I hadn't met the new doctor, but I figured it wouldn't matter, I'm a pretty healthy girl.

I followed the nurse after she called me to the door to the check up rooms. She told me to get undressed and put a gown on the examination table. I grabbed my sweater and shirt at once and flipped them off my shoulders, then I twisted my hand back and unclasped my bra. My nipples went hard in the cool office air, and I felt a twinge in my pussy. I felt extremely naughty when I kicked off my flip flops and slid down my jeans, exposing my black thong. I slipped the gown over my shoulders and sat on the table.

I could feel the material of the thong rubbing against my pussy and asshole each time I kicked my legs. I started getting wet and wondered if I could masturbate a little before the doctor came in.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Garces," my doctor said after opening the door.
"hi!" I yelped, after being almost caught.
"You don't have to be nervous," he said looking over my chart, "unless you're sick!"
"No, no, just coming in for a regular old check up," I said, trying to be casual, feeling my heart rate slow down.

He took my pulse, weighed me, looked into my eyes, ears, and throat, took my blood pressure, and a few other things. I knew that he was just doing his job, but his hands were warm and soft, and he was really gentle. I started to get wet again... and I just had to get him to see me, to touch me, right where I needed it the most.

"Umm..." I started cautiously.
"Yes?" he smiled and looked up at me after scribbling something down.
"I know you're not like, a gynecologist, but... I kind of have a problem, down there..." I trailed off, my heart beating fast.
"okay, do you have a rash or a discharge?" he asked very professionally.
"Well, it might be better if you just look," I huffed.

He pulled the stirrups up from the bottom of the table and started to lift my feet, before he noticed I was still wearing my thong. I picked my butt up off the table and slid them off, laughing a little. He put my legs into the stirrups and then brought the stool over, sitting down and rolling his shoulders before slipping on a new set of gloves. He started to look around my skin, touching and lightly pressing in places before asking me how I felt.

While his focus was on my bottom half I undid the knot at the top of the gown and spread it open, revealing my hard nipples and smooth stomach. Then I felt it... my pussy opened and some of my wetness slipped out and onto my anus.

"hmm... I think I know what the problem is," while turning away.
"Oh, really?" I choked, worried that perhaps my plan had gone all wrong.

Slowly I felt his hand rubbing closer and closer to my pussy, and he started to make circles above my clit with his fingers and he started probing my pussy with his thumb, getting himself wet with my juices before pressing inside and stroking my g spot. With my legs spread in the stirrups, I just relaxed all of my weight and let him rub and stroke my body.

Before long I was soaking wet, and I was getting closer and closer to an orgasm. I started curling my toes and my legs tightened up. He quickened his pace and suddenly pressed a finger into my asshole. I threw my head back and bit my lip, squeaking and moaning with pleasure but trying to stay quiet. I was in a Doctor's office, and I didn't want to let everyone know I was going to come.

"oh, oh, I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming," I whispered, my back arching off of the table.

He silently pumped away inside of me, rubbing his fingers in my pussy harder and twisting the one inside my anus. I felt my body start to spasm and clamp down on him. I figured he'd pop out because of all the pressure, but he pushed harder inside me and stayed that way until I collapsed on the bed. I tried to regain my composure and think about what had just happened, but I was naked and sweaty in front of this handsome young doctor, and I wanted more. I could hear his gloves snapping off, and he tossed them in the trash before turning to face me again.

He loosened his tie and started unbuttoning his shirt. As he slipped out of it and put it on the table, I looked at his pants and saw his massive bulge. I openly stared as he kicked off his shoes and unclasped his belt before kicking his pants to the ground. He must have been hiding his hard on for a while, because the tip of his cock was wet and shiny. I yanked the gown off my back and tossed it at him playfully. He put it on the desk and started walking towards me.

"uh-uh, you're not naked," I said coyly.

He looked down and saw his black socks and laughed.

"Okay," was all he said as he peeled them off.

He stood in front of me naked, my pussy evidently wet and dripping down onto the table. He positioned himself at my entrance and rubbed his cock back and forth slowly, mixing our wetness together. I could hear his cock slip back and forth, and I could feel myself tighten when he pushed himself closer to my entrance.

He slipped inside me quickly, and I was surprised when I felt his hips meet with mine. I curled my body forward and watched as he started to pump in and out, his cock covered in my wetness. He pulled my leg out of the stirrup and started kissing its length, pressing my pussy down on his cock when he brought it together with the other one. His kisses moved further and further down and I bent my knee in anticipation. Finally, I felt his warm mouth wrap around my toes and I could feel him sucking on each one. I tightened again and came hard, squeezing tight as my doctor kept fucking me and licking between my toes.

I hadn't even started to relax when he pulled my legs up and flipped me over. I grabbed the sides of the table and steadied myself and he spread my butt open. I felt him pushing at my pussy, but I waggled my hips. He tried again and I moved again.

"I see, it looks like we'll have to do a different procedure," he said in an all knowing tone.

I felt him moving and then wet sounds before he put something cold on my butthole. I squeezed involuntarily and then felt his warm hand and his finger probing me again. I relaxed and moved back, riding his finger until he was moving smoothly in and out of me.

"oh please, please..." I started to say.
"shh..." he soothed me.

I finally felt the tip of his cock at my anus, and I tried to relax my butthole to let him in easier. He pressed himself inside and I could feel every inch as it pulsed inside of me.

"Oh god, yes, fuck my ass!" I blurted out.
"Sh!" he said while smacking my ass.

My asshole is really tight, so I knew he wouldn't last long. He grabbed my hips and pulled me hard, pressing himself deeper and deeper into me with every stroke. I dug my nails into the table and bit my lip, feeling the pressure building up inside me. I could feel his balls tightening and smacking into my pussy, I could barely stand on my tip toes because of how hard he was pounding into me, and my skin was slick with the heat in the room.

"Oh god, I'm..." he trailed off while burying himself deep in my ass. I felt each spurt of cum inside me, his cock twitching violently. Feeling it and knowing that I had made him come so hard pushed me over the edge. I felt my own orgasm ripping through my body, tensing up all of my muscles and sending waves of pleasure through me. I felt lightheaded and rested on the table, letting my hands rest and falling off the balls of my feet, letting my legs hang loosely off the edge.

I felt him getting soft and he eventually slipped out of me, his cum oozed out and spread on my pussy. He turned to the table and grabbed a napkin, wiping himself off.

"Think I'll need to come in for a follow up visit next week?" I asked playfully.
"Oh yes," he said, "I'll definitely have to see if your condition persists," he said in his doctor tone.

He got dressed quickly and straightened his tie, then looked at me and smiled before closing the door to my room. I rolled over and looked at myself, naked, sopping wet, and tired. It was the best doctor's visit of my life, and it was just the beginning!

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