BetterDiscord Banned Plugins

Plugins that have been removed or never added to the official BetterDiscord plugin repo

(right click, Save Link As... on the links to download)

Discord-Experiments - Enables developer experiments, features and menus. Source, Android, More info about current experiments on the Discord Experiments Hub server

FakeDeafen - Listen or even talk in a voice chat while being self-deafened. More info and source

MessageLoggerV2 - Saves all deleted and purged messages, as well as all edit history and ghost pings. With highly configurable ignore options, and even restoring deleted messages after restarting Discord. More info and source

XenoLib - Library required for MessageLoggerV2. More info and source

return-ShowHiddenChannels - Plugin that allows to see hidden channels and their information, please note this plugin (and any other plugin) doesn't show messages in hidden channels. More info and source

YABDP4Nitro - Enables client-side nitro features and emulates sever-side nitro features for you and other YABDP4Nitro users. More info and source

Based on (now with direct download links from the source, since the github repo uses reuploads for some plugins making them outdated)

Pub: 25 Feb 2024 15:49 UTC
Edit: 18 Apr 2024 19:22 UTC
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