[LianChe Station News] One Day And Night Struggling, Thirty Railway Stations Transportation Securing

2021.1.12 08:16

The section computer room received a fault repair call from the head of the station shunting. After the head narrated, the current train system of the railway bureau could not display the page, resulting in the train operation chart cannot be viewed, the train formation sequence table could not be formulated, and the shunting plan could not be arranged. In the next 30 minutes, almost all the transportation and production computers had the same failure.

After contacting the road bureau and searching for information on the Internet, it was confirmed that the source of the failure was related to the total prohibition of the operation of Flash content by the American company Adobe.


The computer room immediately held an emergency meeting to take emergency measures against this phenomenon.

  1. immediately notify the relevant bureaus and departments to report information failures.
  2. immediately designate temporary alternative products to initially solve the problem of not being able to see pages on site.
  3. set up a team to conduct breakthrough testing operations in software.
  4. set up a team to build equipment and update and test spare equipment in terms of hardware.


All the staff in the room connect to the station remotely to perform temporary product replacement to ensure the operation of the web page.


The station feedback again, the page still has minor faults and errors frequently occur.

After studying the plan together with the road bureau, the unexpected problem was solved remotely again.


With the joint efforts of the Information Office of the Road Bureau and the Depot, the situation of losing control of the station was temporarily stabilized.


The second solution meeting was held in the computer room to determine the next response plan:

  1. the problem must be eradicated and temporary substitutes cannot be used for a long time.
  2. the hardware backup equipment must all be updated and ready to be replaced at any time.
  3. we must make further breakthroughs in software, find and eliminate problems.


The station reported that the print page could not be loaded and other problems resurfaced.

The problem came again. After contacting the relevant department of the road bureau, it was learned that the information office and related departments were also studying the phenomenon of the failure. Through communication, it was learned that the failure was a global outbreak, and there is no better solution.


After the computer room downgraded and commissioned all the standby hosts, the first group immediately loaded the vehicles and drove to Nanguanling and Dalian West Railway Station for on-site testing.


A breakthrough was made in software testing, and the on-site personnel in the computer room were immediately contacted to debug the original Microsoft system. In the end, the Nanguanling District Chief’s computer malfunction was resolved. The elimination of this malfunction aroused cheers on the scene and gave everyone in the computer room a boost.


The third failure is now coming again, the system Flash of the Ghost version on site has all been loaded and failed, and the full version is currently running well at 5 stations.

The third research meeting was held in the computer room. Just to be clear, the Ghost version of Flash must be run tonight.

1.13 01:09

"Wanjialing station is OK! ": With the shout of Ma Lin from the microcomputer room, the Ghost version of the current car resumes operation. Everyone immediately watched the past. It was really easy to use. Cheers and applause broke out in an instant.

After a brief cheer, the personnel in the computer room were ready to analyze the cause of the failure and immediately held the fourth rectification meeting: exchange of solutions, and complete remote solutions.


All stations in the section, except for the special line of Dalian West Power Plant, all solve the problem of deactivation of Flash.

In response to the special problem of Dalian West Power Plant, the computer room decided to go to the site again to replace the hardware to completely eliminate the problem.

In the middle of the night, another team of personnel began to load the vehicle, ready to drive to Dalian West Power Plant.


On the special line of Dalian West Power Plant, on-site personnel called and the commissioning was completed.

Car Flash loading problem, the last post point to solve


The current car system of the whole section is operating stably and the problem is resolved.


Zhao Jiageng in the computer room got in touch with the Bureau Information Office Software Sike qinlin, shared the solution of the train service section, got the high evaluation of the Bureau Information Office --

Everyone in the Dalian Train Service Section is a computer master.

You have tested it works, right?

(We just need to) downgrade the Flash's version

Hurry up, pack your Flash 29 and send to group!

Everyone in the Dalian Train Service Section is a computer master !

The key is to be able to install, use the method above to install, and can be used.



This method is for the full version of win10


After more than 20 hours of fighting, no one complained, and no one gave up. Even if there is little hope, there is a motivation to move forward. All members of the computer room have truly achieved the sentence on the wall of Song Zhenglong's studio on the problem of solving Flash problems, dare to tackle problems, dare to innovate, and dare to lead.

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