How to migrate your Atmosphere emuNAND to SXOS (file based)

SXOS only supports firmware version 11.0.0 or lower.

What you'll need:

SXOS SXOS license
Download Your license.dat file

Migration Steps:

Create a folder named sxos in the root of your SD card, and create a second folder within the sxos folder named emunand.
You should now have a folder structure that looks like this:

Now access the following folder /emuMMC/XXXX/eMMC/. From there, rename the files inside like this:

BOOT0 -> boot0.bin

BOOT1 -> boot1.bin

00 -> full.00.bin

01 -> full.01.bin

02 -> full.02.bin

03 -> full.03.bin

04 -> full.04.bin

05 -> full.05.bin

06 -> full.06.bin

07 -> full.07.bin

Once you're done copy everything you renamed to the folder /sxos/emunand/.
After that go back to the folder /emuMMC/XXXX/ and rename the folder labeled Nintendo to Emutendo. Once you're done, move that folder back to the root of your SD card.
Finally place your license.dat and your boot.dat files in the root of your SD card.
Now you will be able to boot into your emuNAND using SXOS.

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Pub: 28 Feb 2021 16:54 UTC
Edit: 25 Jan 2023 09:55 UTC
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