Desire to get your work done by the best photographer in India? If yes, you should go for Mr Nitin Rai, a pro in photography. He has extensive experience of over 30 years in this field. During his career, he has worked in different areas of photography and with different clients. Besides, all his clients are satisfied with his work.

Now, let's move to the services you can get from him -

Which type of photography can you hire the best photographer in India for?
Mr Nitin Rai has experience in a couple of subcategories of photography. So you can contact him for working in those niches -

Landscape Photography

It is a form of photography that focuses on capturing nature and artificial surface features in the best possible manner. It helps the viewer to understand the weather and other natural conditions prevailing in any area.

There are three main styles of this type of photography - representational, impressionistic, and abstract.

Representational = it is the most natural one.
Impressionistic = it consists of an elusive sense of reality; the viewer doesn't get the true picture of the landscape.
Abstract = it uses scenery components as graphic components.

Documentary photography

It is the one which focuses on capturing events, places or people in the best way. It is intertwined with news media and is further categorized into -

● Photojournalism photography (includes capturing ongoing issues which are then related through a series of photos).
● Street documentary photography (covers daily life stuff).
● Social documentary photography (it also covers daily life things but has a message with it).
● Environmental documentary photography (environment is the core of this type of photography).

Fashion Photography

It is the form in which clothes and other fashion adornments are presented in an eye-catching manner. It is mainly practised for ads and magazines and usually features models wearing a fashion item. It has become essential for brands to attract their customers and investors.

Further division of this is -
● Catalogue fashion, high fashion, street fashion and runway fashion photography.

Conceptual photography

It is the art that captures things with meaning in them. It depicts an idea in the photo. It is mainly used in ads where photographs are used to convey a message.

Food photography

It is the one which is practised mainly by restaurants and food bloggers for various motives like ads, menus and so on. Restaurants often use it for commercial purposes (to attract clients and convince them to order the food).

Real Estate Photography

It is the style of photography which captures any property with the intent to showcase it for various purposes.

Interior photography

It mainly captures indoor places to attract customers, portfolio building, marketing and branding.

These are some of the main niches in which the best photographer in India, Mr Nitin Rai, has the experience and work in. But if you wish to work with him in any other type of photography, you can try to convince him for that too.

Why Nitin Rai?

There are a couple of reasons behind suggesting picking him over others. Some of those are -
● He has all the skills required to make a photograph look attractive.
● He has worked with people like Rohit Khosla and well-known brands like DLF, Aditya Birla Group, Oswal Industries and many more.
● Many of his works are featured on the front page of famous Magazines like Times Magazine.
● All his clients are satisfied with the results he generates.
● He not only helps in photography but also advises his clients whenever necessary.
So these are some reasons. Besides, if you look at the photographs he has clicked, you will become his fan and automatically learn why you should pick him out.

For viewing his work, visit - From there, you can also contact him.

Pub: 24 Jan 2023 13:15 UTC
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