[Korean women's hockey's trip to Paris is cancelled After Tokyo, the team again failed to advance to the Olympic finals.]

Korean women's hockey team.

The Korean women's hockey team's dream of returning to the Olympics was dashed.

Korea lost 1-3 to Ireland in the third match of Group A of the 2024 Paris Olympics women's hockey final qualifying group held in Valencia, Spain on the 17th (Korean time).

Korea, with a final record of 1 win and 2 losses in the group stage, finished in 3rd place in the group.

The top three finishers in the final qualifying round are given Olympic tickets, but Korea failed to get an Olympic ticket as they did not even advance to the semifinals.

The Korean women's hockey team, which had previously qualified for the Olympics eight times in a row from the 1988 Seoul Games to the 2016 Rio Games, was unable to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Games and was disappointed when it failed again this time.

Korea, which fell to the ranking match instead of the tournament, will play Malaysia for 5th to 8th place on the 18th.

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Pub: 18 Jan 2024 00:36 UTC
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