Rolling onto my side I groan softly. Of course now after 18 years of waiting and excitement I'm having second thoughts. I really wanted my guard Dimitri. The only person that has been with me for most of my time here. The one person that new all my secrets and who made my whole body feel like it was on fire. Pushing myself back up I hug my small package of stuff and head towards my bedroom door. Looking back at my small room I say my goodbyes. Of course Dimitri is nowhere to be seen. Probably already on his way to that new little girl. I couldn't stop the small bubble of jealousy from forming. I understood why they did that. So you don't form a relationship with the person guarding you and forget the whole point of being here. It just wasn't fair though. Sadness started growing into anger. As I slowly walked down the hallway, past all the other bedroom doors and other guards towards the cafeteria, I felt like the anger just started growing and growing. I stopped when a sea of eyes moved towards me. All the bodies wearing red. It almost made me forget everything I was thinking about.

"Belle!" A little girl about the age of 5 came running up to me. Her little red pigtails bouncing when she rammed into me with a hug. Her guard huffing behind her. Belle knew he was new because most guards were used to the energy of a small child. He obviously was figuring all this out today.

"Jocelyn you need to let me know when your getting up to leave." He looked down at her sternly.

"Oh you just need to pay closer attention Henry." Little Jocelyn sticks her tongue out at Henry resulting in his face going bright red. Turning towards me she sticks her little hands up wanting to be held. Trying my best not to laugh I gently scoop her up and hug her closely.

"You know you cant talk to your guard like that. You need to try your best to become friends with him." I whisper softly into her ear. She looks at me seriously with her deep brown eyes and pouts.

"Sometimes he can be a big dumb dumb though. He never lets me get a second dessert. Never lets me run around. He thinks I should just sit still and listen all the time. Exhausting!" This time I burst out laughing forgetting all about my anger. I can even see Henry's face smirk and humor dancing in his eyes. Yes. They will be okay when I'm gone. Setting her back down on her feet I take her hand and we slowly walk back to where she was sitting. Henry leaves and brings me back some fruit and oatmeal. I could tell it was a silent thank you. Smiling up at him I turn my attention back to Jocelyn. "I'm so sad you're leaving Belle. I wont see you anymore."

"I promise that this is not goodbye. This is I'll see you later. One day you will be 18 and be able to go to the adult wing and you will get a pretty dress just like me." I didn't really know if all this was true. Some kids don't even make it to the adult wing. If they are thought of as troublesome or lacking in the areas they look at when we go to the testing classes, we go through the yellow door. Nobody knows what goes on on that side. But the two smiley faces they painted on it seem like a big lie. "But you have to promise me that you wont be a lot of trouble for Henry. He's only trying to help you."

"Fine I promise." She huffs and starts eating her fruit. The rest of the breakfast goes with silence. When I finish and gather my stuff up Jocelyn is the quietest I have ever seen her. Hugging her tightly I feel her body shake with silent tears. Looking up at Henry he nods and gently pulls her away from me. His hands squeezing her little shoulders reassuringly. Getting up and walking slowly down the hallway towards the Elders I start getting second thoughts. Nobody that goes to the adult wing really are ever seen again. So nobody knows what really happens over there. Rumors go from freedom to we turn into super spy ninjas. Of course I'm hoping for freedom. The ninjas don't seem real at all. When I get to the big brown wooden door with the lionhead knocker I just stand there, staring.

"You can do this. Nothing scary on the other side. You can do this." I tell myself softly. When the little cameras on either side of the door come alive and turn towards me I know my time is up and I'm going to have to knock. There wasn't a door handle so I couldn't just walk in. Why didn't they have a handle? I asked myself in the hopes to distract enough not to think about all the what ifs. Slowly I knocked three times. Hearing nothing I knock again three times, this time louder. The door makes a loud sound almost like locks sliding. Then a popping sound as it opens just a crack. I didn't know I was holding my breath until a single guard, this one larger and taller then any of the other guards I've seen, opens the door the rest of the way.

"Name and reason for being here?" His voice was deep and I could tell he wanted no nonsense. My eyes flickered down to the gun at his hip. Most guards near main doors carried guns and tasers. But he looked like he would really use it.

"Um, Belle. Its my birthday. I just turned 18." I can feel my voice shake and my face get warm with embarrassment. His eyes move down my body to my teal dress, and back up into my green eyes.

"You can enter." He says gruffly. I walk slowly past him and take in the room. It was all white. Little chairs on both sides of the walls and a plastic window at one end with a little old lady sitting on the other side. When the door closes and I hear all the locks click into place I turn around and notice that the guard is directly in front of it and there are exactly three locks and no handle. Again why no handle. There really is no going back.

"Hello there! You must be miss Belle. We've been expecting you dear." When I turn around the old lady is standing at the window with a clipboard. The chipper, happy voice making me cringe inside. That feels so forced. Slowly I walk towards her and try to smile back. "No need to be scared dear. I have all the information from your classes. Very high marks, no trouble for your guards. I really hope you continue that good behavior here in the adult wing. Now I have some information for you so listen very closely." She sits back down and I notice she has red lipstick on her front tooth. "You will receive a new guard today who will be with you for the entirety of your stay. Any bad behavior will result in punishment. Now we don't want that so just listen and do what you are told. You will receive a new bedroom, not so different then what you are used to. But this time you will be getting a roommate. Not right away so you can get settled. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are at the same times as you are previously used to. I think that's it. Oh and you can hand your stuff over here through this slot. Everything you need is already in your room waiting for you." I silently slip my stuff through the slot and take a few steps back. Trying to understand everything she has told me. Roommate? We were never allowed a roommate before. "If there are no questions please walk over to that door to your left. Another guard will take you to your bedroom where your permanent guard is waiting for you. Have a nice day."

"Thank you." I didn't know what else to say. But it must have been the correct thing because she actually gave me what I felt like was a real smile. I just didn't understand the flash of sadness that I saw in her eyes. Walking up to the door she she mentioned about, the first thing I noticed was the lack of a handle. Making me wonder once again what awaited me on the other side. I heard the locks sliding and the door starts to open. I expected a man like the one that greeted me coming in here but it was a woman. She wore a brown pencil skirt and a striped blouse. Her grey hair pulled back into a very tight bun.

"Welcome Belle. My name is Evelyn I'm one of the Elders. I'm going to be taking you to your room today and introduce you to your guard. A present for having such high marks! If you will follow me." I had to walk very quickly to keep up with her long legs. I tried to look around without losing sight of her. The walls looked very white, just like the little room. Everything smelled like the hospital room back in my old area. I didn't even see a single person on our way. When she stopped abruptly in front of a metal door I thought there had to be some mistake. "Here we are. Room 118. You will be rooming with a young gentleman that just joined us last week by the name of Leo. I think you two will get along swimmingly." She said the last part with a little smile.

"Excuse me, but I think there has been some sort of mistake." I was so confused. "You said I was to be rooming with a man?"

"Why yes. We here in the adult wing room every female with a male. You will have expectations now that you are in this area. Your guard and the young gentleman will explain more to you. They also have a fabulous presentation every morning before breakfast. Don't you worry. Tonight is all about getting you introduced and situated. You get to relax tonight. But tomorrow you need to start working. Every adult has a job." She looked at me with a bright smile. I new by the look in her eye she didn't want me to say anything else on the matter and I didn't want to get into any trouble my first couple of hours being here.

"Oh. Okay. I'll just ask my guard. Thank you." I turned towards the door and saw that at least this door had a handle. So I wont be trapped. That's a good sign at least. Opening it slowly I look up at two sets of faces. Two sets of very handsome faces. "Hello." I wave shyly at them both and take a couple of steps inside. When the door closes behind me I jump a little. Looking back my breathing catches. There wasn't a handle. It was a trick. Before I could start freaking out one of the gentleman gently takes my hand and leads me to a chair I didn't notice was right in the middle of the room.

"It's nice to finally meet you. I'm your new guard Victor." I look up at his blue eyes and his black hair. He looked just like my Dimitri. But that cant be right. First off Dimitri had long shaggy hair. Victors was much shorter.

"Excuse me but you look an awful lot like my old guard. Dimitri. But how could that be possible?" I shake my head slightly. This was all beginning to become to much.

"You probably mean my younger brother. The Elders thought the transition would be better if I was your guard because you were so used to him." I was still staring at his jawline when we both heard a cough coming from the corner of the room. Looking over I noticed a man that very much resembled a Viking from one of my story books. His body was so broad. Just him sitting on the bed I could see the muscles in his legs and arms. His blonde hair went down to his waist, and he had a slight beard. His eyes were brighter blue then I have ever seen before that I didn't realize I was staring till he smirked.

"Like what you see?" He said in a confident tone. I looked down at my lap, feeling my face go red. "Oh its okay. Its a good thing you find me attractive. This makes this whole thing so much easier."

"What do you mean?" I look at my guard this time, maybe because he looked like someone I always trusted. "Can you explain to me what's going on?"

"The world you know it, isn't the same. This facility is ran by very powerful, very rich people. There is no leaving this building. Even if you did manage to make it outside these... people are not like us. They will find you." Victor said everything so matter of fact. Like he read it in a book.

"Who are they? Why am I here?" I looked up at him sadly.

"The less you know the better. Trust me. I know you and Dimitri were close. He put in the request originally to have me here to protect you." He looked over at Leo and when he saw he wasn't paying attention he bent down to hug me. It felt awkward but when he slipped a small piece of paper into the pocket of my dress I understood. "Now I'm gonna be right outside your door. If you need anything please knock. Lunch is in a few hours still. Then you both are to be taken to the doctor for your check up. Remember Leo today is a day of relaxing. Nothing else." He said the last part sternly making Leo groan.

"Don't you worry. I'm not a bad guy. I will follow the rules." He gave a big grin making Victor roll his eyes. When the lock clicked I just sat there not really sure what to do. "I'm not supposed to tell you this but the people he was talking about, you are going to meet them. Well not them specifically but the people that pay them." I turn my head and notice he's leaning back against the wall on the bed. I slowly get up and sit on the edge, wanting to hear more.

"Please I want to hear more." He moves closer making me tense a little bit.

"They only come here at night. I've already seen them a couple times and its only been 7 days. I had a roommate before you." He trails his finger down the side of my face. His eyes dropping to my small frame. It made me blush. When his eyes went back to my lips and I saw him move closer my heart felt like it was beating fast. This isn't happening. When he saw I wouldn't turn away his lips pushed into mine almost roughly. His one hand on the back of my neck made sure I stayed in place. The other one I felt sliding up the front of my dress. That I was not okay with. Pulling my lips from his I turned my head away.

"Stop. Please." I could feel his fingers pinch my nipple making me feel the tingles Dimitri would give me. Biting my lip I tried to pull his hand out but he was to strong. He just smiled at me.

"You are so beautiful. More beautiful then any woman I have ever seen." He picked me up and laid me down under him on the bed. My dress by now was up near my chest. "I promise you will enjoy this, and I will play by the rules." I tried beating my little fists on his chest but it only made him laugh. When I tried to scream out to Victor he just put his hand on my mouth. I could feel the tears coming down my face before I realized that I was crying. "They want to make me one of them. Because of my scores. I promise you will come with me Belle. You will be mine. Only mine." When he said that I tried to make sense of it. His? I felt his hand slide down my body and start to rub me over my white panties. I stopped struggling. It seemed he liked the struggle. He slid my panties to the side and started sliding his finger up and down my slit. "Mmm you are enjoying this. You're so wet." I tried to plead to him to please stop but with his hand on my face it just came out mumbled. I felt his finger slip inside of me and I screamed. I screamed as loud as I could to get Victors attention. "He cant hear you love. The room is sound proof. Don't worry I wont do anything else tonight." He used his thumb to play with my clit and I felt it again, the tingles. It felt... good. "That's right." he said softly. I could barely hear him now. I don't know what he was doing but it couldn't be okay.

"Oh god. Please stop. Stop." It felt like I was going over the edge. Like I was going to explode. I didn't want this. Right when I felt like I was close the door opened.

"It's lunch time guys. Fuck Leo get off of her. This is not playing by the rules. This is relaxing day!" He walked over to Leo and picked him up by the throat. Throwing him against the wall.

"I was helping her relax man. I didn't do anything but touch. Promise." He got up and rubbed his neck. When I saw him look me in the eyes and lick his fingers I turned away and rolled into a ball. My whole body felt like it was on fire.

"Go to the doctor. Make sure you aren't damaged anywhere. Then lunch. Leave." The force in his voice made me shake. But I was grateful he stopped him. When I heard the door close and it was only me and Victor I felt safer. "Are you okay?"

I turned to look at my savior and all I could think about was that my body was still on fire. I tried to move my thighs together to help me but it only made it worse. His eyes moved down my body and I saw he understood even if I didn't. He turned his head to the camera in the corner of the room and exhaled when the little red light turned off. "Okay. I'm gonna help you but you have to trust me. I won't hurt you." When I nodded my head he pulled my body to the edge of the bed.

"I trust you." I said softly not knowing if I truly did. But when he kneeled in front of me and kissed my inner thigh I held my breath. He slowly trailed kisses up towards where Leo was touching. When I felt his kiss on my button I gasped. He used his tongue, playing with it till the tingles became waves. Moaning I put my hands in his hair trying to pull him closer. Anything to make my body feel better. I could feel his chuckle at my greediness vibrate my clit. Pulling me closer to the edge. "Wait stop. Stop."

"Trust me." He slide his tongue inside my tunnel while still playing with my clit and I felt like the world was going to come down. I screamed Dimitri's name when I felt my body crumble. Looking down lovingly that was the moment I realized it wasn't my Dimitri. How could I forget. Victor stood up with sadness in his eyes. "You really do love my brother don't you?" I got up and straightened my dress. Feeling guilty for giving away my deepest feelings. "Read it." When the light turned red on the camera his face went back to looking like stone. "Lunch will be in five minutes. Get ready to leave. Knock when you are ready." When he left I sat at the little desk in the corner of the room away from the camera. Pulling the paper out of my pocket my heart was beating so fast.

My Beauty,

I couldn't let you go without telling you how I truly felt. I will get you out of here. For now trust Victor. I love you Belle. Truly. We will be together again.

Your Dimitri

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