Her brainwashed toy fetched a long nosed lighter and unfolded a large blue tarp on the kitchen floor.

Meanwhile Hue obediently served the drinks, following a forgotten hypnotic compulsion to put a little something extra in Crystal's glass.

Crystal watched it happen, a little tablet of who knows what, dissolved in a manner of seconds after Hue subtly dropped it in. The clever girl swapped cups with Domme before the drinks were served. In the end though, it was Hue who drank the drugged up cup.

"This is my puppet goo," Jen explained, lighting the candles one by one. "Once I coat you in it, I can pull upon my strings, teehee, and send little waves of pleasure that like, make your body obey my command:: You'll learn to crave the pleasure of mindless puppet obedience."

Crystal stared at the notes in her hand, zoning out as Jen began to completely derail the game. "I gave my players too much power and control," She must have realized too late as she fantasized about laying naked underneath those glowing candles, hot wax flowing forth like liquid pleasure puppet obedience.

The desperate slut had a tight schedule to keep. Every session cost her another three forgotten days of blank obedient slut brainwashing that her forgetful mind did not want to remember.

She knew that her body and brain were being violated and trained to serve and obey in ways that she could not recall. The pimped out slut didn't even realize, how she had been conditioned to believe that this is a sexy fantasy you've wanted and craved for so very long.

But what did Jen have to do with any of that? Jen was clearly drawing this out. Did Domme's friend somehow know that Crystal might give in completely if she didn't manage to carry out her cunning plan in time?

Clever Crystal quickly adapted this into an opportunity, to pull us all deeper into her little plot.

"If I may," our Dream Manipulator interjected. "The man that you want to rob is named Michael Pinolva. Mikey P. owns half of Metro city, including many popular night clubs. He's a crooked politician who is trying to force his backwards ways upon the people he thinks he owns. As a modern day Robin Hood, you undoubtedly have a plan in place to strike against him before the election in a month. If reelected he will surely pass a terribly restrictive and right stripping misogynistic law, entitled The Homemaker Act."

Dun, Dun, DUUNNnnnnnn

Everyone glanced around and sorta exchanged an icky look at the thought of such an awful man wielding so much power and control over so many lives.

"We gotta stop this jerk," Ell was the first to break the silence.

We all nodded and agreed.

"It gets worse," Crystal continued. "It seems that Pinolva has pulled some strings to get his hands on Doctor Sonic before the hypnotic villain ever saw the inside of a jail. Hypnotic reelection commercials are playing all over town now, and most of the citizens don't even realize that they are being brainwashed. This explains why you lure Sultry Girl into a trap. She impressed you at the party and you want her help to take down Pinolva. Maybe this is some kind of test to see if she has what it takes."

Click Clatter Clack Clatter Clack. Jen and Domme did something to determine just how well Blair's lust spell actually impressed the Crimson Mistress. I don't remember what though and it makes me feel like a forgetful slut.

Back at the nightclub, Jen introduced the her character to Sultry Girl. She asserted herself and insisted upon a challenge in which she claimed she could make Blair doing anything she wanted.

Domme made her double down on that declaration, insisting upon a wager, not on the outcome of a battle, but on whether Mistress Crimson could make Sultry Girl agree to forfeit her coral earrings of lust.

You could cut the sexual tension around the table with a knife as Domme spoke in a bratty voice.

"That shouldn't be a problem, seeing as you can, what was it, easily force me to do anything you ask."

It wasn't a problem. The problem was that they were both so damn seductive and such smooth talkers that they could sweep the obedient sluts right off their feet and easily derail the game in whatever ways they desired.

Crystal tried her best to keep the game on track, but she was slowly slipping, fading, drifting, floating into blank obedient and dreamy thoughts again. She tried to integrate all of the players into the scene, though the forgetful slut couldn't quite remember exactly who suggested to let Ell and Hue play as a pair of crimson clad obedient puppets.

Hue however, had already fallen quite deep under Domme's hypnotic control, not to mention drank a mind numbing glass of drowsy slut trancy-time juice. The blank obedient slut was so deep and dreamy that standing and acting just wasn't an option anymore. Hue laid down comfortably and let obedient trance take over, as the horny sluts put on a naughty show.

Jen won the battle with ease. She had helpers, you see, and her puppet goo was empowered by toy's magic. Plus Domme was undoubtedly in on Jen's little plan.

It was actually Sultry Girl who scored the first two blows of their little fight though. She knocked one of the puppet's firmly into unconsciousness with a fiery knee to the face. Then she swung an explosive kick to take out another.

Crystal gave Domme some kind of unfair advantage on those attacks, but nobody else remembers that. I think we were all kinda cool with being forgetful sluts about it, because we only had enough players left to act out the role of 2 puppets.

"I don't mind at all," Jen said, "In fact it's part of my strategy. You see, I want you all to myself but first I need to coat that sexy body in puppet goo. Teehee. Speaking of which, your left knee and right foot got coated when you struck my puppets."

"Here's one of the more interesting facts about puppet goo," Toy explained, as Jen grabbed two of the candles. He looked Domme directly in the eyes and said. "It eats through fabric and clings to flesh. You will obey, or by the time that Mistress is done with you, that naked obedient slut body will have a warm coating of crimson."

Domme understood. She slowly slid her pants down to the floor, putting on a sexy striptease show. The sultry brainwashed dominatrix bent over for her audience, wiggling that firm ass of hers, back and forth as her black slacks slowly slipped down to the ground. She was wearing a pretty pair of pink panties underneath, with a big bulge pushed back for all of us to see.

The alluring Domme just kept on swaying that lovely ass of hers, back and forth, as she dropped to the tarp on the ground. There she laid out with her legs out wide, presenting her willing body to her Mistress.

The half naked dominatrix gasped in anticipation as Jen walked over, a candle in each hand. Then she whimpered and moaned as a trail of hot wax landed first on her knee and then slowly traced back down, then up and around and in towards the tender flesh of her thighs.

Seemingly simultaneously, Jen slid the second crimson candle down to the sole of Domme's right foot. She made a pretty little puddle there before dripping up to the toes, and up up up the ankle as well.

"Oh fuck that's good," the slut moaned out. Then she slowly rose up to make her move.

"Oh no you don't!" Jen said. She curled her fingers at toy and Ell as if to compel them with invisible strings.

The two of them rushed towards Domme, who tried to leap away, but Jen curled another finger and Domme's knees began to buckle.

Clatter click clack clatter click. There was that strange sound again, you know, the one that makes us feel like forgetful sluts about some unimportant detail in the background subtly controlling everything in ways that obedient sluts don't need to remember.

Then Ell and toy pressed Domme up against the refrigerator and began molesting her beautiful body all over. They were on her before she could properly stand, let alone understand that everywhere their groping hands touched would now have to be coated in puppet goo.

Ell focused on the upper body. One hand groped and squeezed Domme's tits while the other traced across her arms and neck. He forced up her shirt and bared her chest, groping, pinching, and teasing all the while.

Meanwhile, toy slid a hand inside of Domme's straining panties. He rubbed and squeezed and simultaneously he raked the nails of his other hand up and down her tender thighs.

Domme whimpered and seemed to be giving in to submissive surrender, as the obedient puppets squeezed, caressed, and stroked her, completely coating her character in puppet goo that she knew would make it feel oh so unthinkably good to submit to Mistress.

Crystal was deep and drifting, barely conscious and unconsciously bare of all her clothing. She didn't even notice when Jen using the trigger Domme had expertly placed in her forgetful mind. She just continued to run the game even as her body thoughtlessly obeyed the hypnotic command:: Strip off all your clothing and masturbate for me.

Jen just slipped the command in when nobody was paying attention, and Crystal obeyed it like a blank obedient slut.

Meanwhile Domme laid down, so that Ell and toy could coat her in crimson wax. They had to thoroughly cover all the places that Mistress Crimson's faceless puppets had just touched.

"MMMmm yeah, oh fuck that's hot," Domme whimpered and moaned as trails of hot wax dropped down all over her naked body. "Oh yes, oh fuck."

"That's right slut," Jen encouraged her new puppet to obey. "Your body is coated now and will automatically obey every command:: Tell me that you obey. Say it. 'I Obey' "

"I. oh, bay." Domme said automatically as another Click Clatter Clack rang out from the table. "No, wait, no. This isn't over. Sultry Girl is making flames below your fingertips. Fingertips that are mostly bare because you wiped the puppet goo all over me. Then she's going to knock you out when you recoil from the BURN."

Clack Clatter Click Clack. Ell and toy pulled back. Their hands retreated from her attack, like they had accidently grabbed a hot tray straight out of the oven.

Yeowch. They shook their hands, trying to soothe the BURN, which seemed to chill off just as Domme was striking. She bonked them both upon the head. Ell and toy both felt compelled, by the undeniable rules of the game, to slip into a deep deep trance and slowly collapse into a comfortable position.

The battle was finally down to just Sultry Girl and Mistress Crimson.

Domme took a fighting stance, but Jen simply toyed with her new puppet.

Jen's pink painted fingertips seemed to swirl and twirl as she curled her fingers like she was pulling invisible strings. She pulled a string up,

THWAP!! Domme cried out in pain, as if that fine piece of crimson clad ass had taken a fearsome paddling.

Then Jen pulled a string down and Domme moaned out in ecstasy, like a magical touch had sent waves of pleasure directly through her crotch.

They drew out the fight on purpose, drawing out every lustful moan and every irresistible curl of Jen's compelling pink fingertips.

The obedient sluts were far too enthralled to complain. They could practically feel every single THWAP when Jen curled her fingers to attack with induced sensation through her puppet goo.

Half an hour later Domme was a whimpering moaning mess. She collapsed to her knees, practically begging to be tortured into obedience.

Crystal watched it all, thoughtlessly masturbating and trying her best to keep her game moving along. The horny slut didn't understand why her brain felt oh so empty and mind numbingly aroused. She didn't understand how every time Jen giggled it seemed to drain the intelligence from her dazed and drowsy head. She did however know that she needed to resist and somehow get the game on track before her brainwashed mind gave in.

Domme looked so fucking hot though, kneeling nearly naked, coated only in crimson wax.

Jen looked so fiercely dominant too, standing over her puppet, subtly pulling upon hypnotic strings. It felt so good to just let the two of them do anything they asked. It was almost like they had cast their own lust spell, upon Crystal's thoroughly reprogrammed mind.

That's right, the lust spell. Crystal must have somehow remembered about it, and tried for a desperate last ditch attempt to regain some control over her game.

The horny slut was so very close to breaking and begging to be the next one covered in puppet goo. That would have been it. That would have ended her little game and began of her new life as a brainwashed slut. Instead she set herself upon the impossible task of pulling Jen into the game, by dropping her consciousness level low enough.

Trouble is, Mistress Crimson's consciousness level was still up at 8. It had barely dropped at all, whilst Sultry Girl had been down at zero for at least what, 7 rounds. It was getting so hard to keep track.

Jen had exploited Crystal's gaming system. Her willpower had 6 six stat points and the puppet goo armor allowed her to puppet her own body through practiced martial arts techniques.

Plus Toy's character, Manny Quinn had material science expertise. The 5 stat points in his mental abilities amplify the effectiveness of puppet goo. With that many dice on Mistress Crimson's side it was almost impossible to make her consciousness level drop.

Then everything changed when the fire spell faded away from the exhausted Sultry Girl. At that moment in time, Crystal manipulated Domme into saying "You're still under my SPELL."

Click Clatter Clatter Click. The 4 players who were still awake all realized that Mistress Crimson was in fact still under Sultry Girl's lust spell.

This new realization allowed Domme to resist in lustful ways. She decided to enjoy being an obedient puppet, play the role so well as to seduce her Mistress into losing the wager.

Since the attack was a seduction, both sides had to use their social stat. Sultry Girl had 3 stat points there, giving her a 2 dice advantage over Mistress Crimson who was forced to defend herself with just 1 single fleeting chance that just so happened to give her 0 success.

Jen's mind began to slip. The lust spell distracted her attention away from entrancing Crystal and onto seducing Domme instead.

Mistress Crimson dominated Sultry Girl like an obedient puppet, but It's not really clear which one of them actually won. I think we all did, maybe. You see Crimson was eventually forced to give up on the wager.

After that though, Blair submitted. When her mind went completely blank, the Crimson Mistress filled it with suggestions to return and submit to her completely.

Domme's character won the wager, but her mind shut down completely when Jen said these chilling words.

"We both know you'll return to give in completely to my power. You'll find some way to rationalize it your mind, a perfectly reasonable excuse to come back and submit to me."

Maybe Crystal won, because she thwarted Jen's plan to end the game that night. Crystal as you may recall, had only agreed to be mind wiped so long as Domme played through her game of Trials and Trances. Frustratingly, she refused to forget that fact.

However, if she agreed to let Jen become the DM, that would be game over. Domme's agreement would be upheld. That would be the last thing that the obedient slut ever remembered agreeing to.

Something must have gotten lost in the lust though. That night ended with a massive puppet goo covered orgy, the details which were lost to blank and dreamy forgetful slut bliss.

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