To see the models list, go to this spreadsheet:
You can't use the ones that have "RVC" in the name.

If you can't find any model that you like, you can search here:
Make sure they're not RVC. They usually have a voice both for SVC and RVC. Use the SVC one.
You will find the models there. You can search them through Discord search function if you don't find them in any of those two channels.
If you don't find a model, just ask for it in the #help channel.

I am in no way affiliated with them nor do I control the content of the server or the spreadsheet.

If you want to create a model (RVC), check this out:

If you are getting any error, you will find a fix here:

If you need a quicker tutorial that is easy to do on mobile too, check this:
(It may have less models).

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