To lure the Prince

It was a time of serfs, chivalry and witchcraft. The village blacksmith's eldest daughter was a tomboy. She was twenty years old. After several years of asking, her father now took her on as his apprentice. He had no sons. Mary, or Martin as she told the customers, was plain looking, slender, with pale skin. She had been choosing to have her earthy brown hair cut like a teenage boy for the last couple of years. She was also as strong as a teenage boy. Mary Martin had never had a boyfriend and was not interested in marriage. She was focused on her work.

That was until one day when The Prince, on his way back to the castle, after his usual morning horse ride, stopped at her father's forge. To have an urgent horse shoe fitted, as the royal farrier was at a funeral. When Mary Martin saw the handsome Prince, in his regal clothes, she suddenly felt light headed and had butterflies in her stomach. She was in love.

But when he momentarily glanced at her, he only saw a teenage boy. As she wore dark red trousers, a pale-yellow tunic, and had short hair. After the Prince had ridden off, Mary Martin couldn't stop thinking about him. She wanted to see him again, but where? and how could she make him notice her? By the evening she had decided to meet the Prince somewhere along the route of his daily horse ride. He rode alone without a retinue, because as he put it, he had a fast horse and a big sword.

The next day Mary Martin asked the farmers which direction he rode. They said that he always rode into the forest. Then she asked the poachers where in the forest he went. They said that he rode through the forest to the lake, which he rode around, before he rode back through the forest. That evening she thought about how to get the Prince to notice her. She decided that her only choice was by witchcraft.

The following day she persuaded her father to let her have the afternoon off. She was a good apprentice. Mary Martin went to a neighbouring village to see a witch.

"I want the Prince to notice me," she said.

"I see, and why is that my dear?" the old crone asked.

"Because I," Mary Martin hesitated, but she knew that she could not lie to a witch or else.

"Because I love him."

"I see, does he love you?"

"No, because I am ugly."

"Young woman, I am ugly, you are just plain. So, you want to be beautiful?"

"Yes, please make me look beautiful."

"Ah, but there are a dozen beautiful women at the royal court. You need to be more than just a beautiful woman, you need to be irresistible, you need to be a mermaid."

"What!" Mary Martin had not expected that. "Is that your answer?"

"Yes, my dear. If you want the Prince to notice you, you have to be the most beautiful creature in the world."

"And there is no alternative?"


"Okay, turn me into a mermaid," Mary Martin said.

"Hold your horses my dear. I have to prepare this potion, so you will have to come back next week."

"Okay, but this potion, will I be a mermaid for the rest of my life?"

"No, my dear, it only lasts for a couple of hours."

It was the following week, and Mary Martin was at the witch's cottage again. The old crone held up a small bottle.

"This is what you have to do," she began. "You have to lick a fish first, then swallow a mouthful of this potion. Oh, and take your clothes off, and sit down of course."

Mary Martin went to take the bottle but hesitated.

"What about payment, I don't have much money."

"That's alright my dear. You don't have to give me money. You just have to promise that when you and the Prince have children, you will have me as their nursemaid," the old crone explained. To Mary Martin that seemed reasonable. It was not like the witch had asked her to hand over her first-born child.

"I promise," the young woman said. And to break a promise to a witch meant that you were cursed. Mary Martin returned home all excited. That evening she went to the lake on the other side of the forest, to check it out. It was roughly circular in shape and deserted. The following morning, she negotiated with her father to have every morning off next week.

Monday morning, and Mary Martin loitered near the castle entrance, to see what time the Prince left for his daily horse ride.

Tuesday morning, and she hide herself in the trees near the lake, to see what time he got there. He always went at the same time. She used the distant sound of the monastery bells to estimate the time.

Wednesday was the big day, when she would meet the Prince as a mermaid. Mary Martin bartered a small fish from a poacher with nails that she had made. At the lake she went to the spot, beside the water, that she had chosen for their rendezvous.

She took off her clothes and hide them under a nearby bush. She looked at the fish, and hoped that this transformation would wear off in a couple of hours, as the witch had said. Mary Martin licked the fish and swallowed a mouthful of the potion. She put the bottle with her clothes before she sat down on the grass. With her legs straight out in front of her and pressed together. It was a warm sunny July day.

After about a dozen seconds, she felt a strange sensation all over her body. Before her eyes, her hair turned blonde and grew to waist length. Her small breasts doubled in size, to become two nice handfuls. Then her hips grew wider as her waist remained narrow. Next her slender bare legs merged together, and became covered in small silvery scales. Her vag seemed to vanish. Finally, her feet became a translucent triangular fin.

Mary Martin was amazed, and thought that she looked incredible. From her wide hips down, she now had a silvery fish tail. She hoped that the Prince would be similarly impressed. She looked down at her bare breasts, with pinkish nipples, and decided to show modesty. She draped her long blonde hair over her chest. She then moved herself closer to the water, so that she could dip the end of her tail in the cool clear liquid.

The Prince rode into view. Mary Martin was excited and nervous. She reminding herself that she was in disguise, and that she had to play the part. He was riding towards her, but she still held up her arm and waved to him. He stopped his horse beside her. She gazed up at him and smiled.

"Good morning," the Prince was going to say fair maiden, but when he saw her fishy tail, he finished with, "mermaid."

"Good morning sir," she replied.

"I haven't seen you here before," he said.

"No sir, this is my first time, are you a knight?"

"No, I am the Prince."

"I apologise your highness."

He got off his horse, it was trained not to wander far.

"May I sit beside you?" he asked.

"Yes, please do, your highness," she replied.

The Prince sat beside the alluring mermaid, facing her, so that he could stare into her hazel eyes.

"What is your name?" he asked. Mary Martin quickly thought of a suitable name for her new persona.

"My name is Maria," she replied.

"You are beautiful Maria," he said.

"Thank you, your highness."

"Maria, may I run my fingers through your hair?"

Mary Maria hesitated as she realised what would happen. She knew that she had to be demure, but she didn't want to lose his attention.

"Yes, you may your highness."

He ran his fingers through her long blonde hair, and exposed her pale round mounds. Having moved all her hair to behind her shoulders, he leaned back to admire her bare breasts, with perky nipples. She sat there wondering if he could see that her body was trembling with excitement. After half a minute he resumed looking into her eyes. He leaned forwards.

"Maria, may I kiss you?"

"Yes, your highness," she did not hesitate this time.

Their lips met, and they passionately. Mary Maria was overjoyed; she was kissing her true love. She had butterflies in her stomach, and she wondered if he could hear her thumping heart. Their passionate kiss continued, she was hot and flustered. Suddenly Mary Maria had second thoughts about them making love. She pulled away from him and dived into the water.

She swam across the lake. This surprised her, as she couldn't swim, but her fishy tail knew what to do. On the other side she raised her head above the water. She saw the Prince get on his horse and ride off. Mary Maria got out of the water and lay back on the grass. She let the summer sun dry her hair and tail.

Some time had passed, she had faintly heard the monastery bells. She felt her silvery tail split in two, as she lost her scales and got her feet and legs back. Her wide hips returned to normal, as did her breasts. But her hair remained long and blonde.

Mary Martin walked around the lake and put on her boyish clothes. When she got back to the forge, her father saw her new hair. He didn't say anything, but was pleased that his daughter had womanly hair now.

That evening, just before bedtime, Mary Martin sat alone by the window in the bedroom. She had borrowed her mother's big comb. She starred at the orange sunset, as she combed her long blonde hair. When she heard her younger sisters coming up the stairs, she quickly got into bed.

Thursday morning, Mary Martin went to the same spot at the same time beside the lake. She took off her clothes, licked the fish, a fresh one, and drank the potion. She sat down and turned into a mermaid.

Once again Mary Maria had medium round breasts, wide hips, and a silvery fish tail. This time she did not cover her chest with her long blonde hair. It was not long before the Prince rode into view. She did not wave to him, she just watched him from the corner of her eye. He stopped his horse beside her and got off.

"Good morning Maria."

"Good morning your highness."

"You swam away from me rather suddenly yesterday," he said after he had sat down beside her. He was looking straight into her eyes; he'd had a good look at her bare breasts and pinkish nipples.

"Yes, I apologise your highness, I got nervous, I had never kissed a Prince before."

"That is alright. May I kiss you again?"

"Yes, you may your highness," she said with her eyes fixed on his.

They leaned towards each other and their lips met. She got butterflies in her stomach again. As their lips continued to be pressed together, Mary Maria felt his hand on her breast. She flinched but did not pull away. The Prince gently caressed her round breasts. Her sensitive nipples become stiff, and she felt a tingling between her hips. Her heart was thumping, she was hot, and excited like never before. But again, she was not ready for them to make love. She pushed him away and dived into the water.

On the other side of the lake, Mary Maria lay on her back breathing heavily. Her emotions were in turmoil. She loved the Prince kissing her, and she also loved the Prince touching her. It was the fear of the unknown. She knew how a man and woman made love. But she didn't know, would it hurt? or would she like it?

A short while after she had heard the distant bells, and her hair and body were dry, she felt her fishy tail turn back into legs. Mary Martin sat up. She was not surprised to see that she still had long blonde hair, but she was surprised to see that she still had medium round breasts.

When she got back to the forge, her father saw her fuller chest. He didn't say anything, as he assumed that she was a late developer. Hopefully, he thought, she would now take an interest in men, get married, and bear him a grandson.

That evening Mary Martin went to bed early again. In the bedroom she took off her trousers and tunic, but didn't immediately put on her nightdress. She stood in the gloom naked. She cupped her new round breasts. She began to stroke the nipples with her thumbs. She felt her sensitive nipples become stiff, and she felt a tingling in her vag. She sat on the edge of the bed, and opened her smooth bare thighs. With a finger she began to stroke the outside of her sensitive vag. That felt good, she thought. Her heart was thumping and her breathing was heavy. Mary Martin heard her sisters coming up the stairs. She quickly put on her nightdress and got into bed. It had taken being turned into a mermaid, for Mary Martin to discover her sexuality.

Friday morning, and Mary Martin went to the lake and turned into a mermaid for the third time. The Prince appeared on his horse at the usual time. They exchanged greetings and he sat beside her. They kissed passionately like long lost lovers. She got butterflies in her stomach. Mary Maria welcomed his hand fondling her breasts. She felt that tingling down below. The Prince removed his lips from her soft lips, and began to kiss her stiff nipples. She became sexually aroused. He began to stroke her silvery tail, between her wide hips. The end of her tail quivered as he touched her vag. She was pleased to know that it was still there. Mary Maria felt a single finger stroking the outside of her vag. Then she felt this finger slide inside her sensitive vag. The end of her tail twitched more with this pleasing stimulation.

After a while the Prince removed his lips and his finger. He looked into her wide eyes.

"Maria, may I make love to you?"

She knew that she should wait until their wedding night, but she wanted him now.

"Yes," was all that she could manage to say. She was hot, excited and trembling.

The Prince stood up and took off his coat, his boots, shirt and trousers. His eyes never left the beautiful mermaid. Mary Maria lay back. Her eyes were fixed on her muscular lover. She saw his erect cock.

The naked Prince straddled her and lowered himself down on to her. Mary Maria gasped as she felt his solid manhood penetrate her inner vag. He began to thrust in and out. She enjoyed the wonderful sensation of his stiff cock inside her fleshy vag. The love making continued, she was in heaven.

He ejaculated, and she felt his creamy manseed burst inside her. She climaxed with a gasp of shock and a sigh of delight. Mary Maria enjoyed the euphoric sensations that pulsed through her shapely mermaid body, as she had her first orgasm.

The Prince got off her and got dressed. He got on his horse; he was in no hurry. As her fantastic orgasm faded, she remained lying there looking up at the sky, feeling exhilarated.

"Goodbye Maria," the Prince said. She looked at him and just smiled. He rode away and she watched him go.

Sometime later Mary Maria still lay on the grass. She heard the monastery bells for a second time. She sat up abruptly, as she realised that she hadn't changed back. She was not too surprised or upset that she still had a scaly tail instead of smooth legs. In the past few days her whole world had changed. The silvery fish tail, that began at her wide hips, had become permanent, like her long blonde hair and round bare breasts.

Then Mary Maria realised that if she wasn't home by dark, her parents would come looking for her. Now she was worried. She didn't want her family or the neighbours to see her like this. Her mind raced, how could she get rid of this tail or get home unseen. She looked around and saw a deer in the forest. She remembered how the potion worked and smiled.

"All I have to do," Mary thought, "is to hide in the water, and wait for the deer to come to the lake and drink. Then grab it, lick it, and I will get a pair of legs, (with hair and hooves). And then I can go find the Prince and we can get married."

The End

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