I bent forward again and began to kiss her, my hand gently rubbing her pussy through her panties, she let out her breath as my hand found its way under the fabric, and began rubbing her forbidden flesh. My lips traced a path from her mouth to her small buds, my tongue flicking her emerging womanhood. Kari’s breathing began to quicken and deepen, my breathing matching hers, my cock now hard as steel, I quickly sat back on my heels and pulled her panties down and off her freshly painted feet giving Kari her first look at my cock in the full blown passion, the veins popping, the uncut head emerging from its hood an angry purple, Kari’s eyes grew wide, doubt now crossing her mind, but not mine, she was her mother’s daughter, she would accept me.

My face moved to her pussy and she opened her legs to welcome me, just a hint of strawberry blond pubic hairs on her soft mound. I found her pussy wet, the strong smell of her desires, and the sweet taste of her sex. My tongue explored the immature folds of her outside and then explored the welcoming warmth of her inner channel, her hips rising to my tongue, her voice moaning my name, her fingers running through my hair, writhing in pleasure, my heart pounding in my head, I would be denied no more. I rose to all fours and as I moved over her she watched me intently with those green eyes of hers, and her soft hands moved to my well muscled chest, and brushed the soft hair they found there. I was on top of her, and she submitted to me, accepting what was to come. Bending to her flushed face I kissed her full, red lips, and then with her eyes closed I took hold of my cock, placed it at the entrance of womanhood, her passion juices made a slick opening and I pushed inside. Her mouth opened and she took in a sharp breath, and then slowly released it as I continued my penetration. Deeper and deeper I slid, nothing resisting my inward progress, no cries of pain no sign of rejection. I was in completely. I looked into Kari’s face and saw the contentment of an angel, her eyes opened and her smile told me all was well. Slowly I began to move in and out, my chest held above her, thrust out and proud. Kari began to moan softly and I asked "Does that feel good baby"?

She looked at answered "Yes, it feels better than my wildest dreams".

I continued to move in and out and Kari tried to meet my thrusts but she was a little awkward which only made her more endearing to me. Finally I could tell by her breathing and the way she was moving she was close to an orgasm so I asked "Are you gonna cum baby? Tell me when your gonna cum so I can cum with you".

"I’d like that" she said, "Cum with me. Are you gonna cum inside me"?

"God yes I want to, but I’ll come wherever you want me to, just tell me" I answered feeling my own orgasm rising inside me, a volcano about to erupt.

"I want you to cum inside me to Joe, I want to feel you do it all inside me" Kari panted then she began to stiffen, a squeal escaping her lips she said "I’m cumming! Oh god, I’m cumming".

Our lips locked, my hips pumping madly, her body taking each pounding thrust and turning it into rapture. I felt my cum explode from my cock, each spasm a powerful burst of semen, Kari flinched each time, then slowly, the moment subsided, my hips gently grinding hers, wringing the last drops of pleasure from our union, I collapsed next to her. I opened my eyes and Kari was looking at me, and she said softly "That was incredible".

I smiled back, drained, and said "It’s always incredible when it’s with someone you care about".

Kari rolled to my chest and began to run her fingernail over my belly, the same way her mother always did. She asked "What now"?

I laughed "Rest is what’s next! I need a chance to recover".

Kari’s head popped up quickly and with hope she said "You mean we can do that again"?

Now it dawned on me what she was asking "Oh, you mean is that the last time we can be together"?

Kari put her head back on my chest, "I don’t want this to end. It wouldn’t be right to give me a taste and then take it away".

I kissed her head "Don’t worry your pretty little head about that, since I have had a taste of you, I don’t want that to be the end either".

"Really" She asked raising her head "Promise"?

"Cross my heart" I answered.

We kissed again. A short time later we heard the door lock, and in walked Gina, face flushed. She came to the bed and sat down, the smell of alcohol strong on her breath, she stroked Kari’s face with love in her eyes. Kari held her moms hand and kissed it, and then with tears in her eyes she said to Gina "This is the best birthday I think I will ever have". Gina, tears in her eyes also, kissed Kari, then me and without saying a word she undressed and climbed into the other bed.

Kari and I spooned, listening to the silence of the room, and her moms breathing. The feel of Kari’s naked flesh soon had me responding. I began to explore her body with my hands, my lips tasting the salt from her sweat at her shoulders, my cock rising Phoenix like began to push between Kari’s ass cheeks, she turned to kiss me, her tongue darting out to explore with more confidence than before. Kari rolled over completely to face me, her hands searching for what she wanted, finding my cock rock hard and ready for her. I reached behind her, ran my hand over her back and down to her ass, I began to become dizzy with desire, I threw back the blankets, and moved my face between her legs again, the taste of our sex intoxicating, I pushed her knees up and apart roughly, Kari grunted in response. My tongue explored from her young pussy to her tight ass, first gently rimming the outside of her sexy pucker hole, then plunging deep inside, again and again. Kari gasped the first time, but with each successive thrust she grunted louder and louder, making sounds of animal passion. Then through gritted teeth she said "Oh god that is so nice. Oh god yes, oh god yes… Yeeees". I sat up on my knees again and said roll over, show me your ass. I knew Gina might be watching but right then I just didn’t care, I wanted Kari, and Kari wanted me.

Kari rolled over and got on her knees, I positioned myself behind her, grabbed her hips, and quickly was ready. Kari, submissive before me, prepared to again accept my massive member, so I took my cock in hand and pushed it into her pussy. I spread her cheeks and thought how good her ass would feel to me. Kari was soon moaning, my sweat dripping onto her back, our bodies slapping with each thrust I made, I looked toward Gina and saw her eyes in the darkness, watching me love her daughter. I looked back to Kari’s ass, and couldn’t resist the urge to play with it, I licked my thumb and placed it at her anus and with gentle pressure I pushed it in to the first knuckle. Kari moaned louder, and I knew she liked it. Grinding my thumb in and out, Kari turned her head back to me and said "I love you Joe, my god I love you" and with that outburst both our bodies began to stiffen and we came together turning into a quivering mass of flesh and bone until we again collapsed together and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning I woke first, Gina and Kari softly snoring in unison, I peeked through the drapes and into the bright morning. Had that night really happened? My nakedness told me the truth, as did the nakedness of the young girl next to me. I climbed back in bed, softly kissing Kari’s neck, she rolled over gave me a sleepy smile and said "good morning my love".

"Good morning" I said in return, and buried my face in Kari’s neck, my arms holding her tight and her body yielding to me.

I then felt a familiar form slide in behind me, her hands wrapping comfortably around me, her naked skin soft on my back, and her kisses light on my neck. Gina said "Good morning, my love".

Gina was behind me and Kari was in front, both naked and soft. My lips lightly tasted Kari’s skin while Gina tasted mine. I felt Gina’s hand reach around my body and take hold of my stiffening shaft and gently begin to massage it. Kari shifted and looked at us both with a smile and stretched letting out a high pitched squeak as she did.

"Good morning mom" Kari said.

"Good morning sweetie" Gina replied "How was your night"?

I elbowed Gina as asking Kari about what happened was against the rules.

"Sorry, I withdraw the question" Gina said with a chuckle.

Kari looked at us both a little confused and said "You two are really weird do you know that"?

"Takes one to know one" I said.

Gina suddenly said "Why don’t you hop in the shower honey, I made breakfast reservations and we have to be there in less than an hour, then after that we’ll hit the park when it opens".

"OK mom" and she flipped the blanket back and climbed out of bed and walked to the suitcase, her cute little ass swinging sexily.

My cock was rock hard in Gina’s expert hands. I watched Kari at the suitcase picking out her clothes for the day, "nice" I thought as she picked out her stretch pants and a too small tank top. I knew I was going to be hard all day with her body tormenting me like that. Gina whispered in my ear "You like that"?

"Ummmm, your hand always feels so good" I replied.

"Thanks" she said "But that wasn’t what I was talking about".

"Oh, you mean Kari".

"Yes… so… do you like that"?

I rolled to my back and looked to Gina "She takes after her mom, I can’t help myself" and I smiled at her.

With that statement Gina began kissing me forcefully, her hand attacking my cock roughly, I knew this was going to be some wild sex, but I never expected what would happen next. I heard the shower running and knew Kari was out of the room and that’s when Gina threw off the blankets and exposed our nakedness to the morning. Gina began kissing my neck then my chest as she moved to my belly I expected her to stop and mount me, but her lips continued ever downward until she reached my cock and the remains of her daughters first sexual experience. Gina took my shaft into her mouth without hesitation and was making sure she tasted every inch.

"Oh god Gina, That feels so incredible… so fantastic…" I moaned.

After she had pleasured me orally Gina moved to the headboard and stuck out her ass, "I need you Joe, I need you now"!

I got up on my knees and moved behind Gina and when I felt her pussy I found it was wet and slippery in anticipation of me. I took hold of my cock and placed it to her pussy and slowly pushed it inside. Gina moaned, her head turned to the side so I could see her face in profile. Our motions matched, out rhythm was in sync, and soon all I could hear was the sound of our bodies slapping. My eyes had closed with the great feeling of pleasure I had and when I opened them I saw Gina staring to the side and knowing what she was looking at I followed her gaze to find her sexy young daughter staring at us wearing just her panties. This excited me all the more and so my pace quickened and so did Gina’s excitement. Gina began to shudder with her orgasm and I was overtaken by the urge to have Kari watch me cum in her mother’s mouth.

As Gina’s orgasm waned I said "Roll over sweet heart, I need to cum in your mouth".

Gina did as she was asked and I moved my cock to her mouth and plunged in. I looked at Kari and she was watching intently as I began fucking her moms face and when I came, Gina hungrily devoured every drop and Kari watched fascinated staring slack jawed.

"Wow, so that’s what we looked like doing it" Kari said.

Gina had a big grin on her face and said to me "Come on stud, let’s get ready to go" and she hopped up and headed straight to the shower. I went to the sink to shave and as I did Kari sat on the counter next to me. Her brown stretch pants accentuating her slim figure and her tight tank making it obvious she had tiny boobs and her nipples that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Kari made small talk as I shaved, and my eyes kept going to her crotch and the promise of pleasure later today, I could see the outline of her pussy and I began to get excited again, and knew it would be a long day of anticipation.

After we ate we went to the park and as we were walking around Gina and Kari walked ahead of me whispering and giggling, looking back at me and giggling some more. My eyes alternated between Kari’s small tight ass, her panty lines teasing me, taunting me to grab her and make her mine, then to Gina and her khaki shorts clinging nicely to her ass, and her French cut bikini briefs calling out to me. I was being tortured. Every chance these two temptresses had they rubbed against me. Kari would sit on my lap and Gina would lean in and kiss me gently, her hand brushing areas of my body that sent electric shocks through me. They kept things innocent looking to any outside observer, but they were driving me completely wild.

When the evening came we went to dinner and afterward Gina suggested we go to the hotel room to watch the fireworks. We had a room that looked over the park and we were told we would be able to see the fireworks from out balcony, so I moved the room’s sofa to the sliding glass door. Gina went to the room’s refrigerator and got out another bottle of Champagne.

Kari brightened and said "We have more Champagne"?

"Some for each night" Gina answered.

Kari grabbed the glasses and brought them to Gina who opened the bottle and poured three glasses. We then sat on the sofa and toasted Kari. Kari smiled shyly and said "This has been the best birthday present ever".

Gina got up and got the camera and she walked back and said "Kari why don’t you sit on Joe’s lap and I’ll take your picture".

Kari eagerly sat on my lap, being sure to grind into my seemingly ever excited cock. Kari looked at me and smiled saying "I’m glad to see you too".

Gina said "What’s going on there, anything I should be aware of"?

"Nothing you didn’t already feel this morning" Kari replied.

As Gina took the picture Kari kissed my cheek, all very innocent unless you knew what was pressing into Kari’s soft ass.

The first of the fireworks went off and I put Kari down next to me and she protested "Oh Pooh, I was enjoying that" then I went and turned out the room lights.

"What are you doing" Gina asked knowingly.

"Just turning out the lights so we can have a better view of the fireworks" I said as I stripped out of my clothes. I walked to where my two lovely ladies sat and I grabbed hold of my tortured cock and slowly stroked it along its long hard shaft. Standing in front of them both, I looked at their smiling faces and said "You two need to decide something right now. Last night your mom gave us some privacy, now if you want her to leave she will go, but I have to admit I really liked it when she watched us last night, just as much as I enjoyed it when you watched your mom and I this morning".

Kari looking into my eyes smiled and said "I want her to stay".

I knelt in front of Kari as she clutched her champagne in front of her chest, her small breast buds poking through the fabric of her tank, seemingly asking me to free them. My hands began to rub her thighs, her legs firm and muscular. My hands reached the heat of her crotch and she opened her legs welcomingly, a soft sigh coming from her lips. I bent toward her face, my cock long and hard jutting toward the object of my desires. We kissed, her soft lips parting as our tongues searched each other out, and then began their dance. Kari’s face turned up toward mine, eyes closed, glowing in the light of the park and occasionally brightened with the explosion of the fireworks. I pulled back and could see matching looks of contentment on Kari and Gina’s faces.

I took the Champagne from Kari’s hands and set it down on the floor, then I reached out and began to pull off her tank, it slid off her body like a glove, the tight fabric slowly unveiling her tight and trim body. I sat a moment admiring her flat belly, and small pink breast buds, until I again bent forward and kissed her lips, then moved down to her neck, brushing her ears with my lips and tongue as I continued down to her breasts. Kari thrust out her chest as my lips encircled her nipples and gently suckled her tender young breasts, a soft moan coming from her lips, and I could feel her hot breath on my head and neck. I stopped sucking her nipples and moved to her belly, kissing gently, lovingly, until I reached her belly button where I again began to tongue and suck her young flesh.

My cock was by now feeling every soft movement, every gentle sensation was like a shock, I was so excited I wanted release right now so it took every ounce of control to keep from cumming right then. I dropped my face to Kari’s crotch, the inseam of her stretch pants smelled strong of stale sweat, and the strong smell of her young sex. My tongue reached out to taste what I so desired, gently running up her slit, pushing the fabric into the crease of her pussy. I could feel the outline of her panties, and ran my tongue up one side and down the other. My hands moved up to her waist band and grasped the elastic and began to pull her pants down. I raised my head up and then in one firm motion removed Kari’s pants and underwear.

With her pants down, I could see her pussy was wet with the glow of each of the exploding fireworks then I could wait no more. "Gina" I said "Take my cock and guide me". As I spoke I never took my eyes off Kari’s face, her eyes sparkling with desire.

Gina’s hand was quickly wrapped around my engorge cock and she guided it deftly to the waiting opening of her daughters pussy. I soon felt the warm wetness of Kari’s waiting sex on the bulbous head of my shaft and with a slight push Kari body accepted me, and as I entered Kari’s pussy her lips parted as she quietly gasped, her eyes never leaving mine.

Gina’s hand left my cock and gently rubbed my chest, I could see her watching her daughter and I, intently studying our faces, like she was trying to see to our very souls. I continued to push and I was slowly swallowed by Kari’s womanhood, the warmth of her body combined with the wetness of her sex began to make my passion boil deep in my belly. I withdrew and then plunged back in, Kari’s hands rubbing my chest, rubbing over and around her mother’s hand.

I bent in and again kissed Kari, but this time my tongue thrust out in a not so gentle manner, ramming into her mouth, angrily, my lust unleashed, uncontrolled. I began to ram my cock hard into Kari’s belly, again and again, our bodies slapping, my balls slamming. I broke my kiss with Kari and turned my face to Gina and barked at her "Kiss me"!

Gina leaned into me a look of worry and lust in her eyes, when our lips met we crushed them together and soon our tongues were tangled, and I could hear her breath whistle through her nose as her lust built. My hand grabbed her leg, squeezing her thigh and worked to her crotch. When I looked back to Kari her eyes locked on mine and again desire was all I could see, the fireworks were building behind me lighting up our den of desire, glowing as brightly as our passion. Gina’s hands were around my head, and she was kissing my neck and ear, faster I plunged, again and again, Kari’s back arched, she began to orgasm, her hips grinding up to meet my thrusts, she moaned "Ohhhh god Joe, I’m cumming, oh god… yeah I cumming…."

As Kari let loose with her orgasm mine positively exploded, my cock jerking and spasming as I unloaded my sperm deep into her belly, and I could see each pulsation under the skin of her belly as my manhood pushed through her tender young insides.

As I began to come down from my high I looked at Gina and knew what she wanted. I slowly withdrew my still hard cock from Kari’s small and lovely pussy, my cum and Kari’s sex coating and dripping from its veined shaft. I stood and brought it to Gina’s face. Gina grasped the shaft with her small fingers, and with her eyes closed she took me deep into her mouth. Gina’s face was the definition of contentment, like she lived for this moment. As Kari was watching her mother enjoy the remains of her passion, she was absentmindedly running her fingers from her pussy to her belly and back again, her eyes dreamy and far away. I put my hand on Gina’s head and slowly, gently moved my hips to fuck her face as she eagerly cleaned me while my once rock hard cock slowly softened.

Then I withdrew from Gina’s sweet mouth and she opened her eyes and smiled at me, I looked at Kari and she also had a peaceful smile on her face, the fireworks had stopped outside and inside and I said to these two beautiful ladies "I never thought I would find a woman I could love as much as you Gina, but I believe Kari is one I could". Both ladies smiled happy contented smiles when they heard this.

I picked Kari up off the sofa and began to carry her to the bed where I gently set her down, her young body dimly lit in the evening light, her skin looked smooth, and soft. Kari said "I’ve loved you for so long Joe… I never dreamed I would be your lover… that you would love me as much as I love you".

I lay next to her and gently said "Gina… come… join us" and she did, removing her clothes as she approached, I knew what she wanted, the dark place, the place clouded by her lust, the lust for her own flesh. I opened the delicate flower that was her daughter’s pussy, my milky semen slowly leaking from her slight lips and dripping down to the crack of her ass. I began to gently tongue Kari’s sensitive clit, leaving the rest of her pink pussy for her mother’s hungry tongue. Gina hesitated at first, but I knew she wanted her daughter’s sex, needed to taste her daughters sweet, young juices, the dark incestuous desires had been festering too long and had to be satisfied. I looked at Gina as my tongue darted around Kari’s clit, her moans becoming more intense, then Gina couldn’t hold back any longer and her face approached mine, but my tongue remained where it was until Gina’s tongue touched down on her daughters sperm filled slit. Slowly, tentatively, she explored her daughter’s nether region, her eyes open at first, then, slowly, they closed as she gave into her desires, her tongue moving more forcefully, more deeply. I listened as Kari’s moaning intensified, her breathing quickening, her hand at first rubbing my back, then gently scratching and finally her fingernails digging into my flesh, Kari was brought to the crescendo of another orgasm, her pelvis pushing up to meet her mother’s tongue, I was now watching mesmerized, excited at the forbidden lust filling this warm dark room.

As Kari’s orgasm waned I moved to Gina, the love of my life and mother of my new found desires, I wanted to satisfy her as she had satisfied us. Gina looked up with a mix of confusion and shame in her eyes, I’m sure she couldn’t believe what she had done, what she had enjoyed doing. I moved to her, my cock standing proud from my body, bobbing with my movement. Gina fell back as if afraid of me, her eyes wide.

"What have I done" she whispered.

"Brought pleasure to the people you love the most" I replied. I moved on top of her, her slight body dwarfed by my muscular frame, my cock menacing her pussy. Gina’s hands were on my chest in an almost vain attempt to push me away. I kissed her and she relaxed, she was back to familiar territory, her transgressions temporally forgotten, her body yielded to me.

As we kissed, and I felt Gina’s body push against me then I felt a small hand grasp my cock and begin to gently stroke me, and a small soft voice said "Let me get mom ready for you".

I looked back and saw Kari’s face by my hip, so I turned myself so she could have access to her mom, and when I looked at Gina’s face I saw panic, but she didn’t move instead her hand reached for my face and I think I saw a tear in the darkness on her cheek. As Kari began tonguing her mom’s womanhood, I heard the sexy noises she made, and I watched Gina’s panic fade as she relaxed and began to enjoy the moment, her breathing becoming more rhythmic, her lips parting in lust, her tongue licking her dry lips. After a few minutes of this I needed release and slid back into position, Kari yielded reluctantly, Gina opened her eyes and looked into mine as I felt Kari grasp my cock to guide it into the place of her birth. I entered Gina and slowly began pushing into her, our bodies in a rhythm of love and desire, our bodies locked together as one. I then saw Kari lay next to her mother, her hand gently rubbing Gina’s belly, moving to her small breasts and back again. The two looked into each other’s eyes, a mix of love, desire and fear, but both knew they had crossed a bridge they couldn’t come back over.

"I love you Kari" Gina said.

"I know mom, and I love you too" Kari replied, then she leaned and their lips brushed, unsure of what they were doing, then Kari moved for a better angle and kissed her mom forcefully.

I watched their tongues in the dim light snake together, glistening, their kisses becoming quickly passionate. The sight of this perversion washed over me, my body became flushed and my orgasm began to well up from deep inside. I felt Gina stiffen, Kari’s hand pressed firmly onto her mother’s breasts, squeezing the fount of the milk that had sustained her as an infant, then Kari pulled back and said "Cum for me mom, I want to see you cum".

Gina’s orgasm and mine hit us both at the same time, our bodies shaking together, my cock depositing my seed deep into Gina, draining me of all my energy, I collapsed on the opposite side of Kari’s mother so Gina’s daughter could cuddle into her mother’s arms.

We lay quiet for a few minutes, the sound of our breathing and the noise of the park and the evening revelers filling the room. I finally spoke "I think we need to make room for Kari in our bed if she wants us".

Kari sat up, a big smile on her face and said "I don’t ever want to leave you two, I want to stay with you both forever, we can be husband and wife and wife" and Kari giggled at her own cleverness.

"I would be proud to have you both as my wives, how about you Gina, do you want to be a part of this threesome" I asked?

Gina answered us each with a long and gentle kiss.

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