She wasn't quiet this time. "AAAAAAHHH! MMMMMM! OOOOH!" I thought she was going to break my fingers, her vaginal muscles clamped down so hard.

I lifted my thumb up, but kept my two fingers buried deep. It took a couple of minutes for her muscles to uncramp. I slid my fingers slowly out of her, teasing.

I leaned in and gave her clit a firm kiss. She took a few deep breaths, panting.

She said, "Are you sure you're only 18? That was incredible! How did you learn how to drive a woman crazy?"

I was proud of the pleasure I had just given her. I said, "When I was a junior in high school a classmate invited me to a Sadie Hawkins dance at school. After the dance was over at 10:00 she asked me if we could park somewhere quiet. I knew of a couple of spots where no one would bother us. So we did. After she and I had spent some time kissing and playing wandering fingers she told me that she was going to teach me how she liked to be pleased. Who better to teach... how to please a girl... than a girl who knew what she liked. I'm glad she was willing to teach me. Now I can share that knowledge."

Annie answered, "If you ever see her again... tell her thank you from me."

I went in the bathroom and washed up. I also rinsed the washcloth out. It saved a wet mess on the chair cushion.

I said, "Let's let you unwind a while. Do you have a board game of some kind or a deck of cards? We can't keep this pace up for the whole weekend."

She had Monopoly or a deck of cards. We spent the next couple of hours playing various card games, without really keeping score. We each won some of the games. We realized it was past lunch time. We went to the kitchen to fix lunch.

She asked, "Do you like tuna?"

I replied, "It's fine with me."

I sat down at the dinette as she started getting things out. Can of tuna, mayo, pickle relish, bread, a mixing dish and a fork. She handed me a bag of chips. She poured two glasses of iced tea. She was just starting to mix the tuna salad when I got up, walked up behind her.

I said, "Let me help you." I reached around her and took a tittie in each hand.

I was gently squeezing them and rolling her nipples between my thumb and first finger. My dick was rubbing on her ass. I nuzzled into her neck right by her ear.

I nibbled on her ear lobe. I gently blew air in her ear. She was squirming but not telling me to stop. I stuck the tip of my tongue in her ear and started licking.

I was tweaking her nipples harder. She put the sandwich she was trying to make on the counter and grabbed the edge of the counter with both hands. I increased what I was doing. It took about three minutes to give her a small but obvious orgasm. She was shaking all over. I stopped teasing and just held her tight.

She caught her breath and said, "Let me finish making lunch. You were helping yourself. What other tricks do you have to drive me crazy? After lunch I want to do something for you. Anything you want?"

We joked while we enjoyed our lunch. We were both making little suggestions about what she might do or what I might want. It was fun teasing. When lunch was over we went to the front room. I suggested she sit in the chair. I stretched out on the couch. We agreed to relax, letting lunch settle.

"What can I do to your muscles?" She asked.

I teased, "Do you want to relax my muscles or make my muscles tight?"

She replied, "How about I do both? Think about what you want. I said anything you want."

I said, "Let me see what I can think of while we relax a bit. Any limitations on your offer?"

She answered, "NONE! You have shown me so much pleasure that now it's my turn to give you whatever you would enjoy most. ANYTHING YOU WANT!"

That was an open and unlimited offer. I was trying to decide...

There was some idle chit-chat as we rested. We did have one important subject we needed to talk about.

I said in a serious voice, "Annie, we need to discuss one thing. I was just going home to see my family, and I have been at Fort Ord with no social time until this weekend, so I don't have any protection in my travel case. We...

She cut me off. "That's not a problem. There's a box of Sheiks in the bottom drawer of the dresser. My husband and I don't want to have kids for a few years.

We mostly use the rhythm method. I know my body really well. After my cycle ends it is several days before an ovary gets tender which tells me it's producing an egg. Then we use Sheiks to be safe. My cycle ended just last Thursday so I'm sure I'm safe for several days."

I answered, "It's nice that you don't have to use extra protection all the time. We both know that 'bare-back' feels lots better. So even though you're sure that you are safe according to your rhythm method that has always worked... I'd rather we use your Sheiks to be double safe. You know the old saying... better safe than sorry. Besides, reducing the friction for me will let me last longer, letting us enjoy ourselves longer. You are so tight that when we get around to actually scratching that itch... I probably need the reduction in friction to keep from losing control.

My control is usually pretty good... But the first time I enter you it's going to be EXCITING for both of us."

Annie replied, "I don't understand how you can be so smart about everything.

You're being so considerate, letting this proceed slowly. Making sure I'm OK."

I was going to try to explain a couple of things to her. "Annie... How smart a person is... about the ways of the world is not about how many years a person has lived. It's mostly about 'how' you have lived. About who you have spent time with and what you have learned from them. You need to learn from the mistakes of others... you will never live long enough to make them all yourself. Yes, by the calendar I'm only 18. But I have grown up around a lot of older cousins who all like to talk. My sister is older than me, but we have always been able to talk about any subject honestly. I've even experienced a couple of mid 20's ladies who had been married, had 2 or 3 kids, and then divorced. They had needs and were willing to help me... so I could help them."

She replied, "You are amazing. I can't believe that when I stopped to pick up a soldier to give him a ride to help him out... That the soldier would be you!"

We rested a while longer, neither of us saying much. The only sound was a small radio playing country music in the background.

I stood up and stepped over in front of her. "I love this song... Dance with me."

Naked and barefoot... She snuggled into me. I was holding her tight. It felt wonderful. We didn't need much space. "I wish the DJ would play at least a couple more slow songs." We just stood there waiting for the next song. It was slow. I couldn't believe my wish might come true. He played four in a row! We fit together really well. "Dancing is something I really enjoy. And I have decided on two things I would love for you to do for me. If you're uncomfortable about any of it... we can go to plan B."

She seemed anxious. "Well, don't keep me in suspense... tell me."

I continued, "I love a good massage. I'd like to toss a big towel on that rug over there. I will lie down on my stomach and enjoy your hands ALL over my backside.

Rub and squeeze everywhere. Then I will turn over on my back and you can do my front side. If you aren't sure how to go about a massage, I will talk you thru it.

You realize that's all part of one thing... The second thing you could do is something that a lady can do for her man...when she really wants to pleasure him. By the time you have massaged me everywhere I assure you that my dick will be standing tall. I would love for you to tease me with your mouth... slowly sucking and licking... then start running your soft lips up and down my dick... and when I orgasm I would really love for you to keep taking me deep and swallow everything you can coax out of me. I like having my balls massaged and squeezed and emptied... as long as you're gentle."

Annie answered, "You may have to give me some pointers about how to give a thorough massage. The rest of it I am sure I can do on my own. Let me go get that towel."

She headed for her linen closet to get a big towel. When she came back she spread the towel on the rug and said, "Lie down and I'll try to relax most of your muscles... both sides... then I'm going to really enjoy having my soldier in my mouth!"

I was on my stomach... she was on her knees. I was lying there sort of spread eagle. I explained to her how to start with the temples and neck. Then do an arm, part of my back down to my waist and the leg on that side, change sides and do the other arm, back and leg. I explained that when she was ready to do my legs that it was OK to straddle my leg to be able to reach up to my waist and my butt muscles. After she had finished my back, I turned over. She was doing fine.

She did my temples and neck again. Then she proceeded to do an excellent job on my front side. Arms, chest, my legs. She started gently on my dick with one hand and her other hand massaging my balls. I was sure she had done this part before with her husband. So far we had spent an hour.

Suddenly she said, "Give me a minute." She got up, went to the bedroom and came back with a pillow. She instructed me, "Raise your butt up, so I don't have to lean down so far. I intend to make this last a while."

Of course I raised up while she put the pillow under me. Her hands were gentle... her lips and her tongue were soft. I was in heaven! She took her time... getting me close to the edge, then backing off while she played with my balls. She did that cycle four times. Sliding her lips up and down my dick... Teasing with her tongue. It was my turn to go crazy. Finally she started in earnest.

I knew she was going to take me all the way this time. She was taking my dick in her mouth until her nose was touching my belly. I knew I was about to pass that point of no return...

"UUUNGG! MMMMFFF! UUUmmm." A couple of deep breaths. "That was wonderful. Thank you for literally draining me. Now maybe we can both last a while when we scratch that itch at bedtime. For now let's just go cuddle on the bed until supper time."

We held hands as we walked to the bedroom. We each grabbed the top sheet and light blanket and turned them down over the foot board of the bed. We weren't going to need covers until much later. She lay down on her back to straighten it out from leaning down for so long when she was pleasuring me.

I was on my left side, propped up on my elbow. This position is perfect for my right hand to wander everywhere to tease her. It's also perfect for sharing soft kisses and caresses. The rest of the afternoon seemed to just fly by. Right now we were both relaxed and content. Just lying there together, holding each other and trying to express what we were feeling between kisses. We finally looked at the clock on the nightstand. It read 6:00. We then realized we were hungry.

We got up and headed to the kitchen.

The question now was what would be quick to fix, taste good and give us energy for later. She got a can of SPAM out of the pantry. She handed it to me and said, "Open this and cut it in six slices. We can each have two slices fried for supper and save the other two to put in scrambled eggs for breakfast. I'm going to slice some potatoes to fry. A slice of bread and butter should re-fuel us. Would you like a glass of milk?"

I answered, "That all sounds good to me." She handed me a knife. I opened the SPAM and sliced it. I got out two slices of bread and buttered them. I poured the milk.

She asked, "Who taught you to be so helpful and know your way around a kitchen?"

"My mom made sure I knew how to do most everything around the house. My dad taught me how to fix cars and most anything that needed to be repaired."

Soon we were sitting down to a joint effort supper. It was delicious. We cleaned the kitchen up and walked hand in hand to the couch. She'd had no male contact for five months. I'd had no female contact for three months. We both needed to be touching the other. Most of the evening was passed with idle chit-chat. Our minds were busy reviewing all that had happen so far... and wondering how later was going to feel. At about 9:00 we looked at each other...said nothing... But stood up right together.

Annie spoke first. "I can't wait any longer. I have to have you... NOW."

I wrapped my arms around her pulling her in tight. She was doing the same to me. I gave her a passionate kiss, pushing my tongue into her mouth. She responded by accepting my tongue and offering me hers. There was a little battle of the tongues. The rules of the game had just changed... There was going to be no holding back, no being reserved. From here it was going to be 100% giving our all and accepting whatever was offered. She led me into the bedroom and stopped beside the dresser. She leaned down, opened a drawer, grabbed the box of Sheiks and set them on the dresser. I opened the box, took a package out and opened it.

"First things first," I said. She watched as I carefully rolled it down the length of my hard-on. "No drips allowed!" We moved over to the bed. One more intense hug and kiss before we lay down. I continued, "I want to lie on my side slightly curled up. I want you on your back with both legs draped over my hips. We will be in a sort of X position. She knew exactly how I wanted us to be. When we were in position she spread her knees wide apart. I reached down to her pussy to stroke it a few times. She was soaking wet. No lube needed. Then I teased her breasts with my right hand. She had her right hand resting on my chest. I slowly pushed two fingers into her pussy... as deep as I could get them. I was aware of how tight she was and wanted to open her a little before I eased my dick into her.

She was almost forgetting to breathe, then gasping for air in anticipation. When we could neither one wait any longer I positioned my hard-on at her entrance.

I started my slow push... all the way in... in one long stroke.

She responded, "OOOOOH!" She took in another gasp of air. "God that feels wonderful! I was not expecting you to go deep on the first stroke... but that was a fantastic start!"

I replied, "I wanted to get deep before you clamped down on me. You are SO TIGHT! It's been way too long for both of us. Now we just need to see how much pleasure we can share."

I started taking slow strokes... pulling almost out... then thrusting all the way to the bottom. I mixed fast strokes in here and there. She was reaching over pinching my nipples in response to me pinching hers. This is not a position that lets you share kisses. But it does allow small changes in position to create different sensations. After a few minutes we were both doubting how long we could last.

I spoke softly, "I'm going to pull my right leg up high so you can put your left leg under it. We will be in a scissors position. I can get a little deeper this way... and we can each squeeze the other's leg that is now between our legs. Changing positions also gives us a tiny break to slow us down."

She answered, "This is a new position for me... And I like it!"

The angle of my dick in her pussy reached new areas in her vagina... setting off new nerves. We went back to doing alternating thrusts with her pushing against my thrusts. We were both making little sounds of both excitement and contentment. After a few minutes of pleasure in the scissors position I wanted to change one more time. With a little difficulty we managed to get where I wanted to be without ever having to pull out. I needed to be on top of her.

I promised her, "I'm going to hold back until you have two orgasms. Then I'm going to pound your pussy so we can finish together." I started just gradually speeding up.

Her first orgasm hit her after just a few minutes. "AAAHHH! UUUMMM!

OOOOOHH! DAMN!" I kept going... Several minutes later her next orgasm was intense! Her muscles were clamping down on me. She was struggling for breath.

I whispered, "Let's finish strong!" I started pounding into her. She was pushing up to meet me. We only lasted a couple more minutes.



I carefully pulled out of her, making sure the Sheik came out still on my dick.

I checked... The reservoir tip was full. The record of never having one break on me was still intact. I collapsed, rolling off to her right side, she turning to face me and hold me tight. Clean up could wait.

Together we said, "GOD, I needed that!" And then we laughed about how in tune we were with each other.

After we recovered so we could breathe and our legs might hold us up I said,

"Give me a couple of minutes in the bathroom and then it's your turn." I carefully got up removing the Sheik, tied a knot in it, wrapped it in toilet paper and put it in the trash can. I used a washcloth to clean up and then rinsed it. I walked back into the bedroom holding my washcloth in my hand. I said, "Where is your laundry hamper? You should get a fresh washcloth to clean up with."

She smiled, "You're right, that one might be dangerous for me to use. I'll get a fresh one." She told me where the laundry hamper was and went to get herself a fresh washcloth.

When she came back I asked her, "Any chance you have some wine?"

She answered, "I have two bottles I've been saving for a special occasion. This is a very special occasion! Let me get one and open it. There are wine glasses in the cupboard."

We went to the kitchen, got the wine poured and retired to the couch. We sat there sipping our wine to quench dry throats from breathing hard. Our heart rates were almost back to normal.

I started, "I won't tell anyone back on the base how my weekend was. They wouldn't believe me anyway."

She answered, "Thank you for protecting me... again. And it has been an unbelievable week end so far. We still have tomorrow. But right now I just want to finish our wine, go to bed, and go to sleep holding each other."

I agreed. We were sound asleep in no time.

Sunday had the sun sending soft rays of light thru the bedroom curtain again.

I woke up first. The sight of Annie laying there was such a beautiful sight. She had a look of complete tranquility on her face. I kissed her softly on the lips.

She stirred a little and opened her eyes.

She spoke softly. "Tell me I'm not dreaming. Tell me that this has all really happened. I guess I should believe it happened... I'm a little sore this morning."

I answered, "No matter what either one of us might have been wishing or dreaming would happen... What has happened... has been so much better!"

Sunday turned in to a wonderful repeat of Saturday. Everything was a little different, but followed the events of the day before. We played Monopoly in the afternoon. We shared passionate kisses with dueling tongues all day. At bedtime I reached into the box of Sheiks. The positions were different... but the intensity was the same. We shared the other bottle of wine for another special occasion. Extremely satisfied, we again slept soundly, holding each other.

We were sad to see Monday morning come. After breakfast we snuggled on the couch most of the morning, reminiscing about our un-believable weekend together. There are no words that can describe how we felt. Fate had dealt us a winning hand. There is no other explanation.

After a nice lunch we got dressed. That felt different. We spent probably fifteen minutes trying to say goodbye to each other while we were still in a private place. It was intense... bordering on frantic. Finally I got up off the couch and picked up my travel case. Annie grabbed her purse and keys. We walked out to her car.;area=summary;u=191223,176128.msg998712.html#msg998712

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