She thought a free use agreement would be fun to implement around the house. I whole-heartedly agreed. The agreement helped keep our plans of getting pregnant fresh. Rather than trying to schedule sex, we'd just have sex all the time.

Most of the time we didn't have any problems. Scenario One would usually go something like pulling her onto my lap while we watched television, and rubbing her clit until she was writhing under my hands, and stop at the last second. Then when she'd pause the TV to take a break for water or a snack I would sneak up behind her and take advantage of her well lubricated hole. Keeping her riled up to use whenever I wanted kept me at full arousal at all times. Scenario Two, while not effective in terms of impregnation, was fun. Especially as she has a bit of an oral fixation.

But that's most of the time. I'd had a rough week at work. And things were dropping off sexually as my stress was rising. My Bunny was still eager to be used though. Thankfully she took some of the stress away. She has a magic mouth, and it takes little effort on her part to ease my stress. Scenario two is amazing.

Finally my week from hell was over, so we celebrated with a simple night out. We got home late, and were both tired so after we cleaned up we went straight to bed.

When I woke up on my back, she was showing me why she had earned the pet name Bunny. She was bouncing and swaying seductively on top of me, should have named her Succubus instead. Once she saw I was awake, she leaned down to kiss me. Then she kissed her way down my jaw, to my ear. There she whispered in my ear every detail of how she had gotten me hard with her mouth and then climbed on top, lined us up, and started to use me. Her hips hadn't stopped while we'd kissed and she had described how she had made me ready for her. Her lust filled voice and the explicit details, along with her rocking on top of me was getting to be too much. My breath hitched a little bit, and she knew I was close. That's when she whispered to me she was ovulating. And then I was done.

She had an evil glint in her eye as I finished and told me that one wasn't good enough for tonight. She slid backwards off of me, and took my slowly softening erection into her mouth. As she cleaned me, she told me exactly how I was going to make her cum. How I was going to cum with her. How her orgasm would help the two loads I put in her tonight would help make her grow with my child. God, the way she alternated between working my brain with her words and my member with her mouth turned back the clock and made me feel like a much younger man. I was ready to fuck her like she talked about.

I sat up and moved her into position on her knees on the bed and parallel to the mirror on the dresser next to the bed. Now it was my turn to line myself up and enter her from behind. Something about fucking her with one of my loads already in her riles me up even more. Her hair is plastered to her back from the light sweat she built up last round. And I decide the hair belongs in my fist. I gather it carefully into my hand and use her hair to arch her back. The thought of knocking her up has me in a frenzy. She can feel it too. Luckily for me the idea of this is just as hot to her. I look at her in the mirror and thank my stars for such an amazing woman. In my mind I can see how she'll look pregnant in the mirror in a few months. So I tell her to look at the mirror. I describe to her how her breasts will swell and her belly will be full. Her moans tell me she's getting close imagining how her body will change while I'm fucking her. That's when I feel her start to clench on my cock. She screams in pleasure and I love how vocal she is while she cums. It pushes me over the edge and I finish in her for the second time that night.,dyskusja,1217209.html

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