The Contribution Guide

1. Before submitting a link, please search to make sure it's not already in the wiki.

2. The order of priority is: Site > Git Repository > Store Link
Please only use the store link if there's neither a site nor a Git repository available for the app/extension you'd like to submit.

3. Always check to see if the site you'd like to submit has a Discord / Telegram server you can link with it.

4. Never edit the single-page, it contains all the pages of the wiki and gets updated automatically.

5. Find a suitable category for the link and then submit it by making a Pull Request.

You can follow this guide if you don't know how to make a Pull Request.

If you haven't tested the link you'd like to submit, especially if it's a DDL site, please open an Issue or reach out to us on Discord rather than making a Pull Request.

Don't Submit:

🕹ī¸ Emulators
They're already on the Game Tech Wiki.

đŸ”ģ Leeches
They're already on the File Hosting Wiki.

🐧 Distros
They're already on DistroWatch.

🎲 Mining / Betting Sites
Don't post anything related to betting, mining, BINs, CCs, etc.

🎮 Multiplayer Game Hacks
Don't post any hacks/exploits that give unfair advantages in multiplayer games.

How to Report a Site

1. Open an Issue or a Pull Request and don't forget to explain why you think the site(s) in question should be removed, unstarred, and/or changed.

2. Alternatively, you can reach out to us on Discord if you're unsure whether the site should be reported or if you'd like to discuss your report with more people.

If you want to make bigger changes to the wiki, such as debloating or restructuring a page/section, please discuss those changes with us via Discord before making a Pull Request.

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