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A quick guide to repair ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR for Google Chrome
Do you use Google Chrome to browse the internet? That’s tremendous! Most different net users are thrilled with its clean user interface. However, on occasion you would possibly’ve run into an SSL safety mistakes “This site can’t offer a relaxed connection – ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR” while browsing SSL cozy websites on Google Chrome browser.

Check the Date of Your System
Date is the maximum not unusual reason behind SSL mistakes. When the date of your laptop isn't always in sync with the date of the server which you’re trying to get admission to you’ll face the problem of ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR in your Chrome browser. The manner to restore this is simple – simply regulate the date of your system to modern date and then try establishing the site. You gained’t face any problem.
Clear Browsing Data
Sometimes browsing records might also come inside the manner of your net browsing experience, as a result providing you with that nasty SSL error again and again. If the date in your laptop is right, observe the steps given underneath to delete surfing statistics out of your Chrome browser:

Launch Chrome;
Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete;
Ensure that the time range is set to “All Time”;
Check the checkbox for “Cookies and other website online records”;
Check the checkbox for “Cached pictures and documents”;
Hit Clear Data
Wait for it to complete, and as soon as it's been done try loading the internet site once more on your browser. There’s a superb chance that it's going to open just high-quality.

  1. Clear Your SSL State
    If your problem still persists, the following thing you ought to try is clearing the SSL state of your computer. Follow the stairs given below to do this:

lick on the 3 dots displaying subsequent to the cope with bar in Chrome, right beneath the close button of the browser.
Click Settings and scroll all the manner down to Advanced Click at the button to expand Advanced settings;
Now scroll right down to “Open Proxy Settings” choice underneath System section and click on on it;
A window named “Internet Properties” will open. Go to Content tab in that window and click on Clear SSL State
Now attempt commencing the website once again in Chrome.

  1. Disable QUIC Protocol of Chrome
    Still no success? Okay, then try disabling the QUIC Protocol of Google Chrome browser. Follow the steps given below to do this:

Paste chrome://flags/#permit-quic in the deal with bar of your Chrome browser and hit Enter;
Under Experimental QUIC Protocol option, you’ll see that it’s set to “Default”. Disable it.

Check Your Antivirus Settings
Sometimes your antivirus may also be the perpetrator in the back of an SSL errors. All contemporary antivirus packages test the websites for malicious elements and different safety threats, which additionally includes checking the SSL/TLS model of a domain. If a internet site is using an outdated version of SSL, the antivirus blocks it and doesn’t allow us to go to it. In this situation, the hassle can be solved by way of disabling the antivirus temporarily. Just turn off your antivirus for some time and see if you could open the mistake generating website or now not.

Pub: 21 Jan 2021 11:15 UTC
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