Hi all, its Ali here!

I'm back with yet another hot and memorable sexual incident involving my middle-aged widowed Muslim aunt, Aunty Sheen. This event took place a couple of weeks after Aunty Sheen first introduced me to BDSM and she and I discovered our sexually submissive and domineering aspects, respectively. (You can read about the previous incident in my post titled "Widow Aunt Introduces to BDSM").

A Little About Us --

About Me --

I'm Ali. I'm a rich Muslim guy, tall -- over 5'10" -- very fair-skinned with dark, straight hair which I usually grow long as they suit my sharp angular features and light brown eyes. I have a slim but extremely well-defined muscular physique from having played soccer since my school days. I work out almost regularly and like bikes, books and butts, not always in that order.

For obvious reasons, I cannot disclose the name of my hometown but it is one of the largest cities in central India and I belong to one of the most prominent Muslim families in my city.

About My Family --

I belong to a huge extended family, which has the individual families of my father and his seven real brothers. We own a huge piece of property on the northern outskirts of my hometown. It is an immense walled-and-gated compound with three 3-storied buildings placed in a triangle. The buildings have expansive, spacious luxury apartments for the eight families. We share a large covered parking lot near the main gate.

My family is ultra-conservative Muslims and every one of us is expected to follow our religious tenets strictly. For instance, we are a very close-knit family but intermingling with others from the opposite sex is strictly discouraged. The women in my family have to cover their beautiful faces with a Hijab and hide their lovely, tall, curvy bodies beneath a loose, dark Abaya whenever stepping out of the house. These, and other such restrictions, inevitably had adverse effects. The extremely strict environment prompted several of the female members of my family to rebel secretly by forming illicit sexual relationship with me.

About Aunty Sheen --

Aunty Sheen is starkly different from the other women in my family. Aunty Sheen is short, dark and plump. She was in her late-40s back then. Sheen aunty has naturally hairless smooth skin with a dark, round face framed by black, wavy medium-length hair which she normally wears in a bun on her head. She has big brown eyes and thin severe lips. Aunty Sheen is extremely voluptuous, with soft, dark brown and round 44F-cup breasts that are crowned by long, black nipples. Aunty has a significantly slim waist which then flares out to wide, soft, rounded hips. Aunty Sheen's best asset has to be her enormous 50-inch, extremely round buttocks. I never miss a chance to ogle her gigantic butt cheeks as they jiggle and sway wildly when she moves about. Sheen aunt has thick soft round thighs, wide and muscular calves with tiny feet.

After my eldest uncle passed away unexpectedly back in February of 2006, Aunty Sheen who was recently widowed, had seduced me to satisfy her extreme sexual urges which she had had to suppress for years because of her strict husband. That was the beginning of a regular illicit sexual relationship between me and my mature Muslim widowed aunt which continues to this day.


Muslim Widow Aunt Wants to Test the Limits of Her Lust

(7AM -- 9AM, Wednesday 16th April 2008)

This is from back in mid-April of 2008, a couple of weeks after Aunty Sheen convinced me to try dom-sub relation with her being the sub. It had turned out to be an extremely thrilling experience for us. A week or so later, after one of our almost-daily sex routine, Aunty Sheen and I lay in bed, watching the latest porn movie she had bought. It turned out to be a hardcore BDSM movie. Some of the scenes even shocked me but Aunty Sheen seemed to be getting excited and watched the humiliation of the female porn stars with rapt attention.

After the porn movie ended, Aunty Sheen excitedly discussed the prospect of trying the sexually depraved acts we had watched. I was obviously aroused by the idea, having had discovered my naturally dominant streak during our first BDSM experiment a couple of weeks ago. As last time we had gotten kinky at her home we had to restrain ourselves as there was always the chance of someone from the family calling upon her and disturbing our flow. So, this time Aunty Sheen decided to try extreme BDSM at an isolated place.

The Khekdanala Resort was one of our favorite places to go for sex when we couldn't do it at her home for any reason. The resort manager and staff knew Aunty Sheen and me quite well by now, thanks to the exorbitant tips my aunt handed out to everyone at the resort every time we visited. A simple phone call from my aunt and we had our favorite villa booked for a day.

As Dee was in Pune, attending her first year of college, Aunty Sheen had no one to answer to. However, I had to fib to my folks, telling them that I was planning to go on a trek with friends at a nearby popular trekking trail near our hometown. My folks were chill about it as I had finished my 12th exams a week before. My father even agreed to let me take his Tata Safari.

It was a cool April morning and I was ready to leave. I had on a fitting, blue short-sleeve shirt with plain black jeans and my favorite pair of black leather biker boots. I carried only a small backpack, with a few soccer shorts and vests, a couple of packets of Classic Regular cigarettes, two disposable lighters as well as the 10 thin but long joints I had worked hard to roll the night before. The smoking stuff was kept neatly in a black zipper pouch.

At precisely 7 AM, I said goodbye to my folks, grabbed the keys to my father's black SUV and walked out of our ground-floor apartment and into the huge parking lot in front. I called Aunty Sheen from my iPhone. She answered on the second ring.

"Hello, Ali!" Aunty Sheen's cheery voice greeted me, "Are you ready?" She asked.

"Yup. I'm waiting for you in the car." I said as I unlocked and opened the car door.

"Okay. I'll be down right now." Aunty said, her voice echoing in the stairwell as she walked down to the ground floor from her first-floor apartment over ours.

I took the black zipper pouch from the bag and kept it in the large center console along with my cell phone and wallet. I was adjusting the driver's seat to a more comfortable position when aunty tapped on the passenger side window. I smiled and quickly pushed a button and unlocked the door.

"Hello, son." Aunty Sheen greeted me cheerfully and I looked at her Hijab covered face and smiled.

Aunty Sheen was wearing a dark grey Hijab over her head and face while a loose black Abaya failed to hide her wonderfully voluptuous chest and her wide wonderful hips.

She passed me a large black satchel bag which was surprisingly light. I quickly shoved it in the back seat, along with my backpack. I switched on the ignition and waited only till my plump, short aunt could climb into the tall seat of the SUV before I rode out and honked the horn near the gate. The old security guard immediately opened the door and smiled as I passed through. I smiled and waved at him before turning right and leaving our gated compound farther away. Aunty Sheen waited impatiently till we drove out of our neighborhood and joining the north-bound highway close by.

"Mmuah!" Aunty Sheen suddenly leaned in and kissed me hard on the cheek.

"I'm very, very excited, son!" Aunty Sheen said.

"Me too!" I replied, grinning, "I could barely sleep last night." I confessed and watched my mature Muslim aunt pull her Hijab off and toss it in the backseat.

I thought she would remove her loose, large Abaya too, and reveal a sexy outfit but was somewhat disappointed when Aunty Sheen left it on. Sheen aunty instead grabbed a pack of cigarettes from the center console between us.

"Want one?" Aunty Sheen asked and I nodded while focusing on overtaking the light morning traffic on the large highway.

Aunty Sheen pulled out two Classic Regulars, lit them one by one and handed one to me. I pushed a switch and rolled down the front windows a crack while rolling the rear windows all the way down. This was a little trick I'd learnt to avoid making the car smell of smoke while driving and smoking. The thick white smoke from our mouths was immediately whipped out of the rear windows with the swift wind blowing in from the small opening in the front windows.

"So, are you ready?" Aunty Sheen asked as she took a long deep drag on her cigarette, looking at me.

"Oh yes!" I replied, "I am!" I added with emphasis and turned to grin at her before looking back at the road.

"Great!" Aunty said, "I hope you know what you have to do." She asked.

"Yes, I do." I replied, pausing to overtake a slow-moving trailer and continuing to drive at a steady 60 km/hr because the traffic thinned as we drove away from the city.

"I want you to use your imagination and do anything that comes to your mind, okay?" Aunty Sheen explained casually, as if preparing me for a school test.

I was getting aroused and felt my young thick circumcised dick stir in my tight jeans. I was still sometimes amazed at how casually my aunt could talk about our taboo and illicit sexual relationship and her fantasies or deSires when it came to sex.

"You can slap me, spank me, force me to suck your cock, lick your ass, make me serve you or use me to fulfill your deepest deSire, got it?" Aunty Sheen continued seriously now.

I nodded my head and took a last drag on my cigarette before flicking it out of the window. My eyes were all over the road but my ears were tuned to my aunt's voice. I could feel my large, flaccid dick getting firmer in my crotch.

"In simple words, you have to treat me like a piece of meat, understood?" Aunty Sheen said in a soft but serious voice.

"All right." I said, not knowing how to answer it.

For a while, the two of us lapsed into silence. I bet my middle-aged widowed Muslim aunt was imagining all the depraved things she would enjoy with her hot young nephew, because I had the same thoughts running through my mind.

Aunty Sheen crushed out her cigarette and quickly replaced it with one of the thin, long joints from the black zipper pouch.

"Mm..." Aunty Sheen moaned in satisfaction as she took in the first deep drag of the acrid thick smoke.

She waited a long while before blowing out a thick cloud of pungent grey smoke out through her small thin glossy lips. The stinky smoke was whipped out of the car through the open rear windows. Aunty took another long drag on the joint before passing it to me. I turned to look at her, smiled quickly and grabbed the joint before looking at the road once more. I took the first deep drag beginning to work almost immediately. My fingertips started to tingle as I felt the familiar light-headedness taking over.

Aunty Sheen turned around in her seat, grabbed her black satchel bag from the rear seat before turning back and looking at me.

"Want to see the goodies I brought for us?" Aunty Sheen asked with a small grin.

"Sure!" I replied, getting curious about the light weight of her big satchel.

"All right." Aunty responded before grabbing the joint I offered.

Sheen aunty took a deep drag before passing the joint back to me. I kept glancing at her and watched as she slowly opened the zipper on top. I took a deep drag on the almost half-over joint and flicked the ash out through the crack in my window. I watched with increasing excitement as my slutty mature Muslim aunt opened the bag wide and slowly started to take out an item, showing it to me triumphantly before replacing it back into her satchel bag.

"Ta da!" Aunty Sheen cried out as she held up a large black zipper pouch.

She opened the zipper before pulling out her favorite toy, a pink, thin 6-inch long vibrator she had bought online.

"Nice!" I replied, grinning with excitement at the way my horny aunt kept on displaying her sex toys for me.

Sheen aunty next pulled out the 2-inch thick and a foot-long black-colored rubber dildo before pulling out her next favorite toy, a small 2-inch wide and 4-inch long black-colored butt plug.

"Wow!" I grinned wider and shook my head in surprise.

I realized just how serious my mature Muslim aunt was to try testing her limits of lust when she next pulled out a few coils of thin green nylon rope along with a coiled length of thick but soft hemp rope. I glanced into the bag and saw several lengths of the hemp rope along with bright-colored thin silk scarves scattered under the few items of folded clothing she carried within the satchel.

"Aunty... It's gonna be awesome!" I said, now high and horny as I flicked the burnt-out joint through my window and slowed down.

"Can we begin now?" Aunty Sheen suddenly asked, "Please?" She said in a pleading tone and I eagerly nodded my head, curious to know what she meant.

"All right!" Aunty Sheen exclaimed before digging into her satchel bag. I heard the familiar clink of steel a second before she quickly pulled it out.

Aunty Sheen proudly held up the 6-foot long steel chain leash which was clipped to a thin black leather dog-collar.

"Dirty, dirty." I grinned with intense excitement and teased my aunt.

Aunty Sheen only grinned back as she quickly unhooked the heavy steel chain from the collar. She put the chain back in the bag, placed the satchel in the rear set and turned around with the collar in her hand.

"Master" Aunty Sheen cooed softly, "Would you like to own me now?" My slutty mature Muslim aunt said in a soft, submissive voice in all seriousness.

"Yes." I replied, with my grin replaced by a small intense smile.

I switched on the turn signal before coming to a halt on the side of the large highway. Aunty Sheen bowed her head, placed the collar in both palms and extended them towards me. My thick young dick twitched with arousal at the sultry submissive manner of my aunt. I took the thin but heavy leather collar from her, quickly unhooked its buckle before leaning to my aunt and placing the dog-collar snug around her slim throat. As soon as I straightened up Aunty Sheen lifted her head, looked at me with adoring eyes and grinned.

"Thank you, Master!" Aunty Sheen's eager gratitude was clear in her voice, "I am your slave. To do as you wish, to fulfill everything you deSire, my My Lord." Sheen aunty finished with genuine devotion in her soft serious voice.

It was incredibly exciting to hear my aunt say it. It just affirmed the extremely exciting prospects the day held ahead. I was about to start driving but paused when aunty slowly started to unbutton her loose black Abaya. I watched with rising arousal as my slutty middle-aged Muslim aunt slowly opened her Abaya wide to reveal the sexy black lingerie she had on underneath it.

I was high and got increasingly horny when I saw Aunty Sheen's plump, brown body covered only with a flimsy black teddy suit. The sheer, tight lingerie was barely able to cover my mature aunt's huge, round brown tits and I could clearly see her thick, long black nipples clearly through it. The lingerie clung tight to her round motherly belly before ending high on her soft, thick brown thighs. Aunty Sheen's feet were clad in a pair of black sneakers and apart from that she only had the skimpy sexy lingerie underneath her Abaya.

I felt my young excited cock strain against my tight jeans and I had a stupid lusty grin on my face. I finally tore my face away, shaking my head in amazement once again at my aunt's sexually surprising ways. I quickly switched on the SUV and drove a short distance before coming to the exit for the lake-side resort deep in the jungle.

I carefully took the right turn and drove down the single-lane paved road into the jungle at a steady 40 km/hr. The huge SUV made the otherwise bumpy ride smoother and we rolled up the tinted glass of the car windows. Aunty Sheen grinned with smug satisfaction at seeing how excited I was just by her sex toys and the numerous kinky things we could enjoy using them. Although my mind was racing with ideas and plans I drove carefully as we passed a small hamlet on the way deeper into the forest.

Soon, the road narrowed and started to turn and twist sharply as we went deeper into the jungle. I'd been to the resort so many times that by then I knew the road like the back of my hand. I drove at a steady 30 km/hr and put the large SUV through some very sharp and tight corners. The sudden twists and turns made my aunt a little scared and she quickly grabbed my thick muscular thigh tight with her right and braced herself throughout the intense curving drive. My focus was intense because smoking-up always heightened my senses. I could clearly see the thick trunks of the verdant green forests as they whipped by close at each turn.

It was exactly 9 AM on the dashboard clock when I stopped the car in the huge parking lot of the resort. I pressed down on the noticeable bulge my semi-aroused dock made in the crotch of my tight jeans while Aunty Sheen quickly buttoned the front of her Abaya and hid her lingerie-clad chest. Aunty Sheen turned to grab our bags from the rear seat while I collected everything else from the center console between us. I remember my mature, plump aunt's huge, soft round tits pressing against my arms when she turned to grab our bags.

I stepped out of the car and put on my sunglasses at the bright warm sunshine. I took a deep breath of the cool moist air that was carried on the wind coming at us from the lake up north a hundred yards away. I quickly scanned the pathway atop the reservoir and noticed a few young couples sitting at the stone benches placed at frequent intervals along the path, near the water's edge. The pathway started from a staircase up the sloping side of the reservoir just outside the parking lot. The wide dusty path ended at a small lush green hillock but turned into a small trail which ran along the lake side, twisting out of the way behind the hillock.

Aunty Sheen stepped out with the Abaya now buttoned firmly with the dark grey Hijab loosely wrapped around her head and neck to cover the thin leather dog collar she wore as a sign of sexual submission to me. I grabbed the bags from her and followed my mature plump aunt's swinging huge buttocks into the large reception-cum-restaurant near the parking lot. The manager greeted us with a smile and immediately passed the register to us. Aunty Sheen had to only sign on it as the manager always took care to fill the other details. A familiar bus boy/waiter guided us towards the last of the six or so villas that are scattered over the large resort. The villa we always chose was the farthest from the reception and other villas but close to the thick jungle. The entire resort grounds are bordered with a 6-feet high steel-link fence to keep out the small wildlife out.

Each of the villas has small grassy lawns in the front and rear with a beautiful garden of bright colorful flowers. The villas have a covered porch running on all four sides, with a low glass-topped coffee table surrounded by low-slung wicker chairs with soft cushions. The main door of our villa opened directly into the main bedroom. There are large sliding windows on two sides, the west and the north. The windows had dark, thick curtains that were closed shut at the moment. This made the bedroom dark, cool and welcoming after the bright hot sunshine outside.

The bedroom has a huge king-sized bed dominating the room. A large A/C unit is placed over a fancy clock on the wall above the main door. Another low glass-topped coffee table with comfortable sofas is placed at the foot of the bed, facing the large TV. A door to the right opens into a large windowless bedroom with two single beds placed a couple of feet apart. A narrow passageway led to the door of the large bathroom, which held a shower, toilet seat and a large granite wash-basin under a huge mirror.

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