It's always so sexy when a submissive slut is secretly in bondage, or using something kinky, in real life. There are so many naughty things you can do without anyone knowing you are up to.

Don't use this recording until you are feeling quite adventurous. Some of these tasks are very challenging. This will determine what naughty, secretly kinky thing you are going to do the next time you go out in public. It could be for a walk through the park, or a trip to the grocery store, or wherever else you need to go.

If you roll something you cannot do or are absolutely unwilling to do, reroll. If you roll something that is unsuitable for your next public outing, then plan another outing as soon as you can and use what you rolled for that.

Are you ready? Very well. Roll a 20 sided die. You probably don't have one unless you are a dungeons and dragons player. If you are, I'd love to hear about it. If you don't have a 20 sided die, just Google "roll D20" and Google will play a rolling animation and give you the number. Pause the recording and roll.

Ok, you have your number?

If you rolled a 1, you are going to hobble your thighs. Use rope or any other binding material you have - a scarf, tights, whatever - to tie your thighs together with just a little bit of slack in between. Make sure you can still walk, but are limited to short steps. Wear as short a skirt as you can get away with. With every step you take, you should feel like a slave girl in bondage, helpless and eager to be played with.

If you rolled a 2, use ben wa balls. That's a pair of silicone, glass or metal balls, sometimes tethered to each other, that bounce around inside your pussy as you move. The more you move, the more they will stimulate you. This can be a lot of fun when you are taking a brisk walk.

If you rolled a 3, use a butt plug. If you have a butt plug it would be great for you to wear it for a little while every day. In this case, try to wear the largest butt plug you can for at least all the time you are out in public. If you aren't used to butt plugs, start very small, and preferably get some practice in at home so you know what you can comfortably handle.

If you rolled a 4, use a tack bra, sometimes called a pin bra. Just google "how to make a tack bra" and you will find many ideas. You will need thumbtacks, the ones with a mostly flat dome for a lid.You can put the thumbtacks through one bra with another bra on top of them, or you can put the thumbtacks in a foam bra insert and put that inside a bra. Use lots of tacks in each cup, at least a couple dozen. If you are concerned that they may poke you too much, also push them through a layer of cardboard or other material, as well as the bra or bra insert.

If you really enjoy wearing a tack bra and want to challenge yourself further, wear a small, tight bra over them, or make sure to give lots of people tight hugs.

If you rolled a 5, tie a karada on yourself. Google it. That's k-a-r-a-d-a. It's a rope harness, sometimes called a rope dress. It doesn't actually restrict your movements, but it looks sexy and very kinky. You'll need a very long, comfortable rope for this. If you've never tied it before, your first few attempts may be sloppy. Don't worry about it, just do the best you can. Make sure to select clothes that will cover it.

If you rolled a 6, bind your breasts. Just take rope or other binding material and tie it tight around the base of each breast, squeezing them out firmly. You could also try rubber bands or zip ties. If all else fails, take two rods, pinch your breasts between them, and tie or tape the rods together.

Select clothes that will conceal the bondage, but barely. The bondage should emphasize your tits more than normal, and you want to show that off.

If you rolled a 7, bind your wrists. That may seem challenging to do in public. If you have a sweatshirt with a large, shared pocket on the front, put your wrists in that and cuff or bind them together. Otherwise, pick a top or coat with large sleeves. Put your hands together in front of you, sliding each hand into the opposite arm's sleeve, and bind your wrists together. If you can't do that, close your hands into fists, keep them shut with tape, and keep your hands in your pockets or in mittens.

If you rolled an 8, you will be gagged in public. Just cover the gag with a face mask. You could also use your hair or a scarf to hide the strap of the gag. First choice: cock gag. Second choice: ball gag. Third choice: panty gag or other cloth gag, covered with tape. You may also omit the face mask and hold your panties in your mouth, just keeping your lips closed. You may want to be ready to type a message on your phone and show it to people in case you have to communicate while you are unable to speak. Just tell them, if necessary, that you've temporarily lost your voice.

If you rolled a 9, wear a collar in public. Nothing subtle. Something obnoxious. Obvious. Naughty. A play collar. Perhaps a dog collar. AND a leash. If the leash is long, drop the end down your blouse, but at least several inches of the leash should be visible. If anyone asks, just say it's fashionable.

If you rolled a 10, wear a collar or choker or scarf or ribbon around your neck, but make it quite snug. Not tight enough to impair blood flow or your breath, just tight enough that it's a little uncomfortable, a constant presence reminding you that you are a submissive that is meant to be kept collared. Whatever you use, make sure it can be removed quickly, just in case.

If you rolled an 11, address every stranger you talk to as sir, miss, or ma'am. Make sure you talk to at least five people. Make sure your attitude is very respectful. Imagine yourself as a naked, collared submissive, required to be subservient and respectful to everyone you meet.

If you rolled a 12, wear a pair of handcuffs as bracelets. You may put both cuffs on one wrist, or remove the chain and wear them on opposite wrists. If anyone asks, say it's a fashion statement that you like.

If you rolled a 13, wear a pair of bracelets, preferably matching bracelets, and bind them to your belt. Try to use something unobtrusive, perhaps fishing line or clear plastic zip ties. If nothing else, you can run the belt through the bracelets. Then slide your hands into the bracelets. Your arms will be kept at your sides during your entire public outing, making this a very challenging task.

In cold weather you could, instead, bind your gloves to your belt.

If you rolled a 14, keep your nipples clamped or pinched during your outing. Do not do it too hard. Do not use clothespins for this. If you use nipple clamps, they need to be adjustable, and not very tight. You may want to tape the clamps to your breasts to make them less obvious and less likely to fall off. You could also put a rubber band around the base of each nipple, or squeeze the nipples between two small rods, like toothpicks or chopsticks, and use tape or rubber bands to hold the rods together.

Again, make sure it is not too tight. You don't want to cut off circulation. Test your method at home for a little while and then remove the clamps or other devices, to make sure there is no problem using them for an extended period.

If you rolled a 15, you will wear very high heels in public. At least six inches. Taller is even better. You'll likely get a lot of looks for your slut heels. This task is not meant for you to do during an elegant party or other occasion where you are expected to wear heels. Use it for that grocery store trip, or another occasion where your incredibly tall, slutty heels will be surprising. Make sure to wear a short skirt or tight pants as well.

If you rolled a 16, you will keep your wrists crossed behind your back whenever they are not in use. You might need to move your hands to open a door, and then will immediately return your hands behind your back. This is not a good task to complete when you will be using your hands most of the time. Do it on an outing where the majority of the time, you can keep your wrists crossed behind your back, as securely as if they were bound that way.

If you rolled a 17, use a permanent marker to write "SLAVE SLUT" on the top of your tits. First, pick out your most low-cut top. Your goal will be to write the words where they will be barely covered by your top. Write "SLAVE" on your right breast, and "SLUT" on your left. Make sure to write them so that they could be read by someone looking at you. Do not write them backwards.

If you rolled an 18, use a permanent marker to write "TOY" just above your pussy. First, pick out a skirt, or shorts, or pants, that can sit as low as possible on your hips. Your goal will be to write the word where it will be barely covered by your bottoms. Make sure to write it so it could be read by someone looking at you. Do not write it backwards. If your pubic hair would get in the way, remove it.

If you rolled a 19, go out in public without bottoms. No pants, no skirt. Wearing a full-body garment, like a dress, would be cheating. You may wear a shirt long enough to cover you, or you may wear a coat with absolutely nothing underneath. Either way, do not wear panties, and whatever you wear may not be longer than mid thigh.

If you rolled a 20, then you are really in for it! Listen carefully. You are going to roll the die again, and that will determine HOW MANY of these tasks you do, SIMULTANEOUSLY. If you roll a 5, for example, you will need to roll five more times to determine the five tasks you will do in combination. If one of those rolls is something you cannot do, or is incompatible with the other tasks you have already rolled, then skip it and move on to the next roll, as long as you end up with at least three tasks to do together. If you rolled a 1 or a 2, or if some of your tasks couldn't be done and were skipped, keep re-rolling until you have at least three you can do simultaneously during your outing.

Have fun being a kinky, naughty, secretly bound submissive slut in public! It will be challenging, but do your very best to just... roll with it.

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