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Bitcoin Casinos online is a popular gambling club that offers players a wide selection of slots. Players can play a variety of slots, table games, and even live dealer games, all on their device. The transition of gambling to the Internet was predetermined by the policies of many states that impose severe restrictions on the operation of traditional casinos. There are many online casinos in Canada, but not all of them should be trusted with their money. Although there are certainly exceptions to this rule. Online casino Bitcoin Casinos is one of the few virtual gambling establishments in our country that operates in full accordance with the license issued by the state.
Users registered on the Bitcoin Casinos online site have the opportunity to participate in an electronic lottery - that is, it is not quite a casino, but a raffle, just without the classic lottery drums in which balls with numbers spin. Instead, Bitcoin Casinos uses special technical means, namely, slot machines from various providers.

Sections of the site

Navigation on the Bitcoin Casinos website is very convenient and logical; even a player who comes here for the first time will not have to look for a long time how to register and start playing for money. So, the registration bitcoin casinos [] button in 10 seconds is displayed in the upper right part of the screen, that is, where players expect to see this button in any casino.
Registration is also extremely simple, the form is logical and includes only a few steps, after registration, the player can enter and exit the site as many times as he likes. Before clicking confirm, you only need to confirm your agreement with the Bitcoin Casinos rules, and the creation of a user profile is completed.

Bitcoin Casinos registration online - quick account creation

At the Bitcoin Casinos, registration takes less than 1 minute. After creating an account, the user gets the opportunity to replenish the balance, bet on real money, withdraw winnings, participate in promotions, quizzes, tournaments. To register on the official website, you must:
Open the main page of the gambling club.
Click the “Register” button in the upper right corner of the screen.
Select the method by which the player wants to create an account.
Specify the required data in the questionnaire (for registration by mail and phone) or select a Google account (for simplified registration).
Agree with the policy of the casino site, confirm the age.
Perform confirmation (for registration by email and mobile number).

Convenient ways to register for Bitcoin Casinos

Registration of the Bitcoin Casinos is possible in fast and modern ways. To become a client of the club, the user spends a few seconds. You can create an account using your email address or mobile phone by completing a short registration form. A minimum of personal information is required from the guest. There is also an accelerated option for creating an account through a Google profile - in just a few clicks.

Creating an account from the phone - by mobile number

Signing up for Bitcoin Casinos from a mobile or any other device is very simple. Most often, gamblers prefer to create an account using a phone number. To do this, the user:
On the main page of the online platform, clicks the “Registration” button.
In the form that opens, selects the “Phone” tab and enters the current number of the Canadian mobile operator.
Activates the account by entering the confirmation code from SMS or the last 4 digits of the phone number from which the call from the casino comes. The final step is to set a password.
This completes the procedure. Immediately after registration, you can familiarize yourself with your personal account, replenish the balance and start playing.

Registration on Bitcoin Casinos via mail

Bitcoin Casinos also offers registration and entry via e-mail. Creating an account is not difficult at all:
Open the registration form and select the Email tab.
Enter a valid email address in the form. It is important to specify an email to which the player has permanent access. If necessary, this box can be used to restore access to the account (for example, if the gambler forgot the password).
Set a password and click the “Register” button.
It is recommended that you activate your account as soon as possible. To do this, in your personal profile you need to enter the confirmation code from the email from the administration.

Signing up with a Google account

Simplified Bitcoin Casinos registration requires a valid Google account. This is the easiest way to create an account, because the user does not need to enter either a login or a password. In the registration form, the gambler presses the “Register with G” button and selects a profile to go to the Bitcoin Casinos application.
Through Google, registered users can also simply log into their account. However, for maximum security and further personal identification, you will need to link a phone number and email address to your account.

Game room

This is the main section of the Bitcoin Casinos, which is visited by absolutely all users. Here you can find slot machines, or as they are also called, slots, on almost any topic. But not only slot machines - other games and entertainment are also included in the halls of the Bitcoin Casinos. First of all, it is worth mentioning the “Tables” section, where you can find roulettes, card games such as baccarat and blackjack, as well as poker in various varieties. All of them are presented in the “Tables” section of the Bitcoin Casinos website online in a wide range, although the principles and rules remain the same.

Online poker (live games)

Another great opportunity provided by the virtual gambling house Bitcoin Casinos is live games. The bookmark with them is also displayed at the top of the screen. To use this feature, you need to register with e-mail confirmation, since you can only play poker online for money.
You will also need a webcam to play. The bottom line is that instead of competing in luck with artificial intelligence, Bitcoin Casinos offers to try your hand at competing with a real person, only remotely. Instead of a random number generator, the cards are dealt by a live dealer, all of whose actions the Bitcoin Casinos user sees on the screen.

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