clamped down around my hand as I explored her silken walls. My palm swept over her entrance, gently massaging her wanting clit. She let out a muffled cry at the joint assault. Her juices made my hand slick and emphasized each movement with soft wet sounds. With ease, another finger slipped into her to join in the fun. Her inviting pussy was silky, pliable and warm in my hand. It clenched and pulsed under my attention.

She shuttered, and her unrelenting grip on my hair tightened as I continued running kisses along her neck. A torrent of her cum spilled from her twitching cunt, which clamped down on my fingers like a vice. She arched her back, pressing hard into me as she came. She fought back moans as her body writhed, legs shook and chest heaved. My hips replied to her pleasure by grinding against her in anticipation. I drew out her orgasm, continuing to caress her body until it grew too much for my insistent little sister to take.

She released her grasping hand from my thigh and whined, "St... st... stoooop."

I grinned like a fool as her hand snatched mine away from her sex and rested it across her fluttering stomach.

My little sister had just orgasmed from her brother's touch, and that thought made my heart race. I held her tightly against me as she came down from her high. Her breathing steadied before she released her grip on my hair. Her head rolled to the side, exposing more of her neck to my unending kisses. A low, contented sigh escaped her lips. She sat still like that for long moments as I embraced her.

Then she leaned forward, depriving my mouth of her tantalizing neck. Hazy green eyes locked on mine with a hunger. Without a word, she lifted off of me and yanked my shorts down. She glared at my exposed member in the dim light. She adjusted her position until she was crouched over me, using her hands on my knees to hold herself above my shaft. A soft feminine hand found my cock and rubbed it over soaked panties. She pulled them aside and rested my head against her wet, exposed lips. Slowly, she probed her slit with my shaft, coating it in her juices. My member twitched, eager to find its way into its new home.

As if preparing for a jump into cold water, my sister sucked in a breath and guided me into her with ease. In an instant, a few inches of my fat cock found itself surrounded by her warmth. Walls of silken flesh trembling around it. My sister rested a moment, acclimating to me, then she pressed down. Her contracting walls engulfed my shaft, causing it to pulse in pleasure. Her ass and thighs gobbled up my balls as she sheathed my cock in her pussy. I slid my hands over her massive ass cheeks pinning her skirt up giving me a view of her dripping cunt.

I groaned, my sister moaned, a hidden girl let out a much louder shush.

My cock was embedded in my sister and it felt right. Waves of pleasure rippled across my cock as her body welcomed me, her slick walls pulsed and throbbed around my shaft. She lifted upwards, her lips grabbed at my cock and her walls constricted, desperate not to let my cock escape. With a wet slap, she slammed back down. Her entire body jiggled as she buried my shaft deep inside her. She rolled her hips, using my throbbing member to stir her intemperate hole, mixing about her juicy encompassing flesh. No woman had ever felt as good as my sister. If it was the taboo of it or something else, I didn't care, preferring instead to lose myself in the pleasure.

With skill my little sister varied her motions, each shift causing my cock to twitch as it explored every corner of her depths. Light spilled into the closet as the door opened. Unconcerned, my sister continued her ride. Greedy, clutching lips dragged along the length of my slick shaft as she lifted herself to the pinnacle of my cock. Just as I worried it might slip free, her pussy would clench, sucking her entire body back down onto me. The closet door closed again as someone moved to hide with the other girl. Over and over Ash slid up and down my cock. Pausing only briefly to stir my twitching shaft about inside her fluttering walls before resuming her wild ride.

From the far corner of the closet came another, "Shhhh" as wet noises were drowned out by the shuffling of the surrounding jackets. My sister switched up her motion, from long full strokes to short rapid ones. My eyes fixated on the meaty flesh of her ass as it jiggled up and down without pause. Hard slaps replaced with light kisses of her shuttering ass to my now drenched thighs. Her hips moved with an unmatched speed and grace, building a thick white cream at the base of my shaft. My cock twitched hard and her relentless assault proved too much for me.

"I'm gonna cum," I whispered into my little sister's ear.

"Inside me," she whined, "we are making too much of a mess as it is."

The statement should have concerned me, triggered follow-up questions or second thoughts, but it didn't. Instead, my sister requesting my seed brought me over the edge. She came back down on my cock as it twitched and spasmed. My hands pulled her hips into mine as a primal part of my mind desired to fill her as deeply as possible. The supple flesh of her ass flattened against my pelvis as I reached new depths. She let out a muffled cry as the first spurt of her brother's seed shot deep into her womb. Her pussy reacted with that same primal need and pulsed. Silken walls clenched and relaxed around my shaft in rhythm with its twitching. She drew shot after shot of my cum into her as I grunted and shuttered, causing her ass and thighs to jiggle with delight. As if I might find an ever deeper depth, I grabbed at her soft flesh and with one final hard thrust emptied myself inside her. In desperation, her undulating walls continued to massage my spent cock for all it was worth. My chest heaving, I released my iron grip on her flared hips. She fell back against me, spent, as her ravenous cunt's convulsions slowed. I wrapped loving arms around her stomach, feeling her hands rest on mine.

"Finally!" our older sister Lily said, pushing through the jackets, "Looks like there is still enough space back here for me too!" she chirped.

"Wait, no, Lily, you should go to the—" Ash didn't finish her statement before our older sister's toned ass crashed onto her lap.

"Mmmhmmph," My little sister moaned as my older sister locked her into place on my still semi rigid shaft.

Lily looked back at us in the dim closet.

"That was... an odd reaction. Are you ok?" Lily asked, sounding concerned but also suspicious of what was clearly a moan from Ash.

"F... F... Fine," Ash replied with a quaver in her voice.

"Does it smell like sex in here?" Lily asked while sniffing at the air.

Ash squirmed under me, around me. We were going to be discovered. My cock stopped growing softer. There was something absurdly arousing about the situation, even if my sister and I were about to be disowned.

"Does it?" I replied, trying to put on a relaxed tone as my cock re-hardened in my sister's still slavering slit. Juices running down my balls and into the crack of my ass.

Lily turned around and eyed us up. Too quickly for us to react, she shifted and pulled up Ash's skirt. She gasped as she saw her darling little sister's used pussy gaping on my fat cock. A stream of my cum was flowing out and around my shaft as her voluptuous lips twitched lightly around it.

"Lil, this isn't what it looks like—" Ash started, her voice still unsteady.

"Oh, really?" Lily asked in a derisive tone.

"It's just... we were... and he was..." Ash stumbled over her words as she attempted to explain why she was currently impaled on her brother's slick, cum covered shaft.

Lily sat back down on Ash's lap, forcing another moan from her lips as my cock sank deeper into her.

"I get him next round," Lily said. She glanced back at the mess beneath us, "And you both better stay here until I get you a towel... or two," She finished, speaking with a mothering tone.

"Wait, what?" I asked in shock.

Lily just gave me a wicked grin and leaned back into Ash.

To be continued?

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