We have been married for 28 years and my wife is 58, 5'3", 135lbs (9st 7lbs), 32G, blonde, very shapely and all natural (nothing added, nothing taken away). We have two grown up children.

I love for my wife to be inadvertently exposed to strangers. She does not, and finds it far too embarrassing, but the more taboo it is, the more exciting it is for me. I have more luck when we are away and, if we get discovered, it is likely to be people who we will never see again, so she will not have any ongoing embarrassment. This makes her a little more daring than when we are on home territory. I have also tried to have her expose herself without her knowing and this is one such occasion.

It was one of our first holidays without the kids last Summer during the COVID pandemic! My wife and I were on a campsite on the south coast of the UK in our caravan. This gave us the chance to have a little fun with just the two of us.

Being a seasoned voyeur, I like to try to leave the blinds on the caravan open a bit when it gets dark so some lucky person can see in and see my wife and I in various stages of undress or making love. I am both an exhibitionist and a voyeur so this appeals to both sides. My wife is not either of these, though, so she closes the blinds if she spots them. Spoilsport! Sometimes, I even go outside and peep in on my wife getting changed or having a shower, pretending that I am a stranger getting a lucky view.

One evening as it was getting dark and we were relaxing in the caravan, I put the inside lights on and went around and closed all the window blinds. I made a big fuss of it so my wife could assume that I had closed all the blinds. However, I left a gap in the rear bathroom blind, and I left the small window blind above the kitchen sink open, but closed the fly screen, hoping she would not notice. The window in the bathroom would only allow an enthusiastic peeping Tom to see in, as we backed onto a hedge with only a 6ft gap, but the one above the kitchen sink allowed passers-by to view in. When I was done, I asked my wife if she was up for entertaining me? She is nearly always amenable, for which I am incredibly grateful.

So, I told her to stand up in the back half of the caravan, in the doorway between the bathroom and the kitchen area, whilst I watched from the seat. I knew that this position was perfect for anyone looking in the little kitchen window to see a front view of all of her. I got her to start to strip. She took a quick look around, noticed the gap in the bathroom window straight away and put the blind down. I felt like the POWs in the Great Escape having a tunnel discovered. One down, one to go. However, she did not notice the other window and proceeded to strip.

She had comfy camping gear on, so jeans, a t-shirt, a cardigan, socks, and plain underwear. She took these off in the usual order. First the cardigan, placing it on the seat beside her. Then she undid the top button on the jeans and pushed them down her thighs, slowly for maximum effect whilst revealing her plain cotton panties. The next bit is rarely graceful as she tries to get her lower legs and feet out of skinny jeans, but I love watching her struggle in her panties, opening and closing her legs trying to complete the task. Then she lifted the T-shirt over her head which always results in a little 'bounce' as it pulls over her magnificent tits. Then she removed her socks. There is always a pause at this point where she looks at me to confirm I want the underwear off or not. My response is rarely no! Then the bra is always first, undoing the clasp at the back and letting the bra drop down her arms. She is conscious of how large her boobs are, so she often tries to hide them at this point until I order her to take her arms away, sometimes even telling her to put her hands on her head. Then it was the turn of those panties. She put her hands in either side and pushed them down, pausing every few inches for effect, until they came all the way off and she stands back up completely naked. I then got her to play with her breasts and pussy whilst she stood there on that spot.

After about 5 minutes of doing this, she realised that the blind from the small window above the kitchen sink was not closed, only the fly screen! She quickly closed it. I pretended I had forgotten it, but I had, of course, left it open deliberately hoping she would not notice. Bingo! Her fault for not checking ;-) For 10 minutes or so, anyone passing by outside could see right in and see her stripping and playing with herself.

I like to think that someone made full use of the show and either passed by several times or stopped briefly outside in the dark and watched hoping they would not get caught.

Would you like to know where we are going on our next holiday?

Pub: Jan 11 2021 10:10 UTC
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