All my characters are either 18 yrs old and over.

The rain fell from the sky, Meg stood in the doorway to her house, rummaging through her bag, "Where the fuck are they?" she snapped.

She then realised she left them in her room. It was cold, it was wet, her parents not home for another three hours. She glanced across the fence, Mr Waldron her old school teacher was home, his wife away seeing her sick mother. She ran across the lawn over the small fence onto his porch. She knocked on the door.

"The big wooden door squeaked open, "Meg!" Mr Waldron said "You look wet." he added with a big smile on his face.

"Yeh, left my keys at home, mum isn't home for another three hours. Could I wait...?"

" ... here? Of course Meg, come on in." he said standing to the side as Meg walked through the door onto the tiled entrance slipping her shoes off.

"Thank you so much Mr Waldron, I always put my keys in my bag, I was running late for work, then got home and realised I left them in my room this morning."

She looked at the clock on the wall 2.34. Her mum not home till 6, her dad not home till 7.

"Mike! We don't need to be so formal now, so no Mr Waldron ok? I will make us a hot drink!" he said.

Meg took off her jacket, Mr Waldron glanced at her wet jeans and white top, the outline of her blue lacy bra, under the nearly see through wet white blouse, clinging to her chest. Her wet and dirty white high heels on the tiles.

"Its so wet out there." she said looking up at Mike.

"Why don't you take a shower, I will put your things through the drier, so you can get warm and dry." he replied.

"Ok, thank you so much, that sounds so good." Meg replied smiling up at him.

"You can wear my wife's gown, while your clothes are getting dry."

"Perfect, your wife won't mind?" Meg asked.

"Oh no, she isn't here to say no," She followed Mike to the bathroom, "Shower is in here, her robe is on the back of the door."

"Thank you so much." she said closing the door, Meg seeing his wife's knee length satin white gown hanging on the back of the door.

"Anytime!" he replied. "There will be hot coffee when you get out."

Meg turned on the shower, she peeled off her white blouse, she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra pulling it off, she slid down her jeans and underwear stepping out if them.

She stepped into the shower letting the warm water run over her cold body, the water almost burning her cold skin. She picked up the soap and started washing her 36C bust, she slid her hand between her legs washing her groin, her fingers feeling the sensitive skin of her pussy. She ran her hands through her hair feeling the cold water wash out.

"You ok in there?" a voice said from the other side of the door.

"Yes!" she yelled back washing the soap off her breasts and groin. She smiled, she couldn't believe she was showering in her ex teachers bathroom, it started to feel a bit erotic for her, feeling slightly horny in the shower.

She was now 19, he had taught her for 3 years, she enjoyed him been her graphic art teacher, she was good at it, she passed her art media courses with exceptional credit. Her career as a artist, and graphic designer for a local website company was exceding her expectations as a artist, she was becoming sort after, head hunted by other companys, offers coming in with high salarys.

She turned off the shower and stepped out finding a towel on the rail, and dried her naked body, once dry, she put her shoulder length hair into a ponytail and slid on Carmel's gown. She tied it closed with the satin ribbon around the waist, she noticed the outline of her nipples through the fabric, it didn't bother her. She was feeling kinky been in her ex teachers house in his wife's gown, her wet clothing on the floor next to her.

She opened the door after picking up her clothing, she exited and met him in the kitchen.

"Aghh Meg! Good shower?" he asked is eyes naturally looking over her figure.

"Yes!" she replied aware of her figure in Carmel's robe, her breasts a size bigger then Carmel. She followed him to the laundry, she pushed her clothes into the drier. He turned it on and they made their way to the lounge where a hot coffee awaited. She sat next to him on the sofa crossing her legs, she was aware of his eyes admiring her figure, mainly the shape of her nipples shape through the fabric.

"So how is your job?" he asked.

"Great, I'm working for Web Solutions, it is above my gym to, so that is good. Yes Grant is a good boss, he has given me my own office!"

"Aghh Grant yes, he is very good. He has a magnificent reputation in the I.T industry. You must have had a good teacher, to get a job with him."

"I sure did," she sniggered. "I enjoyed school mainly for the art courses."

He looked at her and smiled, "Yes you were my top student, I missed you when you left school."

"Thank you Mike." she said smiling at him.

"Now your my neighbour, I get to see you every day."

"Yes, my parents moved because I needed a room for my painting and a small gallery."

"Well I'm surprised your not travelling overseas, taking your art global?"

"Aghh yeh, I'm only 19, I want to get a base, some experience behind me, maybe in a few years I might take the plunge, I have had a job offer in Europe. I've actually joined the local art group, I'm teaching my own class, mum said I am old enough now. They do life drawing, which I enjoy, but mum is still unsure about me drawing naked people.

"Its art Megan, there is nothing perverted about it, it is the human body, I have drawn many naked women, and men." he said.

"I prefer painting, but I don't mind drawing." she replied sipping her coffee.

"Some people have a real hang-up, and stigma about been naked in front of people, sharing their bodys."

"I know, my boyfriend is guilty at that, he told me I can't pose naked for anyone."

"Really?" Mike replied.

"Yes! He says its ok to draw naked people, but dosn't want anyone seeing me naked, my body is for his eyes only."

"So you have never posed naked?"

"No, he would have a fit!" Meg said.

"You have a nice figure, I don't blame him." Mike said

"Has Carmel ever...?"

"... posed? Yes she has, many times, she enjoys it."

Meg looked at him, "So you don't mind your wife naked it front of other people?"

Mike laughted, "Oh Megan, can I tell you a secret?"

She smiled and looked at him with a curious look on her face, "Ok!"

"Ok, Carmel and myself are actually nudists."

"Nudists!" Megan gasped.

"Yes, we are members of the Stone Bay Sunclub."

"Oh shit, I didn't know!" Megan sat up.

"No, not many people do, we are both 50 now, we have been enjoying the lifestyle now for 25 years."

"Oh wow, yes Stone Bay its known for nudist activity."

"Megan, can I ask you something, tell me if I'm out of line?" he said looking at her.

"Yeh ok?"

"Have you ever wanted to pose naked at the art group?"

She looked at him and into her coffee, "Yes." she sighed.

"You havn't because of your boyfriend?"

"No. He is the only guy to have seen me naked, he said he wants it to stay that way."

"But, it is your body, if that is how you want to express yourself, should you let him stop you?" Mike asked.

"I know, its silly, but you know, I have been told I have a nice figure, yes I'd like to bare a bit more, but ..."

" ... you feel like your cheating on him?"

"Yes! Look I love him, we have good sex, but I just feel so restricted, I love been naked, I want to have sex outdoors. I actually have a fantasy about been watched having sex by a group of people."

"You do?" Mike replied.

"Yeh, I do. I want to delve deeper into my body, like you said; express myself more."

"Do you feel you have a future with ...?"

" ... Peter!"

"Peter Lane?" Mike asked.

"Yes why?"

"You two were close in class!" Mike said.

"I know. We were."

"So do you think he is the right guy for you, if he won't let you express yourself?"

"I've been thinking about it, I'd like to work part time as a model. Maybe do Glamour, or Lingerie. It has always interested me."

"Lingerie? Well you certainly have the figure for it"

"You think?" Meg asked looking at him.

"I do Megan, been your neighbour I see the way you dress, you have a great figure and I would like to help you get to where you want to be. I have the contacts."

"Really?" she said.

"On one condition!" he replied.

"Ok what?

"You know, and I know, your selfish boyfriend is holding you back to where you want to go!"

Meg sighed and stared into her coffee, "Your right, your absolutely right. I have to lose him."

Mike reached over putting his fingers on the ribbon of the gown, he looked up at her, their eyes met, "May I open it?"

She was shocked, her mind spinning, sitting pratically naked next to her ex teacher, expressing her thoughts to him, her desires. Here she was sitting in his wife's gown, her nipples erect. Mike asking politely if he can see her naked body.

She sat up and faced him. She undid the tie, she looked at him as she nervously opened the front, their eyes met, her cleavage was now exposed, she pushed it off further, now her shoulders exposed, she let the gown fall behind her back. She now sat topless, Mike gazing at her bare bosom.

"Wow, you have beautiful breasts." he said looking at her.

"Thank you!" she said looking down at her exposed bust.

"May I draw you topless?" he asked looking up into her eyes.

"Be your muse?"

"Yes!" he smiled.

"Ok," she replied as he stood reaching out to her, she closed the gown and reached up taking his hand. He pulled her up and lead her through the hallway down a half flight of stairs to his gallery.

She sat on a stool her ankles together, the gown over her body, he stepped up to her opening it pulling it to her hips, her beautiful breasts now exposed.

"They are beautiful, I mean that quite sincerely." he said smiling at her.

"Thank you Mike!" she replied. "I do appreciate that."

"Perfect." he said.

"You can touch them if you like, I don't mind!" she whispered grinning at him.

"Yes, are you sure?"


He reached out cupping her left breast, feeling her soft skin, her hard erect nipple, looking in her eyes, she felt a physical attraction. She looked down watching him as he fondled her breasts.

"Do they feel nice?" she asked.

"Yes, they sure do!" he said.

She lifted her hand onto his feeling his fingers on her naked flesh, she was actually enjoying it. She started feeling aroused. "It feels so nice, I like my breasts been fondled and touched."

"Do you?" Mike asked looking at her.

"Ummmmm, yes I do. I just like been naked. I walk around the house when I'm home alone." she added.

"Well if I knew that!" he joked.

She giggled as she stood, She pushed the gown off her hips, letting the gown fall to the floor, all of a sudden naked in front of him, Mike's eyes drawn to her naked figure, her breasts and her groin, the hair over her pussy, well groomed and short.

"Megan!" he said.

"Draw me nude?" she said walking over to the bed, she sat and lay on her side, her body stretched out her hand resting on her head, her legs together, her pubic hair just visible.

"Ok, yes!" he said getting his easel ready, his pencils together, he sat on his chair looking down at her, seeing her beautiful naked body.

He looked and started to sketch occasionally looking at her, he could feel the erection in his trousers, he was seeing his young teenage neighbour he had taught since she was 15. Seen her outside on hot days in her bikini, now she was naked in his house, on his gallery bed, drawing her nude body.

"Oh my boyfriend would be so jealous, another man seeing me naked. Also, the fact it is Mr Waldron our ex teacher."

"Really, well yes!" he said knowing she was flirting with him.

"So how's Micah?" Meg asked.

"Good Megan, she is at law school and doing very well, she has asked after you on many occasions."

"I enjoyed going to school with her, even if she was two years above me, is she still with Tom?"

"Yes, she is. I don't like him!"

"Me either, he's a jerk" Meg replied.

"Your right!" Mike scoffed..

"Well Micah is happy, that is all I can ask for."

"I saw Glenda last week." Megan said.

"Glenda is enjoying been a mother her baby now three months old, Carmel and I lucky enough to see him been born."

"Oh really? Her husband let you watch?"

"Yes, Her husband was happy for us both to be there. It was amazing watching my grandson come out of my daughters vagina."

"Oh wow, that is so cool, I don't know if I could let my father see me give birth."

Mike laughted, "Yeh, it is a experience not many fathers get, watching their daughter give birth. Glenda has also let me draw her nude."

"Yeh." Megan said smiling

"Ummm yes, her husband is so liberal, he has no hang-ups or worries about his wife, been seen naked by her father."


"No, in fact they have joined us at a the nudist beach, that was when Glenda got pregnant."

"So he has seen your wife, his mother in law nude?"

"Yes," he said. "It actually turned him on walking hand in hand with his naked wife. Seeing other men looking at her admiring her naked body. He said it made him feel empowered, even her father seeing her naked. It took him a while to get used to seeing his mother in law naked, but he got there."

"Wow!" Meg said.

"Yes my wife and I love the nudist lifestyle, my daughter Glenda and her husband enjoy it as well, we are often nude as a family, well except for Micah, its not her scene."

"So cool." Meg replied.

"But it is fun, we have a good relationship, if our clothes are on or off, when they come to stay, or we go to stay, it is clothing optional. It is strange been greeted naked in the morning with a coffee, by my naked daughter, but is just a normal thing now."

" That is so cool" Meg replied.

"But you know, like I said the female body, and the male body are beautiful, seeing my daughter naked, the vagina is beautiful part of a female anatomy, it is responsible for giving birth, giving new life, not just a sex object, considering all the names it is called; pussy, cunt, fanny, muff."

"I know, my boyfriend calls mine a fanny."

"A fanny?" Mike gasped.

"Yeh! Its more than a fanny." she said smiling at Mike.

For another twenty minutes she lay down on her side, Mike looking at her then at his easel.

"Right Meg!" he said smiling, "I'm all done."

"Really?" she said sitting up, she then stood and walked over to him, she stood looking at the easel.

"What do you think?" he said admiring her breasts.

"It is really good?" she said smiling.

"I need to do some more shading, a few finishing touchs, but it is nearly done."

"Wow!" she replied. "Look why don't you get naked with me?"

"Me?" he said.

"Yeh, well you usually are when people make love."

"Have sex! Are you...?"

" ... serious? Yes."

"Wow!" he said. She stepped back and lay on the bed in her original position smiling at him, she opened her legs giving him a view of her pussy.

"I'm wet and horny!" she said.


"Come on, come have some fun with me!" she said sliding her hand to her pussy rubbing her clit.

He looked over her body and stood, she sat up and reached out grabbing his trousers pulling him into her, she cupped his groin feeling his hard cock.

"Megan, we shouldn't!"

"Your not stopping me!" she said unzipping his trousers, she pulled them down admiring the erect cock flicking out. She looked at it and smiled up at him.

She grinned as she reached over grabbing his shaft, she wrapped her slender fingers around his hard cock, sticky precum dripped from his knob. She leant in licking his knob.

"Oh Megan!" he gasped looking down at her holding the base of his cock, her tougue licking around his knob, she admired his cock as she licked him rotating her hand under his balls cupping them. She squeezed them and she supported his knob with her mouth, feeling the weight of his cock in her mouth as she pushed her mouth down his shaft, met with a long groan.

"Ummmm." she moaned slowly moving up and down his cock with her mouth, he took his shirt off and was now naked.

She lay down and pulled him onto her. He straddled her, she looked into his eyes as he lay between her open legs. He moved to her lips softly touching them with his, he, kissed her slowly.

He moved a hand to her breast squeezing it, he kissed down her neck to her bosom, his tougue finding her erect nipple.

"Fuck me!" she ordered.

He moved his hand to his cock rubbing her vulva, he pushed it down finding her vagina, his cock easily slipping into her wet moist hole.

"Ohhhhh fuck Mike!" she moaned exhaling as she felt his cock slid into her pussy.

He kissed her lips, slowly moving in and out of her, she closed her eyes arching her back holding his shoulders as he used his hips to thrust her groin, his cock filling her vagina with his flesh.

"Oh Megan!" he moaned, "It feels so nice."

"Oh yes, it does!" she said sliding a hand to his cheek, she kissed him, pushing her tougue into his mouth feeling her pussy been thrusted. Her wet moist juices lubricating his thick shaft.

"Yes, oh yes." he said, his face pressed into her neck, she felt his warm breath on her neck, she pulled him into her chest, she felt her breasts squashed against his chest, loving his hips pushing his cock into her pussy.

"Oh fuck." she said moaning. She felt her body tense, a wave building inside her, a tsunami of pleasure about to break as he thrusted her harder. His breathing getting shallow. His groin slapping against her groin.

"Oh Megan!" he moaned, his muffled moan against her skin. His wet breath against her skin.

"Please cum baby!" she gasped as she felt her body close to a orgasm.

"Oh yes." he said lifting his body, she slid her hands to his chest, her fingers splayed against his hairy chest, He looked down at her, a blank look of pleasure. A look of; I should not be doing this, but it feels so good.

"Oh FUCK!" she yelled as her body spasmed, the release of the tsunami through her body as she orgasmed, her body jolting and twitching.

Seconds later he cum, his cock releasing into her, his semen shooting into her womb, his knob pressed against her cervix.

"Shit!" he said holding in her as he released.

"Oh yes!" she said looking up lifting her hand to his cheek. He looked down at her.

"We really should not have done that!" he said.

"No, your right, we shouldn't, but it felt so good." she grinned at him smiling.

"Yes it did, but ..."

" ... but nothing, our secret ok?" she replied reassuring him.

"Shit, your not going to get pregnant?"

" No!" she sniggered.

"Oh good," he said a look of relief. "That would not be good, a teacher getting his teenage ex pupil pregnant."

He stood up and she went with him to the shower. They showered and sat up in the lounge naked. They talked and kissed.

At 5.46 she heard her mother get home, she dressed in her dry clothes and kissed him goodbye.

Continues in Part 2 Once this part is published.

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