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Jason was dozing in a lounge chair under a shade umbrella by the side of the pool when the security gong awakened him.

"Damn it!" he muttered as he slowly got up and padded to the living room. He brought up the security cameras on his huge television screen with his smartphone and saw a white van on the road leading from his gate to the house.

"How the hell did it get in?" he complained to himself. He had the only control to open the heavy iron gate, and there had been no call from the squawk box.

He switched from camera to camera as the van drove the mile and a half from the gate to his front door. The sun reflected on the windshield, and the side windows were tinted, so he couldn't see the driver.

The van stopped at the sidewalk leading to the front door and three women got out. The house cameras showed they were middle-aged and dressed in business suits. They walked briskly to the door, and one of them pressed the doorbell. All three of them looked up directly into the camera above the door and smiled.

They were attractive. From their meticulous hairstyles and makeup, it seemed they had plenty of money to spend on themselves. It made no difference to Jason.

"What do you want?" he demanded, controlling his urge to cuss them out.

"Mr. Fleischhandler?" asked one in a pleasant voice.

He didn't respond.

"We're sorry to disturb you. We're from the Empty Alleys Foundation. We'll only take a moment of your time."

"I'm not interested."

"I think you will be once you see our material. If we've caught you at a bad time, we can leave it with you and talk to you later, after you've had a chance to familiarize yourself with EAF."

"Leave it on the doorstep," he said.

"I'm sorry, but the material is not for children's eyes, so we're required to hand it to an adult in person," the woman said.

He looked closely at them and their clothes. What would be the fastest way to get rid of them? He walked to his heavy front door, flipped the three deadbolts, and swung the door open.

"Thank you, Mr. Fleischhandler," said the blonde in the middle. "Here's the literature." She reached out to him with a folder that had a strange illustration on it with the letters EAF under it. He looked at the picture as he took it from her hand. It was a woman's face covered in garish makeup.


"Oh! I'm so sorry, Mr. Fleischhandler," the blonde said. "I must have scratched you with my fingernail. There's a drop of blood. Better put a bandage on it. We'll give you time to look through the material before we call on you again."


Once he fixed the gate, they weren't ever going to set foot on his property again.




The three of them turned and walked back to the van. Jason slammed the door, deposited the literature in the trash, went back to the lounge chair, and soon drifted off to sleep again.

He awoke in his bed. He slowly opened his eyes and immediately sat up.

"What the fuck!"

"Hi, Jason!"

It was the three women, and they were sitting on chairs facing him. He blinked. Was he dreaming? His bedroom seemed brighter than he had ever remembered it being. Everything seemed unreal.

He noticed the cage almost at the same time as he realized he was naked. A second later he felt the bed vibrating.

He moved to the cage and looked at it.

"You can touch it, Jason," the blonde said. "It's electrical but not electrified."

He carefully touched it with his fingertips and then grabbed it with both hands. The shiny steel tubes weren't thick, but they were solid and unyielding. The cage covered almost the entire king-size bed.

He looked around the bed and saw some pillows in one corner of the cage. A closer look told him that they weren't pillows but some kind of heavily padded contraption similar to a small table. It was roughly rectangular, but parts of it were curved and parts concave. He moved over to examine it.

"That's for you," said the blonde brightly. "We call it the horse. You mount it on your hands and knees. It's custom-made for your body, so you'll find it quite comfortable."

He turned around and moved nearer the three women.

"What's this all about?" he growled. He had quickly sized up his situation and knew his physical strength wasn't going to be of much use. He'd have to use his wits to get out of this.

"You haven't changed much Jason," the blonde said. "You aren't big on yelling and wasted effort. This is going to work out well.

"The reason you're in the cage is there was something on my fingernail. You were dead to the world for five hours before you woke up. We had plenty of time to put the pieces of the cage together, scout your property, and prepare you.

"I'm Angelique, this is Delilah and this is Vixen. Sound familiar?"

He looked at them in astonishment.

"You can't be -."

"But we are. Former employees. We knew you wouldn't recognize us. If we had photos of what we used to look like, our own children wouldn't believe them. Thank goodness nobody took pictures in those days.

"We found each other on FaceBook after Vixen started the Empty Alleys Foundation. We've connected with a lot of former employees, including some who worked for you before and after us.

"We came to visit you for two reasons. First of all, there's the EAF, which helps prostitutes get off the streets. We're nationwide already, and your contribution will help us go international. We and all our members truly appreciate your donating this property and all your other assets.

"We're also here to discuss more intimate matters between you and each of us. All your former workers that we talked to had similar experiences to ours. As a pimp, you were better than most. When we left you, you let us go, probably because you were always grooming replacements. You ran an efficient operation. Your real estate, stock, and bond holdings are a testament to your business acumen.

"Some of us, like myself, feel we owe some of our success to the toughness and survival instincts we learned working for you. So, in a way, I guess I could thank you. I run my own investment banking company, and you can take some of the credit that my net worth is greater than yours.

"On the other hand, most of your former sex workers are poor and struggling. The EAF is helping many of them already. We're not blaming you for everything that happened to them, but in our conversations on social media, all of us did agree on one thing: You didn't pay us enough for the hard work we did for you.

"The customers paid the going rate, but your cut was too big. You did provide management, but the consensus is that you had us at a disadvantage. When you found us, all of us were desperate and had no other options.

"As you always reminded us, the world isn't fair. Countless times, you told us you were only doing whatever you could get away with, just like any boss.

"We're here because of your mentoring. We took your lesson to heart and decided to also do whatever we could get away with. We've been researching you for a year. A couple of us got jobs in town, and we've found out everything you've been doing since your early retirement here five years ago on your fortieth birthday.

"For instance, it's rare that anyone sees you for months at a time, except for grocery delivery boys. They know you travel sometimes because once no one saw you for more than half a year. You don't use the local bank or local stores, except for food. Sometimes you're visited by high-priced call girls. The locals didn't know that, but our girls spotted them right away.

"Some of us are working for tech companies, and I think we've hacked into all your accounts, domestic and foreign, open and secret. We didn't steal anything, but we needed to know where all your assets were to set up an efficient way for you to donate them to EAF.

"I and some of your other former employees who are in financial careers calculated what benefits we should have received when you were our boss. Once you've paid them, you can retire again, but until then, it's back to work for you.

"You have limited skills like we did, so we decided to stay in the same industry. But this time, we're the bosses, and you will be the sex worker.

"Have you noticed anything about the cage yet? Does it seem a little smaller to you than when I started talking? It's one of a kind. Delilah's the mechanical engineer who designed it and supervised its construction, so she'll explain it to you."

Delilah got up from her chair and came closer to Jason. The bars of the cage were far enough apart for him to get his hand through and maybe his arm. He thought of grabbing for her, but he realized the other two could easily get her free.

Delilah pointed to one of the tubes.

"It's simple, really," she said. "Look along the steel tubes and you'll see that they contain other tubes that contain tubes. Inside the third level of tubes are steel rods. The humming sound you hear is the motor, which is attached to the outside of the cage. Go back to the horse and look behind it."

Jason moved back to the corner and looked behind the horse at the large black box attached to the outside of the cage with cables leading from it to under the cage.

"Pretty impressive, isn't it? It has to be powerful to move all that metal. The motor's detachable because when it's connected, the cage is too heavy to carry."

As she spoke, Jason slowly moved back toward her, trying to think of an escape strategy.

"The motor slowly slides the tubes into each other and the cage contracts. We have it at the slowest speed, so you wouldn't notice any change unless you close your eyes for five minutes. It's so slow that our cameras are on stop motion. The video will show the cage moving at a speed the eye can see.

"As the cage contracts, it will force you to move closer to the horse. Eventually, it will move you onto the horse. I mean, it won't move your body, but you'll find that no matter which way you change positions, the squeeze on your body becomes so uncomfortable that eventually you will voluntarily mount the horse and get into the only position that doesn't hurt.

"When the cage motor stops, you will be mounted on the horse with your arms and shoulders inside the cage but your head and neck sticking through an opening and outside the cage. The cage will keep your upper body horizontal, with a space of six inches above you. The same six inches will be on each side. You won't be able to move sideways.

"The cage traps you only to your waist. Your lower body will stick out and have complete freedom. You will be able to swing your ass left, right, up, down, and around. Your knees will be comfortable on a padded platform that allows them to slide in any direction. The synergy between the cage and you makes the sum total into a human sex machine."

Delilah sat down, and Vixen got up.

"I'll explain your job description since I worked in employee relations to pay for my tuition at the culinary academy," she said.

"You will have two types of customers, elite and lowlife. Take your first trick this afternoon, for example. He's in the elite group. He's an oil sheik who has never fucked a virgin man. He paid the employee retirement fund $50,000 for the first crack at your ass.

"Once you're on the horse in the right position, we'll turn off the motor and disconnect it. Then we'll slide the cage onto this industrial adjustable dolly and wheel you out to the patio. Since we don't have much time before your customer arrives, we'll put a ball gag with a breathing hole into your mouth and give you a healthy liquid protein and vitamin lunch through a tube.

"After an hour a half to digest, you'll be fed a powerful liquid laxative, and everything inside you will be blasted all over the patio. Once your ass contractions stop, we'll hose it all down and fertilize your bushes. We'll also aim the pistol power sprayer up your ass until everything comes out clear. The sheik paid for a sparkling virgin asshole, and that's what he'll get.

"The sheik is old and fat, although I understand that his cock is pretty impressive once it's hard. Since he's slow and not very strong, you'll probably be able to dodge him for a while, even if he tries to hold your ass with his hands.

"If we see that he's starting to get fagged out, we'll give him a quick break and bring back the gag and the tube, with more laxative for you. There won't be anything left inside to come out, but when your ass starts spasming out of control, it will slow you down and distract you enough for the sheik to thread the needle.

"Once he has his fun and comes in your ass, he'll turn you over to his entourage. I think there are four of them. The sheik is strictly an ass man, but they'll take turns in your ass and mouth while the sheik watches.

"That reminds me. Once the sheik is done, we'll put a ring gag on you that keeps your mouth open. We don't think you've ever done this before, and we don't want any accidents.

"While they're fucking your mouth, think about whether you want to wear the ring gag again. I hate them because they stretch the mouth muscles, and the pain doesn't go away for hours after you take them out. I used to have nightmares and often woke up feeling the pain as intensely as if I had it on. Also, when it's on, the cock fucking your mouth isn't slowed down by your lips and goes deep into your mouth. It may hit your throat and make you gag until your trick comes.

"After you see how it feels today, it will be your decision. If you decide not to wear it, you'll have to be extra careful with your teeth. If there are complaints of accidental biting, you'll have to wear a ring gag whenever you work.

"When the sheik's entourage is finished, we'll roll the cage back into the house, and you'll get a soothing bath and massage and join us at a delicious dinner cooked by me. I'm a gourmet chef and owned some some famous restaurants before I retired.

"The rest of your evening is up to you. You can watch a movie or TV or do whatever you like. You'll probably turn in early because the first day on the job can be exhausting.

"Tomorrow you can sleep as late as you want. After a delicious breakfast, you'll relax for an hour or two before exercise. Kitten arrives tomorrow. Remember her? She's now a nurse, and also a fitness instructor.

"You're in typical shape for your age. I mean, you're getting flabby. In a month or two, you're going to be in the best shape of your life, thanks to Kitten's workout program, my food, and plenty of rest and recovery time.

"We've ordered a treadmill and a couple of weight resistance machines. Kitten likes to run, and your property has hilly trails. So, if you want to go outside with her, you can get some fresh air exercise, too.

"It will be good for you - and for business. The harder your body, the more we can charge.

"We're not going to force you to exercise. If you don't want to work out with Kitten, you'll spend your whole day in the cage, except for meals. I'll lower the calories so you'll still lose some weight. I have a feeling you'll want to spend as little time as possible in the cage, so you'll choose a healthy lifestyle.

"After your workout, you'll get another great rubdown and a healthy delicious lunch with lots of protein. Your afternoon will be free for you to do whatever you want, maybe take a swim or just relax by the pool and take a nap.

"Dinner will be another delicious meal, and an hour later, we'll leave for work. That means you'll go into the cage, and we'll roll it on the dolly to the van.

"It's a couple of hours to the city's old warehouse district, where you'll meet your lowlife clientele. We've done a lot of word-of-mouth advertising, and I think there will be plenty of customers waiting inside the warehouse. A couple of your other former employees are handling the logistics. Buses that go through skid row stop a block away from the warehouse. They're usually nearly empty, but our girls think a lot of men are going to get off at that stop tonight.

"There aren't many sexual opportunities for gay and bisexual derelicts. Only crack or meth junkies who are smelly, boney, or nearly comatose are in their price range. They won't mind paying a few dollars more for someone healthy who reacts to them, even if the reaction is humiliation and disgust.

"Except for the smell, it will be the same as the sheik and his men, but there will be some differences. For one thing, you won't have to go through the hassle of cleaning yourself out. These guys will be too busy to care. For their bargain price, each one gets you for only five minutes. They'll be whacking off in line to make sure they are hard when it's their turn. They can use your ass, your mouth, or both, but when time's up, the next guy takes over.

"Since they want to come before they have to stop, they'll be a lot more energetic than the sheik and his men. They'll go at you hard and rough. You might have a few bruises on your ass when we close up after three hours and drive you home.

"Once we're back here, we'll take care of you again. Bath and massage and maybe some booze to make you feel better.

"One thing you don't have to worry about is safety. Even today, the sheik and his boys will have to show us medical proof that they are clean, or else they'll put on rubbers that Kitten has selected for their strength and safety. Whoever doesn't have a lab report of no STDs that's less than thirty-six hours old won't be allowed to do you bareback, except your mouth.

"If they're safe, they can shoot into your ass if they like. Most of them like that. We'll lube you up at the warehouse before your first client, but even though you'll be doing around thirty-five customers a night, we won't need to stop and re-grease because your ass will soon be overflowing with natural white lube from the cocks of your tricks.

"You'll be working at the warehouse Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday, you'll be here for customers who are willing to pay for more time and a clean ass.

"You'll be off on weekends so you can rest and recharge your batteries. Except for a little exercise each day, you can do whatever you want, even get drunk.

"Tomorrow, Kitten's bringing your collar. It's not too tight, and you'll only have to wear it when you're out of the cage. You'll like it because it gives you more freedom. Most of the time when you're not working, you can do whatever you want. We won't have to monitor you.

"Be careful not to brush the collar when you're out of sight. The slightest touch, even a piece of paper, will send off a loud alarm at the house and on our phones. If we can't find you in thirty seconds or so, we'll have to activate the collar. It works like a taser.

"We'll get to you fast because we can track it, and Kitten will take care of reviving you and healing you quickly. But it will still hurt."

Vixen stopped talking, gazed at Jason, and smiled at him. She turned and smiled at Angelique and Vixen before turning back to Jason again.

His face was blank as if he were in a daze. As he was listening to Vixen, ideas flooded into his head of how and when he could escape the crazy women. His ears perked up when he heard they would let him out of the cage most of the day, but when he heard about the collar, he had to throw away most of his ideas.

At the moment, the best thing he could think of was jogging with Kitten. Would she run next to him, in front of him, or behind him? Would she have the controller to the collar in her hand or in her pocket?

Could he find a stone to knock her out before she could press the button? Could he run onto the highway and flag someone down before the others found out? Once he was in someone's car, it didn't matter if they zapped him.

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