The Art of Anal Part 8

Fuck it! I thought waking up at the usual time for work. I have not had a day off from work in almost a year. My colleagues were always 'sick' or taking leave of some sort, invariably leaving me to 'man the store', as my boss put it.

"Had a bout of gastro over the weekend. Can't come in today." I text my boss on Monday morning after my fun with Bella the night before in a foetid alley not far from the Broken Hill Hotel.

"Take care." Came the reply from head office.

It felt strange to be enjoying a guilt-free three day weekend, and I had every intention of enjoying it, doing absolutely nothing.

The weather was accommodating as well, warm with a slight breeze from the west that would strengthen in the later afternoon and eliminate the worst of the built-up heat. However, I admit that I did not check the local forecast.

The first thing I did on my spontaneous day off was to take a spa. The hot, bubbling water relaxed my muscles and relieved my slight hangover.

While relaxing, I recalled Bella asking me to notify her if I chose to skive off today. What did she have in mind?

I text her as soon as I exited the spa.

"Thought you would LOL," She replied to the news that I was taking a sickie, "Did you want to catch up today?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"The city?"

"Nah too risky," I replied, "Might be spotted."

"What about the Galleria?"

Okay, when?"

"Whenever you like?"

I glanced at my watch

"How about 11 AM?"

"See you then, xx."

I quickly dressed and made my way to the Galleria Shopping Centre in the suburb of Morley, where Bella lived with her parents, even though she was 25 years old. Being Monday, consumer foot traffic was light, and I secured a seat at the agreed coffee shop.

"Hi Jason," Said Bella smiling.

"Nice to see you again," I responded, arising from my seat to hug her, "Looking very summary today."

"Thanks," She gushed in return and sat opposite me.

Bella wore a canary yellow dress that accentuated the positive curves and hid the negative ones. She was not chunky by any objective standard, but Bella was not as well-defined as Mandy. The creator had not endowed Bella as richly as her friend in the breasts and butt department, but she possessed a striking figure, and Bella was prettier than Mandy. The latter wore those super-strength coke bottle spectacles that interrupted an otherwise pleasing face.

"Can I take your order?" Asked a beautifully curvy, dark-skinned waitress.

"Espresso for me," Bella said.

"And I'll have a tea, Russian Caravan."

"What's a Russian Caravan?" Asked a sceptical Bella.

"It's a blend of teas that are smoked using pine cones."

"But why the name?"

"The teas originated in China and were shipped to Russia using camels formed into a caravan for the long transcontinental journey."

"Interesting," Bella said, completely uninterested, "We only have tea bags at home."

"Ah, the floor sweepings."

"Probably," Bella replied, "I don't drink the stuff."

"I don't drink tea bags either."

We discussed a variety of mundane topics while we consumed our beverages before window shopping. Nothing of interest caught my eye, but Bella flitted between stores, examining clothes, shoes and bags. About an hour later, we arrived at The Morley Tavern.

"Are you hungry?" I asked, "You want lunch?"

"Nah. I'm not hungry, but I fancy a drink."


We entered, and while there were several diners, I had no trouble securing a relatively private table. A waitress took our order and arrived a short time later with my beer and Bella's wine.

"I was on the internet this morning," Smiled Bella mischievously.

"Oh, yes!" I raised an eyebrow in expectation.

"I was researching prepping for anal sex."

"And what did you discover?" I asked, sipping from the glass.

"A whole range of things that look pleasurable." She said, teasing the information.

"Such as?"

"Analingus is a real thing that both men and women enjoy."

"It's more commonly known as rimming."

"Yes," Agreed Bella, "And special toys for the butt."

"Butt plugs and the like?"

"And a two penis vibrator," Bella added, "But that was expensive."

"Did you look up the price on the Club X website?"

"I did," She beamed, pleased with her investigative abilities, "Butt plugs are more reasonably priced."

"Will you get one?"

"Maybe," She said, "Want to see one in the flesh first."

I mentioned that there was a sex shop in the suburb of Mount Lawley, which was a short bus journey from the tavern.

"How do you know there is one there?" Bella asked with a cheeky grin.

"It's not far from The Queens Hotel that I've visited on occasion."

"Ah, okay," She said, "Have you been inside? Is it seedy?"

"Not that one, but if you've been in one, you've been in them all," I replied, "And yes the shops I've visited were sleazy."

"I'm not game to enter by myself," Bella laughed.

"What about your friends?" I asked, "With Mandy?"

"We're too chicken," More giggling, "What's inside?"

"A wide variety of magazines, videos, toys and other sex aids," I said, "Then there are the entertainment sections."

"What's that?"

"Booths for watching pornos on-demand, and peep shows where one inserts $2 coins and watches a scantily clad women masturbating."


"Yes, and men usually wank themselves off."

"Into what?" Bella's face was showing incredulity now, "The supplied tissues but most leave their jism on the floor."

"Gross!" Spat Bella and wrinkling her nose in disgust.

"What's really bad is the staff don't clean the booths very often," I added.

"Ew, sticky floors," Bella laughed, "Glad I've never gone inside."

"Yeah, those places don't get much female custom," I said, "In fact, more women are working in such places, and they tend to be very knowledgeable about what they sell."

I laughed recalling a time when a colleague took me and another into a sex shop in the city. The shop was more upmarket since it did not offer the aforementioned entertainments. The woman who managed the shop took great delight in explaining 'The Rabbit' and how it is used to give pleasure to men and women. She was completely open and confident that she made the three of us blush with embarrassment.

"Can't imagine you embarrassed by anything to do with sex?" Chuckled Bella, who had tears of laughter in her eyes.

"It was so unexpected," I giggled, "She certainly gave us her best sales pitch."

"Did you end up buying it?"

"The guy that brought us to the shop did, but not on that day."

"He must have been in shock?" Wondered Bella after draining her glass of wine.

"We all were," I confirmed, "You want a refill?"

"Yes, please."

I came back with our drinks. Bella took a sip, rose and headed towards the bathroom. My cock rose in anticipation that she admitted an interest in the yellow arts, but seconds later, Bella returned.

"That was quick!" I laughed.

"Oh, I went to the bathroom to remove my bra and knickers," Bella giggled.

"Really?" I asked, shocked, "Show me!"

Bella handed me her handbag across the table. I peered inside and, sure enough, there were her bra and panties.

"Going commando today?"

"It's liberating," Bella grabbed her glass and took a confident sip, "Ah, that's better."

I noticed her nipples press against her pretty yellow dress, and suspected that the area between her legs was slick given how fidgety Bella was becoming. It was also clear that the wine was having its intended effect, probably a little too early in the day, but I was happy to react to events.

"Do you do this often?" I asked.

"Hm," Bella thought, "When I'm in the mood to play."

"What games do you want to play?"

"Something kinky and dirty and sleazy."



"Pee?" I asked, remembering what Bella did the night before.


Star Trek's Mr Spock was correct when he said: "I have never understood the female capacity to avoid a direct answer to any question." I suppose Bella was trying to maintain an air of mystery about what game she intended to play today, but not answering my enquiries was a tad frustrating.

"Shall we go to the adult store?"

"Sure," She answered, draining her glass.

We exited the pub, a little tipsy, and threaded our way through the Galleria and made our way to Broun Avenue where we expected to catch a bus into town.

Upon rejoining the great outdoors, I was shocked to discover the sunny blue sky was replaced by a growing collection of dangerous-looking thunderheads rolling in from the east. In my haste to meet Bella, I recalled not checking the weather and storms are frequent this time of year.

Unfortunately, our state of intoxication led to us catching the wrong bus. With Bella bent over and sucking my cock in a mostly empty vehicle, I did not notice the change of direction. It was only when the bus pulled up at a junction in an industrial part of the city did I twig that all was not well.

"We're not in Kansas anymore," I said to Bella.

"What did you mean?" She asked after spitting my cock out of her mouth.

"I mean, we're on the wrong bus!"

Reaching up, I pressed the buzzer to alert the driver to deposit us at the next bus stop. I pushed my cock back into my shorts and tugged on the zipper.

Exiting the bus and looking around, I saw the skyline of the city and realised that we were not too far from our intended destination. We could wait for a returning bus to take us back to the Galleria or we could thread our way through the streets which I was confident I could navigate.

We chose the latter choice.

The streets of this industrial area were mostly devoid of people and car. Mercilessly, there were trees dotted here and there that provided us with some much-needed shade from the sun. With a storm brewing, I wanted us undercover before it broke so we marched at a brisk pace.

"I need to pee," Groaned Bella, seconds into our impromptu journey.

"Can't you hold it?" I said, oblivious to Bella's intention.

"No, I'm just going to go by this tree."

Given the lack of life on this street, there seemed to no danger of Bella getting caught en fragrante delicto, so I had no objection to her taking relief.

Upon reaching the tree, Bella took a brief look up and down the street, before dropping onto her haunches, spreading her legs, hitching up her skirt and used a hand to part her meaty pussy lips.

"You want to watch me piss?"

"Of course," I replied, feeling my cock grow beneath my shorts.

Bella let go a steady stream of translucent fluid that pooled on the ground. She used her other hand to part her lips as the arc gathered strength. I noticed small droplets of urine circle underneath towards her dirty hole before falling to the ground.

"Oh, yeah!" Bella moaned at the release, "Feels so fucking good."

The stream ended unexpectedly like she turned off a tap. Bella flicked her clit several times before licking her fingers clean. Next, she whipped out a breast and began squeezing it sensuously.

"Did you like that?" She asked.

"I loved it." I smiled.

Bella rose to her feet, put her boob away and straightened her skirt.

"Let's go!" She said as we continued our journey.

Bella walked in front of me and continually raised the back of her skirt and flashed me her peachy butt.

"Spread those cheeks," I ordered, hoping to see her wrinkled pucker, but Bella declined.

Graffiti covered the walls of the buildings we passed by, and the environment certainly fulfilled one of Bella goals of our playdate, being that it was sleazy and dirty; it was she who supplied the kinky dimension.

We turned into another street where there was a gated industrial plant that appeared devoid of life.

"I need a rest," Sighed Bella as she walked through the open gates towards one of the buildings.

There, in the nook of an emergency exit door, Bella pulled out both breasts and began kneading the flesh while licking her nipples.

"Mm," She sighed, over and over again, "My breasts are super sensitive today."

Bella hitched up her dress again and placed a foot against the doorstop and began playing with her clit. She was hot to trot today, and her exhibitionist tendencies were a real surprise.

Seconds later, Bella dropped to her haunches again and leaned against the emergency exit door, seemingly lost in ecstasy while she played with her pussy.

Bella turned on her internal tap and poured out another stream of yellow gold, landing by my feet. She threw her head back in relief as her bladder emptied its contents. I was asked again if I enjoyed the show, and my response was unchanged. This time, I noticed that using her muscles to expel the piss resulted in her arsehole dilating.

"Oh, yeah," She breathed each time her clit was stimulated.

Seemingly satisfied with her second puddle, Bella stood up and became acceptable again, ready for the third leg of our interrupted journey.

"Come on," She ordered, brazenly walking back to the street after leaving another puddle of piss in a public place.

As we walked along this street to the next junction, Bella freed both boobs. We stopped at the corner so she could engage in another bout of public masturbation. Bella turned around and massaged her butt cheeks, occasionally flashing me glimpses of her chocolate starfish. In the fading sunlight, I noticed the wispy blonde hairs covered each fleshy cheeks.

"You like my arse?" Bella taunted.

"It's perfect," I said.

"You want to fuck it, don't you?"

"More than anything," I replied.

"You will," She teased, "In time."

Turning to face me, Bella continued playing with her clit before unleashing her third controlled stream of the afternoon, this time from the standing position. She had impressive control of her bladder, being able to turn it on and off at will.

Bella reached into her bag and retrieved a packet of hand tissues, intending to wipe herself, which seemed odd to me since she had not done this previously.

"Oh, let me do that," I pleaded.

"Do what?" Asked Bella in surprise.

"Clean you up."

Bella's face displayed a mix of confusion and curiosity. It looked that, for all her interest in the yellow arts, certain aspects of it had not occurred to her. One of which was the act I was suggesting, cleaning up a pissy pussy with my tongue.

"Er, okay," She stammered nervously, "If you want."

I walked towards Bella and kissed her sensuously, which relaxed her somewhat before I dropped to my knees, and dived in.

The first taste of her urine-stained pussy was unbearable, almost disgusting. It was a primal urge that drove me on, forcing me to continue tonguing her pissy pussy. Slowly, her cunny's flavour became musky as my tongue did a superior job of arousing Bella to higher heights of pleasure.

"Oh, yeah," She moaned, "Right there."

My tongue lapped harder and harder on Bella's engorged clit, and I knew her orgasm was not far away.

"Oh...." Bella shuddered as an orgasm burst over her.

I rose to my feet and kissed Bella, forcing her pussy slime across her lips.

"Shall we go?" I asked, "We're nearly there."

We continued our journey to the final intersection that would bring us to the main street of Mount Lawley, where the adult shops were located. In the distance, I noticed a considerable increase in traffic and pedestrians. Opportunities for further public piss play were coming to an end.

Except for the phone booth.

Bella entered and pretended to make a call while playing with her breasts for my delectation. As before, she dropped to her haunches and unleashed another yellow stream at will which pooled on the pavement. When she turned off her bladder tap, Bella diddled her pussy for a few seconds before offering me her dirty fingers.

"Yes, please," I said.

Bella stood up, and I took her proffered digits in my mouth.

"Do you like that?"

"Mm," I lied, but I could not help myself from drinking her piss-tainted fingers.

"I had no idea how dirty you were," Bella said, "Do you do this with Mandy?"

"Not yet," I said.

"Do it with me first," She said, shuddering.

"I'd like that," I replied, happy to allow Bella to dictate how much experimenting takes place in the future.

Bella's final public pee and play in the phone box brought us to the main street of Mount Lawley, where the adult stores were situated. We reached the first one, which Bella was not inclined to enter because the street front façade was not inviting in the slightest.

However, the shop opposite The Queen's Hotel was far more respectable looking, at least from the street frontage, and it was a few hundred metres away. However, the foot traffic on this busy street prevented Bella from any more public acts of pissing and masturbation.

"Are you sure you want to go inside?" I asked Bella when we reached the entrance to the second adult store.

"Let's go!" She replied a little apprehensively.

We walked in, and I was pleasantly surprised by the non-sleazy layout of the store. The décor was bright and welcoming, the store was split into clearly labelled sections for easy browsing, and there was an enormous selection of adult paraphernalia for every conceivable (legal) taste. The woman (of course) managing the store sung out a pleasant welcome as soon as she noticed us enter the premises. I confidently replied, but Bella stayed silent, frozen in fear in this strange new world of erotica.

"Is there something I can help you with?" Asked the sales manager, winding her way to us.

"Well?" I asked Bella, who turned bright red with embarrassment.

"Um," She stammered after much prompting, "I want to look at a toy."

The sales manager was clearly amused with Bella discomfort but employed a recognised tactic to relax the buyer.

"What sort of toy are you interested in?"

Bella retrieved her from the handbag, opened it and retrieved a historical webpage.

"Something like this," She squeaked, eyes closed and looking away.

"Ah, yes," Continued the sales manager in a soothing voice, "We stock a range of butt plugs, like the one you're interested in."

" do?" Asked Bella, unfreezing a little.

"Yes, just over here."

The sales manager, who was relatively attractive if you removed the pseudo-goth elements from her appearance. She was probably thirty years old, at most, well figured but with grubby tattoos up and down her arm.

"Is the plug for lady," She asked, before turning to me, "Or the gentleman?"

Bella and the sales manager looked at me.

"I prefer the real deal, not anything fake," I replied, going for a jocular response but not thinking through the implications.

"A man with an open mind," The sales manager said with a genuine smile, "How refreshing."

For the next twenty minutes, the sales manager baby-stepped Bella through the different types of toys and how best to experience anal sex. Zoning out, I browsed the video section, and examined the German filth the shop stocked, particularly anything by Harry S. Morgan or the Magma Label.

"I've decided to buy this one," Bella interrupted my reverie, "What do you think?"

Handing me a small box, Bella decided to purchase a plug that resembled a flesh-coloured extended finger that was 8 CM long and 1.5 CM at its widest point.

"Yes, it looks like the one you chose from the Club X store."

"The sales manager recommended it as a toy for a newbie," Bella said, "What are you looking at?"

I handed Bella the empty box of a German video title.

"Seriously, a hand up the butt?"

"Something different," I offered, baiting Bella.

"Come on, sex pervert."

We took the toy to the counter, and Bella prepared to pay with her bank card.

"You know," The sales manager said to Bella, after placing the receipt in the bag and handing it to Bella, "You're rather cute."

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