Full IDM Installation & Cracking Guide


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This guide will teach you how to fully install and crack IDM (Internet Download Manager), A software makes your downloads speeds faster, Let's get started!


We can use the RePack made by LRepacks for ease of use, not much can be edited in the process.
How to -
(1) Run the Install once to Install IDM as Normal App, go though and set settings as needed
(2) Once installed, quit IDM
(3) Restart the Repack exe and set it to update mode.
(4) Use IDM. update using the repack for safety but normal IDM Update can work


Installation Part

(1) The first step in this guide downloading the software, you need to go to https://internetdownloadmanager.com/download.html & click the cyan-blue text saying "Download Internet Download Manager Now.", download should start now.
(2) Once download ended run the .exe (should be called idman.VERSION.exe) and follow installation instructions

Cracking Part

Method 1 - (Steam Underground Method)

(1) Once finishing installing the software you need to download the software crack from here: https://krakenfiles.com/view/VfO1s57XMD/file.html
(2) After finishing downloading this file you may want to disable your Antivirus (only while running the file, just in case of false positives), run the downloaded file
and click "Patch"
(3) to verify it's cracked open the software from start menu/desktop shortcut or etc and go to Help -> About IDM, you should see it saying "This product is licensed to:" and "Your serial number starts with:", if you see these, you cracked the software successfully

Method 2 (My Preferred way)

(1) Download the .cmd file linked below and run it
(2) Edit the file in NotePad to set a Custom Licensed to Name
(3) Press 1 let it do its thing boom IDM is activated
(4) If you are curious u can press 4 for more details

Link - https://mega.nz/folder/LRpSwCxJ#3bBytQkEen_KtyMCQ0i1eA
Backup Link - https://www.multiup.org/download/013b56764f6e27ffc305f115b17ed406/IAS.cmd
Backup Link - https://www.multiup.org/download/c9956ec0cae5a6af244e283c39db064d/IAS.cmd


That's it! you got yourself a cracked version of IDM, enjoy this great software!
More guides - https://rentry.co/Mega-Rentry

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