Please note that this story is a work of fiction, nothing that happens or is said in this story occurred in real life. Any similarities to real-life events are purely coincidental. The celebrities featured act as fictional characters and their behaviours follow suit.


Starring Brie Larson

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Facial, A2M.

Brie sipped her coffee as she sat down in the cafe; it had been a bit of a shit year with the combination of no films being made, her break up and Covid ravaging the world. So much so, it had stopped her usual festive joy that usually started in October. When her friend Liz Olsen had suggested going for a coffee, she couldn't wait to leave her house to meet her. She hadn't been housebound but, due to the negatives of this year, she hadn't been the social butterfly she had been before.

"So I was thinking of what I could get you for Christmas and I think I have the perfect gift: Sex."

"Sex?" Brie asked as she put down her coffee.

"Yes, sex! You know, a penis in your vagina."

"I obviously know what sex is. I have had it numerous times."

"But not for a while," Liz interjected. "Your problem is you're famous so you can't just go out and get some dick without it being on TMZ so I can make you a present of it."

"How do you make a present out of sex?" Brie asked as she took another sip; secretly wishing she had something stronger.

"A sex elf."

Brie looked at Liz as though she had said the stupidest thing ever.

"A sex elf?" Brie asked as she looked at Liz nodding. "A sex elf? Jesus, I don't need some guy dressed as an elf to fuck me. I'm pretty sure I have plenty of guys in my phone book who would chuck me a bone as soon as I ask."

"It's not a guy dressed as an elf, it's an elf. My sister did it last year and she loved it. Please trust me and let me buy this for you."

Brie didn't feel like arguing so waved her hand in acceptance and Liz started to tap on her phone while humming a little Christmas tune. They'd been friends for a few years and Liz had never let her down so Brie decided to trust her and hope this wasn't going to be the first time.

"Okay, all done. Rayner Avenue at 3 pm tomorrow."

"So what do I have to do?" Brie asked as she reached for her phone to put in the address in preparation.

"It says you don't need to do anything. Though I'd make sure you've washed your pussy and put on your sexiest underwear." Liz told her with a wink before giggling to herself. "No sports bras that you keep wearing in those YouTube videos."

"They're helpful for the videos. No one needs my tits flopping about all over the place while I'm doing practical stuff."

"Fairly sure any male between 13 and dead does," Liz replied laughing. "Just go there and try and lose yourself in it, you deserve great sex."

The hot Los Angeles sun shone down as Brie stepped out of the taxi as it reached the address that Liz gave her. She didn't know what to expect but the place didn't look like a seedy sex den or outfitted in an overabundance of Christmas decorations. It only had a wreath on the door and a sparsely decorated tree outside of it. The white-fronted house looked modern in terms of architecture but otherwise incredibly unassuming. It seems perfect for the Captain Marvel actress to remain anonymous.

She rang the doorbell and waited for a moment; a knot developing in her stomach as she stood on the doorstep. Brie had had many different kinds of sexual relations before; be they a relationship, a one night stand or a fuck buddy but she'd never gone to a house for the sole purpose of having sex with a stranger. Present or no present. She was about to turn heel and leave when the door opened and a fine specimen of a man looked down on her.

The man was easily 6'4 and towered over the smaller actress. His blonde hair was closely cropped and though his polo shirt was fairly loose; Brie could see his strong upper body muscles and could guess the rest would follow suit. He wore beige chinos and could easily be mistaken for a bible salesman. It was his eyes that drew her into him though; they were such a piercing blue that they were almost see-through. She stood there staring for a moment too long that it started to feel awkward.

"You are Brianne, yes?" he asked in a foreign accent.

"Um... Yes. Yes, I am Brianne but please call me Brie."

"Okay Brie, welcome. Would you please come in?" he offered as he stood aside.

Brie entered the home to see an incredibly modern layout with a large atrium area dressed in white and a swath of different blues. It came across as incredibly calming and serene; it matched the man's demeanour perfectly. He led her over to two chairs where a pot of tea sat on a table in between them, Brie sat in the chair as the man poured two cups before sitting down and looking over the actresses features.

"So this experience is a present from Elizabeth."

Brie nodded as she sipped at the tea.

"Do you know much?"

"Sex!" Brie blurted out before taking a moment to collect herself. "I mean no, no not much information."

"But one very important bit," he said as he laughed at her previous comment, putting the actress more at ease. "My name is Jukka and I am your elf."

"You're an elf?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. "Aren't elves supposed to be tiny? I mean you're really tall."

"We are magical creatures born and raised in the cold weather of Northern Finland. We can be however tall we need to be to do the job assigned to us. Would you rather have sex with a man over 6 foot or one below 3 foot?"

"That's a good point," Brie replied as she drank more of her tea.

"I feel you might be hesitant at the idea Brie."

"I don't want you to take this the wrong way but I've never done anything like this before. I'm just slightly uncomfortable at the moment but I'm sure I'll warm-up."

"Of course, we have as much time as we need," Jukka replied with a warm smile. "Helki!"

An equally beautiful woman appeared at his call and stood next to the chair. She swept the blonde hair away from her face and Brie could see she had the same piercing blue eyes as Jukka.

"Helki, our guest is slightly uncomfortable at the thought of what we do here. I thought maybe a shoulder massage might help her relax."

Helki nodded her head and walked behind Brie's chair. Before the actress could object, the blonde started to rub her shoulders very deftly, she could barely feel the girls fingers as they moved over her bare skin but she felt more relaxed immediately. She tried to do all she could to keep her emotions in check when all she wanted to do was moan at the feeling.

"So tell me, Brie, did you bring anything with you?" Jukka asked.

"No, I didn't know I needed to bring anything."

"You didn't but sometimes clients may bring a change of clothes or a bathing suit. Maybe some dress up they want to do; we're very open to whatever the person wants to do."

This caused Brie to raise an eyebrow. She had come with no expectations but the chat with Jukka and the massage from Helki had started to make her feel a little bit freer. She had come dressed in a white satin vest that showed some of her cleavage but not as much as her talk show appearances. She paired it with red trousers that fit tightly around the right areas. Very rarely did she need a change of clothes after sex so her mind started to wander on what she could be doing that would require some.

"I didn't think of any of that. Do you keep anything to change into?"

"We always have a range of items that may be of interest; catering to all tastes. Would you like to see?"

"Lead the way," Brie said before finishing her tea.

Jukka took Brie's hand and walked up the staircase with her, leading Brie to a large room on the left-hand side of the property. Opening the door, the actress was greeted by a large walk-in wardrobe but the contents surprised her. On one side was a large number of costumes ranging from nurses to superheroes; noticing a large collection of DC and Marvel costumes and on the opposite was a collection of fetish and leather.

"What do you see?" Jukka asked.

"I see a lot of things I'll need to purchase for my wardrobe."

"I'm sure you could take one or two outfits when you leave."

Brie's eyes lit up at that; she had always had an interest in dressing up in her sex life but didn't own too many outfits that she could use. Her fame prevented her from going to a sex shop to purchase some and every time she went to a website; she was always distracted by the dildoes. She had heard rumours of a dressing up shop in LA which was helpful but had never spoken to Jessica Alba about it.

"Do you know what you want now?" Jukka asked.

"Yes, I do," Brie replied with her eyes on the perfect outfit. "Where is the bedroom?"

"Two doors down to the right."

"Okay Jukka. Go there and wait for me please."

Jukka nodded his head and walked out of the room. Brie grabbed the outfit off the rail and looked at herself in the mirror with the outfit held in front of her.

"This'll be fun."

As much as Brie liked to build up anticipation with her lovers, she didn't keep Jukka waiting long. The elf had been sitting in a chair in the corner of the room waiting patiently for her and his eyes lit up when the actress walked into the room. The attire she had worn to the house had been shed and replaced with an incredibly sexy Elf costume she had found.

Her legs were covered in white fishnet stockings and feet in red high heels. The elf dress she wore was still made of green felt but was cut incredibly short but the lace frills were enough to cover her modesty as it rose her body. The bra she wore underneath pushed her breasts up and together and were highlighted by the cut of the dress. The outfit was completed by a green Santa hat that hung down against her brown hair.

"How do I look?" she asked.

"Very sexy," Jukka answered as he watched Brie spin around with the rising to give him a slight peek at her behind.

"Well I don't much about elf culture but I suppose this isn't too short?"

"Not all, a bit too long if anything," Jukka replied causing Brie to laugh.

"But aren't you overdressed for me?"

Jukka smiled at Brie as he rose to his feet, he towered over the actress even with her in the heels. He clicked his fingers and the clothes disappeared from his body leaving him in only a pair of briefs that revealed his sizable package to her. She guessed he was ripped was taken aback by the musculature of his body, he looked strong and clean; no blemishes or tattoos were marking his body.

"Wow!" Brie muttered as she looked at him.

The actress was sure he had the best body she had seen and that was saying something considering the people she had acted across from. She took a few steps forward and her hands gently ran along his abdominal muscles; tracing along between each one.

"How did you make the clothes disappear?" she asked as she kept her eyes on his body.

"Elf remember, I can do many things."

"Do me." She said completely captivated by him.

Jukka smiled and leaned over to kiss Brie on the lips; his hand cupping her cheek softly as she started to melt into his body. Their tongues massaged each other softly as they got used to each other's bodies. Brie's hands moved up from his abdomen to his shoulders as she felt his muscles underneath; excitement filled the actresses body as she felt his body pressing against hers. Jukka lowered his arms down her back until it was able to sneak underneath her dress and he was always able to grab a hold of her ass; the thong-clad muscle felt well-toned and he squeezed it causing a moan to come out of Brie's lips.

Brie lifted one leg allowing Jukka to know what she wanted him to do. The Elf grabbed her other leg and it allowed the actress to wrap them around his strong waist, his erect cock pressing against her underwear causing her to get wetter. Jukka kept his hands on her ass and he started to massage her cheeks gently, a contrast to their kisses which was getting more passionate as they were lashing each other instead of gently massaging.

Wanting to take this further, Jukka carried Brie from the door to the bed and threw her down onto it. The actress bounced slightly on the firm bed before she looked up to him with a lustful glance. Her eyes went down from his face to his erect cock which pressed against the material of his briefs. She quickly sat up on the edge of the bed and pulled at the briefs, allowing his cock to pop out and it struck her in the face causing her to laugh. Brie grabbed the cock and stroked it as she made eye contact with the man standing above her, a wicked smile came across her as she started to slap her face with the cock. The girl giggled to herself before slipping the head of Jukka's cock in her mouth; her tongue swirling around it as her mouth covered it with saliva.

Brie pushed her forward and took some of the length into her mouth as her tongue licked the skin of the elves cock, a prominent vein pressing against her lips as her mouth went down. The actress increased her speed as she took more of the cock in her mouth; she was determined to fit Jukka's full length into her mouth. It crept in inch by inch until the head of Jukka's cock hit the back of her throat, causing a slight gag by Brie. Her hand jerked the cock quickly as she took out of her mouth to compose herself slightly.

"Usually I'm the one giving pleasure," Jukka said as he looked down.

"You're here to do what I want. Now shut up and let me enjoy sucking your cock."

Brie's eye went back to Jukka's cock but instead of putting it back into her mouth, the actress jerked it harder and she dropped her head down. She ran her tongue along Jukka's smooth balls to cause a shot of pleasure to go through the Elf's body. He let out a grunt as Brie popped one of his balls into her mouth and swirled it around. Her tongue remained in contact with the skin of the ball sack as she covered it with saliva before she released it from her mouth with a pop. Brie shot a lookup and gave him a wink before repeating the process with Jukka's other ball.

"Now don't take too long." Brie said as she released his ball, "I would like to cum with that cock in me soon."

Jukka nodded his head as he watched Brie take the head of his cock back into her mouth and sucked hard on it. His hand went down to her head as she started to move along his cock; taking more into her mouth to get the full length of the cock. He could hear her swallow the saliva in as she tried to suck his cock harder.

"Oh yeah, that feels good," Jukka said as he felt Brie's tongue work along his cock.

Brie felt her lips touch the join of his cock and held her head there as she got used to the feel of his whole cock, the head hitting the back of her gums. As she became comfortable with it there, Brie pulled her head back before she started to suck along the length at a quicker speed. The actress massaged his balls in tandem as she felt Jukka twitch under the feeling of the pleasure she was giving him; she knew it wouldn't be long.

"Come on, give me that cum."

Jukka nodded his head as Brie leaned in close to the head of his cock; her tongue flicking along the head as she waited for him. She aimed it at her nose as Jukka grunted and the first shot of cum came out of his cock. It landed right on aim as Brie smiled about the feeling of the warm liquid landing on her skin. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as she allowed the cock to shoot stream and stream of cum on her face; her hand jerking his cock the entire time to ensure she would be able to empty his tank; she didn't want him finishing too early for her.

As her eyes were closed, Brie waited until she could no longer feel any new streams hit her face before she opened them and looked up at the elf. She knew her face would look good so Brie stood up off the bed and walked over to the mirror; Brie took a moment to admire her cum covered face before turning to Jukka.

"I look good, yeah? You have no idea how many guys ask to cum on my face only for me to say no."

"So why now?" He asked.

"Because I wanted cum on my face, not them."

Brie laughed as she grabbed a cloth and wiped the cum off of her face, Jukka kept his eyes on the pretty actress for the entire time and watched her throw the cloth off to the side. She smiled at the elf as she walked around the wall opposite the bed before looking at him.

"Don't a lot of girls wipe the cum off and then swallow it?" Jukka asked.

"I ate before I arrived," she answered with a mischievous smile. "Who knows how my stomach acid would react to elf semen?"

"I imagine the same as human semen."

"You're assuming I swallow that too!" Brie remarked as she raised an eyebrow. "Now I think I've earned some cock."

Jukka smiled as he walked over to the brunette actress, towering over her diminutive height. He ran a hand along her cheek before dropping down onto one knee. The elf ran his hands up her legs from her ankle and massaged her calves causing a moan to escape her mouth. He knew the effects of a little foreplay and ensured that his hands barely made contact with her skin. It started to light a fire in Brie's loins as he moved his hands up to her thighs and pressed his thumb into her skin. The increase in contact caused another moan to come out of her lips in association with her heavy breathing.

Brie looked down to Jukka to see a lot of concentration on his face as his hands moved up the inside of her thighs. Her breathing started to quicken as he got closer to her pussy, her organ already getting moist at the feel of his touch. However as he reached the top of her legs, he started to run his hands back down to massage her some before sneaking around to the back of her thighs.

"Tease," Brie whispered.

Jukka didn't reply verbally, he only winked in her direction, as his hands moved up the back of her thighs and reached her ass. The actress had chosen to wear a thong in her outfit as she knew it framed her ass well and that was one of the men's favourite features of her body. His large hands moved onto her cheeks and practically covered the entire organ; he only smoothed the skin of her ass instead of grabbing it as she had tensed for. Jukka leaned in and kissed the top of her pussy through her panties and she was surprised he kissed exactly on the bit of cloth that covered her clit. He did not comment as Brie's moan got louder into almost being a scream. The elf grabbed the sides of the thong and pulled them down her legs before allowing the actress to step out of them. It had been a long time and there was a patch of brown hair above her pussy but she had made the effort to neaten it into a triangle, no irony that it pointed down to her clit.

Jukka raised himself to his feet and kissed the actress on the lips, softly at first before slipping his tongue into her mouth and kissing more passionately. Brie happily took part and both were kissing wildly, their tongues massaging each other. Her hands went around his back and she ran her fingers along his muscles as he lifted the actress. Brie leaned her pelvis forward and Jukka was able to easily slide his cock inside of her, the folds of her pussy lips encompassing him with ease.

Brie moaned loudly as Jukka's cock filled her warm pussy, the feeling giving a glow inside of her body. It was different to the feeling she got when a normal guy fucked there; Brie could feel a different kind of energy surging through her with every thrust. Her hands roamed the muscles on his body, she could feel them tense up with every thrust into her. She squeezed her legs harder around his hips as she closed her eyes to enjoy the feeling of the elf inside her, she didn't want to have any distractions as she listened to him grunt with his fucking. It sounded so visceral and animalistic that it was easy to give in to his action. She allowed to match his grunts with her moans to make the music of their sex.

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