I admit, over the next few days I made more of an effort. Made dinner for all of us a couple times. Played some board games. Asked Angelica about the music she was listening to. She definitely noticed. Seemed like she was teasing me a bit, and every time she did Ish rolled his eyes back into his head.

Maybe she was just fucking with me, but maybe she did like me? The first day I wore one of the new shirts I bought, she made a big deal about it. Spent a solid 30 seconds with her hand on my shoulder feeling it, exclaiming how soft the material was. It honestly seemed a little... forced? Contrived? But it made me feel so good about myself.

I just wished that they would stop fucking so damn loud. Ever since I had walked in on them, they had been loud every night. Going hard. Tonight was no different-- hell, maybe a bit louder than before. I sat in my room trying to just browse Reddit, but I couldn't block them out.

I heard moans and grunts... I heard him talking a lot-- it sounded like he was telling her what to do. I heard slaps and grunts and once, I swear, the clinking of chain.

Eventually, they fell silent, and I was relieved. Until I realized that I was hard as a rock and staring at my screensaver. I sighed, ashamed, but slowly opened up PornHub. Found a video of a cute blond, and pulled my dick out of my pants.

I was not prepared for the door to my room to open, and Angelica to slip inside. I practically fell out of my chair, frantically trying to put myself away. Ended up with my dick sticking out of the tip of my underwear, clearly outlined against my flannel pajama pants.

She stood just inside the door, hand over her mouth, and blushing furiously in the light of my desk lamp. I thought I saw a smile.

"Jesus Christ, don't you know enough to knock?"

She pulled her hand away from her mouth and looked me up and down. She seemed to get over her embarrassment quickly. I stood awkwardly next to my desk.

"Sorry... can I sit down?"

"Can you-- jesus fucking christ, sure; why not, sit down."

She stepped over and settled herself into my desk chair. Her face right at... well, right at my crotch level. I stepped away, sat down on the edge of my bed.

"I'm sorry we didn't tell you about us. It just sort of... happened."

I grunted, hunched over. "It's fine. None of my business. But could you guys please be a little more... discreet?"

She laughed at me. Her eyes sparkled with genuine amusement. "Why? You seemed to enjoy it."

I blushed more furiously than I already was, and hunched over more. As if to hide myself.

"Fuck you." She frowned, looking hurt.

"I really am sorry! I came over here to say..." she paused, pursing her lips. "Well, Ish told me about your crush on me."

I groaned. "So? You're taken."

She smiled, stood up, and came to sit next to me on the bed. Set her hand on my thigh.

"I'm fucking Ish, it's not like we're madly in love."

I couldn't help but lean towards her. She came in for a kiss, and soon I found myself pressed back into the bed, her legs straddling my waist. I belatedly realized that she was naked beneath a thin t-shirt and a pair of barely-there workout shorts.

My waist was soaked. She reeked of sex... and she wanted me. She came in for another kiss, and then trailed her way down to nibble my neck.

I gasped, and she chuckled.

"I'm going to suck you until you beg to fuck me. If you ask really nice, maybe I'll even let you come in my pussy."

She pulled off her shirt, revealing a pair of perky little breasts. She kissed me again, and then hauled me up to pull off my shirt. Trailed a line of kisses down my chest, her loose hair tickling as she went. Pulled off my pants and tossed them to the side.

I reached down to gather her hair up into a ponytail, out of the way, and she slapped my thigh, hard. I flinched, and she grinned at me.

"No touching."

She slowly tugged my underwear down and off, her hair teasing my legs as she did. Then she came up again, giving my dick a critical glance.

"Very nice." She pulled my pubes mockingly. "I'm gonna need you to shave this, though."

Then she slipped me inside her mouth. In seconds she had me gasping as I laid back on the bed, kneeling beside it with her head bobbing. Her eyes were locked on my face, twinkling with amusement as I grasped the sheets, trying not to grab her head again. Her hair fell behind her, teasing my knees and legs and occasionally getting in her way.

She felt magical, her lips and tongue eager. Her hands exploring my balls and tickling my thighs. Her face was alight, focused on my reactions. I'd never had a woman get this into a blowjob before.

I was about to come when I felt her mouth ease off, and her finger slip down below my balls to tease my-- I came up off the bed, sitting up straight.

"Woah, woah, woah that's my butthole."

She pulled her mouth off my dick with an exaggerated "POP" and slipped a finger on her other hand into her mouth.

It glistened with spit when she pulled it free. "Just lay back down and enjoy it."

Her mouth dipped onto my cock and I began to fall back onto my bed. At least I had showered vigorously earlier? And hadn't eaten much today?

I thrust up off the bed, thinking to get away from her finger, and she laughed around my dick. Which had ALSO never happened before... and her spit-lubed finger popped inside my ass.

It, uh... didn't feel bad. She kept sucking, kept bobbing, and soon I realized that I was moaning. She spit on her finger more, and soon was slowly working it in and out of my ass. I was back to thrusting, but now I couldn't tell if it was because of her lips on my cock, or her finger in my ass.

"I'm-- I'm--" she pulled off, her lips twisted into a full smile as she kept thrusting her finger into me.


"Oh god please let me fuck you." She laughed and suddenly my ass was empty as she crawled on top of me.

"Don't be ridiculous, I'm the one fucking you."

I moaned again, my hands fumbling for her hips as she slid my dick deep inside her. Soon she was grinding against me, gasping as I thrust up at her, trying to get the in and out motion going as she rode me like a bull. Finally she leaned down, tackling me into the mattress as she nibbled at my neck.

She began thrusting, letting my dick sink deep inside her and then alllllmost all the way out again and I was... I came.

I'd never made this much noise in bed in my life, groaning as I came inside her. She laughed, riding me up and down as my dick slowly softened. She twitched, and gave a little moan of her own, coming again as she ground against me.

She leaned down to kiss me. "Did I say you could come in my pussy?"

I blinked. "What?"

She slid off me, sliding up to sit on my chest. I felt drips fall on me as she did. "Did I say you could come inside me?"

"Uh... no?"

"Very good." She slid up a little more, pinioning my shoulders with her knees. Her dripping pussy loomed over my mouth. "I'm going to need you to clean that up."

I tried to protest, but soon she was rubbing her clean-shaven pussy against my mouth and nose, smearing me with our-- my? fluids. Disgusted, but horny enough to give it a try, I started licking.

It... didn't taste terrible. Mostly just like sweat and pussy. I barely notice my cum. And she... oh god, did she get into it. She practically screamed as she rode my face to at least three orgasms.

My face was drenched by the time she carefully climbed off me onto the floor, and my dick, which she tweaked with one fingernail on her way by, was hard as a rock again.

"Not bad." She gathered up her clothes as I tried to catch my breath. "You save that for later, okay?"

I grunted, sitting up slowly. "Thanks, by the way."

She laughed, pausing by the door as she pulled on her shirt. "For what?"

"Oh, uh... for not making me wear a condom."

She laughed. "Oh, don't be silly. I never use condoms."

The door closed behind her, and I turned to crawl into bed.

Froze. Wait. She never used condoms?

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