A week from that night, Fauna announces she's pregnant. The Council celebrate.
Kronii cries herself to sleep that night.
A month from that night, Fauna shows up to a council meeting with a ring on her finger. When asked, she blushes, and tells the other girls that Anon finally proposed.
Kronii visits the site of the 5 greatest mass extinctions in Earth's hirstory, but it doesn't make her feel any better.
Six months from that night, the wedding is held.
Kronii spends that entire week locked in her room. She destroys every plant in a mile of her apartment.
Nine months from that night, the baby is born. A daughter. The rest of the Council is there.
Kronii buries herself in her work.
Two years from that night, Fauna announces her third pregnancy is twins. You're there too, holding her hand.
Kronii stains her sheets with blood, hoping the end will come.

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