Heya, we're the Static .ZIP folder / system, we're Bodily 17 years old and decided to make a rentry for our system! We have over 100 alters in our C-DID system, so sometimes it can get crowded!! Our main host is Sam, The jack-of-cards manager of the whole place and stuff, usually is the one fronting unless there is a emergency.

QueerPolyamAuti4AutiTrans4Trans XenoBoyTransmascXenogenderXenohoarderPronounHoarderNeoPronouns CatnipgenderAnalogenderArcadegenderStargenderSweetdreamsongicLovesicklexicComputergenderUnholylexic

Samson rosewood (Sam, Loveday, Altier, Plush)
Host; jack of all cards(Caregiver, protector, Rage holder, etc), Manager
Core alter, shadow / Electronic Shapeshifting being
Transmasc, gender hoarder, etc // queer, Polyam
Situational mutism
if I haven't mentioned, I am a shapeshifter, so I tend to be in different forms and have different names! I tend to babysit Some of the littles here so I'm more than happy to take care of some folks! I even have my own littles here, mostly being taken care of other alters here!
Current Favorite song: (Crisiscutie remix) Popipo by hastune miku
Twitter, SpaceHey, Tumblr, Pluralkit System page (Slightly unfinished with half of the alters intros), PizzaClub Discord server


Peppy (Peps, etc)
Co-host, Polyrole (companion, emotionalist, Observer, Nightwatcher, etc)
Fake peppino Fictive, Shapeshifting being
Masc agender // AroAce
Situational mutism, tends to be more sensitive, shy, and softer than Sam
He enjoys making friends and such, along with taking care of littles and such!
unlike most of the alters, he actually like how the body's voice sound!

DNI : Bigots, TERFS / SWERFS, Proshippers /comshippers / prolife, 13 or under, NSFW accounts, Neo-Nazi / Nazi or support them, Pro-life, Anti-Xenogender / Anti-MOGAI, People that baby people with disorders (ex. Autism) or disabled people, Against Systems / Therians / Kins and Etc, Against Tonetags, etc!
BYF: We tend to swear, Keyboard slam, type in caps, and more at times so be warned with that!
Disorders : ASD, ADHD, OCD, BPD, ClusterB, C-PTSD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Anxiety, Depression, Schizophrenia, C-DID, etc
Status indicators :
DNI / do not interact!
DNFI / do not FUCKING interact or you'll be blocked / ignored!
DNIUFP / do not interact unless Favorite person / People!
DNIUC, DNIUVC / Do not interact unless close, Do not interact unless VERY close (Ask us before interacting, we'll let you know if your close!)
IWECI, WC / Interact with Extreme caution, Interact with caution!
OFFLINE / Sleeping or AFK!

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